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QUOTE (ornot @ May 13 2009, 07:23 AM) *
That's a very fair point Larme and Screaming Eagle both.

Since my player team includes two pretty stunning wheelmen, it should come as no surprise that they routinely escape, and the movement power actually has remarkably little to do with it. I guess I'll just have to up the ante, by throwing in a few choppers or arial drones, and not sweat the movement power.

How good do you reckon pursuit cops should be? I was giving them reaction 5, skill 4, +4 from VCR and handling bonuses. Of course with my rolling I was only getting 3 hits to my players 10, which was prety sickening.

Goodness doesn't have that much to do with it, what mess players up is numbers. When they have to escape from 8 chase vehicles, then they have to do some fancy driving or they'll never get away. Break Off is incredibly difficult, even if they can score 10 hits once in a while, to Break Off they need to meet the threshold three times in a row. Having a large number of chase vehicles means they need to fire those turrets, or have the team shoot out the windows, or they can just Cut Off the enemies and make them crash, but it isn't just a matter of driving fast like you were in a drag race.
The GM determines whether or not the situation calls for Tactical or Chase combat or if it occurs at all. There's no mechanical rule for deciding which mode of chase you are in.
Screaming Eagle
I personally avoid giving persuit squads TOO much clout. Reaction and pilot 4 each and a Control Rig would be the top end of "patrol cars" any group is going to encounter day to day and are more then enough to catch all typical 'speeders' and will give an exellent chance against anyone who isn't a dedicated 'Wheel man'. On top of this I tend to give the cruisers and other police issue vehicals a bit of a boost to handling and top speed. Upping the ante from there would be harch on the poor day to day criminals. For SERIOUS issues (those time when they send in city masters and choppers) there would be 'intence' specialists, reaction 5-7 with the option of warz to enhance this further to taste/ group TR, pilot 5-6 + specialty, control rig and a premium vehical. Couple this with a solid Edge for "when they are about to get away" and at this point it would be remiss to not have a mage backing this up and astrally present (with goons). I personally am more in favour of 2-3 spirits with lower force (3-4) and a number of services over the "big scary monster" with one or maybe 2 services as it leaves the corp-mage more likely to have not taken drain and still be able to act. These would tend to be acting to supress the PC's own magical tricks rather then generating their own. Making the getaway a combat for the rigger to drive the Sammie trying to shoot the pursuit and the mage in astral combat trying to buy his spirits a moment to USE their powers.

2 wheelmen of this skill are not going to go unnoticed and the police will switch tactics when it becomes clear this is who they are. I'd start tossing alternate ways for the team to have trouble shaking the feds, ranging from specialised rounds shooting tracking devices into their car (or more humouruly, placed in the loot) to ritual sorcery to a good old fasioned detective tracking their butts down with legwork (for the record I like this last one best).
Oh boy, what a discussion just because i asked how a power is working that already exists nearly unchanged since version 1 of shadowrun. I only started this topic, because i wanted to levitate my mage and speed-up his movement with this power to reach a chummer which was in need of help "superman-like" in time. But the GM refused to accept, that both powers are working together. Maybe this questions would be a point for a further errata? "How does movement work"?
Screaming Eagle
Taking a quick glance I see no rules reason these 2 powers wouldn't work together. I can, as a fellow and long time GM, see why it would be instinctive to veto this combo. I'd be worried about the mage finding more uses for stacking "Spell plus Spirit power for the win!"

*looks up levitate*
Forse say.... 10, you are in a hurry. 6 Hits say, you spend edge for the re-roll on your 11 die pool (you like the guy right?) 60 metres/combat round... dang good "Fly speed"
Base Troll running speed 35 metres (Trolls are more common then mages), strength + running say 15 dice for a good sprinter (Strength 11, athletics 4) but not a specialist? 8 hits (you spent edge, you like the guy right?) 49 metres/ combat round... not equal but not that far off, no drain but stuck on the ground.

Ok people run WAY the frag to fast in SR, oh well. Force 5 spirit (to make the math easy) using the movement power makes both kinda crazy... 300m/ turn or 245m/turn ain't quite superman but oh man.

Personally I don't like it, flying about at near/supersonic speeds doesn't feel like Shadowrun to me. I'd allow it, but why isn't everyone doing it? Air spirits jeolous of their domain being infringed on, Thunderbirds? sadistic mages in sky scrapers dispelling passers by? Air space regulations? I like the last one. There is just too much red tape for a typical mage to get a licence to fly... slightly illogical but then again the magical laws ain't written by mages for the most part.

Mystic adept superhero paradigm character... hmm. TO THE DRAWING BOARD!
That´s the spirit^^ For myself, I like this stacking of powers, because i don´t wanted to spend too much BP on reaction (a mistake) and skills like "control groundcraft". And if i want to arrive in time (or if i have to flee...aaaahmm...stategic drawback) i rather fly than walk. It´s cheap an fast.
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