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Yeah yeah, I know I'm using SR4 stuff in a SR3 thread but it's easy enough to convert this stuff.

Cruise Control For Cool: Do an entire run under the influence of a personafix BTL.
Junkfood's Bad for You: Survive a fight at a Stuffer Shack.
Luddite: Destroy a motor vehicle using a bow and arrow.
With Freakin' Lasers On Their Head: Mount a biodrone with a cyberweapon.
Plan B: Solve your plan's problems with explosives.
Shave the Cat: Remove all hair from a catgirl.
Plan Distraction: Save a shapeshifter from trouble by distracting it away with a laser pointer or similar sort of distraction.
Smooth Criminal: Successfully do a dance routine in the middle of a B&E run.
Hudson Hawk: Use song to syncronize a run.
Bad Touch: Connect with a called shot to an inappropriate spot with a shock glove.
Crossing The Streams: Coordinate with another runner to deliver two different poisons to the same target via two Ares S-III Super Squirts.
Jedi Mind Trick: Use mind control magic or physical adept techniques of any sort to coerce guards into letting you by.
Overkill: Use a weapon of a damage rating of 10 or higher against things that definitely do not call for it, such as unarmored mooks or critters the size of a dog or smaller without supernatural abilities.
Harvester of Men: Remove the cyberware and/or organs from someone you've killed and successfully sell it.
Unsavory Business: Sell organs to Tanamous.
Hot Dog: Use a flamethrower on a canid foe.
Laser Light Show: Bank a laser off of at least two mirrors before hitting your target.
Reach Out and Touch Someone: Successfully kill someone with a single shot from a sniper rifle at long range.
Explosive Failure: Survive a critical glitch involving explosive ammo.
Not in the Face! Not in the Face!: Spend an entire fight in the melee doing nothing but full defense.
Defenestrator: Knock someone out a window.
Balls of Steel: Use ball bearings to trip up someone.
ROFL FTW: Bring a game to a screaching halt by making the Gm laugh that hard.
Fail Whale: Critically glitch with 15 or more dice on the line.
Lucky Bastard: Come up all sixes on a roll with at least 6 or more dice.
WTF: Evade serious trouble by being so utterly ridiculous that the authorities have a hard time believing you are genuinely a threat.
Shiny Red Button: Destroy some opposition through the use of a self-destruct sequence.
Rude Awakening: Dumpshock someone by either ripping off their trode-net or pulling the plug.
Super Soaker: Incapacitate at least 3 foes in a single fight using a Ares S-III Super Squirt.
Gun Nut: Be the owner of the largest pile of weapons when the shadowrunner team is told to turn in all their weaponry for a meet.
Shoe Shopping: Spend all the money earned from a single run on clothing.
QUOTE (Dave @ Jul 8 2009, 02:19 AM) *

With all the great stuff on here I'm going to end up with a list longer than the writeup for my next run...

Glad to help. Here's a few more;

You were told not to look!: The character actually listens to instructions, and DOESN'T open the package they are transporting.
I Looked At The Trap, Ray!: Get caught in the casting-zone of the mage's spell.
Must Be Some Cockroach: Sucessfully bluff your way to your target's location in the arcology with all your gear WITHOUT alerting the SecGuards.
QUOTE (ccelizic @ Jul 8 2009, 04:16 AM) *
Plan B: Solve your plan's problems with explosives.

Shouldn't you call that the Mythbuster Plan?
Cease This Mindless Violence: End a potentially deadly fight with social skills.
Failure To Communicate: Send an otherwise peaceful event into violence through a failed Language test.
Beaned!: Incapacitate an enemy using a grenade launcher, within five meters.
Mind Taker: Complete an entire run using Control Thoughts and Mob Mind as your only spells.
Reality Impaired: Stay in VR long enough to risk starvation.
Time Paradox: Kill your own escaped clone.
Saw it in a Movie Once: Use an Interests skill to significant effect.
I337 HAX: Hack the Zurich Orbital.
QUOTE (TBRMInsanity @ Jul 8 2009, 12:33 PM) *
Shouldn't you call that the Mythbuster Plan?

No, the Mythbuster Plan is when everything else fails, blow it up with a really cool-looking explosion.
QUOTE (Meatbag @ Jul 8 2009, 01:15 PM) *
Time Paradox: Kill your own escaped clone.

....or was it your original? :shiftyeyes:
QUOTE (TBRMInsanity @ Jul 8 2009, 06:33 PM) *
Shouldn't you call that the Mythbuster Plan?

I offer Plan P. P for Plenty.
Plan C Cure the problems of plan A with excessive amounts of a flammable substance.
Return to Sender: Kill someone with the grenade they just tossed.
Bait: Use the guy with critter spook as part of a plan to deal with biological defenses.
Raid: Use airborne chemicals to deal with insect spirits.
Judgement Error: Get caught in your own explosion.
More Machine then Man: Become a cyberzombie.
Filibuster: Stall security the entire time the rest of the team is doing a B&E objective through chatting with them.
I Left My License At Home: Get caught with illicit items and fail to have them confiscated through entirely nonviolent means.
Everything is Better with Monkeys: Get a primate biodrone.
Toys: Defeat 2 or more opposition unassisted using nothing but bust-a-move drones.
Rocket from the Sockets: Have both eyes replaced with occular drones, activate both simultaneously.
Inappropriate Distractions: Distract the guards from your team through a goose. (the action, not the animal)
Woo Cloud: Get caught in a gunfight during which a multitude of birds fly through.
Boom Stick: One shot an enemy with a shotgun of any type.
Precision Pyrotechnics: Use a flamethrower indoors and exactly fail to burn the building down or get the fire department involved.
I Washed My Hands: Be the only guy in your team that doesn't suffer from a viral outbreak.
Pub Crawl: Show up to the run drunk, complete the run drunk, then move on to the next pub.
Navi: Base a distraction around summoning a watcher spirit and sending it to go hassle someone by saying "Hey listen!"
Psychotic Prankster: Kill someone by placing a live grenade in their pocket.
That's too easy. Make it their underpants, at least.
I ran a session on Sunday in which I secretly introduced the idea and had a list of about 15 'achievements'. One of my players actually got one, I can't for the life of me remember which one, and the rest of the sesh had the added fun of them trying weird and wonderful things in an effort to get more. Everyone seemed to enjoy the game and some even hinted about coming up with their own additions, I'm not sure whether the legs will last beyond a few sessions but we will see.

Once again a huge thanks to everyone who posted.
Excellent, everyone. These are great fun.

Although I doubt my group would ever do anything like this, we do have a sort of indirect achievement system. After every session, each player gives a single karma point to one other player. You can guess the sort of things that earn you a point from your fiends- it's also a good way to subtly reinforce or discourage certain behaviours.

Here's some more. All but a couple of these have actually happened during runs:

Arm For An Arm: Lose an arm to an enemy's detachable, explosive cyberarm.
Bilbo: Acquire an item stolen from a Dragon's hoard.
Death From Above!: Re-capture some escaped Drop Bears, and keep your sanity.
Help Me Take This Mask Off: Banish the spirit of your own father.
You Can Tell Me: Seduce an opposing Shadowrunner and convince him to tell you how much he hates his job. Bonus if you can keep him from running into the firefight when it starts.
Down, Boy: Glue a troublesome canid foe to the floor. Bonus points if you do it to amuse your Cat Shaman.
We're The Good Guys: Rescue some innocent bystanders during a run, and convince them that you and your fellow shadowrunners are a legitimate military team. Bonus points if they announce it in an interview on the news.
I'm Batman: Perform a daring escape by parachuting from the top of a skyscraper.
Ash: Escape a sticky situation by amputating one (or more) of your limbs with a chainsaw.
Watch That Next Step, Doc.: Forego the elevator in favour of the stairs, then find proof that it was a REALLY good idea to do so.
Sneaker for the dead: Sneak through a room full of Shedim, steal something they're guarding, and get back out.
Hit By A Smooth Criminal: Pickpocket something from the lady you're flirting with.
Crocodile Hunter: Use your vast knowledge of parazoology to critical effect.
Spidermaaaaan!: Steal an enemy's weapon with your grapple gun.
Leaving the Nest: Subvert an enemy drone and cause it to attack its own mother-ship.
Plan D: Cure the problems of plan A, B, and C by blowing yourself up.
Secret Santa: Reverse pickpocket something onto one of your team-mates, without them noticing.
Collateral Damage: KO an opponent with a thrown grenade before it goes off.
What Could Possibly Go Wrong?: Drop an explosive device into an astral rift.
Cruel and Unusual: Restrain a captured foe by trapping them in a simsense loop of an old episode of "Deal or No Deal" with a similarly-trapped Devil Rat.
Polymorph: Critically botch a Fashion spell and get attacked by your own clothes.
QUOTE (Lugbûrz @ Jul 13 2009, 08:27 PM) *
I'm Batman: Perform a daring escape by parachuting from the top of a skyscraper.

No, really, I'm Batman: Talk with a Lone Star Officer then disappear without him noticing.
Double post
I'm the goddamn Batman!: <-- Who can think of something cool?
Noted: Huge Success: As an AI, kill your own team without failing the Shadowrun
Niiiice!: As a foreigner, help your teammates understand your culture better in a gross way.
QUOTE (Lugbûrz @ Jul 13 2009, 02:27 PM) *
I'm Batman: Perform a daring escape by parachuting from the top of a skyscraper.

QUOTE (Blade @ Jul 15 2009, 04:28 AM) *
No, really, I'm Batman: Talk with a Lone Star Officer then disappear without him noticing.

QUOTE (GreyBrother @ Jul 15 2009, 05:12 AM) *
I'm the goddamn Batman!: <-- Who can think of something cool?

I'm the Goddamn Batman!: Escape a high-threat response team by distracting all of them for at least one combat turn.
Come for a ride een mah luv-mahcheen baby!: Pull up in a car that would be WAY beyond your initial price-range, and convince everyone that it's yours.
This Is Why Superman Works Alone: Pull off snide banter between a more experienced character and less-than-experienced character without disrupting the mission.
Really? I Hadn't Noticed.: Disappear for 5 years of in-game-time, come back & resume your old life without any of your old contacts & freinds really asking what happened to you and where you went.
Put Ze Khandel BECK! Discover a secret passageway & block it from closing with your body.
BLUUCHER!: Startle the nearby paracritters into NOT attacking you.
Why You're Chilled To The Bone, Sir!: Successfully bluff your way past a Lone Star or equivalent law-enforcement patrol while transporting a stolen body.
Are You Speaking of The Worm or the Speghetti?: Get healed by your Street Doc with an unusual hollistic method.
Like A Bunch Of Broccholi!: Disable a secguard with an out-of-character stun blow WITHOUT using any tech, magic nor Adept powers.
Found a couple of sites that makes Achievements graphics to print out.

Try THIS for a little fun.
You may get a "Server Busy" graphic, if the server is not working.

There's also THIS one (for TF2-like banners).
Here's a few more;

Oh yeah? Like I'd ever come back to THIS dump! : Get thrown out of Dante's Inferno nightclub--literally!--by the troll bouncer.
What? Did a fly just tap me? : Get punched, FULL FORCE, in the face, by an angry uncybered Troll. AND SURVIVE.
Just how drunk were you?: Get blind stinking drunk, perform the mission without screwing up (meaning NO use of Edge), make it home alive, and then completely forget everything that happened the next morning.
But I Got The Pics to Prove It!: As above, but someone on your team has photographic/trideo proof.
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