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I'm not sure how many Babylon 5 fans there are out there, but I was just struck by a possible societal parallel between B5 Telepaths and SR Magicians: there are likely going to be sh*t loads of paranoid individuals out there who would be crapping themselves with worry over what dirty secrets a mind reading (or Divining or Assensing) magician might be able to dredge up. As a result, you'd reckon this'd have to cut down your employment opportunities in some circles. Some paranoid employers might even deliberately move their magicians to out-of-the-way and risky jobs like security to keep them at arms length. Who knows, the much debated "geek the mage first" might have started out as "geek the mage first (before they find out I've been cheating on my wife with a trio of gouls)" or the like wobble.gif .
QUOTE (Sir_Psycho @ Aug 11 2008, 03:59 PM) *
Where's the punchline, guys?

That the 1% of the 1% can do such a thing with hard work? And that 1% of 1% is among the most dangerous people alive. They could be doing something else, possibly legal and very profitable, but instead they are pushing the odds against those 60 drones. Why are they doing it, that's the key question that was answered allready couple of times smile.gif
At the risk of sounding flippant (I'm really not trying to) why are you thinking about this so hard? We play a game where you're happy to accept elf biker gangs, trolls in limousines and Artificial Intelligences. Where dragons run megacorps and get elected president. Why on earth are you worried about the psychology of a security guard? If you really think about it for long enough, you'll come to the frightening realisation that you're a grown man pretending to be a dwarf ninja with an Uzi, katana and spells. Don't go there. You'll spoil it for yourself. biggrin.gif
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