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Full Version: Expanded Day Job Options
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OK, can't deny that.
QUOTE (CanRay @ Jul 20 2011, 01:04 PM) *
With bank transfers being the preferred method of paying for items, this brings up some questions...

Why does Stuffer Shack need a staff?

And what the hell do you hold it up for? nyahnyah.gif

The way I see it people are ultimately cheaper than drones. Maintenance cost is lower or comparable, and there is no big buy in for the employer. This is a dystopian future no health care, no workers compensation, no laws regarding hiring or firing, no minimum wage. Unskilled workers are dirt cheap, completely disposable, and totally replaceable.

Obviously food. That is it food, and any other commodity Stuffer Shack stocks, oil, cleaning agents, cigarettes, dip, personal hygiene products, birth control, drugs, beer, basically all the necessities of life, hell you might even be able to get some t-shirts out of it. I don't know in my games little kids dumpster diving for food is a common occurrence, when they grow up they tend to take what they want instead of scavenging.
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