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Kanada Ten
Virtual Face!®

Life got you down because of an ugly date? Is your boyfriend a hideous freak, but great in bed (or maybe just rich)? Hey, maybe it's your face that needs improvement? You may not be able to afford the drastic surgery needed to make the gargoyles in your life attractive, but there is another way. With the miracle of AR and from the makers of Virtual Wall comes a new way to make anyone's smile sparkle!

Virtual Face can turn any flabby face thin, or smooth those pot hole pimples. Just point and click at the desired subject and paste on your personal dream vision. Best of all, you don't have to tell them! Now your plain Jane girl can look like a beauty queen - even in the morning.

That's what you call Augmented Reality!
I love the escapist avenues that AR opens up for all the corporate wagelsaves and poor folk jsut trying to get by, especially the one where you don't even feel the rain. It's like BTL's, but without the brain frying. MOst certainly psychologically addicting.

I wonder what else you could do to someone now with AR, as long as they have a jack. Instead of messing someone up with a personafix, give them a 'bad trip' AR modification. Make everyone around them demons, that sort of thing.
Kanada Ten
Yeah, it gives a whole new meaning to "rose tinted glasses". But sure, you could screw someone's AR to be nasty - or even just subtle paranoia... Make them see things in the corner of their eye, a flash of movement, a leering troll. One could make it build slowly until it caused a panic, or have it come and go until the person's nevers are gone.

A good con artist could do horrible things with this stuff.
QUOTE (fistandantilus3.0)
It's like BTL's, but without the brain frying.

Given that the brain-frying is a result of getting cut-rate faulty chips, I'd say it's exactly like BTLs. Since the peaks aren't heightened it probably won't cause psychosis quite as quickly, though…

Kanada Ten
I'm thinking about some kind of rating people could tag other personas with. Sort of like a futures market on the person. Maybe there would be an e'rating program where people you've dated could leave a review and the software would take their opinions (mashed through a personality comparison algorithm), add in your economic mobility, social stability, personal wealth and assets, education, observed and tested intelligence, along with general attractiveness patterns to assign a "stock value". In addition to scoping out potential dates, people could buy metashares in you (infusing you with cash, but drawing a dividend)... Obviously, you'd never be allowed to sell more than 49.9 percent of your value. Plus, Leonization starts becomes required to prevent your stocks from plummeting, along with dieting and exercise adding value, marriage (to the right girl: imagine the letters you'd get from you shareholders about that "low value" scum your flirting with - don't even think about merging with her!).
Well NERPs man, they're worth living for!
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