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Full Version: Is orichalcum overpriced?
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emo samurai
But for hardware, aren't the machines that print microchips, like, billions of dollars?
Green Eyed Monster
QUOTE (tisoz)
Anyone up for detailing how long it would take to make enough orichalcum (from talismongering the raw materials to final product) to completely minimize the TNs and bonding cost of a F10 weapon focus? Assume the enchanter uses 3 radical materials and has 6's in all relevant skills/Attributes.

A Force 10 weapon focus has a first bonding cost of 8*F=80. Subtract 4 for the 3 materials leaves 76 karma. With an Enchanting skill of 6, it is not expected to get 2 10's on an enchanting test to reduce the karma cost. The minimum cost to bond is 10 karma, so 76-10=66, the # of units of orichalcum needed to reduce the karma cost from 76 to 10.

To make 66 units of orichalcum with an enchanting skill of 6 and a magic attribute of 6, would take about 22 months. Enchanting 6 vs TN (10-6) results in an average of 3 successes or 3 units of orichalcum every month. 66/3=22.

Orichalcum requires 4 different radicals per unit. These are made by making an Enchanting test vs the # of units being processed.
Processing 2 units should result in 5 successes or a total of 10 units out.
Processing 3 units should result in 4 successes or a total of 12 units out.
Processing 4 units should result in 3 successes or a total of 12 units out.
Processing 5 units should result in 2 successes or a total of 10 units out.
The best expected results come from processing 3 units at a time. Doing this twice should result in 24 units of radicals which only 22 are needed for the orichalcum.
This needs to be carried out 4 times, once for each of the radicals that go into orichalcum. 2*4=8 months.

Radicals need to be made from refined materials. Each of the four components of the orichalcum requires 6 units of refined materials which is luckily how many that can be refined at once with an Intelligence of 6. With Talismongering 6 and a knowledge skill like Metallurgy 6 vs a TN 4 and a 10 day base time means spending 8.88 days refining all 4 components.

Collecting the raw materials uses the same skills and TN, however there is no discount for collecting multiple units at the same time, so the 8.88 days is multiplied by the 6 units to get 53.28 days.

Adding the two totals expressed in days results in a time of about 62 days or close to 2 months.

Counting up the months (22+8+2) gives a total of 32 months.
Green Eyed Monster
Double post due to slow connection and reload.
Ancient History
So. Anybody want to guess how things will change in Street Magic?
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