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Sitting here bored out of my mind, I felt like coming up with a little game for everyone to see what will come of it.

The game is what is the nastiest scariest most downright twinky number crunchy, oh my god game breaking kind of character you can build. grinbig.gif

Requirements and limitations.
Standard Priority System.
3 flaws/Perks up to a end value of 0. (example 2 perks worth 5 points 1 flaw worth 5 points end value 0)
250 karma added after generation.
All Cyberware and Bioware allowed, Betaware and cultured max.
300,000 yen cash after initial resources.
Selling Karma is worth 10,000 yen each.
Purchasing Karma is worth 20,000 yen each .
All equipment is allowed except for avail 18+
Initiations are allowed to have ordeal, but no group bonus.
Surge can occur for 20 karma cost, 4 effects end value of 0

Removed from part of game: HMHVV infection can occur at the costs of 20 karma for Krieger strain 40 Karma for HMHVV strain I and II.

I think that's covered everything. I wonder what horrors this will bring biggrin.gif

Edited because Cochise came up with something I didn't realise.
Yum Donuts
priority A 1,000,000 nuyen.gif
other priorities moot.
retire with high lifestyle for life.
Yum is unagruably the winner from an IC point of view.
Yum wins!
Yum Donuts
ooh, what do I win?
A beating.
Well, you did asked for something game-breaking...
I'd suggest leaving HMHVV-I and II infections out of this:
a) So far they're no official PC characters and NPC don't follow character creation rules (the latter making this contest obsolete for them)
b) You'd create inconsistancies concerning magic, since it cannot be determined whether or not the infection causes the character to awaken. Example: Choose human and infection: Although the character does not need to have paid for magic, the infection has some (unknown) chance of providing magic abilities. Choose ork and infection and thus become Wendigo => the character automatically awakens and becomes a shaman withot the need of paying magic cost ...

Then of course there's the question what will happen with stuff that normally require some sort of test ... Example: Create magician, pay 15 karma and feel free to have a rating 15 spell?

But then again: Yum already won this contest ... so you might as well forget these suggestions ...
Cochise you brought up a good point so I edited stuff.

and Yum didn't win anything except a beating. So people can keep trying to break the game, by making a character that's too good to ever use on table top except in ubermunch games.

Bad Yum Bad! No cheese fondu for you.
Yum Donuts
ok... well first we take a goat (run multiplier of 6), then we put it on 2 pairs of kid stealth legs, to get that up to an 8, make it a ghoul, and that should make it 9, and then we enhance the legs to give the maximum quickness (i.e. 10)
that should be 90 meters per combat turn, aka 64.7 miles/hour (assuming the goat doesn't use any athletics dice)

you cannot run from the Speedy Undead Cyber Goat.
You forgot 2 pairs of hydraulic jacks for +5 dice to athletics, the synthacardium and reflex recorders
Yum Donuts
I thought about that, but I wanted to avoid the whole athletics issue, as then we could just have made him a physad goat and initiated him to get several levels of increased athltetics.
then he would be the Speedy Cyber Undead Ninja Bouncy Goat.
I guess this means Force 18 spells are allowed regardless of the insane TNs to actually learn them? ...

btw.: Is it allowed to have cultured bio / betware and that avail <=18 stuff during normal creation or only in the post creation part ?

@ Yum ...

*hmm* Goats cannot be infected with Krieger ...

But the again .. Take Satyr (at which price do they come in the priority system?) ... make him Ghoul ... Adept of the Magician's Way, Totem horse ... initiate and learn Movement power as metatechnique ... put some points into improved ability (athletics) .. take apitude (athletics) .... max out quick .. max out athletics skill ... get synthacardium, reflex recoder (athletics) and enhanced arcticulation ... and then run like hell ...
Yum Donuts
oh, and get him a concealed quickdraw holster. not that he actually needs it, but you can't be a shadowrunner without it.
you can buy a force 18 spell sure, learn it not unless you can hit a 36 smile.gif

yes its you're allowed to get the bioware and betaware that is <= 18 in creation and post.
QUOTE (Yum Donuts)
priority A 1,000,000 nuyen.gif
other priorities moot.
retire with high lifestyle for life.

I proposed that one in a broken character thread a long time ago. Somebody made the following variant:

priority A 1,000,000 nuyen.gif
Digestive Expansion reduce by 20% lifestyle cost
retire with high lifestyle for life, and 120,000 of extra

Ol' Scratch
Following the spirit of Coalheart's thread as opposed to just being a smartass, I threw this together right off the top of my head so don't get too antsy about the particulars.

I didn't bother applying Karma to him as it's largely unnecessary, so just assume he transferred the majority of that to cash, for about 2.5 million or so. He just kept enough for the Karma Pool.

Priorities: Resources A, Attributes B, Race C, Skills D, Magic E

Attributes: Bod 4, Qui 3(6), Str 2(4), Cha 8(13), Int 6(8), Wil 6. Rea 7, Init 3D6, CP 10, KP 26.

Active Skills: Athletics 5(6), Etiquette 6(10), Intimidation 6(10), Negotiation 6(10), Pistols 1(2) (Savalette 3[4]), Stealth 5(6).

Knowledge Skills: Acting 5(6) (Improv 7[8]), Corporate Politics 6(7), Criminal Organizations 6(7), Psychology 5(6) [Criminal 7(8)], Underworld Politics 6(7). Spend the remaining 10 points on hobbies and the like.

Language Skills: Chinese 1(4), English 3(6), German 1(4), Japanese 1(4), Korean 1(4), Sioux 1(4), Spanish 1(4), Sperenthiel 2(5), Russian 1(4).

Edges & Flaws: Dark Secret (former FBI informant), Friendly Face, Good Looking & Knows It, Good Reputation 2, Mild Phobia (Ghouls).

Beta-Grade Implants: Datajack (Custom Finish: Faux Orichalcum and Engraving), Obvious Cyberearm [DNI-Controller, Active Memory (1,000 Mp), Pocket Secretary (w/ ECCM 10), Skillsoft Jukebox (25 50 Mp Ports), Custom Finish: Silver and Engraving; lost to ghouls early in his career], Skillwires 4/50 (Chipjack and CED 3 with Custom Finish: Silver and Engraving). Note: Custom Finish and Engraving were stolen from the Firearm Creation Rules just to make them look snazzy. One of them includes the Improved Looks surgical options.

Cultured Bioware Implants: Cerebral Booster 2, Enhanced Articulation, Mnemonic Enhancer 3, Muscle Augmentation 2, Muscle Toner 3, Synaptic Accelerator 2, Tailored Pheromones 2, Trauma Damper.

Skillsofts: Pick any 25 you like. Recommend 20 Customized ActiveSofts (Rating 4) and 5 Know- or DataSofts (such as Jane's Almanac, Peterson's Guide to Paranormal Animals, A Practical Guide to Thaumaturgy, etc.) of any rating you can afford.

Equipment: Savalette Guardian (Quickdraw Holster, Removable Silencer, Integral Laser Sight instead of Smartgun, Custom Finish, Engraving), Form-Fitting Body Armor, Vashon Island Actioneer Line, Pager, Cellphone, Toyota 660 Arachnid Sports Car, Ford Americar, Four Fake IDs (Rating 10), Four Lifestyles (Two Low Safehouses, One Middle Crashpad, One High Primary), DocWagon Contract, Miscellaneous Items. Most of the remaining starting cash goes into buying Contacts.

Contacts: Googols of 'em. At least two Level 3 Bodyguards, one a full Magician with multiple initiation levels (with Shielding, Masking, and either Invoking [Shaman/Wujen] or Channeling [Hermetic/Hougan] preferably) and one cybered or adept Bodyguard, your choice.
QUOTE (CoalHeart)
you can buy a force 18 spell sure, learn it not unless you can hit a 36 smile.gif

How are you going to figure that out?
I can always say that I hit 36 wink.gif
Female Elf Physical Adept Horse Totem
Base stats body 6 quick 8 others are moot
Exceptional Quickness Aptitude Athletics
126 karma to get base quickness 12.
Base athletic 6,
14 karma to 7
specalize(rollerblading) to 8 for 4 karma then up to 12 for 19 more karma.

87 karma remaining.

Cyberware : Hydraulic jacks ratinng 5 Betaware 1.2 essence.
Bioware: Enhanced Articulation cultured .48 bio index. Reflex Recorder (Rollerblading) .1 Synthacardium 2 cultured .24 index for total of .82
Geasa: Talisman to offset 1 point of magic loss, Second Geasa to offset second point lost Must listen to "Speed Racer" themesong.

Initiations 15 for grade 1, 17 for grade 2, 20 for grade 3, 22 for grade 4 Total cost of Karma 74

Total Powerpoints: 10
Improved Athletics 12 cost 3 points,
Improved quickness 7 cost 7 points

Final Attributes Quickness 19
Final Athletics(rollerblading) 35
Wearing Rollerblades quickness multiplyer of 6
114 meters per turn before athletics dice factored in at TN 3
Meta Magic Ability Movement for Essence ( 4.8 ) X final speed

Remaining Karma 13 for something else
I'd "love" to see how this character uses his hydraulic jacks (thus getting +5 on athletics) while skating wink.gif ...
Simply won't work ...
when you push outward with your leg you straighten it out, and the hydraulic pushes your leg straight out. It would also work for byclining since you are pushing straight down with each pump of your legs. This is a powered motion of your knee joint, if your athletics movement uses the knee to bend or straithen out, they hydraulics add a crapload of umph to yuor leg straightening. So deadlifting would be affected by hydraulics too.
No ... hydraulic jacks explicity provide extra dice for athletics (running) and athletics (jumping) test ... no athletics (skating)

Any by no means would the sudden extension of a hydraulic jack actually work when skating ... unless you prefer the "bouncing" skating technique ...
eh so I made a mistake. I'm only human I don't have a rating 6 copy of M&M in my headware memory.

oh Doc, That's a really nice fixer/face character I don't think I could of came up with something better at all
QUOTE (CoalHeart)
Geasa: Talisman to offset 1 point of magic loss, Second Geasa to offset second point lost Must listen to "Speed Racer" themesong.

Ok I may be wrong or I may not but question? Are not geasa for adepts linked directly to their powers? If so then you may have done something wrong.

I say this because only one geasa can be linked to a power although you can link that one geasa to several powers.

Next are you a night one elf? If not max quickness is 7 (11). If so you forgot to include your mild allergy to sunlight which I belive is a flaw so you need an edge to offset so your at 0.

Now you are useing seperate geasa per power and If I am right on how geasa work with adepts then your improved quickness 7 cost 7 points is wrong. Improved quickness 7 cost 5.25 (7 x .75 = 5.25).

Then your taking another geasa on improved athletics 12 cost 3 points again you'd be wrong (3 x .75 = 2.25) For a total of 7.5.

However I could be wrong about the improved athletics 12 cost 3 points being reduceable because you can't reduce below a .25 and each level of improved athletics is only .25.

Although I have always ruled that powers with levels are not reduced untill the player has the power at the level they want it at because it is the same power.

Lastly GO SPEED RACER GO! (hey are you listening to the clean or dirty version?) rotfl.gif
250 karma eh? Settle for 175 and a link? nyahnyah.gif

Thunder is my current character and only has 175 points spent and I think he meets all your requirements.

Main points:

9 Ballistic Hardened Armour (Gel Packs on a Secure Coat with a Force 5 Armour)
24 Combat Pool (+6 WP spell, +6 Deflect, +6 Combat Sense)
5+4D6 initiative.

The 24 Combat Pool is the real kicker, and he can fly VERY fast with his Quickened Levitate, and has a permanent 6 Strength/Quickness with his Magic Fingers.

...Shall I post my body 11(19) ork here, fellow Dumpshockers? biggrin.gif
Side note (and not fitting into the layout given), one of our players ad I built a character for him. 123 BP.

25: Fox Shapeshifter
30: Full Mage (Wujen)
0: Albino
12: Sorcery & Conjuring at 6 each.
4: Exceptional and Bonus Int
36: 6 ( 8 ) Wil, 6 ( 8 ) Int, 6 ( 8 ) Cha
6: 1 Bod, 1 Str, 1 Qui (Human)
18: 4 Bod, 4 Str, 4(5) Qui
-3: Illiterate
-3: Computer Illiterate
-4: Gremlins
-4: Moderate/Common Phobia (Large Canines)

25 Spell points:
5: Astral Barrier 5
5: Astral Armour 5
6: Spirit Blast 6
4: ManaBolt (Ex for costs) 6
5: Mana Net

End result has an 8 in all mentals, spell pool of 8, Astral Combat pool of 12, can kick major booty in the Astral, and only uses Human form in order to Project. Better still: Regenerates drain immediately because spells cast while in the Astral Plane are Physical drain (ouch).

Just another demonstration of NumberCrunching at its finest. nyahnyah.gif

Ol' Scratch
Sounds like a pretty dull and two-dimensional character, though.
Why is that? (Or is this yet another start of a Troll session?)

Seriously, what makes a character dull? How he's played. Nothing more or less. To me, this sounds like a greatly fun character to play, he even has little 'knacks' going on that when his Astral Form gets too close to some Electronic equipment, the Gremlin affect takes effect (GM discretion of course). Besides, the guy actually wanted to play a Free Spirit, and this is the closest Canon we could come up with since the GM said "No" to a spirit. nyahnyah.gif

QUOTE (Sphynx)
Better still: Regenerates drain immediately because spells cast while in the Astral Plane are Physical drain (ouch).

Sweet buttered buddha smile.gif

Can you affect meatspace things from the astral? what's the point if you can't?

Actually, I'm sure that there's a VERY good point, and I'm just too n00b to see it. *laughs* That character sounds pretty cool. The gremlins/computer illiteracy thing goes together really well, I like that concept. I wouldn't want to PLAY IT, but it sounds uber-cool all the same.

Not to mention that he can cast spells in the astral. w00t! That's gotta make astral combat shift way in his favor, neh?
Ol' Scratch
Why is that? It's because he has only two skills and no ability to interact even remotely coherently with people or anything else for that matter (not even Etiquette 1 or any other Social Skill to default from... just a high Charisma score with little to nothing to back it up based upon what you posted). So basically, he just sits around blowing stuff up on the astral. Hence dull and two-dimensional.
Herald of Verjigorm
QUOTE (Doctor Funkenstein)
So basically, he just sits around blowing stuff up on the astral.

No, he's best at killing things in the astral, whether that is all he does is a RP situation. The numbers don't make a character flat, the player does.
Ol' Scratch
Okay, whatever. Forget I said anything. ohplease.gif
3 Things DF. nyahnyah.gif

1) Just because you couldn't play a concept (and enjoy it) doesn't make it 2 dimensional nor dull.

2) This is a thread about (numbers)...

3) No, he has no skills other than his 'innate' understanding of Magic as the character (since we're needing to suddenly include backgrounds to make characters worth their numbers) is brand new to society and has to 'learn' this stuff in-game. No, he has no etiquette, not that he would need it since he only enters Human form to project, but with a Charisma 8 is often going to be the 'cute white dog' that everyone loves (though I pray to god that's never a roleplay requirement for the character).

GKnov: He's more of the Astral Guardian type. Ie: he makes sure you don't get ambushed by the Security Elementals, prevents Spirits from reporting to their masters that there's an intruder, and basically does what it takes to make sure that a Stealth (or in the Doc's game style, a Blow it all to Hell) Run can happen on the Astral side as well.

Oh another fun one that everyone raises eyebrows at, the OneTrick Pony Sword Adept.

Dwarven Phys Adept (Resources A)

You can buy a Force 6 Wakazashi at Char Gen easily enough. (640k)
1.6 BioIndex for a +4 Strength (Muscle Aug Bioware) (80k)
Starting Strength of 12.
Synaptic Accelerator 2 (200k)
Edged Weapon Reflex Recorder (25k)
Boosted Reflexes 1 (Alpha) (30k)
That's 975k and a Magic of 4. Enough to get the non-Focus Katana made into a Dikoted Blade for 16M

+4 Edged Weapons (Improved Ability) for a total of 11
+4 Stealth (Improved Ability) for a total of 10
+4 Athletics (Improved Ability) for a total of 10

And we're out of Char gen already rolling 16 dice, 4d6 Initiative and a 12 Strength.

18 Karma you bond the Weapon Focus.
27 Karma for Katana Specialization to 12
27 Karma for Wakazashi Specialization to 12
15 Karma to Initiate (+1 to all Improved Abilities)
17 Karma to Initiate (+1 to all Improved Abilities)
20 Karma to Intitiate (+1 to all Improved Abilities)
Only 124 of that 250 spent (only half) and we're already up to 39 dice (going beyond that is kinda pointless IMHO).

If you could ever get a mate to the Wakazashi (a Force 6 Katana) 24 Karma would nicely increase your dice by another 9. wink.gif But we can't do that on 300k. That and 2 more initiate grades and you've a 50+ dice player on your hands. Great thing about the new eratta. For 2 Magic Points you get +4 Strength, +1 Improved Ability, +3D6 initiative and still have 4 Magic Points to spare. nyahnyah.gif

Ol' Scratch
I don't know why I'm doing this, but...

QUOTE (Sphynx)
1) Just because you couldn't play a concept (and enjoy it) doesn't make it 2 dimensional nor dull.

Yes, I'm a horrible roleplayer with no creativity whatsoever, simply because I commented that a character looked dull and two-dimensional. I keep forgetting that's a measure of my ability to play the game.

2) This is a thread about (numbers)...

Of which you didn't follow any of the rules. You know, like the one that says to use the Priority System instead of the Build Point System, or the one that says only a maximum of three edges and three flaws with a net gain of +/-0 in the end. I know you admitted that you weren't following it, but the point stands. If you're going to claim it's a thread about numbers to excuse it, well, at least make sure you're following the point of the thread to begin with.

3) No, he has no skills other than his 'innate' understanding of Magic as the character (since we're needing to suddenly include backgrounds to make characters worth their numbers) is brand new to society and has to 'learn' this stuff in-game.  No, he has no etiquette, not that he would need it since he only enters Human form to project, but with a Charisma 8 is often going to be the 'cute white dog' that everyone loves (though I pray to god that's never a roleplay requirement for the character).

So in that case, uh, who exactly is hiring this character? He has no contacts whatsoever as you made no mention of spending his 5,000 nuyen on a single Level 1 Fixer or similar contact, and he obviously has no Extra Contact edges. He certainly doesn't have the social skills needed to sell himself let alone get around the mistrust metahumans have of shapeshifters. So... how exactly is he getting work, and who would want to work with such a thing?
Jason Farlander
Once, for fun, I had my group make a set of starting characters and add 200 karma. I was going to run a small powergame, but ended up scrapping it on account of one of the characters... the otaku. He ended up with stats sufficient to personally take on and easily destroy Deus, assuming the suggested approximate power level given in one of the books. Suffice to say, no matrix host would have provided any sort of threat to him, and he could probably have somewhat easily destroyed the global economy singlehandedly.

One thing with the shapeshifter, Sphynx. I don't have it in front of me, but check the SR3 Companion rules for the shapeshifter regen. I believe it says that all physical damage caused by spell drain heals at a rate of 1 box/min.
phelious fogg
Doc Funk, the dog might just hang out with one of the players, Ive seen it done, a runner of mine was a fox shapeshifter that only one of the players new that he was one. And Sphynx, cant he project from his animal form as well? (Thats how I've always played it)
Yum Donuts
Ok, aspected sorcerer of the lover totem.
sorcery/spellcasting 5/7
yadda yadda yadda lots of stuff,

spend karma to initiate and get quickening, then quicken Control Thoughts on many, many gangers/bouncers/shadowrunners/corp guards, and create your own little army.

then use whatever resources you pick up to give them all smartlinks and have them all spend hours per day practicing firearms.

250 karma = 39 people with force 6 control thoughts on them (minus karma for initiation).
Ol' Scratch
Save Karma by binding even more with an extended area variant of Mob Mind.
Save even more by simply telling them what to do and binding Agony to those who disobey. wink.gif
Phelious, no, have to be in Human Form to Project.

DF, since none of your points had any point except the 'who would hire', I'll only answer the one. In our game, he's become the pet for one of the other players. That's the great thing about playing a 'team' instead of imagining all games are for solo adventures. You don't all need to have Contacts or Etiquette, and if it's not in-theme to have either (which it's not), then you can lean on someone else for that area.

He's not the fastest Soldier boy around but at least he get's through that cyberware scanner:

Race: Human

Attributes: Bod 7(cool.gif Qck: 7 Str: 9 Cha: 2 Int: 3 Wil: 5 Ini: 2W6 + 7 Ess: 6

Edge/Flaws: Night Vision, Perceptive, Resistance/Pathogens, Cursed Karma

Augment: Enh. Articulation©, Nict. Memb©, Suphrathyr© Synthcardium© Digestive Exp., Lv5 Damage Comp, Lv3 Symbiontes, Thermosense Organ, Sleep Regulator, Protein Synthesis (Calcitonin, Angiotensin), Lv1 Syn. Accel, Lv3 Muscle Aug, Lv 2 Muscle Tone

Skills: [with augmentation]

Combat: Assault Rifle/FN HAR 3/6[4/7], Edged Weapon/Knive 3/6[4/7],
Pistol/MaxPower 4/7[5/8], MA:Savate 7[8],
HvWeapons/FN Mag 3/5[4/6], Throwing/Grenade 3/6[4/7]

Technical: Biotech/1.Aid 3/5, Armor B/R 3
Assault Rifle B/R 3, Demolitions/Plastics 4/6 Elektronic/Sec 3/5
ElectBR/Sec 3/5 [In Theorie all are +1/+1]

Social: Etiquette/Military 2/4 Etiquette/Street 2/4, Leadership/Tactics 3/5
Initimidation/Physical 3/5, Negotiation/Bargain 2/4

Other: Stealth/Alertness 4/7[5/8], Athletics/Running 4/6[7/9],
Wilderness Survival/Forrest 3/5, Small Unit/BTac 2/4,
Bike 3

Language: French 3 German 2

Knowledge: Magic 2, Paranormal Animals 2 Arms Dealers 3 Security/Mil 2/4
Gambling 3 SecSystem 3

Equipment: Necessary Weapons, some Demolition Stuff, Low Lifestyle, NO! Doc Wagon

Ol' Scratch
QUOTE (Sphynx @ Dec 18 2003, 02:15 AM)
DF, since none of your points had any point

Didn't seem to stop you from doing the same originally.

except the 'who would hire', I'll only answer the one.  In our game, he's become the pet for one of the other players.  That's the great thing about playing a 'team' instead of imagining all games are for solo adventures.  You don't all need to have Contacts or Etiquette, and if it's not in-theme to have either (which it's not), then you can lean on someone else for that area.

Funny, I always thought was covered by the Level 3 Contact rules -- maybe even a high level Dependant flaw --but maybe that's just me.

But hey, if your idea of good roleplaying is having a willfull, supragenius with an astonishingly forceful personality (considering all three mental attributes are at 8) demeaning itself by acting as someone else's pet just so you don't have to bother with such trivial things as "Social Skills" and "Contacts," well... to each their own.

I'll just stick to creating and playing believable characters that actually make some amount of sense and reflect the stats I give them. Afterall, I'm a bad roleplayer that way.

Neither point is a point of discussion (hence more pointless points).

The fact remains that if you've had 0 contact with the human culture, you won't have any way of having learned 'etiquette', and some people enjoy roleplaying from the beginner level.

The fact also remains that 8's while indicating quick minded, and perceptive (hey... an animal) in regard to intelligence, while indicating the desire to "find out what people want and giving it to them" (hey... a dog, and that is a quote from the book) in regards to charisma, while indicating a persistance to not give up and never say die, do NOT have to mean "forceful personality". So maybe you should quit rattling off your opinion on how a character would have to be played since it's all opinionated anyhows, and just accept that someone else, other than yourself, could easily have fun with, and enjoy playing this character due to the level of development it has before him.

Lastly, Contact Rules have nothing at all to do with your Shadowrun Team.

Ol' Scratch
Short of a cheesy shapeshifter character, the following is a combo I came across by accident a year or so ago (and upgraded slightly since) for a "hard to kill" character. I'm only going to include the stats relating directly to the concept to save time and space.

Priorities: Resources A, Attributes B, Skills C, Race D (Ork), Magic E.

Attributes: Body 9(16), Quickness 6(10). Ballistic Armor +3, Impact Armor +4.

Cyberware/Nanoware Implants: Bone Lacing: Kevlar, Dermal Sheath 3, Nanite Facilitator, Obvious Cyberleg (Body Plating 10/10, Nanite Hive: Nanosymbiotes, and a Guardian Angel Nano-Biomonitor), Subdermal Display or Image Link (so he can see his Condition Monitor when the Pain Editor is activated).

Bioware Implants: Chemical Gland (Antidote-8), Pain Editor (only activated when necessary), Muscle Toner 4, Platelet Factories, Trauma Damper. Symbiotes-3 if he can support it.

Genetech: Anglotensis, Calcitonin

Edges & Flaws: Quick Healer.

Equipment: Armored Vest with Dikoted Plates (Fire Resistance 5, Nonconductive 4), Form-Fitting Body Armor (Nonconductive 2, Chemical Seal 2, Thermal Dampening 1), Armored Jacket (Fire Resistance 4, Nonconductive 4), Armored Clothing (Chemical Seal 3), Forearm Guards.

Final Armor Rating: Ballistic 12, Impact 10 (11 in melee), Nonconductive 7, Fire Resistance 7, Chemical Seal 4. No Combat Pool or Quickness Penalties (total Ballistic is 10, total Impact is 10).

You end up with someone who's almost never going to take damage (he can all but stage an insanely high Power Deadly wound down to a Moderate or even Light wound with ease without even bothering to roll Damage Resistance), and when he does it's going to heal in a matter of days or hours, so in the meantime he just activates his Pain Editor and gains a +1 to Willpower to boot.

Sure, you can get Body up to an even higher score, but like I said, this was just a quickie example of one aspect of a rather cheesy character type.
Mmmm cheese
Sure, he can heal, but he has no skills!!! He's a one-dimensi.... biggrin.gif

Just kiddin. wink.gif

Seriously though, why no Symbiotes? Is there an Eratta or something I missed that prevents Symbiotes from stacking with something you've got in there? Level 3 cuts healing time in half again, so I assume I've missed some text somewhere that prevents them from stacking somewhere?

Also, doesn't armour have a limitation of no 'enhancement' exceeding the higher of the ballistic/impact rating, and no combination of 'enhancements' exceeding the ballistic+impact total? wink.gif

Ol' Scratch
That's why I only provided him as an aspect of a possible character, not a complete character. Unlike some (nyahnyah.gif) he still has a ton of room to be molded into any type of character desired.

The armor modification ratings are valid for each piece of armor. The only possible problem comes from a GM's determination if they "layer" like other armor ratings. In my games, they do, hence the final rating.

Symbiotes could be added to the mix, but they're mostly unnecessary (especially since he already has nanosymbiotes). Symbiotes 3 would make the healing time within minutes and hours, though, so sure, throw it in if his Bio Index can support it and don't mind the +60% cost to Lifestyle.
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