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Full Version: When did you start playing SR?
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I've been playing shadowrun since 1995.
It was the French translation of SR2.

I now use SR3

Started playing shadowrun more or less when it first came out. been playing ever since. Somtimes still look back at the old stuff for some little bit of obscure info.
SR2 in 1992
started 91 or 92 with SR1.
Switched to SR2 Shortly after
I'm with M nuyen.gif $TIC with that one.

Started playing with Shadowrun 2.01D in 1991/1992.

Neon Tiger
I started playing SR2 and i think it was around '99. Can't really remember.
I started playing Shadowrun in 1990 while in college. First edition. I didn't buy my own book until around '91 or '92, when I was in the military and learning Mandarin at DLI, Presidio of Monterey. I also bought first edition Vampire then. Still have both books.
1st ed for me. Ahh, Food Fight... that poor Stuffer Shack was ruined by the time we were done with it. rotfl.gif
sable twilight
QUOTE (Reaver)
SR1, and in some ways I still miss the old damage stagging codes.

same. I was so bummed when I head everthing was changed to staging 2, and I resisted buying into 2nd ed for quite a while because of that and the whole karma pool thing, but eventually I caved. I still have my 1st ed hardbound. I do like the archtype pics in 3rd ed much better.
SR1 staging had some good points, but then there were the just plain silly bits like the fact that it takes a god-in-training to kill someone with under four shots with an MP laser.

sable twilight
too true, and with auto sucessess from armor, trolls in even light armor really were disgustingly herd to kill.
I owned the 1st edition a long time ago and then played the first time in 90 or 91. One of the players stole a bunch of books and my copy of DMZ. Then I left all my first eds in my gf's trunk and they all got waterdamaged. Still have them though. Seattle Sourcebook is still great for the maps.

Played 2nd ed when it came out, was pretty hardcore for a while (was single in those days smile.gif. That was around 95-96. Then 3rd edition came out, but had a life so couldn't play quite as much.

A friend and I were actually considering setting up a variable-staging system whereby attacks had a different staging number for the attacker than for the defender and some armors would change the staging number against certain attacks (for instance, flechette ammo could keep its damage bonus against non-hardened armor, but the staging against armor would drop to 1 for the defender). It was abandoned after it was determined to be too bloody much work.

Just Pete
SR1, 1989. In on it almost from the very start - delayed only because I was stationed in Belgium. frown.gif

And for a bit of trivia - D&D, 1979 eek.gif
QUOTE (DigitalMage)
I GM most of the time, in fact my first experience of Shadowrun (and WFRP for that matter) was as a GM. Is that unusual, to GM an RPG before ever playing in one?

I wouldn't think so, seeing as I have GMed every single RPG I've ever experienced before actually getting to play. This includes my very first time with an RPG, the old original D&D box set.
I started with SR2 in 1996, though I had played both the Genesis and SNES video games when they originally came out.. I just didn't know that it was based on a P&P RPG until my freshman year in high school..
Frag-o Delux
Started playing when I was 14, so 1991 it is, I remeber because my paychecks from my summer job were spent on D&D and SR books.
Before FanPro, Started with SR1.
QUOTE (Just Pete)

And for a bit of trivia - D&D, 1979 eek.gif

You late bloomer, you. grinbig.gif
QUOTE (Cain)
You late bloomer, you.

You took the words right out of my mouth. biggrin.gif
Started with SR2 in 96 or so. Only bought SR3 because I couldn't replace my tattered SR2 book. So far only one of my remaining players started with SR2 the other 5 all started with SR3.
QUOTE (bwdemon)
If you care to post it, I'd also like to know if you started with SR1, SR2, or SR3.

I started playing when the french version came out a year after the US one (that's 1990, SR1). I started playing a lot by the end of SR2/beginning of SR3.
I've been playing since... 89 or 90, don't remember exactly. With SRI. I was pretty young then - just out of junior high and I screwed up most of the rules with all the damage code stuff and was really glad when SR2 came out. I've played a lot of stuff before and since (and am between SR games at the moment. Can't seem to get a group together. sigh.) frown.gif
Addiction started at 1st Ed for me. (That'd be waaaay back around 1988/89 you young wippersnappers) Played a game one night at the local games club and then went out and bought it - officially my initiation into full-time GMmanship and lack of getting to play ever since. Sigh. Sod's Law really - if you like the game so much you buy it, you end up GMing...

Anyhow, if I could have known about it earlier I'd have been there, but that only leaves the publishers and designers. BTW whatever did happen to those guys with their names on the 1st Ed products?

Right, I took a break in the system for several years when Earthdawn came out (still running two groups a week for that), although I kept up to date with the releases. Thus, I have my complete SR collection of books. Heh, even got the original promotional flyers for 1st & 2nd Ed too. When FASA folded it came as a bit of a shock, but on the bright side I thought that I could finally catch up with 10 years of releases. Then FanPro came along and went into overdrive with the 3rd Ed releases. Good to see it brought back with such fervour - even though I was compiling my own info about Oz (by being there!) and happened to bump into a brand spanking new Target: Awakened Lands sb staring me in the face when I finally reached signs of civilisation. (IE: A games store - although classing Sydney as signs of civilisation is stretching the term a bit nyahnyah.gif )

Since then I been back to Blighty and apart from a couple of appearances at GenCon UK and Spiel over the past two years I haven't really got to play. Just do a little writing for SoE whilst giving Synner Exasperated @ BEESTE Syndrome.
I started with SR 2.01D(Fanpro biggrin.gif ) in 1993...
I started in '91 playing First edition, shortly before Second edition came out. Then we transitioned over to 2nd ed shortly after we started.
Just Pete
QUOTE (Cain)
QUOTE (Just Pete @ Jan 27 2004, 05:18 PM)

And for a bit of trivia - D&D, 1979  eek.gif

You late bloomer, you. grinbig.gif

Oh? Do tell....not very many who have been playing longer than that...ditto for Fortune.
QUOTE (Just Pete)
Oh? Do tell....not very many who have been playing longer than that...ditto for Fortune.

I can't speak for anyone else (for once! biggrin.gif), but I started with Chainmail, even before the original D&D Basic set was released. wink.gif
Just Pete
Nice. I had a copy of the chainmail rules, once upon a time. My hat is off to you!

For the rest: yes, we old-timers may actually have worn hats that needed to be tipped, again, once upon a time rotfl.gif
Some of us young-timers go the whole hat route too. I need to find a good replacement fedora...

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