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Here's a few ideas.

Team DEVIANT (Division of Extreme Violence, Intimidation And Nasty Things)

The Dirtbags

The Scumdogs

The Electric Fist Company

Thank you all for your replies. I will introduce all your proposals to my team and then we will see which one makes the win.^^

Test Pattern
Quandary Advisory
Challenge, Inc
The Crisis Consultancy Group
Ring Team Experts
The Company Panel
Polite Discussion
Frank Consulting
Professional Anguish
Viable Options
First Check Test

5 minutes and some synomyms, you didn't hold a brainstorming session? Most of the fun is trying to tie together the rampant egos of players into a cohesive whole....then GM'ing like mad trying to stop the unstoppable.

Btw:our team is Red-7 Security. (If you don't hire us, they will)
(7 members. Red-haired mage. Duh moment when someone said it outloud.)

Saint Sithney
Wait for it....

The Default Option.

Black Box Consulting
"Problems go in. Solutions come out."
I'm in preparation to GM an introductory mission to a group of players with no familiarity with SR. I'm building some characters based in the most common archetypes for the players to choose and during the game session will be giving tips to the players based in the characters knowledge. It's like every character has the Common Sense quality for free. In the other hand, I know that whatever advice I give to the players they will make the game as Pink Mohawk as possible and that is the irony in the team's name: The Common Sense Squad cyber.gif
Since the name does not seem to be claimed in 2070, how about GE? (for Guns and Explosives)
QUOTE (bernardo @ Aug 27 2010, 05:20 PM) *
I know that whatever advice I give to the players they will make the game as Pink Mohawk as possible and that is the irony in the team's name: The Common Sense Squad cyber.gif

Possible character portrait? Click Here
QUOTE (Ascalaphus @ Aug 27 2010, 09:07 PM) *
Black Box Consulting
"Problems go in. Solutions come out."
Wow, this one is great.
QUOTE (Machiavelli @ Aug 26 2010, 10:37 AM) *
Hi folks,

my character is about to establish a professional runner team, but i still lack a good name for it. Because we played so long on a street level, i wanted to put some profession in the description. That means it should sound cool AND professional. I already stole some names from computer games (H.A.R.M. etc) but my fellow players declined them up to now. Names like "Runners Inc." are too please help me out.

Thank you

So "Death Leprechauns" is out then? Did you loot AIM from Jagged Alliance (apologies if it was already mentioned) -- Association of International Mercenaries.

Otherwise I'd just go with something like "Seattle Unaffliated Import/Export" and get it licensed up as a legitimate business. Or else go the route of one of my PCs and set up a legitimate Security Consultant business. Sometimes hiding in plain sight is the best way to go hence why they are called "Fronts."
Be a consulting group with the motto "We test the best!". You specialise in live drills and random tests. You just happen you drill and test people not paying you nyahnyah.gif
From memory my past groups used the following names, albiet maybe not the most original.

Damage Inc

The Hallion Battalion

Collatoral Damage
"Because pink is gay."
Yeah, but what if the group is full of homosexuals?
The Rainbow monkeys

All kinds of mohawks and they throw your Fecele matter at your enemies.

Collateral Assets
"Deniable Damage"
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
QUOTE (tagz @ Aug 28 2010, 09:42 AM) *
Collateral Assets
"Deniable Damage"

Simply Awesome... smokin.gif
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