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Full Version: Why go for a laser sight
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Well, at least smartlink is something else the star can hit you with if they're feeling nasty (not an uncommon occurance for runners...)

"Yes, your gun license checks out, but you don't have a license for this smartlink. I'm going to have to ask you to come with us... scumbag" devil.gif
QUOTE (Zaranthan @ Apr 15 2009, 02:11 PM) *
Read that again and tell me that it's fair.

I re-read what I said and yes it is fair. Just like it's fair to get a Renraku Sensei and increase the Response to 4 and save 1000 nuyen.gif over a Transys Avalon. Also, a Smartlink mod can be put into a rating 1 contact lens. I mean how much computing power does it take if it can be squeezed into a rating 1 contact lens?

Also Zaranthan, you forgot to quote the part of my post when I was saying having your hacker create the program (which takes time).

Finally, Zaranthan, sometimes there is cyberware in Shadowrun that makes absolutely no sense, or made obsolete by another piece of ware. Take for instance Move-By-Wire (MBW) 1. It gives you the same bonuses as if you had Wired Reflexes 1, Skillwires 2, Reaction Enhancer 1*, & Reflex Recorder 1 (Dodge) but costs 50000 nuyen.gif and takes up 2 Essence points. Now if you got all that gear as regular cyberware it's going to set you back 35000 nuyen.gif and take up 2.75 Essence. Even if you get all the above 'ware as Alpha grade you are still down .21 Essence and 10000 nuyen.gif poorer as compared to MBW 1.

MBW 1 is available at chargen and if you take Restricted Gear and get MBW 2, then the disparity in performance is even more pronounced.

So back to my argument, yes I think it is completely fair for a Hacker (or anyone with Software skill) to make a program to create a program to use a Smartgun without having the cybereye mod or glasses/contact lens/goggles.

* = for the sake of my argument, allow them to stack.
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