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QUOTE (Sir_Psycho @ Mar 2 2009, 09:01 AM) *
It's just a hunch, but I'm picking up some serious anti-union vibes here.

No. Unions can be good. And usually are. Just the ones in Philadelphia are strangling the city. Several (i.e. any and all) conventions have moved elsewhere due to the high cost and low reliability (and bitchyness) of the various unions.
In Australia, the Liberal party (a misnomer that understandably confuses Americans - they're the conservative party) was afraid of losing the federal election, so they attacked the Labour party (the left party [whatever that means in a two party system]) on the concept of them being "union lackeys". To counter, the Labour party, which was historically cooperative with the ACTU and other unions, distanced themselves to miss that vote.

The unions became a scapegoat, and they were painted by Liberal party advertising as a bogeyman to the public. Labour's nervous reaction also exacerbated the perception. It drove me crazy, because there were all these blue collar swing voters going "gee, we don't want the unions getting control of anything!", and it was like everyone forgot was that the purpose of the unions was to go into bat for the Australian working public, especially those blue collar workers.

It was a testament to the power of such campaigns.
Politics suck.
At least we don't live in the Sixth World.
No "S" in my name man...
InfinityzeN -

Your last post treads dangerously close to real-world politics and has no direct connection to SR. Beyond that, some can (and I do) find it quite objectionable. Please stop.

Edit: Sorry about the spelling. Thank you.
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