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Full Version: Rigging my own body
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QUOTE (Achsin @ Feb 24 2010, 03:43 AM) *
true, but you would miss out on the +2 die bonus

I'd call that a fair tradeoff for considerably less damage =)
QUOTE (D2F @ Feb 23 2010, 10:34 AM) *
Says who?

According to the RAW, we are looking at the following:

Humans are merely highly developed animals. Since CAST Cyberware is a type-specific development I see nothing that rules out human CAST interfaces (other than massive lawyering nightmares with human rights groups).

Humans are by defnition mammals. Even more precise, Humans are primates:

So, we're looking at a cost of approximately 50,000+ for the CAST cyberware for humans.

Now, as for the actual rigging process, we need to look at the Stirrup Interface:

So, not only would the character be able to rig itself, it would also be able to use its own skills (albeit at at -1 dice pool penalty). Even the use of a Pilot software would be possible, to have their own body rigged by the Pilot, while they surf the matrix (as was the OP's question)
Naturally, the Stirrup Interface would be an absolute requirement for the OP's plan to work and add additional costs between 45,000-100,000

In other words, the lowest estimate would be 95,000 and 3,0E while providing the same benefits as a MBW1.
Obviously, you would require special permission from your GM, as the CAST has an availability of 25.

In conclusion: I see no rules that forbid human biodrones. There will obviously be legal consequences within the SR universe, but from pure rules perspective I can find no reason to object. Keep in mind: (Meta-)Humans are animals as well (Anthropoidea, to be precicse)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but couldn't a hacker using this method use achieve 5 IPs in his own (mostly) meat body?
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