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Lol, just LOVE the commentary biggrin.gif That's actually just what I was looking for. Are you meaning pay 20 MORE BP in Agi, to make 4, or just up it to 3?

*Edit: I took the bad qualities that I did mainly because they can spill over and affect my total BP for the build, not just to balance out the Positive qualities that I took. I had taken Codeslinger because I thought that one of the TM's inherent weaknesses is that it gets relatively low dicepool compared to a cybered hacker. If not Decrypt, then what? I'd like to start with the full 10 CF's.
I meant 20 more, as 4+skill does have a chance of working, while 2+skill is mostly not worthwhile. Agility is a key attribute that one should well consider dumping.

Your starting dicepools are by no means much lower than that of a mundane matrix char. You have a DP of Intuition+Sprite Service+2 at the minimum, thats an easy DP of 12 for you. The starting hacker will already need to be augmented for that. Then consider that you can boost up your effective program rating to an easy 12, and that you have sprites. You submerge once, and have a Response of Intuition+1 with 10 programs running. Then you start to increase physical skills, as you will have the beginner matrix needs solidly covered.
I just kinda hope there wasn't a hacker in the group, yeesh.
Nope, no hacker. Mage, PhysAd, Sammy, Face, and then Me
Please post the final char up when you are done, I´m rather curious.
The Monk
QUOTE (Brol_The_Mighty @ Feb 3 2008, 02:02 AM) *
So if they ARE gimped in the hacking department (which is what I'm figuring out) what are way to ungimp them? What houserules or whatnot are people using? My GM is very laid back, and is willing to help out in regards to getting a PC to fit an idea...especially when a TM SHOULD be the best hacker out least from the sounds of the fluff.

A house rule that I have come up with is to allow the TM to "magically" effect any electronic or cyber equipment around him. To do this I expanded the Electronic Warfare skill and the things the TM can do with it. Also I've created a chart to allow him to "extend" the signal range of the cyberware he is trying to hack. Adding 1 to the threshold to intercept the wireless signal for every 5 meters the TM has to extend the signal by. Also this causes fading with a DV equal to 2 times the additional threshold amount of the intercept test.

For example, if the TM wants to hack into the wired reflexes of a Sammie 15 meters away he would need to make a Electronic Warfare + Sniffer (6) test. Since the signal rating of the wired reflex is 0 (3 meters) the TM must boost the signal by 15 meters adding 3 to the intercept test which has a threshold of 3 already. Also the TM must resist fading with a DV of 6 (2 times the additional threshold amount). From there the TM can do a number of things including crashing the OS to spoofing a command.

I'm very curious what the community thinks of this house rule. What it has allowed the TM to do is to "counter" the cyber abilities of her opponents. She may not be able to stand toe to toe with a Sammie but she can crash his cyber eyes and wired reflexes.
That's actually a fairly innovative and interesting way to help the TM, and stick with its flavor. I like it.
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