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Please find the newest file here:

Version notes:
The excel workbook is in its near final stages.

The workbook does not have as of yet Cyberware/Bioware/Geneware/Nanoware from Arsenal.
At the moment the Advanced Lifestyle Options have remained a work in progress and needs input for them to be developed further.

The workbook comprises of information collated from 4th edition Shadowrun books:
Core Book
Street Magic
Runners Companion

26/10/08: Updated the resources file with the errata released for Arsenal. Updated missing items. Fixed the vehicle mod sheet to be used with vehicles.


Hi all,

I have recently been using quite a bit of excel in making files, character sheets and more specifically gear lists. Last week I finished in digitising into excel form all of Arsenal except for weapons and vehicles. This led me to an interesting dilemma.

It has to do with the use of copyrighted material:
1. Can I even make such a spreadsheet?
2. Can I place it in such a place that it can be publically accessed?
3. Would copied descriptions of items be considered infringing on copyright?
4. What other matters should I have taken into consideration before making such a file?

After these questions have been answered can I talk about projects such as weapons, armor, cyberwear, vehicle builders that would greatly increase the speed in which such items are created. If, however, such files would be in breach of copyright I would of course not create them.
1. You can make the spreadsheet because you own the book. Thus, as far as I understand it, you can use the information within the book in whatever way you want.

2. I suppose you can until such a time as you receive a cease and desist letter from Catalyst saying you can't. This is a bit of a weird spot, too, because various character generators and other such systems do contain information about the game, but the key thing to remember is that what ever you put online should be reasonably difficult to understand without also owning the books. That way, the freely available information online doesn't invalidate the ability for Catalyst to make cash.

3. Here's where you would approach invalidating the books. If everything in the books is online, why buy the books?

4. Phase of the moon. Always take the phase of the moon into account. Damn, dirty werewolves....... silly.gif

As always, I'm not a lawyer, so if you require honest to god legal advice, talk to someone who is.
1) "Fair use" would imply that you can do whatever you want if you're the only one using it. If you're going to distribute it though, see #2:

2) Just ask yourself: "Could someone use this file to play the game, without buying/reading the rulebooks?" If the answer is no, then you're not detracting from CGL's sales and you should be laughing.

3)There are lots of fan-created excel files full of character-gen stuff, and as long as you keep it free of gear descriptions and too many mechanics that aren't related to chargen, you're fine.

DO: Create a spreadsheet with drop-down lists of gear to choose from and each item's cost, that automatically calculates the total cost for all your gear. Go ahead and include Availability rating.
DO NOT: Include the descriptions of the gear so that someone could create a character entirely without ever having the core book in his hand (or on his computer in PDF format).

4) I would suggest a disclaimer at the bottom of your excel file, similar to the "WizKids, Inc has sole ownership of the names, logo, artwork, marks, photographs, sounds, audio, video and/or any proprietary material used in connection with the game Shadowrun." at the bottom of the Dumpshock forums... but be careful not to use any official logos/artwork, since you don't have permission from WizKids.

Also, I'm not familiar with any gear selection spreadsheets, but for every other aspect of the game, there are already excellent projects out there. I would suggest looking into those before creating something, to avoid duplicating effort. It's possible the project's creator might be looking for a hand adding gear, or something.

The one I use for chargen is here:
The first link in the post will download the most recent version, which is updated for everything in Augmentation, and I think additions from Arsenal are in the works.
Look down for updated file.
does anyone know if dageann's character generator was updated to include arsenal and augmentation?, as that is so far my favorite program for making new character concepts in
Why didn;t you include guns? Just curious. Otherwise looks useful.
Weapons comprise of 9 pages in total and are often customised. It is also the same reason why there is no vehicle listing. I was actually thinking on having separate sheets that would cover weapons and vehicles.

A smaller scale function would be developing a commlink builder.

If yu've got it I'd strongly suggest releasing it. For the majority of characters they just need to tick the 'gun' box with something - like an Ingram Smartgun X or a Ares Alpha or whatever. Same for vehicles. It's okay if riggers or sammies then go on to break out the extra super confusing rulebook/sheet/tool later on, most people don't need it.
Thanks for sharing! Looks nice.
At the moment weapons have been added to the workbook. All that is missing is the vehicles and drones.

However, this is becoming more of a library at this point. Perhaps this instead should be utilised as a library on which a character generation excel could be based on. Anyone here on Dumpshock make one of the more commonly used character generation workbooks?

I like it. Once you release the version with guns I can rapidly work down the list and check all the boxes like "gas mask" and "Smartgun X" THe drop down menu select method in the spreadsheet I use is actually counterproductive on very long lists - navigating through the cyber list is a PITA

A cool additional feature would be if it automagically caculated the encumberance for the armour you selected
Looks good are you adding modifications or not as that would also be useful. Looks like ill be using this along with the char gen spreed sheet to manage the gear and just adding the total to the sheet.
To facilitate further work by you all, and at the request of Crysalis, I moved this thread to Community Projects.
Thank you Dashifen biggrin.gif

I have to honor this move with a new file for you to look at:

See last post

No it does not include vehicle modifications, since I think that would involve a vehicle builder.

Never built a vehicle in Shadowrun so I would not know how to create one.

There is already a vehicle builder for SR4 but I am unsure of where I found it. You need to change the max bow ratings from 12 to higher as you can reach such epic heights of strength. Another problem the stats for (F) weapons need to be changed to AP +5 as its now changed to that. also i find the custom parts quite hard to get my head round. but i thing youd be making a vehicle and a weapon mod program i could be only a small problem. I'll have more feedback when I hand this out to my group in a week or 2. One last thing you don't provide for multipal rating equipment or more that one suite of modded armor if they need to use different ratings of the same modification.
The new version has the +5 AP for flechettes and 30 maximum strength rating for the bows.

This is more of a library of data. Originally this grew out of our team demands for a team gear builder. Very good for building team gear but maybe not as useful when having to design individual weaponry or equipment.

I would actually prefer that there would be seperate armor and weapons design spreadsheets for such a purpose, an initial one is the custom firearms examples one.

You can have as many none firearms accessories but only one for under,top, and barrel, which should make any weapon building easier.

Armor like with all rating dependent availabilities and costs are calculated by choosing from the drop down list the right rating. As most devices ahve a limited rating it should not allow anything further.

But what a bout the rule for modifications on page 148 of Arsenal. As far as i know there is no sheet or tool to make this quicker/ easier. I like your work its really good and save me the time of doing the same for my group after I finish my end of year exams.

just had a quick idea adding a page reference for the gear would allow you to find the info about it quicker this would be a useful addition and may or may not take to long to add in.
Never fear. I am planning on adding information that is found in the descriptions to the notes section, but first off page numbers, which will be done tomorrow. I am also working on making a similar type of manuscript for Augmentation with page numbers as well.

Page numbers will be in the form:

Shadowrun 4



Street Magic

Looks good. If you need a hand with anything after next week I'll lend a hand as my exams will be over ^_^

The new version of the SR4 gear list can be found in the latest post.

Updated the software part of the workbook.

Added reference pages.

Added descriptions of game related modifiers of gear from the Core book.

Redesigned the workbook to be more pleasing to the eye.

The next challenge is adding information to the notes section from Arsenal. At the moment the firearms section is partially complete. However, before I continue with that section I need help in coming up with a better way to mark what accessories a weapon comes with and how it can be modified. If it can at all.

I also need people to test the file and make sure that sums are tallied correctly and that prices are correct.
I was thinking about a way to facilitate faster customising of weapons. So you have your usual stats and then in the notes section you have:

| weapon mod I| location | slots | cost (+xx) | weapon mod II| location | slots | cost (+xx) | slots used /6 | modifiable (y/n) | notes |

What do you think?
Great sheet! Very comprehensive except for one category...magical equipment. Lodge, binding, enchanting materials, foci, spell formulas, that kind of thing. In any event, I'm using and loving the sheet. Keep up the great work!
Oh wow a response! I have to say that it was not easy to make me typing away busily from book back to computer.

Does Street Magic have in the back all of the magical items? I don't own that book you see so obviously I cannot add them.

Also it is missing vehicles mods and weapon mods, but that is not really the scope of this sheet, except just getting the existing weapon mods already with each weapon in a more comprehensive manner.

My plan is just to make it as comprehensive as possible and also portable as possible, so you can just copy and paste any necessary items and equipment.
Duplicate post.

Sure, I understand. If you don't have the book, you can't get the info, but what about the magic item costs from the basic rules (on page 340)? Can you add those easily?

I will see what I can do next week. I would prefer on adding them all at the same time.

Well, I finished updating to a new version. That version can be found not only at the top of the thread, but also here as well:

See below

I basically added Magical Gear from Street Magic.

Edit: Some minor changes done.
This is a version I was working on yesterday.

I am not sure if it is better or not. The big difference is that of firearms marked down as they are. One issue I do have is that it seems to be too much information and a bit cluttered.

What do you think?

To be honest I feel like I am talking to myself.

You are not talking to yourself. I, for one, plan to put your builder to good use. Unfortunately, the gear tables in Magic in the Shadows do not include the magical gear from the base book. Thanks again.
Which gear is the excel sheet missing? The only one I found was spell formulae.

Lodges have already been added and they can be found under facilities, shops, and kits. Same as with magical kits.

Something that might be worth adding is nanowear and the none essence effecting stuff in augmentation that your missing I think theres some. As these aren't in most char gen equipment sections.

Added a few things I missed such as spell Formulae and page references for magic. Added gear related nanoware and medtech from Augmentation.

Have I reached that magical glass ceiling? Is there anything more to add?

Thanks Chrysalis I will have Feedback from my runners after today as I'm running 1on1s with them there all new to the game to get them used to stuff your gear tables will help loads. BTW lets hope unwired is kind to you youve done loads allready. Your work is amazing. A grate time saver for my prime runners (all its be used for yet).

your miss form what i can see the genetic transfusions and nanowear both of witch are expendable and drug like except in certain situations.

I would add my self but I suck at excel and I'm unsure on you how you've linked all your sheets and cells together

P.s are Drugs awakened and other wise on the sheet? I cant remember finding them. Also there is error on the sheet using moneys although a correct word replacing it with nuyen, cash or money available sound better to me and works better (at least in my understanding of UK English) . But you've mentioned that you are/worked as an editor/proofreader and thus I am unsure about this "mistake". Please forgive any offense I may have caused I know what its like when people point things out that are fine to you due to a misunderstanding or ignorance on their part.
Moneys or Monies are pecuniary sums. To see definition of pecuniary:

Basically it is a way of differentiation that there are several sums of money involved.

Drugs can be found under Biotech, Chemtech, and Genetech.
Ah I still dislike the word Moneys even understand it its context its just clunky but that isn't the point of this.

Cool looks like the gear builder is done much help today by the way saved munching though all 4 book while making a Technomancer.
I cant think of any thing it needs other than the custom weapons and vehicles pages being more streamlined or explained I don't really get how they save time. My player are even less excel literrate than me so help is needed.
The problem is that weapons contain mods when bought and can be further accessorized.

That's the general weapon accessory list given. Really for weapon mods or accessories to be of *any* assistance it would demand that they were developed better. I would really have to come up with a magical excel sheet that would give:
1. Weapon and mods
2. Drop down list of what mods you can use.
3. What accessories you can then use.

This is a process that can be done with an eyeball but would demand many, many hours of work to develop.
I am not saying it is impossible, I am asking if there is actually a need for it.

I would say yes as the cost modifiers can get a bit hecktic some times. actually how would one deal with mulitpul weapon cost X n mods I assume they'd add up (weap cost x6 and a weap cost x 2 would equal a weap cost times 8)but I'm unsure. Btw if you need help compiling data for the new project Im happy to help. Ah the joys of unemployment and time between education.
I would need to have the weapon mod tables copied into excel. Very easy all one needs to do is copy each value into a different cell. Once done I can take that information and perform a bit of magic on.

I do have to say that some prices do not make sense. I will show you once it is done. There are several ways in which the data can be used in forming a weapon builder excel sheet.

Maybe I'm missing them, but I don't see any of the items listed under Foci, Magical Supplies, or Fetishes on page 340 of the main rules. Specifically:

Foci Availability Cost
Spellcasting Focus (Force x 4)R Force x 15,000¥
Counterspelling Focus (Force x 4)R Force x 5,000¥
Sustaining Focus (Force x 4)R Force x 10,000¥
Summoning Focus (Force x 4)R Force x 15,000¥
Banishing Focus (Force x 4)R Force x 5,000¥
Binding Focus (Force x 4)R Force x 10,000¥
Weapon Focus (Force x 5)R Force x 10,000¥
Power Focus (Force x 5)R Force x 25,000¥
Magical Supplies
Spirit Binding Materials (Force x 2) Force x 500¥
Magical Lodge Materials (Force x 2) Force x 500¥
Biofi ber (Force x 3) Force x 100¥ per sq. meter
Combat 8R 200¥
Detection 2 50¥
Healing 2 500¥
Illusion 2 100¥
Manipulation 6R 300¥

Am I crazy? smile.gif
I have found a few errors C38 on Accounting & Totals is =SUM(C20:C34) not =SUM(C17:C34) as it should be. You are missing kits for other skills as in all kits cost 500 shops 5000 and facilitys 100000 this mean that build like the weapon specialist can not be built in the gear builder. Also life style cost are lacking any list I dont know if this an over sight or not. Ill get back to you on any other problems I find

I looks like the weapons an munitions are not showing up in the accounting page. Not sure why.
Edit to found you why looks like the total was set for =SUM(L8:L157) not =SUM(J8:J157) .
Hi RobertB and Dumori.

Thanks for the feedback. I think you will like the next version.

Missing Magical Items from SR4's page 340 have been added to the list.
Any item mentioned as being calculated by tool size now is under Kits, Shops, and Facilities. I have also added a few extra lines with the generic prices for Kits, Shops, and Facilities.

Weapon mods have been added.

I've added all of the lifestyle information, including team lifestyles and a starting cash calculator.
For ease of finding SINs, Licenses, and Credsticks it is now its own spreadsheet.

Noted mistakes in calculations have been fixed.
Cool already testing it. Looks like you've made the most useful spreadsheet on dumpshock. One flaw starting money is taken off the budget not added on/ignored. The last thing certain weapon stats have been changed in etarte as in my 5th printing core book my (f) stats are all +5 not +2 I think that is the last thing.
New version out. Updated Drugs with Duration and Effect and Toxins with Vector, Speed, Penetration, Power, and Effect.

So what's next?

QUOTE (Chrysalis @ Jun 19 2008, 12:35 PM) *
So what's next?


ooo weapon mods? I love you! any one working on a desent sheet for building vehicles and drones? granted the weapon mod section you have no idea how many trees you have saved from being turned into note pads smile.gif
There is already vehicle one ill try to find the URL i got it from for you. this is the one i use
there is also
I have an updated version with the few missing items from Arsenal, but before I release it I need for their to be commentary on the existing one.

Well, you asked. smile.gif How about a sheet that gathers all the items you selected, groups them into categories that match the tabs of the workbook, and formats them for easy printing? The printed sheet would include the relevant ratings and prices that are defined in the workbook.
That would be cool but IDK how it could be done. unless you looks for entered amounts.
A quick look at excel tells me that the easiest way to do this is actually by copying the header row and the item row.

Otherwise I would have to use VBA or macros. Not easy to do.

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