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Yes, we may have done this before...

Based on the discussion of Black/Chrome and Game level, I´d be interested to hear about your playing style.

Lets start with some basic questions:

Number of players:
Setting (ie. Seattle):
BP Level:
Average current karma:
Average karma/session:
Average payment (including "spoils of war"):

Campaign background:
- Main employer(if any):
- basic tone: magical/corporate/street crime/other:



Number of players: 4-6
Setting: Seattle / mostly Tacoma
BP Level: 450 / availability ignored pending GM approval (only to avoid minmaxing)
Average current karma: 9
Average karma/session: 4
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): 20-25k¥

Campaign background: Classic Runners
- Main employer: Shigeda-gumi (will often represent corporate interests)
- basic tone: advanced, organised street crime

- Che, elven former russian military man (fun because I have Vory/Yakuza wars in Tacoma, and the group is Yakuza-connected), Player male, 50
- Zero, human-looking bodybuilding ork living on a scrapyard, that has bought Move-by-Wire 2 on Yakuza credit (custom negative quality, that), Player male, 29
- Raging Storm, japanese human miko specialising in conjuration and manipulation magic, Player: female, 21
- Altair, human bioware-heavy assassin, Player male, 29
- Akira (working title), an orkish hacker, Player male, 34
- one "testing slot", taken up by whatever the new (to RPG as a whole) player desires. First thing she wanted was a spellcasting, cybered, flying adept with three lifestyles, one of those luxury level ("lonely hut at a sea she called it"). And she is learning biggrin.gif, Player female, 25
  • Number of players: 2-5, depending on the night
  • Setting: Seattle
  • BP Level: 400
  • Average current karma: 15-20
  • Average karma/session: 3-5
  • Average payment (including "spoils of war"): 2k
Campaign background:
  • Main employer(if any): Various, from Evo to independents
  • basic tone: Pretty low magic, though I'm looking to change that. One of the plotlines involves a technomancer. It's generally pretty street level, though some large organizations are involved (as targets and as benefactors). Winternight was involved in a minor way, though I've kind of left them alone, as it was a crappy plot thread anyway.
  • Dr. Joy - A street doc adept with many names. Was assigned to treat a 20-year-old kid for some sort of sickness. The kid turned out to be a technomancer, but the employer was supressing it with regular radiation treatment (Don't know if that's possible by canon, but it's possible in my world, dammit)
  • DT - A mage/face of the norse tradition who likes to keep up in the high life, though he only appears to live the high life himself. Currently involved in infiltrating 77.
  • Loa - A hacker who's as paranoid as hell, and addicted to Longhaul and Psyche. Vengeful. Is kind of looking to crash the matrix again.
  • Knightshade - An orc street sam with a very straight forward style. For instance, walking into a critter fight full of a couple hundred people, slitting a guy's throat and running like hell.
  • Payload - A russian dwarf with a penchant for explosives. He's also a driver.
Number of players: 3-4
Setting: Seattle for the vast majority of the games
BP Level: 400
Average current karma: 30+ with our current characters. We had over 80 on our last set before we had to give them up
Average karma/session: 3-5
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): 5-20k

Campaign background: AWOL Evo squad now living the dangerous life in the shadows for our current group; Former/Resurfaced mafia goons for our last one
- Main employer(if any): Wherever we get cred
- basic tone: magical/corporate/street crime/other: Magical/tactical for current; legit owners first, then street crime later on the older.

Crash: Dwarven physad who specializes in breaking things and people
Burn: Elven Combat Shaman following the Chaos Mentor Spirit. Obvious specialization of fire based spells, effects and spirits
Trick: Human illusionist mage and group Face
Treat/Perv/Slash: Human physad swordmonkey and infiltration guy

Last one:
Slim Marcone: Former and renewed low-level Mafia don with absolutely no sense of remorse. Slightly cybered physad Face character
"That was business, but you made it personal."

Triggerchip: Former Lonestar agent jailed for excessive force (beat up the wrong corp brat). Evolved into Slim's right hand and premier bodyguard. Mundane but packing a decent load of internalized and non-obvious cyberware.
NPC: "I need your help with this!" Triggerchip: "Yeah, there's a problem with that. The problem is that it's not our problem. Deal with it yourself."

Gui - Martial arts physad and grenadier
"Anyone will talk when you pour gasoline on their kids!"

Haven - Slim's former assistant, prior to him being jailed, and again once he returned to the streets. The group's only full mage and a specialist in Trid-style spells.
"How come gunfire always interrupts my shopping?!"
Kyoto Kid
Not currently running a campaign but did just finish one up. This would definitely qualify as a "black" campaign.

(oh and Kerris, thanks for the format.)

[ Spoiler ]
Shadowrun Missions only. frown.gif
This is Shadowrun

Number of players: 4-6
Setting: New York City and surroundings
BP Level: 400 - House ruled half point skills for some, minor other houserules
Average current karma: ~20
Average karma/session: 5-7
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): 5-20k

Campaign background: Classic runners
  • Main employer: Fixer (Dorothy), Vory (Russian Mob, Alexander Putin), Various others
  • Basic Tone: Classic Shadowrun - More on the Street Level and Pink Mohawk side of things.
  • Campaign Arc: Currently working through the events in Emergence.
PCs - Current: (All except Wolf currently under questioning by NYPD)
  • Bubba: Troll 'deconstruction expert' deadly with a bow. Breaks stuff and catches bullets. Has had trouble with the law.
  • Wolf: Human Mercenary, specilises in assualt rifle, good at inflitration and hacking
  • Go: Ork Face, charismatic, specalises in pistols
  • Crash Override: Dwarf Hacker/Rigger - handles wirless activity
  • Thrall - Ork Physical Adept/Mage - Eaten by mantis spirit.
  • Cid - Elf Technomancer - Location Unknown - possibly undergoing 'investigation' for his technomancer abilities
  • Griff - Dwarf Mage - Incarcerated for inciting multiple riots. 20 Questions Online Here
AND you can listen to it here:
This is Shadowrun
Number of players: 2-4
Setting: Seattle and surrounding areas
BP Level: 400
Average current karma: 30
Average karma/session: 10
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): 25K per PC

Campaign background:
- Main employer: Mr. Johnson
- Basic tone: Run-of-the-mill corporate sabotage

Hubert's Heroes
Slightly psychotic, totally incompetent elf face / gunslinger adept.
"Open up, we're from the Inquisitorial Squad!"

(Some name I can't remember)
Ork hacker who would be almost socially competent if not for his penchant for following each sentence with, "You raging [random expletive]."
"Good luck guys, I'll be waiting here with the van to take you to the hospital when you fail."

(Some other name I can't remember)
Chromed up human street sammie. Sort of the tank, except she doesn't actually roll enough dice to soak.
"Let's try the assault rifle this time."

(Some name I never could pronounce)
Human shamanic mage from some place in the Middle East. Upon working through his backstory, we all realized that this character is, in fact, a terrorist. Go team.
"How many kilograms of explosive can I fit into my backpack?"

NPC technomancer. Drives the team's van, provides some oft-needed first aid, and lets me inject plot whenever I feel like it, all performed as an intern in the world of shadowrunning.
"Are you sure you had to shoot them all? They didn't look that dangerous..."

Ah, we had some good times. Every week the team would fail in a new, fun, and exciting way.
Number of players: 3-5
Setting: Los Angeles; Just Moved From Seattle (GM read Corporate Enclaves wink.gif )
BP Level: 300
Average current karma: ~9
Average karma/session: 4-7
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): 5-20k

Campaign background: Newbie Runners

* Main employer: Fixer, Dirty Cops, Various Johnsons
* Basic Tone: Smash and Grab Shadowrun - Players have no concept of common sense but always seem to end up on top (mostly) regardless.


* Lanske: Human Ex-Russian Cosmonaut. "The Mad Russian." Obsessed with parachuting, guns, demolitions, aircraft, and his outrageous Russian accent. Absolutely no common sense (e.g. he just stole a Lonestar Helicopter for the long haul to L.A.).
GM: Okay, the Corp-Sec have surrounded you and all their guns are trained on you. What do you do? Lanskie: I pull my parachute chord.

* Jonesy: Human Wannabe-Assassin. Acts more like a ganger than an assassin. Whip and Unarmed Combat user. Once killed a corp-sec and intimidated the hackers that said corp-sec was protecting with the limp and lifeless body.
Jonesy picks up the elf, slams said elf onto the table, looks at the two people eating, and says "This does not involve you."

* Kraken: Troll Technomancer. Completely useless in physical combat, and just about everything else that isn't shotguns and Hacking. Has the Hallucinations Neg-Qual and sees evil garden gnomes every couple of games.
As Kraken looks at the AR keypad, the keys starts wiggling. Suddenly they pop off and from the holes, gnomes appear.

* Tucker: Dwarf Mage - Only four spells known. The de-facto leader, face, and oft-ignored voice of reason. The only one with a car.
"Fine, take the damn keys. If you come back with scratches or damage to my car, I will implode your skulls."
  • Number of players: 5-8, depending on turnout. Was going to be 9, but that player dropped out by defaulting to not showing up
  • Setting: Hamburg, AGS
  • BP Level: 400
  • Average current karma: 6 (just started)
  • Average karma/session: 3-5
  • Average payment (including "spoils of war"): 5k
Campaign background:
  • Main employer(if any): Various, but I'm looking at a tight connection to the local Vory
  • Basic tone: Street so far, as the characters more or less come from the dregs and gutters. Magic is going to play a bigger and bigger role as I get more comfortable with the rules -- and with a mage, a shaman, and adept and a TM on the team, I better get comfortable damn quick. Plotwise we're currently snaking through Emergence, masked by Mafia/Yakuza incursions into Hamburg and the underworld wars those incursions have started.
  • Slice - The Technomancer of the group. Has a... "problem" with the Vory for stepping on their (virtual) turf. A hotshot, it has yet to emerge if his survival instincts can outlast his show-off instincts. (Which is entirely the fault of the player, who is a show-off. Well, we'll see.)
    I hack their jukebox and put "Final Countdown" on autorepeat at full blast. Don't think they'll notice us sneak by now!
  • The Bear - An Ork Godi (Norse shaman) of the eco-terroristic sort. A general no-nonsense sort of guy. Has some issues balancing the aggressive player nature with the somewhat more defensive Bear Mentor nature.
    They got RPGs in that crate? For a gang war in the middle of the city? Are they effin' insane? ... I nick 'em for my eco-group.
  • Zulu - The dwarf and rigger of the team. Player's still a little confused and hasn't made real use of her tremendous drone arsenal yet.
    I can't send my Doberman in there! She'll get dented!
  • The Saracene - Mid-Eastern Elf Gunslinger Adept, hooboy. smile.gif
    Fixer tell me you need guns? I am guns.
  • Artemis - Night One armorer and weapons specialist. Older sister and protector of
    Look! His splattered brain created a butterfly pattern on the window! Aww.
  • Medea - Hermetic Prodigy on the run from Voldemort^H^H^H^Hunwanted attention. Shares Combat Paralysis with
    I'm not going in there in the middle of a firefight, thankyouverymuch. Tea, Zulu?
  • Sputnik - Russian ex-beat cop. A drunk with good connections, he fills the Face slot. With only one combat skill under his belt (Clubs), I'm trying hard not to kill the character too soon, but there'll come a day when even my GM goodwill won't save him.
    But Michael, dearest of all my friends! I vould never abuse your trust!
  • Bastet - SURGE cat changeling with the delusion of thinking herself a real cat. Sammie of the group, and the only one with obvious cyber. (For some reasons, no other player even went so far as to consider cybering up.)
    What a freak, seriously. Miaow. *lick* ... What?
Kyoto Kid
...I love the character quotes. I'll have to go through my campaign notes & add a few.

@bishop186: Lanske and my ex cosmonaut/medic Kat Markova (#92) would make an interesting duo as she also has an outrageous Russian accent and is also obsessed with things like guns and has a "unique" style of bedside manner...

ic.gif Team's Sammy "but your a fraggin' doctor, what's with the AK...and the grenades?"

ic.gif Markova: "Vell I hav'it taken oath to take'it care of my troops. Sometimes eet ist meanink shootink at ze enemy first to keeps zem from shootinks at you. You not like that boychik? Vant can talk about it?"

[...not as much fun as actually speaking her lines.]
All these character quotes made me go back and add a couple to my post up there. Good friggin' idea.
Number of players: 4
Setting: Seattle (although the group just relocated from Denver)
BP Level: 400
Average current karma: ~150
Average karma/session: ~12
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): 10k a piece for small jobs, 75-150k total for large runs

Campaign background:
- Main employer(if any): DoubleBull (Seattle fixer) & Tits McGee (Denver fixer), Mr. Johnson on occasion for side jobs.
- basic tone: Professional runners. The group basically asks no questions and will do whatever the job is, for a certain price. They are very close to their contacts and interact with them, sometimes running jobs as favors. They've come across gangers, mafia, Triads and have run into a couple powerful mages that have picked up grudges. They are currently living in Seattle above a legit auto body shop running "bigger" jobs for DoubleBull. Seattle will mainly be corporate runs.


-Syke: Started out as a human hacker of the group. He quickly ramped up his shooting skills and his latest endeavor has been to up his social skills. Killed a PC, in cold blood, when he started to bring too much attention to the group. Sometimes acts as the leader of the crew.

-Big John: Newer addition to the group, ork sammy. Uncouth, to say the least. He wants nuyen first and foremost...could care less about the job. Like to drink, start fights and well, drink. Mage has considered silencing him for future job meets. Pretty much full on attack until he can no longer breath.

-Jinx: Crow mentor, dwarven mage, specializing in manipulation. Also a newer addition to the group. Mainly keeps to himself, but the players know about his mind powers, so kinda just leave him alone. Pretty much zero offense, so he focuses on wise use of spirits and controlling others to get the job done.

-???: New character yet to be introduced. Likely to be a human rigger.

Old PCs:

-Rekoil: Original member with Syke, orc adept with heavy pistols and monowhip. He loved to fight, almost as much as eating and crapping. Was always on the lookout for a good toilet to spend an hour in. Pretty much no nonsense. Lost in the move to Seattle (player left the group).

-Bleys: Original member with Syke, human mage. More an offensive spellcaster. Early on lost the ability to summon spirits for a month due to a senseless suicide mission he commanded. Preferred walking to public transportation, didn't own a vehicle. Player struggles with magic as he tried to hold back harming anyone, but as everything escalated, he often poured on the damage, but regretted doing it after the fact. Died in Denver by a mob bomb in his apartment (player shifted work hours, so had to leave the group).

-Ice: Original member with Syke, female smuggler/rigger. She asked questions first, second and third, then shot. Mainly ran recon with drones and kept everyone connected to the action. Switched over to NPC after about the 5th gaming session (her babysitter quit, so could no longer meet with group).

-Wraith: Original member with Syke, ork ex-black ops. Very secretive, but was the main source for runs in the beginning. Unknown to the rest of the group, his ware had nanobombs and mil-spec tracking devices embedded, although they had not been activated. More civilized than the rest of the group, high lifestyle and interested in the finer things in life, polar opposite from Rekoil. Very offensive and always ready to run in and shoot first. After a few runs in Denver, received notice that a next-gen UCAS assassin squad was tracking him. During normal ware maintenance, tracking devices turned on. Syke and Rekoil killed him upon finding out. (player wanted to make a new character, Jinx, because we lost Bleys, the only one able to do any astral recon).

We going into our 30th session next week and the group is ready for some "epic" missions, so I'm gonna give them some fun!
Campaign background:
  • Number of players: 6
  • Setting: Philadelphia, PA UCAS
  • BP Level: 400
  • Average current karma: 30 to 50
  • Average karma/session: 3-5
  • Average payment (including "spoils of war"): 5k
  • Main employer(if any): Mostly organized crime so far
  • Basic tone: A strange amalgam of gritty noir and over the top craziness. Kind of like Transmetropolitan meeting Sin City. Dark in feel, probably just one step above street level.
PCs (more than 6 due to multiple characters per player)
  • Alyse: A joygirl who acts as the group's face.
  • Aya: An elf weapon specialist, based off the pic in SR4.
  • Bill: An amnesiac who thinks his commlink talks to him.
  • Candy: A cyberpsycho with a smile.
  • Christine: A dog shaman currently held captive by Aztechnology.
  • Mal: A combat acker.
  • Paolo: A conspiracy theorist, demolitions expert and probably the most paranoid dwarf you'll ever meet.
  • Pax: An old school private detective.
Kyoto Kid
QUOTE (jklst14)
Mal: A combat acker.

...from the Death Tongue Tradition (Bill the Cat Mentor Spirit)? grinbig.gif
Hmm. I know the GM for my group pokes his head in here from time to time, but I also know I'm by far the biggest internet addict of the group. So I guess I'll post now, and he can correct any of my screw-ups later XD;

Number of players: 4-5 (depends if the WoW addict shows)
Setting (ie. Seattle): Seattle
BP Level: 400
Average current karma: 35
Average karma/session: 3-5
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): 5k per runner

Campaign background:
- basic tone: High street, I guess - we started off wanting to focus on anti-corp, pro-meta/pro-SINless type stuff, but that kind of got sidelined last run in the interest of actually making money. I think some Emergence stuff is up next.


Jackie: Dwarf face/street doc/socialite. Does a lot of combat drugs. Knows a guy who knows a guy, no matter what you're looking for.
"Oh honey, we have drugs for that, you know."

Ally: Human technomancer, with a fondness for guns, gadgets, and the colour pink.
"I don't wanna go into VR, the FTD delivery guy might still be there!"

Salamander: Human ex-UCAS military voodoo mage turned eco-terrorist. Likes blowing stuff up.
"She didn't pay me to set fire to her clinic... I just like to burn things!"

Quigley: Aussie human ex-military rigger/sharpshooter. Good-natured, but we really don't know much else about him.
"Alright. Syncing commlinks with drone feed..."

Rax: Ill-tempered troll street sam. Hates corps (and from the sound of it thus far, most people).
"What the hell are you lookin' at?"

Elegy: Morose human Catholic theurge, focused mostly on summoning (replaced by Quigley)

Shadow: Elven street sam, infiltration expert. Had a tail (replaced by Rax)
Number of Players 4
Setting Seattle right now, though I've run Capetown before.
BP Level 400
Average Current Karma With the exception of the technomancer who missed last session, ~25.
Average karma per session: ~8 or 9
Average payment it's been all over the place so far, from 10k each up to 180k apiece last run (when you take down Seattle's biggest serial killer, you should rake in the dough IMO)

Basic tone
Chromed street, for the moment. I intend to link in some major corps and a legacy of Dunkelzahn, among other things, later on, but so far its pretty middling.


Tinface: Elf jack of all trades. He hacks a lot, Faces a bit, and fights pretty decently.

Flamer: Troll Technomancer. So far has demonstrated his ability to go through any single node like candy, but complicated matrix architecture is proving confusing for him.

Trice: Corp runaway turned shadows mage. So far the player is pretty quiet, but she`s learning... I think.

Hydra: Troll street samurai. Probably the most fleshed out character of the lot. Tied into the Vory v zakone... but the character doesn't know it yet.
Number of players: 4-6
Setting (ie. Seattle): Denver
BP Level: 400 (4th Ed)
Average current karma: I haven't checked. Probably pretty low, no more than 20.
Average karma/session: 3-4
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): Per run? About 50k NY.

Campaign background: Playing Missions right now. Been seeding a few changes along the way in preparation for a segue into my campaign arc which should have the team in Aztlan in a month or two with a brief stop at The Medicine Wheel in Wyoming.
- Main employer(if any):
- basic tone: magical/corporate/street crime/other: Corporate moving to Magical


It really depends on who shows up and if they bring characters with them. So far it hasn't been consistent. We're all somewhat new to the game and are dropping characters and picking up new ones as we understand what we're doing and what we like.

The Hacker and Rigger are both the most experienced. The Rigger is new to our game as of last weekend.

Two of the Street Sams are creating new characters for next weeks continuation; a mage and a street sam more akin to his style.

The other Sam is finally getting settled into the role and how to play and has mentioned he may be creating a new character.

So things are in a bit of a flux right now. Once the arc starts though, no changes unless character dies smile.gif

The Rigger is a bit more experienced of all of us and came into the game expecting 100% backstabbing by Mr. Johnson however since I'm still getting rules down, I'm a bit lenient which is just confusing him smile.gif We'll see how it works out.

Number of players: 3-7
Setting: Seattle area mostly, Portland area on occasion
BP Level: 400
Average current karma: 50+
Average karma/session: 7-8
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): 25k

Campaign background:
Main employer (if any): Aztechnology, Tir Tairngire, and MCT (through agents and subsidiaries)
Basic tone: Lots of Awakened, stealthy, high-initiative characters. Nearly equal or even superior opposition on runs, and the team often provokes powerful enemies to seek revenge. Influences are Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid, and the movie Heat. The opposition's response escalates fast, and the runners often find themselves facing much tougher opposition than they were told to expect.

Main PCs
Phoenix - Elf Adept Ghost Hunter and a combat specialist. Blood thirsty enough to be respected by Aztechnology.
Cyrus - Elf Former MCT Combat Mage. Throws a mean stunball and has poor impulse control. Hermetic and drives a Westwind.
Isamu - Human Shinto Wujen backed up by a small army of bound spirits.
Puma - Human technology specialist. Lucky, lucky, lucky.
My RL game is in an indefinite hiatus, and has been for a while, so lets go with the weekly chatroom game that I'm playing because it amuses me.

Number of players:

Number of players: 4-6 + GM
Setting: EVO Base on Mars researching a trans dimensional portal.
BP Level: 400
Average current karma: 0
Average karma/session: 0
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): We have salaries, but money isn't particularly relevant, or even an issue. We just grab whatever happens to be lying around (which currently ranges from 'Mop' to 'Vector Thrust Armoured Combat Vehicle' and try and apply it to the problem(s), which have ranged from 'Naga taking critical personage hostage' to 'A a Gorgon trying to trash the base', and the radiation spirit that was using accident? on the fusion reaction wasn't exactly fun either.)

Campaign background:
- Main employer(if any): EVO
- basic tone: magical/corporate/street crime/other: I'd almost say horror, but it's not really. It's more a gradual escalation of the adversary forces in a sort of survival horror game, as the players run around in increasing desperation trying to deal with the situation.

Main PCs - Some characters had a brief psyche profile written up at the start of the game that I have included when it is funny

Juchi - An adept who is also the bases janitor.

Takenaka Juichi
Position: Janitor
Origin: Seattle, UCAS (Dwarf)
Profile: Juichi is extremely motivated to impress his superiors and is exaggeratedly helpful to the point of provoking disbelief and paranoia among management.

Takeda Akio - Fusion technician and low level mage cum plumber. Not Italian, but can bust out spirits and or fireflowers as required.

Colonel Sarah O'Sullivan - ex EVO special forces commando who had a whole body skin transplant from a former co-worker after a 'industrial accident' involving some sort of acid spirit. Extremely large combat dice pools.

Colonel Sarah O'Sullivan
Position: Human Resources
Origin: Dublin, Tir na nOg (Elf)
Profile: Colonel O'Sullivan was injured severely in a now-classified incident where a friend lost her life. As a result, Colonel O'Sullivan has been outfitted with the skin of another person, and reacts badly to mirrored surfaces and verbal descriptions of her appearance.

Carden - The most powerful mage on the base who's not A) probably dead B) under sedation after trying to destroy the universe. Is kinda headstrong! wink.gif

Reginn Dvergar - My guy, a (rather badly built) technomancer using Frank's new rules. Sour, normally prone to drinking, has replaced this with shouting.
Number of players: 3
Setting (ie. Seattle): Miami/Caribbean League
BP Level: Converted 3.0 Characters (not too advanced - none of the skills were above the 4.0 limits, and neither was gear)
Average current karma: Not using karma, characters rarely advance
Average karma/session: Not using karma
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): Not using exact money, but an abstract system, runner gear is acquired through runs.

Campaign background:
- Main employer(if any): Mafia (all PCs are heavily indebted to the Mob, they are not members of the mafia. Team Leader is a made man, an NPC.)
- basic tone: Crime/Magical (action movie, some comedy elements, non-run elements play a big role)


One former female CAS marine soldier, not the smartest to say the least. Gold Digger mentality - tries to marry rich and then divorce. Works as a call girl am SimSense Performer in her spare time, goes to university. Spends almost all her money on clothes etc.

One male mage, on the run from a magic circle in Seattle, working as an assistant to an "eccentric" professor at Miami University as well as doing Special Effects for movie sets. Very easily intimidated despite a great talent for magic (A pickpocket stole his purse, then berated him when he wanted it back once)

One female physad. Goes to university, and works part time as a stuntwoman.
Well, in the one that i started on vacation, and will be going back and forth to when we get back to the States...once this summer, and then who knows. But here was the lineup:

Number of players: 4(2 more created characters, but didnt get to play when we were there. They should be joining, though.)
Setting (ie. Seattle): Seattle. Easy, since we had some new people.
BP Level: 400. We don't use availability, and never have.
Average current karma: 3 or so. Only a few sessions.
Average karma/session: 3-5 it seems.
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): well, current run was around 10gs, and not too shabby.

Campaign background:
- Main employer(if any): Sleazy Johnson.
- basic tone: Well, with us, comedy tends to happen when we like it or not. grinbig.gif But mid level, doing some street level work, we're all pretty competent in our fields.


One male ork survivalist/gunner with a penchant for wide-brim hats. Has awesome tracking and survival skills, and is a great shot with a pistol. Speaks a couple of languages, too. Also skilled in other types of firearms and blades. Probably the only member of the team with full blown survival and tracking skills. Pretty laid back levelheaded guy. Usually our ''Ork Face Man''...if we have ops where we need to get info from parts of the Ork Underground that aren't too into dealing with pinkies, then this guy does it.

One female elf smuggler/rigger. The teams driver, she's basically the smuggler from the RAW with different edges and flaws and a couple of skills changes(as said, new people.) Does great with her van/car though, and as a gunner. Weapon of choice out of van is a pistol. Also has hacking and electronics skills and gear that we need. Not afraid to help gather information or make plans either. Van is useful for several cover ops, namely our security false ID(see below), and our moving company. Also speaks a few languages.

One human male former company man turned pirate/hired man(played by me). He rolls a nice amount of dice when it comes to the hurtin', and is also rather socially saavy on top of it, being backup face and frontline intimidator/interrigator(as something he did in his past...his past is rather...sketchy and if anyone found out, the party might be less than comfortable.) Uses swords, unarmed, pistols, and shotguns mainly. Has a small 'crew' of contacts and a boat named Silent Scream(to go with his contact's Desperate Cry, Running Wild, and Powerslave.) A few languages also. Can pilot his yacht with some competency. Drinks alot of Captain Morgan and wears an eyepatch in town to cover his other, odd looking eye.

One other human male former company man/military man/turned ''Knife for Hire''(played by my husband). Is the party's main face as well, and is skilled with knives, automatics, heavy weapons, and all sorts of ''hitman'' style tactics. He has a rather checkered past and heads our backup cover company, ''Packing Security''...whose catch phrase is ''We're Packing security...are YOU?'' Does like to oil his gun...the heavy machinegun...alot, and while he's smart about what tool he uses when, he seems happiest during the ''loud jobs''. And between the four of us, our party speaks something like 6 or 7 languages of at least basic fluent level.

Two other who im not totally sure about(i think he uses firearms, though), and one female gadgeteer/spy type(think a cross between Bond and Q...saavy but more into the gadgets and cleverness than straight up combat.) Those should be joining soon. We are keeping tabs via internet from Helsinki on the ongoings of this campaign. The Overseas chapter, basically. Currently, myself and the military man got hired as Urban Brawl players by the same sleazy dwarf booking agent that we ended up kidnapping and interrogating in the last campaign. He liked our style so much rather than have ire to us, he hired us. Win win situation. biggrin.gif And it's cool too, this is one of the best teams ive played with, what with everyone backing each other up and everyone being proactive in planning.
Number of players: 4-6, depending on the night
Setting: Seattle
BP Level: 400
Average current karma: 90
Average karma/session: 3-5
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): 2,5k + gear/expenses

Campaign background:
Seattle in 2055: Year of the Brotherhood with SR4 rules
Gritty street with occasional magic stuff.
Notable and/or hilarious missions were Forced Recon, Elven Fire, Carnival (from Knasser), Brotherhood stuff as campaign background (mix of Double Exposure, Missing Blood, ...)

Main Employer(s):
  • Tabby from the Mission stories
  • Sometimes the other fixers depending on the type of job.
  • Blackmail job by the Vory (after the Carnival stuff)
  • Ghouls (yes ghouls cool.gif )

Eryk the Red
Number of players: 3, though guest appearances and a fluctuating main cast have had us up to 8 before
Setting: Tacoma; we see the rest of Seattle sometimes, but we're really focused in Tacoma
BP Level: 400
Average current karma: almost 200
Average karma/session: 6
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): 6k to 10k apiece

Campaign background:
- Main employer(if any): Used to be a mysterious government-affiliated agency, until it imploded; now mostly various organized crime
- basic tone: Sorta-gritty organized crime. Focused a lot on poverty and desperation. Very little corporate influence.

-Mr. F, Belarusian elf who escaped Belarus during a Neo-Communist revolution; mage and sometimes face with a slick sense of style

-Tasha, white Japanese human former corporate operative who got dropped by her employers after a botched mission; infiltrator, hacker, gunslinger with a nasty temper that gets the gang in trouble

-Hot Death (HD for short), New Yorker troll, ex-special forces soldier who deserted during Crash 2.0; not-too heavily cybered weapons specialist; has a soft spot for kids; likes to sucker-punch security guards (when relevant to the job, not just for the hell of it)

-The Cowboy (frequent guest), dwarf gunslinger-hacker; worked for Renraku during Crash 2.0, ran off after some brain-fry; one of the earliest metahumans, 50 years old; his rude, caustic personality injects some much-needed comic relief into the game

-Neckface (frequent guest), ork drone rigger, she's ugly as sin and recently manifested what appear to be magical abilities (she's newly an adept)

-Harper (frequent guest), elf from Tir na Nog (never remember where the caps go); heavily-cybered speedy gunslinger; has social anxiety issues; also makes for good comic relief

-Floyd (frequent guest), elf driver-rigger adept (no drones); she's difficult to describe; she has a weird Midwestern accent; she's never killed a person; she is damn hilarious when she's not in a quiet mood (and by that I mean, she's hilarious when her player, who is a guy, is not in a quiet mood)
QUOTE (Kerris)

  • Number of players: 2-5, depending on the night
  • Setting: Seattle
  • BP Level: 400
  • Average current karma: 15-20
  • Average karma/session: 3-5
  • Average payment (including "spoils of war"): 2k
Campaign background:

  • Main employer(if any): Various, from Evo to independents
  • basic tone: Pretty low magic, though I'm looking to change that. One of the plotlines involves a technomancer. It's generally pretty street level, though some large organizations are involved (as targets and as benefactors). Winternight was involved in a minor way, though I've kind of left them alone, as it was a crappy plot thread anyway.

  • Dr. Joy - A street doc adept with many names. Was assigned to treat a 20-year-old kid for some sort of sickness. The kid turned out to be a technomancer, but the employer was supressing it with regular radiation treatment (Don't know if that's possible by canon, but it's possible in my world, dammit)
  • DT - A mage/face of the norse tradition who likes to keep up in the high life, though he only appears to live the high life himself. Currently involved in infiltrating 77.
  • Loa - A hacker who's as paranoid as hell, and addicted to Longhaul and Psyche. Vengeful. Is kind of looking to crash the matrix again.
  • Knightshade - An orc street sam with a very straight forward style. For instance, walking into a critter fight full of a couple hundred people, slitting a guy's throat and running like hell.
  • Payload - A russian dwarf with a penchant for explosives. He's also a driver.

Something I forgot to mention about my game. It's run vaguely like Sin City, or Crash. There's basically one plot line per character, and if they happen to need each other, great. If not, oh well, and I jump between characters, unravelling plot and allowing them to do... whatever the hell they please.

So, they're not really a team... yet. They might eventually become one, but I haven't worked out how or why yet.
Number of players: 2-4
Setting (ie. Seattle): Seattle (mostly)
BP Level: SR2 & 3 Coverted or ~425 for new chars (we allow some discreationary extra points if the group thinks it adds something important)
Average current karma: Ranges from under 10 to over 200, many players have pools of characters so we can scale up or down.
Average karma/session: 3-5 (Sessions are only 4 hours typically, runs rarely finish in a single session but Karma is often awarded at every session anyway)
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): VAries drastically on the crew and employer, but typically not less than 5k per head and rearely more than 20K per head.

Campaign background: It's an amalgam of Brainscan and System Failure with some random stuff mixed in. Many dates are altered to meet our timeline.

- Main employer(if any):We have 3 major Fixers who broker most of the work to our group:
Jean Paul - A French Canadian former Cross Seraphim who has attached himself to the Seattle Thunderbirds Hockey Team. He cleans up after or provides for the indiscretions and vices of Pro Athletes and their entourages.

Sammy Chang - A Triad Fixer who runs an Import - Export Furniture and Antiquities Warehouse in South Seattle on Airport Way, actually a front for smuggling operations. Sammy isn't a major Triad officer, but he's a 'producer' so he get's a lot more clout than the average Triad soldier.

The D.K. Terror - A hot elven hacker & Society Chick who has a rep for being able to make things happen. Very few of her shady contacts ever meet in person most meets are virtual. The nickname is a holdover from her early days as an actual runner when she once showed up for a run massively overdressed in designer clothes, one of the street muscle types cracked "What the hell are you supposed to be, the D.K. Terror?"

- basic tone: magical/corporate/street crime/other: Street / Pink Mohawk

PCs: We've got a lot of them, most players have at least 3 to choose from and we rotate GM duties. Some of the more memorable ones are:

Skate, an extreme sports fanatic. Does things based on how cool they will look later on the trid his chaser drone records far more often than based on tactics or good sense.

Major Havoc, former Eastern European Infantry Officer, is convinced all problems can be solved through superior firepower.

Chu Lung, and ultra-superstitious Triad Enforcer

Edward, a dealer in furniture and antiquities from Hong Kong and an expert at procuring them via the 5 finger discount.

Blackfeather, a Shaman so paranoid that he rarely drops either his invisibility or masking spells, even around people he knows.

Mercury, an alcoholic, pyromaniac, sociopathic, mage.
Kyoto Kid
...that isn't the same Skate I'm thinking of is it?
He's run by Shrike30, not sure if it is or isn't
Kyoto Kid
...nope, the one I'm thinking of is run by ShadowDragon8685 and that Skate is a she.
Number of players:3-6
Setting (ie. Seattle): Seattle
BP Level: Normal 400
Average current karma: ~20
Average karma/session: ~4
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): I give them about 20k-30k per group. They sell the basic gear like guns and stuff off enemies, if they have time to pick them up. The best thing they have received is a Delta-grade Cyberarm.

Campaign background:
- Main employer(if any): Variety of fixers
- basic tone: magical/corporate/street crime/other: Very random, from protection to information gathering to B&E. They have been mostly neutral tone so far, nothing dark and evil where they have to kill children or the like.
[ Spoiler ]

Zan - Elf Mage from the Tir. Was kicked out after a politician's kid was killed at a rally he was holding. Traveled Europe for a year with his brother before coming to Seattle. His brother owns a Talismonger shop and Zan lives above it. One of the two PCs in my game with a story...

Ex don't read
[ Spoiler ]

The Todd - Troll Gun Bunny. (If any of you have seen Scrubs the TV show, the character basically says all the inappropriate things the Todd says, that is all this character is)

Leon - Troll Hand-to-hand specialist that wields 2 combat axes.

Cyrus - Elf Hacker

TBA - We had one of my brother's friends play with us and after a couple sessions of him constantly coming, we decided he needed a real character not just a random one we give people who occasionally come over. More than likely another Troll Gun Bunny.

Ex don't read
[ Spoiler ]
@ Fortune

Ex don't read
[ Spoiler ]
The Red Menace
Number of players:5-7
Setting: Seattle, but travel globally frequently. (Africa, Tir Na Nog', Iceland)
Average karma/session:5-7
Average payment (including "spoils of war"):Small: 10,000 or Big 6 week campaigns: 100,000

Campaign background: Soft background story of The Horrors trying to speed up the process of their next invasion onto earth. Meanwhile Runners have their sticky fingers in everything from taking sides with organized crime to helping The Draco Foundation manage the wicked corporations dark plans.
- Main employer(if any):The runners usually go through a free contact that was given to them in the beginning of the game. An elf fixer named Percy who works as hard as possible to find the runners work so he can take a cut and pay off his serious loans to the Vory.

- basic tone: A grim fairy tail style to Seattle. The depressing acid rains, humming neon signs and squatters with despair painted across their faces all add to the gritty stage.

Players: The big trump card on my game is that all players can have 2 characters to choose from. This helps when characters get 2 week long implants, skill training that takes days and leave town for sick family (Role Playing). The players get to choose only one character to use for the game session, but can clarify what the other character is doing during that down time.

Male, 26 years old: (elf) Union Jack-Former SAS member who was abandoned during the Euro-wars and considered dead. Freed by Jack the Ripper (player), the two migrated to Seattle in an attempt to lay low.
"I make the impossible, possible."

(human) DOC-Former Doc-wagon ambulance driver who was booted for stealing implants of dead patients and selling them. Now he is a hardcore head bangin' rocker with a name on the streets.
"Don't say another stupid thing elf or I'm in your ass!"

Female, 27 years old: (human) Tiara-A relic hunter with a hunger for ancient mythology. She purchased custom implants that resemble a princess tiara so she can gore opponents during combat and still look beautiful. A real hot temper on this one.
"What's a troll mean to me? Four to six more bullets."

Octavian-Former Atlantian Foundation Greek Assassin who faked his own death to escape his dark past.
"I'm not telling you to do it because I think its cute, I'm trying to keep you alive.

Male, 36 years old: (elf) Jack the Ripper-After working as computer intelligence for the British government, Jack went on a series of missions that lead him to be stranded in war ridden Russia. His only hope was to break out an operative (Union Jack) from a Russian prison and escape with him to Seattle.
"See now that wasn't nice. I was just going to kill you. Now I have to make your life a living hell first."

(dark elf) Gideon-Being one of the first dark elves born isn't easy. Its lead to a series of tragic events that made Gideon the sinister, spell casting hell raiser he is. From carrying around opponents heads on his belt to shooting other runners. Gideon's infamy rating just keeps going up and up.
"I don't think that's fair. What about you Grox? <holds up dead man's head and mouths> "No not at all Gideon."

Female, 30 years old: (human) Hera-Waking up in the morning is rough. Waking up in FUCHI's underground labs with no memory blows. Staying alive with spit in her eye and two pistols, she vows to find out what the corporation was doing to her and what her past exactly was. A love affair with a street samurai (Tanka; player) who shares the same passion in the medaling of FUCHI is what gets her by day by day.
"Damn it Tanka, we're on a mission...Fine! But it has to be a quickie."

(dwarf) Raven: Gaya suffers every day. She needs someone to organize and save her. Well, organizing takes money and that takes putting up with ignorant mercenaries. This Raven totem dwarven shaman pulls her hair out on a daily basis putting up with the chrome domes that pair up with her on runs so she can save mother earth.
[/I]"My argument still stands...You're an idiot."

Male, 36 years old: (human) Tanka-An all American who went to college got that degree, took the plunge and joined the CIA. Wait, CIA...don't they screw people over? After being assigned to an investigation against FUCHI Corp., Tanka's superiors and partner were payed off by the AAA corp. and left Tanka to dry. His family was imprisoned and Tanka forced to flee. What makes matters worse is that FUCHI has personally implemented his oldest of daughters into the new Bio-Troop program. Can he do what needs to be done and kill his own daughter?
"One of us isn't leaving this place and I've got plans I can't break at 7.

(human) RC-The rigger with an army to fight off a small rebellion. This tinkerer can turn the tide of any battle with his deadly drones for a price. Electronic intelligence, drone rigging and piloting are the name of the game with RC.
"We are in the forests of Tir Na Nog'. What makes you think I have extra drones in the forests of Tir Na Nog'?"

Male, 18 years old: (human/changling) Big Bear-A Vory Changeling (bear, custom race) goon who crushes heads independently on the side. Big Bear is an extremest and holds the record for most times being knocked unconscious.
"Yeah I've fought in pit fighting arenas before. I was champ once. Where?....New Hampshire."

Male, 21 years old: (elf) Duke-This charming former Tir Tangire nobility lost everything during the over throw of government. Wanting his wealth and power back, Duke began to study electronic measures and became an able hacker. He will do what ever it takes to regain his power.What better way to regain power then to join the Lae'sa Syndicate. If you can't trust the elven mafia, who can you trust?
"Hey, this is the part where I get your phone number.
Ghost in the Machine

Number of players: 6
Setting: Seattle. Currently January 2070.
BP Level: 450
Average current karma: 20
Average karma/session: 2.5 (5 per story, most stories are two sessions long. Sessions average 4 hours each.)
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): Varies. Payment occasionally comes in the form of expensive equipment that they can either choose to keep or to sell on the black market for standard 30% value.

Campaign background:
- Main employer(if any): DocWagon -- The shadowrunners have a "day job" as a DocWagon HTR team. Their dispatcher is also their primary fixer.
- basic tone: magical/corporate/street crime/other: Runs and work tend to center around either A) a BTL war, B) the governor's race, and C) technomancy. (Emergence events will come into play later in the campaign.)

Loki: Orc male, street sam. Male player, age approx 28.
Ashes: Human male, technomancer. Male player, age approx 35.
Mikel: Dwarf male, combat medic. Male player, age approx 28.
Terran: Orc male, shaman ecoterrorist. Female player, age -- I don't ask.
Smokey: Human male, skills specialist. Male player, age approx 23.
Rem: Human female, hermetic detective. Male player, age approx 35.

(I don't know the actual ages of most of the players, so these are solid guesses. Our female player is the oldest of the group, but I'm not sure by how much.)

Number of players: Including GM, 4-5
Setting (ie. Seattle): Primarily Seattle
BP Level: 400, with special allowances that make it probably in the 450 bp, realistically
Average current karma:80-90
Average karma/session: 4-5
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): Special. Due to the scenario the characters receive a monthly income that after living expenses is in the 2K-3K nuyen range. Equipment is provided by the government and special equipment may be provided by "the proper request forms"and as needed. A moderate lifestyle is provided as part of the employment package. Bribes and salvage vary too wildly to estimate.

Campaign background:

Let me state that this campaign has been quite possibly the most entertaining startup of any adventure in any RPG that I have run in years. I enjoy GMing it and my players really seem to get a kick out of playing in it. It has been "different." I assisted my players (all vets at 3rd Ed) in creating each character for the "new" 4th Ed SR, and we really fleshed each one out. I gave them a loose idea of what was needed and then they embellished on each one. Our collective work created more depth for each character and I was able to therefore write a bit more personally in my story backgrounds to involve them.

The players are former law enforcement types, all ex-Lonestar that have been drafted into working for a "special" multi-departmental government strike force team and are currently designated as Federal Marshals...basically a black ops dept that handles the situations outside of conventional laws answerable only to their handler, his director and the President of UCAS. Needless to say, if they are caught breaking major laws, they are deniable assets.

The basic lowdown is that these Lonestar detectives got embroiled in a massive case of law enforcement corruptness via a case where they were investigating "independently," a high profile murder of a local judge implicating a convenient ganger. It was a case they were "encouraged" to go through the motions on.

The corruption was layered through the homicide department and the district attorney's office and the Yakuza. When they got too close and refused to be bought or intimidated, they were set up to look guilty of several murders and were "wanted" very much in a "LA Confidential" meets "6 Blocks" style. Bad guys were trying to kill them, cops were trying to kill them, gangs wanted them dead and pretty much no one was on their side. A special investigation team sent by the Federal Government gave them an outlet for displaying their evidence of multiple wrong doings including many murders, drug dealing and fixing court cases, and after the case was over, they were offered new identities and jobs with the special multi-departmental federal task force.

Since joining, they have (among many things)stopped biological terrorists, "been" biological terrorists, protected a corporate exec from kidnapping, dealt with a mob take over scheme and uncovered a few smuggling operations. They are currently embroiled in a case that is way more than it seems and I won't say more than that since at least one player reads these forums. They pretty much have become Team Mission Impossible.

- Main employer(if any): The government/Marshal Nelson, their team leader
- basic tone: Solving crimes, apprehending criminals and stopping major threats to national security.


Frank (human male, age: late 40s):
A former Lonestar SWAT team sniper/leader, who lost his partner/friend due to minor negligence on his part and was transfered to a hell-hole Lonestar Vice department until he retired to keep his pension and assigned a new partner in the form of a slightly nutty forensics specialist. He was nearly ready to retire in 18 months when circumstances forced his hand to enter the Federal Marshals and extend his career for at least 5 more years before he gets retirement benefits. It is suspected that he probably has a picture of Dirty Harry on his wall. Underwent cosmetic surgery to change his appearance from that of an Eastwood type to a Selleck type. Sort of the team leader.

Excellent rifle skills and very good pistol skills with moderate skills in forensics, electronics, demolitions, piloting groundcraft and personal combat.

Buttercup (human female, age: mid 30s):
A former Lonestar forensics labs specialist that managed to piss off her captain with her inconvenient questions and refusing to play ball and was re-assigned to get her away from the lab and partnered with the above mentioned former sniper. A bit of a schizo personality wise: at work she is all business and privately can be a bit of a hussy. Was assigned to be the partner to the above sniper at Lonestar in Vice, an area where her true skills really had little use. The same circumstances caused her to opt for employment by the Federal Marshal's as her partner. Looks a bit like a younger Kim Bassinger.

Excellent forensics skills, excellent electronics and computer skills, good charisma skills, moderate to low skills in weapons and combat and has the only skills in pilot: aircraft

"Pinky"(ork male, age: mid to late 20's):
A former Lonestar undercover agent that infiltrated an ork biker gang and busted them for their drug dealing. After his cover was blown, he was transferred to Vice. He's an intelligent bruiser with a bit of a cram addiction and a tendency to violent solutions. His nickname, Pinky, is due to the fact he is an albino ork (explaining his light sensitivity issues) but has, since his re-assignment to the Marshals, undergone cosmetic surgery to rid himself of the outward symptoms (and to now look a bit like Ving Rhames.) He is not a clean cop... more in the lines of a Vic Mackey of "The Shield" fame. He loves his shotgun.

Excellent combat and weapons skills, good pilot groundcraft and intimidation skills, moderate forensics skills and low electronics skills.

Bob (ork male, adept, age: early 30's):
Former Lonestar Internal Affairs agent that pursued the rest of the group through their first adventure when they were wanted falsely for multiple murders. Ended up assisting them in uncovering a a lot of corruption within Lonestar and the Seattle court system and accepting a position with the Marshals. Can be a bit of a stickler for the "law", much to the pain of his co-workers and even his Commander, Marshal Nelson. He still has a tendency to write everything down in his little black notepad and give unsolicited impromptu reports to his commander.

Adept skills focussed in detection mostly, good combat skills, good forensics skills, good electronics skills.

"Suerte" (troll male, adept, age: late 20s):
Hispanic troll Lonestar detective. Only recently passed the detective test after taking it 6 times in 10 years. Was partnered conveniently with Pinky and placed in the Hellhole Vice dept. Was only promoted due to affirmative action requirements and was neatly placed in a place where he would be ineffectual. Did not take the Federal Marshal deal as he was never implicated in any wrong doings by Lonestar, but does work with them "unofficially" seeing as how he flies a desk mostly at Lonestar. Has a moderate gambling addiction, hence the nickname "Suerte."

Adept skills focussed mostly in combat, very good combat skills, only moderate to low skills in most other areas.
Prester John
Number of players: 5
Setting (ie. Seattle): Hong Kong
BP Level: 400
Average current karma: 30
Average karma/session: 4
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): Varies widely. Sometimes they don't get paid anything, sometimes they get offered a million nuyen and a get-out-of-jail free card. Guanxi networks and gift-giving are important

Campaign background: PCs are all moderately famous people living in Hong Kong. They are all socialites to one degree or another and most of them have a private agenda as well.
- Main employer(if any): So far, PCs have been responding mostly to Triad politics. They tend to meet potential employers at charity events and high society parties.
- basic tone: magical/corporate/street crime/other: Magic-heavy, high society. Actual missions tend to be gritty and semi-street.

Matthias Horrowitz: Born into a Jewish human family, goblinized into an Ork at adolescence. Parents wanted him to be a doctor, but he didn't have the mental wherewithal. Went into acting. Worked his way up through Orxploitation movies and then Hong Kong action theater. Most notable movie to date has been an Orxploitation adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. Adept with mixed combat and social powers.

Charles Latterman: CAS Olympic gymnast. Won several gold medals during his youth. Eventually became too old to compete. No cyberware, bioware or magic (yet, though he has Latent Awakening). Picked up by Evo as a spokesman for exploring the heights of human potential. Notable traits: Edge 7 and Gymnastics 7.

Dexter Sung: Elven magical researcher. Became the spokesmen for the Ascendant Phoenix Society, a HK-based magical group that believes that as souls cycle through incarnations, their kharma works out such that they advance toward being reborn as Elves, and other higher creatures such as Dragons along a great chain of being. Specializes in Manipulation Magic.

Oriana Aku: Japanese socialite born into a high-level MCT family. Managed not to get sent into a research facility for being a Technomancer. Paris Hilton-esque. Father is currently hunting her down so he can force her into an arranged marriage. Specializes in Sprites.

Laoye Qing: Born to EVO cybernetics researchers. Nasty accident as during youth had her torso and arms completely rebuilt. Became a poster-child and spokesperson for EVO's cybernetics line. Plans to become a cybersurgeon. Due to unfortunate Triad entanglements, she's having to act as the party's nominal Street Samurai.
Children of a Lesser God

Number of players: 4 - 6
Setting [/B: Seatle
[B]BP Level
: 400
Average current karma: 12
Average karma/session: 6
Average payment (including "spoils of war"):

Campaign background:
- Main employer: Not one yet -- They're in the initial stages.
- basic tone: magical/corporate/street crime/other:
The basic tone/theme is What do essentially decent people do while involved in criminal enterprises? The big set up is that the PCs are pretty much the only 'decent' folks they know. For whatever reason, they're out of the corporate loop, and have found a group of folks that share their moral values.

Living PCs:
  • Mr. X: Your Combat Mage from the Archetypes -- only he's human, from somewhere in the Middle East, and speaks fluent Farsi.
  • White Witch Albino Elf Mage/Adept from the Tir. Party Medic and party girl. Very charismatic, very attractive. A functioning Face for the team.
  • Snowflake: Japanese Female Troll Technomancer -- 8 feet of drunken, sullen, self-hating Matrix Wizardry. Not happy about the new look, let me tell you.
  • Becky: Mundane Elf; Brazilian gun bunny with no cyber- or bioware. Huffs to get up to 'speed' and cooks REALLY well. Along with White Witch, hits the clubs pretty heavy looking for salsa music. A REALLY good shot if she has to be.
  • Chains: The New Guy. Troll Physad Motorcycle Go-Ganger. Still in development, I don't know much about him yet.

Deceased PCs:
  • Stone: Human-Passing Ork Physad; former Assassin with his own personal black aura (which is to say, the dispair and agony from all the killing made his aura look like Dorian Gray's portrait... ewww) At the time of his death, sleep-deprived junkie who sacrificed himself to keep the Yakuza from killing another of the party.

Limited Infinity
Number of players: 4-7
Setting (ie. Seattle): Chicago (a little fluff fudging, still in quarantine)
BP Level: 400
Average current karma: 4
Average karma/session: 3 (thinking of raising this)
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): 40,000¥

Campaign background:
- Main employer(if any): Haven
- basic tone: magical/corporate/street crime/other: Magical Vs. Hive, but flavor side missions to get an overall feel of Chicago. The over all goal should be to leave Chicago, but I as GM am not initiating that. They'll have to try that if they want to, when they decide they are ready.

PCs: (I'll edit this when I have my info with me)
Social Adept - Doesn't necessarily buy into the whole mystic quality of his abilities. A little underpowered in combat, but patient enough to take advantage of aiming. A lot of contacts including a few outside of quarantine that he hasn't had a chance to get a hold of yet.

Hermetic Mage - Spell slinger of the group. A big fan of stunball and quickly learning the glories of spirits. UIC ties and haven ties. The magical theory expert of the group.

Mystic Adept - Close combat powerhouse. Our group is still learning the possibilities of Mystic Adepts, but definitely is a character that could grow into a very powerful combat monster

Cyber Gun Slinger - Dual wielding John woo style muscle. Able to spread wounds out on multiple targets.

Covert Ops - Stealth and sniping. New to shadowrun, but has well made character that can do massive damage to mobs.

Cyber Sam (retired) - New player just played the example from the book. Now making her own character.

New Player - Just played last game on someone else's character. Should have his own character next time
Kyoto Kid
QUOTE (vladski)
Buttercup (human female, age: mid 30s):

...brrrrr...that name still sends shivers up my spine...

QUOTE (Shadowland - Excerpt)
Yamatetsu Corporation
Yamatetsu is an old corp with a new style. Originally formed as a corporation strong enough to resist the Japanacorps, it eventually became the enemy. This started to change when a mysterious Japanese girl named Ms. Buttercup acquired quite a bit of stock and took her place on the Board. In 2050, she revealed that she was an anima, or free spirit, and she began using her influence to make Yamatetsu more metahuman friendly.
Number of players: 3 (Looking for a 4th)
Setting : Seattle/Must be willing to travel
BP Level: 400 with some wiggle. Avail as per book but subject to GM approval
Average current karma: 50
Average karma/session: 5-8
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): 15-20k

Campaign background:
- Main employer(if any):
Trader Joe:
Prof's ork fixer, voiced poorly by the GM.
Doctor Jubal Taotsu:
Old time shadow doc/runner who is financing a portion of the Yucatan Resistance.
The Faceless:
An organization devoted to extracting various corporate slaves. Specializes in unusual cases like cyborgs and genetically engineered riggers.

- basic tone: Mid level corporate. Runners are pretty big fish in a very big pond.


-Prof, troll gun bunny with a taste for classic jazz and heavy weapons. Consumate professional and budding tactician. Looks vaguely like Hellboy when he draws his Super Warhawk.
-Cas, ork gun fu physad with a taste for sniping, hunting paracritters, and home made hooch. Originally an Alaskan park ranger, recently purchased an "awakened" turtle of indeterminate value.
-Pinky, human shaman, former Azzie wagemage. Cas' roommate, lives in fear within the Ork Underground. Most recent addition to the team and has the skills to be a good face.

Average Player Age: 24
Average Number of Misshapen "X" Chromosomes: 4 (including GM)
* Number of players: 3-4 (were 6 but team split for in and out of character reasons)
* Setting: Seattle with heavy travelling (Beirut, Aztlan, Athabascan council, Africa...) currently relocating to Hamburg
* BP Level: 400 with some minor allowances
* Average current karma: aprox. 160
* Average karma/session: 5
* Average payment (including "spoils of war"): started at 2.5k each, now more than 10k Notable spoils of war include an Ares Dragon, a Panther Assault Cannon and a couple of hellhound pups.
* Main employer: Newman (Ares Mr. Johnson), Morgan (Dwarf fixer, Ucas runs), The Fox (international fixer)

* Basic tone: Cinematic Shadowrun with mercenary tones. More chrome than black, but runs on both sides of the spectrum. No moral biases.

Everyone in the group is proficient in infiltration and can get by on social skills.


* Uknar: Ork sioux street samurai. Tank. Keeps his gun collection in the bathtub which he seldom uses.
* Darko: Serbian adept sniper and close combat specialist. Islamic. Can survive without anything, anywhere. Muslim, can't stand fundamentalists.
* Hunk: Dwarf former company man. Excellent perception skills. Has a mullet and a pet hellhound called Heckler.
* Kuduz: Siberian dwarf conjurer. This character retired to live with some indians in the cold north and was forced out of retirement when the team cover was blown.

Deceased and retired

Cross: Elf Former Tir Ghost, split from the team for personality clashes and professional differences. Currently living in Tenochtitlán with a woman the team extracted in a run.
Joseph Blackhand Native American Terrorist adept, actually born in Bolivia, MIA during Yucatán run. Believed to have survived.
Marimba Palestinean ork and failed suicide bomber, street samurai. Used to wear a vest with explosives in all ocassions. MIA in the Yucatan jungle. Surely dead.
Angel Santos Cuban houngan of Ghede. Participated in the birth of a free spirit. Got crazy after some most unfortunate circumstances. Retired and embarked on a war against shedim.
Number of players:
9, 6 active (it's an online game)

Setting (ie. Seattle):

BP Level:

Average current karma:
~20 points

Average karma/session:
~8-10 per mission (less for inactive players, for obvious reasons) (a single mission takes about 6-10 months IRL)

Average payment (including "spoils of war"):
$20,000-$50,000 per person (once past the first one or two runs)

Campaign background:
- Main employer(if any): None

- basic tone: magical/corporate/street crime/other: Corporate B&E and espionage. I'm working on making it more fast paced, so less legwork and more action.

Dominic, homicidal elven physical adept turning into a ghoul who sets all my stuff on fire or blows it up (way too active)
Dranz slightly less homicidal elven wind mage who is pretty quiet but probably will get blown up soon (semi-active)
Dread ork ex-Lone Star street sammie who seems to share Kage's idea of what Lone Star should act like (semi-active)
Firefox elven fire mage who is not at all homicidal, but doesn't seem to mind blowing everything up or setting it on fire (very active)
Ma Thump rigger/decker/physical adept/sam/weapons specialist/troll who actually has a conscience and at least tries to keep things from all getting blown up (very active, thankfully)
Ronin ork decker who is new to the game and seems content to learn the ropes (and learns them all too well) (active)
Sean human physical adept who spends all his time getting high (sleeping off a drug binge back at the apartment and therefore inactive)
Thaden dwarven ex-military street doc tank with a heart of gold who also generally opposes blowing stuff (and more specifically, people) up (active, again, thankfully)
Tiny human mage who.... Well, that's about all I know about him (inactive)
C12 - not actually a character, but since we see it often enough, I thought I'd mention it (active)
Number of players: 6
Setting (ie. Seattle): Jacksonville, FL.
BP Level: 400
Average current karma: around 20
Average karma/session: 4-5
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): around 2k per person per 'run'

Campaign background:
Players are either part of, or associated with, a magic group known as the Downtown Action Committee.
For more info on the settings background;#entry630807

- Main employer(if any): Several different ones and 'community service'
- basic tone: Magical street crime. Definite very dark tones and themes.


Fish: Elven changeling mage. Think Abe from Hellboy.

Big John: Orc changeling mystic adept melee specialist that looks like a TNG klingon.

Dr. Evil: Human mage doc / P-fix pimp.

Trog: Troll cybermonster, bodyguard-assistant to Dr. Evil.

Trigger: Elf adept gunslinger / gambler

Enoch: Gothic Elf mage, very stereotypical high ethereal tragic goth type.

Random: Human-looking elf conjurer with implant comlink and Agent Smiths doing the 'hacker in a box' routine
I'm in two games, both SR3, so I'll split out the answers:

Tuesday (now Monday) game
Number of players: 4+GM
Setting (ie. Seattle): Chicago, probably moving to Denver (we just escaped the Bug City quarantine in-game)
BP Level: 128
Average current karma: Buggered if I know. My character has 158, but it's been most of a year since our last karma award so that may jump sharply soon.
Average karma/session: Again, buggered if I know. We tend to award karma during downtime, but since Bug City hit downtime has come roughly once per real-life year.
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): How long has it been since we got paid? I had about ¥50k in disposable cash when the barrier went up, if that helps any.

Campaign background:
- Main employer(if any): Well, Mr. Bad Teeth gave us the most jobs of any single known entity, but we did kinda burn his face off with thermite…
- basic tone: magical/corporate/street crime/other:Hm. Shadowrunny? Magic-heavy post-apocalyptic for a while now, but since we're out of Chicago that's probably changing.


Blake, physical combat (ranged and melee) with a fair number of technical skills and a pet helicopter (for now)
Alex Knight, Rigger whose driving TNs still tend to be sub-2 despite having had 8 boxes of Physical damage for the past two years real-time
Shadowcat ("Essie"), shapeshifter whose dietary habits and tendency to grow back after being shot the team tries to take in stride. Melee combatant, probably adept.
Shojo, radical feminist decker. Been on mostly-hiatus due to having been caught outside the barrier when Chicago went pear-shaped (player couldn't make it to sessions at the time, and there was no logical way to reintroduce her when he started being able to again)
Todd, physadept demon barber. Temporary character played by above player inside the city.

Thursday game
Number of players: 3+GM
Setting (ie. Seattle): Seattle
BP Level: 128
Average current karma: Somewhere in the 60-70 range, but it's been about a year since karma was awarded here as well. Probably figure around a hundred when that happens.
Average karma/session: No idea.
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): Around 25k per Runner-job, maybe? Not exactly sure.

Campaign background:
- Main employer(if any): No single known entity.
- basic tone: magical/corporate/street crime/other: Right now, pretty magic-heavy.


Gem: Riggerdeckerfacemage. Well, sorta. No VCR, but solid drone surveillance capacity, decent decking ability, amazing face abilities, and aspected conjurer.
Glitch: technical/stealth specialist, the main combat force of the team.
Hound: giant mech-obsessed Rigger whose goal is to steal a nuclear reactor appropriate to power a battlemech on a rampage. Target for rampage still undetermined. Best known for ordering armor by the kiloton.

Number of players: 8
Setting (ie. Seattle): Seattle (I loosely use the source books so my players can't just assume they know stuff just because it's in the source books)
BP Level:400
Average current karma: ~120
Average karma/session: 17-25 (We play once a month)
Average payment (including "spoils of war"):1000-3000 nuyen.gif per runner

Campaign background:
- Main employer(if any): Deth Knight - Technomancer who they have never met.
- basic tone: Very dark and deadly. Survival is 1 part skill, 1 part luck and 2 parts who you know.
QUOTE (DocTaotsu @ Feb 6 2008, 10:56 AM) *
Average Number of Misshapen "X" Chromosomes: 4 (including GM)

Yikes, you're all octoploid?
Number of players: 3 (2 PC + NPC)
Setting (ie. Seattle): Seattle
BP Level: 500
Average current karma: 18
Average karma/session: 4-6
Average payment (including "spoils of war"): ~20,000

Campaign background: Not specified
- Main employer(if any): Mercenary organization currently contracted to UCAS military.
- basic tone: magical/corporate/street crime/other: Covert Ops

Seraph: Stealth/Combat Mystic Adept. Beautiful, Sadistic, Rapist, Bitch. Assassin. Biotech & Genetech augmentations (Type-O System). SINner

Subtle (NPC): Elf Shaman/Face (despite no social skills) - Backup ranged weapon: SA Rocket Launcher. Backup melee weapon: Melee Hardened Rocket Launcher. SINner

[Forgot Name]: Cyber/Bio Augmentation Sniper. SINner
<edit, filled in missing info>

Players: 4 moving to 5 tomorrow (have had some player shuffling)
Setting: Seattle is "home base" but next session sees them jetting off to Yakut, former Siberia
Starting BP: 400
Current Karma: Between 13 and 4 depending how long the character has been in the game
Average Karma per Session: 2 at the moment, but that's based on only having completed one run in 6 sessions
Average pay per run (inc 'spoils of war'): 10k to 25k

Campaign Style
Team is an independent runner group, they have done a little work through a somewhat mysterious Johnson who they have not yet met, and I will use that contact as a recurring one for future work. Last mission was to steal a prototype motorcycle as it was being delivered, next one is a jailbreak - the team have gone into a specialist prison for the awakened and must extract a VIP.
I tend to be a bit light on magic, and I very rarely use critters as enemies, preferring metahumans. I usually set runs in an urban environment. Except, I just broke a few of those rules in this current run.

Dreamer - (played by DreadPirateKitten) the team's face, specialises in technical wizardry and engineering (not hacking though, only hardware), also a demolitions expert.
* Dreamer looks at Obeah. "I told you we needed to kill them. This be nice to everyone stuff is going to get me killed."

Sonya Asics - (played by Chrysalis) cybered weapons specialist and psycopathic killing machine, can pick up just about any weapon ever made and hurt someone with it. Very tough, even when unarmed, also (along with Dreamer) the only other original member of the team.
<Sonya> "Hard to plan revenge when you're wearing cement shoes."

Apex - Hacker, with a lot of cyberware to boot. Likes to remain stealthy most of the time, but when he sees an opportunity to 'be cool', he jumps out and gets his hands dirty. Don't underestimate him in combat either, he's a crack shot with that light pistol you didn't notice.
* Apex nods, "Sounds good, though the Yakuza thing could make the entire job go real messy, real fast."

Jesse V - New to the game last session, a bounty hunter/investigator cross, but in reality, a ranged combat phys adept.
<Jesse_V> "Right, problem...I didn't think it was *that* great of a neighborhood anyway..."

Ere_Teuta - another new character, a mage (to replace Obeah). General magical troubleshooter really, specialises in calling spirits of man.
<Ere_Teuta> This operation sounds like alot of fun.
<Ere_Teuta> I wish I wasn't in it.

Characters no longer with us:
Obeah - Shaman, somewhat of a pacifist, whose player was an experienced SR veteran, knew exactly what he was doing, and saved the team's skins on many occasions.
(you know, I can't find a good Obeah quote, because he was the strong silent type, but this sums it up):
* Dreamer turns around, and gives Obeah a huge smile. "I think I love you. You did great back there."

GreenGrue - Technomancer, plain and simple. Also thought herself a bit of a tough customer with a submachinegun.
<greengrue> Okay I'm going to rush the bouncers and then make a sudden left turn to dive behind a table

The full game session logs can be found at
As if I'd read the forum to glean info on whats coming up next.

Also, Dreamer is an Elf. =P

Jetting off to PRISON.

Dreamer. In a prison! Oh the inhumanity of it.
Right now there isn't much to it. frown.gif We'd always been a small group, at our largest I think there were 6 of us, we've also been together in one form or another for almost 10 years now. About a year and a half ago one of our core members left to take a job in Scotland for two years. We tried to integrate a new player (someone I knew from work) but it just didn't seem to work out. Then one of the other players ended up taking a extended break from the game to deal with some medical issues his daughter was having (she's fine now) and then last but not least, just as the one players daughter got better, I left on vacation for a week and another player left to go to Vietnam for 3 weeks.

In other words, we've gotten together to game probably about 3 or 4 times since November frown.gif. Right now I'm gaming vicariously, reading over Fist's shoulder in his PBP Ancients game.

Sorry, I know this wasn't the point of this thread, I'll stop the pity party now.

On a bright note though we should be getting together tommorrow though, that'll make two weeks in a row. rotate.gif
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