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Page References
If you have a comment that touches on in-game details please provide page references so I can double-check. I'm only interested in canon details in this thread, and using page references helps to filter out personal campaign specifics or misremembered bits.

Canon Sources
The most current coverage of space in Shadowrun, 4th Edition is Hazard Pay (In-Game: pp. 113-143; Game Mechanics: pp. 159-161) and War! for orbital artillery. For Third Edition, see Target: Wastelands (In-Game: pp. 66-84; Game Mechanics: pp. 124-129).

Besides the primary sources listed above, there are the occasional references to orbital goings-on related to Zurich-Orbital (e.g. Corporate Guide, pp. 18-20) or notes that Corporation X has a small facility they use for Y. Usually these references just cause more problems than explain anything. For example, Corporate Guide claims they can HIDE the Z-O facility from ground observation as in-universe fact.

Also see Space Exploration and Exploitation in Augmentation, p. 102.

For some insight into why Dunkelzahn chose wheat as the subject of his prize see this NASA page.

Note About Hazard Pay: Yes, it contradicts a ton of previous material and isn't internally consistent. Nothing I can do about it.

Space Operations Charter (SOC)
The Space Operations Charter is responsible for standardizing restrictions on carrying personal weapons into space, as well as other operational requirements and standards. This is listed as being in effect since 2068 (Hazard Pay, p. 123) but contradicts itself later as being ratified in 2071 (Hazard Pay, p. 127). Presumably was effectively 'law' in the interim.

Notes on the Confusing Dates for the Space Operations Charter
  • 2067: Proposed to the Corporate Court (p. 127).
  • 2068: Effectively enacted by the Corporate Court (p. 123).
  • 2070: The Corporate Court goes to the UN to get the Code ratified (p. 127).
  • 2071: The SOC is ratified by the Corporate Court and United Nations (p. 127).
  • 2075: All requirements are expected to be enacted by corporations and governments (p. 127).
  • Note that p. 159 says it was signed in 2070.

Useful General Reference: Delta-v Budget

The Long-Distance Space Travel table in Hazard Pay (p. 161) implies better propulsion technology and expanded service routes since Target: Wastelands (p. 129); there are no direct Earth-Luna trips during the Wastelands time period, for example (p. 128). However, there is no information given on propulsion technologies that are in use (aside from solar sails and ion drives), so presumably it's still chemical rockets for the most part. The Vigilance has fuel tanks and an engine room, which would imply liquid fuel rockets.

Spacecraft stats in Hazard Pay for the Vigilance space cutter (Hazard Pay, p. 166) makes little sense in terms of Speed and Acceleration. I'm not entirely sure how to interpret them. That is, it can accelerate at 33 G's(!) but as listed appears to have a total delta-v of 2.6 km/s. It doesn't appear able to carry out its stated mission, but the acceleration is rather extraordinary.

Useful General Reference: Atomic Rocket.

Space weaponry in Shadowrun is limited by a series of treaties (War!, p. 159) including SALT IV, SALT V, and the Nairobi Accords prohibiting nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons in space. Note that the Shadowrun SALT treaties don't appear to have a connection to the real-world Strategic Arms Limitation Talks except in a general sense of "arms control agreements".

  • Directed Energy Weapons: Manpack high-energy systems have been available for decades in the Shadowrun universe (the MP Laser dates to 2050). Heavy particle beams were fairly common by 2059 (Cyberpirates, p. 180 and Rigger 3, pp. 86-87). Advances seem to have dried up, and variations of these old-ass weapons are still being marketed in 2071 (see Arsenal, p. 41). The heavier Firelance is on p. 123. The Vigilance space cutter (Hazard Pay, p. 166) is armed with a Winter Systems Mercury Ship Laser (Arsenal, p. 124) and two Ares Fire Blossom lasers.
  • Particle Beams: Particle beam technology has taken a bit of a holiday since Rigger 3. I have no memory of what the Proteus-Vulkan Karpen Particle-Beam Rocket System was supposed to be (it's referenced in the original Rigger 3 table of contents).
  • Railguns: There have been no substantial advances from the original Rigger Black Book (the Ares EG-200 railgun on the Stonewall heavy Thunderbird). Large space platforms will probably be using something similar to the Itzoatl (Arsenal, p. 123). The aforementioned Vigilance- class Space Rescue Cutter uses two S-K Taurus light gauss cannons.
  • Satellite-Based Artillery: Somewhat available on the open market, orbital artillery ("THOR shots"/"Rods from God") have been a part of the Shadowrun canon almost from the beginning. The system described in War! (pp. 159-160) consists of five related components as part of a complete Aesir Satellite System. Similar systems are manufactured by Aztechnology as the Xolotl) and, experimentally, by Saeder-Krupp with its Himmelhammer.

Aesir Satellite System
  • Thor Missile: Tungsten pole measuring 500mm x 12,000mm. Strikes with the force of a 1 kT fission bomb ... which is not impressive using Shadowrun 4E rules.
  • Freya Missile: "Tactical" weapon measuring c. 250mm x 6,000 mm. Damage approximately equal to a 0.1 kT fission bomb (10% of a Thor shot).
  • Loki canister: "Buckshot" canister shot with many smaller missiles in a container about 1 meter in length. Impact does not cause any blast.
  • Aesir Guidance Laser: Rifle-shaped laser designator specifically designed for terminal guidance of satellite artillery. Not clear why you can't use normal laser designators. Strangely, described as a maser (microwave laser) in the listing.
  • Aesir Guidance Beacon: Lunchbox-sized beacon that doubles accuracy of strikes on its location.

General Timeline
1981: Space Shuttle Columbia makes first flight. Contradicted by Hazard Pay, p. 120 which states 1980. Early divergence point confirmed.
2029: Crash Virus. Ninety-one percent of all satellites destroyed because of power failures, collisions with other orbital objects, or loss of orbital integrity. (Hazard Pay, p. 120)
2061: Orbital assets almost at their pre-Crash levels. (Hazard Pay, p. 121)
2063: Yamatesu vessel Tereshkova arrives at Mars for manned mission. arrives September leaves January(?) 2064 and arrives back at Earth in June 2064.
2064: Crash 2.0. Eighty-nine percent of the communications network and most of the low-Earth orbital facilities are lost. All geosynchronous stations survive.
2070: Space Operations Charter put into action by Corporate Court with backing from the United Nations (Hazard Pay, p. 123 but also see p. 127)
2074: Shadowtalk of space super ore at Fernselt Lunar Station. Comms lost with Gagarin Mars base.

Space Rescue Service (SRS)
Hazard Pay, pp. 128-131
The new space organization created for Hazard Pay. Seemingly intended to be the main antagonist for shadowrunners. The description as a “brute squad” is repeated multiple times in the text.
  • Formed as part of the SOC and only answerable to the Corporate Court.
  • Court members are required to supply their share of personnel and equipment.
  • Members temporarily give up their corporate citizenship/affiliation.
  • Fully organized and operational in 2071.
  • No SWAT/Space Marine assets.
  • 31 modified suborbital craft (implied modified to function in deep space) and over a thousand drones divided into six squadrons assigned a sector.
  • -- The text is weirdly written, but I assume that each Lagrange point is a sector and all of Earth orbit is one (p. 130).
  • First dedicated space rescue cutter (Vigilance-class) has entered service early 2074.
  • -- Contradicts itself on p. 166 when it says first ship entered service mid-2073.
  • -- Next two ships are to be the Reliance (2078) and Dauntless (2080).
  • -- p. 166 claims "several more" by 2084.
  • Headquarters will be at the Skyhook (presumably the asteroid) after completion.
  • -- Other permanent bases planned on Luna and at the Nimbus Orbital Shipyards.
  • Training and reserve component has 12 modified suborbitals. Dedicated training site on planet to be completed in 2076 (location being bidded on).

Aerospace Corporations

  • Subsidiary of note is Ares Space (also spelled AresSpace) headquartered at Cape Canaveral (Hazard Pay, p. 132 and prior canon).
  • -- 14 large launch pads and three runways. (Hazard Pay, p. 132)
  • -- AresSpace subsidiaries: AresSpace Commsat , AresSpace Lifters, NASA Consulting Inc. (Corporate Guide, p. 48)
  • Kodiak Spaceport in Alaska is backup space control center. (Hazard Pay, p. 132)
  • -- See Hazard Pay, p. 94 for more information on this facility.
  • Owns and operates Apollo Station (LEO), Nimbus Orbital Shipyards (LEO), Icarus Station (GEO), Daedalus Station (L4), Artemis Arcology (Luna), Helios Station (solar LaGrange), and Charon Station (Deimos).
  • Dominates space industry. (Corporate Guide, p. 58)
  • Plans a permanent base on Phobos by 2079. (Corporate Guide, p. 58)
  • Contracted to build the habitat and biospheres on the Skyhook. (Corporate Guide, p. 58)
  • Sells the Aesir Satellite System to discriminating customer that need orbital fire support (War!, pp. 159-160).
  • Unveiled new lightsail and ion engine designs in 2071. (Corporate Guide, p. 58)

  • 2016: Ares Macrotechnology precursor purchases the assets of NASA.
  • 2019: Purchases Kodiak Station (USCG base in the Bering Sea on Kodiak Island). (Hazard Pay, 132)
  • 2063: (July 14-21) Thor orbital bombardment of Rømø arcology.
  • 2071: Unveiled new lightsail and ion engine design.
  • 2072: (May 9) Excelsior space nano-constructors unveiled (probably for use on Skyhook project). (Corporate Guide, p. 59).
  • 2072: Creates Joint Venture Operations Command Center (JVOCC) at Kodiak Station. Center for arctic, ocean and space exploration. (Hazard Pay, p. 132).

  • Subsidiary of note is Proteus Space. Headquarters at Devil's Island arcology.
  • -- Actually two facilities (Devil's Island- operated exclusively by Proteus, and Isla Puna- leased to other space corporations). 99% identical to each other. Each base constructed from two arkoblocks. (Hazard Pay, p. 132)
  • Researched artificial biosphere and recycling processes to create fully autonomous space habitats (Shockwaves, p. 14).
  • Owns and operates Treffpunkt Raumhafen (L1).
  • Shockwaves (p. 14) notes that Proteus is interested in reviving the "Sänger principle." Unclear what is special about this, see Sänger spaceplane.

  • 2057: French government grants right to use Devil Islands as a launch pad.
  • 2057: (September 1) First launch of a space rocket. Quickly followed by more successes.
  • 2058: Begins construction of second launch pad on Isla Puna off Ecuador. Construction begins on Treffpunkt Raumhafen. (Shockwaves, p. 6)
  • 2058: (December) Uses ocean arkoblocks as smokescreen to cover construction of Treffpunkt Raumhafen.
  • 2060: Trans-Orbital contracted for logistics at Treffpunkt Raumhafen.
  • 2061: Launches unsuccessful Götterbote Halley's probe.
  • 2062: (March) Treffpunk Raumhafen officially opened.

Evo (formerly Yamatetsu)
  • First manned mission to Mars in 2063 (Shadows of Asia, p. 14)
  • Subsidiary of note is Evo Space and Transglobal.
  • Owns and operates Shibanokkuji Freefall Resort (LEO), Industry II (LEO?), Gagarin Mars Base (Mars).
  • Heavy lift was contracted through Roskosmos (Russia's space program), which became a subsidiary at some point between 2072-2074 (Hazard Pay, p. 120 and p. 132).
  • Five spaceports. (Corporate Guide, p.83)
  • Operates a half-dozen space stations. (Corporate Guide, p. 83)
  • Roskosmos operates the Cosmodrome (I assume this is the Baikonur Cosmodrome) and Svobodny Launch Station. (Hazard Pay, p. 132).
  • -- Main components of the Gagarin Mars base built and launched at the Cosmodrome (shadowtalk says Svobodny was the real main site).
  • -- The Svobodny Launch Station (Svobodny Cosmodrome) was sabotaged in 2074 and inoperable for a few years (?!).

  • Subsidiary of note is Transglobal. (Corporate Guide, p. 83)
  • Operates a fleet of "a few hundred" satellites. (Corporate Guide, p. 83)
  • Maintains satellites based out of Evo stations. (Corporate Guide, p. 83)
  • Transglobal controls the Mojave Spaceport (Corporate Guide, p. 102; Hazard Pay, p. 132)
  • -- Base is a combination of Andrews Air Base and Groom Lake (huh?).
  • -- One launch pad. Major satellite communications hub.
  • -- Heavy security at site (text seems to imply mainly at Groom Lake).

NeoNET (formery Novatech)
  • Operates Darkside Junction (L2) and Olympia Moon Base (Moon).
  • Hiring independent spacers to create their own space fleet (Hazard Pay, p. 131)

  • Subsidiary of note includes Arianespace, Lunar Mining, Orbital Dynamix, and S-K Aerospace.
  • Operates the Himmelsschmiede Orbital Factory (LEO) and Fernselt Lunar Station (Luna).
  • Works with the Corporate court to prevent price crashes of minerals due to lunar and asteroid mining (Corporate Guide, p. 152).
  • Operates some orbital solar collectors.
  • Contractor for Skyhook project.
  • Opened Ariane Spaceport in Korou (French Guiana) to the public.
  • -- Launch-viewing facilities and small museum (Hazard Pay, p. 132).
  • Heavily investing in space assets and colonization.

  • 2029: Acquires European Space Administration assets (Hazard Pay, p. 120). Hazard Pay also implies it did this in 2025 (p. 120 again) when the ESA privatized. Did it wait 4 years?
  • 2074: Announces Ariane Spaceport will be center for Skyhook launches. (Hazard Pay, p. 132)

Shibata Construction and Engineering
– As of 2074 no longer on the Spindle and Mars relays not mentioned.
  • Owned by a free spirit (Buttercup).
  • Contracted to maintain and upgrade the Spindle (LEO).
  • Operates commsat relays for the Gagarin Mars Base.

-- Operates solar satellites through its Shiawase Energy subsidiary. (Corporate Guide, p. 169)

– Owns and operates The Spindle (LEO) and various small stations. As of 2074 only the Spindle is noted as a major space asset. (Hazard Pay, p. 136)

  • 2064: Takes over full control of the Spindle.
  • 2070: (August 18) Rogue AI takes over the Tlaloc orbital station (biowarfare research facility) .
  • 2071: Unveiled new lightsail and ion engine design.
  • 2072: Excelsior space nano-constructors unveiled (probably for use on Skyhook project). (Corporate Guide, p. 59).
  • 2074: Only the Spindle station remains active.

Shadowrun Space Assets

Major Earth Projects

Corporate Court
-- Skyhook Space Elevator
Corporate Guide, p. 69, 153) [2072]
Hazard Pay, p. 122-123; 133-134 [2074]
  • Anchor construction probably will not start until late 2074. Contradicted by Hazard Pay.
  • -- Construction started in 2071.
  • Ground anchor to be located somewhere in Latin America (Ecuador, Colombia, or Venezuela).
  • -- Located outside Panama City (Hazard Pay, p. 133)
  • Saeder-Krupp contracted to develop and manage docking and launch facilities on anchor asteroid.
  • -- Responsible for 90% of Skyhook construction (Hazard Pay, p. 123)
  • S-K Sternensucher automated retrievers hauling steroid to Earth. Scheduled to arrive late 2073.
  • -- Spelled Sternenscucher in Hazard Pay.
  • -- Arrives on time (Hazard Pay, p. 133).
  • -- The Sternensammler hauler is hijacked by an AI and heads to Alpha Centauri in 2070 (Emergence, p. 119 but promptly forgotten)
  • -- One of the retrievers rerouted to the Sky Forge (possible secret stuff found on asteroid) (Hazard pay, p. 135).
  • AresSpace contracted to build the habitats and biosphere. Contradicted by Hazard Pay.
  • -- Made deal with S-K to supply several completed space bio-domes for mining operations on the ballast asteroid in exchange for ship contract with SRS (Hazard Pay, p. 123)
  • Ballast asteroid c. 40K kilometers above surface.
  • Main section 36K kilometers above surface. 80% of facilities.
  • Waypoint observation center/checkpoint 200 kilometers above surface. 1G gravity.

Note: Hazard Pay contradicts dates from earlier sources.
  • 2072: (November 10) Space elevator announced.
  • 2074: Key components expected to be online.
  • 2076: Space habitat expected to be complete.

Hazard Pay, p. 122, 133-134
  • 2062: Feasibility plans approved by Corporate Court (Hazard Pay, 134).
  • 2067: Plans submitted to the Corporate Court. (p. 122 but contradicted on p. 134 so I assume this is wrong).
  • 2069: Construction bid won by Saeder-Krupp.
  • After 2069: NeoNET wins contract for electronics and communications gear (p. 123)
  • 2071: Construction begins. Base facility outside of Panama City. Main station superstructure launched into orbit.
  • 2073: Ballast asteroid arrives. Later in year first two cables built using nano-forges, main station attached.
  • 2074: Partially operational.
  • 2075-2076: Two more cables attached (for 4/6).
  • 2085-2086: Planned date station is fully operational.

-- Kilimanjaro Mass Driver
(Corporate Guide, p. 83) [set in 2072]
  • Still under construction (huh? First mention it had even started construction) (Corporate Guide, p. 28). Contradicted by Hazard Pay in any case.
  • Used for freight and supplies.
  • Petition to shut down the mass driver upon completion of the elevator.

Hazard Pay, p. 121, 133 [set in 2074]
  • Started construction late 2060s after Crash 2.0. Contradicted on p. 133.
  • Operational early 2070s but not at full capacity. Contradicted on p. 133.
  • Small war fought with local spirits and opposing tribes.
  • Located atop and within Mt. Kilimanjaro.
  • Nairobi has benefited greatly from the mass driver.
  • Currently operated by Ares Macrotechnology under the Corporate Court.
  • January 1, 2075 contract expires and the SRS will take over the facility.
  • -- Will become primary SRS ground facility.

Hazard Pay, p. 133
  • 2062: Constructed started early in the year.
  • 2069: Operational late in the year.

Low Earth Orbit (LEO)
As of 2074 there are approximately sixty-five LEO stations and facilities in orbit (Hazard Pay, p. 123).

-- Almost 50 manned stations (drastic reduction after Crash 2.0 in 2064).
(Wastelands, p. 74) [2062]
  • Most are small workshacks that house a dozen personnel.

-- Apollo Station
(Wastelands, p. 75) [2062]
(Hazard Pay, p. 134) [2074]
  • First station built and operated by a corporation.
  • -- Implied to still have turn of the century electronics and systems (Hazard Pay, p. 134)
  • Refitted as a supply center and transportation hub.
  • Leases space to Mitsuhama and Zeta-ImpChem, UCAS Data Systems, and Prometheus Engineering.
  • -- As of 2074 only MCT leases space on the station. SRS planning on attaching service modules to aid patrols. (Hazard Pay, p. 134)
  • Sections of the station fall under different extraterritorial jurisdiction (what could go wrong?).
  • Recreational center for space workers. Vice capital of space.
  • -- Frontier town reputation (Hazard Pay, p. 134)
  • Construction details (Hazard Pay, p. 134):
  • --Built with three main arms from a central column. Habitat modules at end of arms.
  • --Docking points along columns for ship access or attaching specialty modules. Two emergency shelters at either end of main column.

  • 2019: (April 12) Apollo opened.
  • 2074: Hotel business still steady.

-- Nimbus Orbital Shipyards

(Hazard Pay, p. 135-136) [2074]
  • Northern polar orbit.
  • Built to construct Vigilance cutters for the SRS.
  • Multiple sub-stations (“slips”) surrounding a central control center.
  • -- Slips are elongated columns with a cage-like structure for ship construction.
  • -- Control center is same design as the Apollo but ¼ the size.
  • All components prefabricated from Skyhook parts when it lost the bid.
  • (Confusing written but five current slips with another under construction seems to be the intent.)
  • Note: Must be VERY low orbit. A power failure almost made it fall into the atmosphere(?!).
  • Building a classified AresSpace ship twice the size of the SRS cutters.
  • -- Possibly named Vengeance.
  • -- Implied to be taking up two slips.

-- Eagle-Eye II Deep Space Observation Platform
(Hazard Pay, pp. 134-135) [2074]
  • Became operational in 2072.
  • Large multi-spectrum scanning telescope with small habitat module and docking module.
  • Implied two-man crew.
  • Shadowtalk hints it is used to watch the conflict around Bogota.

-- Camelot Research Platform
  • Owned by Novatech until Crash 2.0
    (Wastelands pp. 75-76) [2062]
    • Operated by Walker Aerodesign subsidiary. Focused on materials research.
    • Station does final assembly and maintenance of satellites in LEO and GEO.
    • No subleased workspace.
    • Research modules from Nakatomi faction jettisoned "toward the sun" and could be retrieved (huh?) (may have actually been a junkball "Thor shot" (p. 79) again, huh?)

    (Hazard Pay, p. 134) [2074]
  • Barely survived Crash 2.0 and currently unmanned.

  • 2064: Crash 2.0 – Station abandoned after primary systems failure. All 26 crew killed when rescue ship destroyed by malfunctioning defense satellite.
  • 2069: Recovery crew finds the station stripped of equipment, research material, and data.
  • 2074: Partial power restored but unmanned. Automated defenses to keep away poachers.

-- Himmelsschmiede Orbital Factory ("Sky Forge")
(Wastelands, pp. 76-77) [2062]
  • Focuses on manufacturing.
  • Steals most of its expertise.
  • Subcontracted for logistical and transportation work by smaller stations.
  • Only corporation that leases space is Cross, for biotechnical research.

(Hazard Pay, p. 135) [2074]
  • Resembles an arcology in space, with protruding modules.
  • Set to receive dedicated research modules in 2075.
  • Station focused on Skyhook construction efforts.

Starfield Botanical Engineering
-- Dyson 3 Research Station
(Hazard Pay, p. 134) [2072]
  • Launched to win Dunkelzahn's 20M nuyen.gif bounty for growing wheat in orbit.
  • Draco Foundation said it wasn't technically in LEO.
  • Aztechnology, Ares, Evo,
    Proteus and Saeder-Krupp interested in “space wheat” for orbital and terrestrial markets.
  • Docahedron shape with hollow center for the wheat fields.
  • Four-man crew with automated defenses.

-- Shibanokuji Freefall Resort
(Wastelands, p. 77) [2062]
  • Recreational station targeted at the very wealthy.
  • Little to no organized crime presence.
  • Large enough for trolls to visit.
  • Medical research for zero gravity adaptation.
  • Working on a delta clinic on the station.

(Corporate Guide, pp. 83-84) [2072]
  • Now 20x its original size.
  • Can house 1,000 guests with a staff of c. 200.

Hazard Pay
  • 2061: Space tourism reservations up 40% (p. 121).
  • 2064: Crash 2.0. Hundreds killed after multiple catastrophic failures. Station structurally compromised. Rest of personnel and visitors implied killed when escape pods failed and station locked down. Station almost fell out of orbit (huh ?!).
  • 2069-2070: Stationed repaired.
  • 2074: Refurbished and now premier orbital resort. Thousands of visitors each year. Evo PR plays up “space ghosts” to explain system glitches and problems.
  • -- Possible AI hiding on station according to Shadowtalk.

-- Industry II
(Corporate Guide, p. 82) [2072]
  • Cybernetics manufacturing satellite.

-- Smaller Stations
No updates in Hazard Pay.
(Wastelands, p. 77) [2062]
  • Most biomedical research done on separate work stations.
  • Leases and supplies facilities to other Pacific Prosperity Group members.
    • Kwonsham Industries: microtronics research.
    • Manabe: biotechnical research.
    • Tan Tien: cybernetic interfaces and protein data storage.
    • Wuxing: magical research ("mana cultivation" and alchemical impact).

(Wastelands, pp. 77-78) [2062]

-- The Spindle
  • Opened in 2048. Evacuated in 2050 after massive systems failure. 48 dead out of a crew of 400.
  • -- Chartered several Federated Boeing suborbitals for successful rescue. (Hazard Pay, p. 136)
  • Now operates at 1/3 capacity.
  • Shibata handles station operations and orbital lift. Also maintains Japanese spy satellites (p. 81).
  • Hydroponic research.
  • Universal Omnitech leases space for biotechnical research. Dissatisfied with facilities but got the space cheap.
  • Shibata wants to branch the station out into a commercial hub.
  • Total garden size about 2/3 of an acre.

Hazard Pay (p. 121, 136)
  • Aztechnology sole operator after Crash 2.0. Kicked out UO.
  • Moderate tourism business and conducts hydroponics research.
  • Competition with Dyson 3 for Dunkelzahn award.
  • Command and control hub for Aztlan military satellites.

  • 2061: Space tourism reservations up 40%.
  • 2064: Crash 2.0. Aztechnology takes over Shibata's contracts.
  • 2068: Evicts Universal Omnitech for failing to pay lease. Seizes their data and equipment.

-- Tlaloc Research Station
  • Bioweapons research.
  • Destroyed or retired sometime after 2070.

Corporate Court

-- Zurich Orbital
(Corporate Shadowfiles, pp. 87-96) [2054]
  • Originally NASAs Freedom station.
  • 560 km equatorial orbit (has been consistent across all books)
  • Orbit began to decay quickly (and mysteriously) in 2015. Was expected to burn up in October 2017 and was evacuated.
    • TerraFirst! eco-terrorists hit the evac shuttle with a SAM when it came in for landing. Shuttle was fine.
  • Between 2016-2018 expanded and used as base for orbital salvage operation. Sidelined after Apollo was fully online by early 2020.
  • Timeline:
    • 2015: Freedom station orbit begins to degrade quickly.
    • 2016 (Jun-Aug?): Ares takes possession of NASA and stabilizes Freedom's orbit.
    • 2016-2018: Used as staging area for Ares orbital operations.
    • 2020 (Late): Renamed Zurich-Orbital.
    • 2023: Corporate Court installs itself on station.
    • 2034: Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaft Bank establishes primary offices in the station.

(Wastelands, p. 78) [2062]
  • Constructed of 4m x 10m cylinders for the most part.
  • Tight security.
  • Station makes supply runs to Apollo, Shibanokuji, and Icarus.
  • Has nearby weapon platforms.

(Corporate Download, pp. 18-20) [2061]
  • Equatorial low-earth orbit.
  • Does not spin.
  • Looks like a tinkertoy set constructed with modular cylinders.
  • Two central dodecahedron structures:
    • Rotunda: Z-O command center.
    • Meeting Room: Where the Corporate Court meets (assembled and added 2060).
    • Accommodations similar to a submarine. Staffers share bunk-tubes.
  • Six mini-rotundas c. 10m in diameter serve as meeting rooms and living courts for primary residents. One or more houses Xeno-Cray ultra-computers and communication gear, gourmet kitchens, etc.
  • Timeline:
    • c. 2000s: NASA launches the Freedom space station.
    • c. 2008: AresSpace acquires NASA assets and boosts Freedom into stable orbit. Contradicted by Hazard Pay.
    • 2023: Acquired by the Corporate Court (p. 18). Contradicted by Hazard Pay.

(Corporate Guide, pp. 27-28) [2072]
  • Orbits at 560 km.
  • Timeline:
    • 2032: (November 15) Corporate Court takeover of Global Financial Services.
    • 2033: (March 15) GFS relocated to Z-O and renamed the Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaft Bank.

Hazard Pay (p. 120, pp. 136 - 137)
  • Primary office of the Corporate Court Matrix Authority and its Grid Overwatch Division.
  • No one has penetrated the Matrix security on the station and lived to tell the tale (Shadowtalk hints this is not entirely true).
  • Habitat surrounded by several hunter-killer drone satellites. Only one warning given to uncleared vessels approaching.
  • Getting onto the station require extensive background checks and interviews.
  • Retirement home for high-ranking corporates and government retirees.
  • Modular construction makes it easy to adapt or fix.
  • As of 2074 it has 63 service modules, 12 solar arrays, 3 housing modules, and the rotunda and the center.
  • SRS is currently headquartered at Z-O until Skyhook completed.

Hazard Pay Alternate timeline!
  • 2016: Acquired by Ares.
  • 2023:Sold to the Inter-Corporation Court and renamed Zurich-Orbital
  • 2027: Acquired by Inter-Corporate Counsel and renamed Zurich-Orbital (p. 120). Contradicted on p. 137 and assumed inaccurate. Note the different names given for the ICC in the same chapter.

Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO)
-- As of 2074 there are only four manned stations in GEO, but two more are planned within the next ten years. (Hazard Pay, p. 124).
-- Somehow Crash 2.0 miraculously caused the GEO satellites to start crashing into each other (Hazard Pay, p. 138). Only one device was lost despite being a “demolition derby.” Built tough! (I assume the text meant to say one station was lost – probably Obelisk)

-- Large numbers of communications, weather, and surveillance satellites.
(Wastelands, pp. 78-79) [2062]
  • Most manned stations are transit hubs or satellite maintenance facilities.
    • Tír na nÓg: Surveillance satellite watching home island (Almanac, p. 153).

--Echo Station
(Wastelands, pp. 79-80) [2062]
  • Used to be the Harris-3M Halo station before the Crash.
  • Freelancers boarded the station in 2054 and set up shop.
  • Smuggling point.
  • Saeder-Krupp provides logistic support and has small presence on the station.
  • Timeline:
    • 2017: (May 9) Halo launched. Fully operational that same year according to Hazard Pay.
    • 2029: (February cool.gif Crash Virus disables station.

Hazard Pay (p. 120) [2074]
  • NeoNET owns the station and has petitioned the SRS to remove the squatters. Hasn't acted yet.
  • S-K has stopped providing logistical support.
  • Shadowtalk has NeoNET hiring mercs to clear station in case SRS can't.


-- Maintains UCAS spy satellites (p. 81).
-- Icarus Station
(Wastelands, p. 79) [2062]
  • Opened in 2060. Contradicted by Hazard Pay.
  • Transit station between LEO and Daedalus/Moon.
  • 0.5G spin gravity on outer ring.
  • Part of station being renovated for recreation. Various problems delaying opening to 2063 (Yamatetsu sabotage). Contradicted by Hazard Pay.
  • Oversees the junkball "Thor shots" by Ares.

Hazard Pay (p. 138)
  • Completed in 2064.
  • Early 2064 converted parts of station for resort use (so I guess it was completed and immediately started renovating?)
  • Hit hard by those miraculously out of control GEO satellites and objects during Crash 2.0
  • -- 40% of external structure lost.
  • -- Out of control shuttle killed 66 people in resort section. 17 more died before being rescued two weeks later.
  • 2071: Repairs completed by resort plans abandoned.
  • 2074: Station complete with small research station and nano-forge factory addition. Conducting metallurgical experiments but station not fully on-line.

Hisato-Turner Broadcasting Corporation
-- The Obelisk
As of 2074 the station is destroyed.
(Wastelands, p. 80) [2062]
  • Maintains satellite constellation.
  • Squabbles with Saeder-Krupp and Ares.

Hazard Pay, p. 138 [2074]
  • 2064: Station gutted by a massive explosion. Crash virus or sabotage.

    • Shares launch facilities with Novatech and Proteus at Formosa Bay and Devil's Island.
    • Barely A-level multinational.

    -- Silver Pinnacle (Station House)
    (Wastelands, p. 81) [2062]
    • Launch and maintain satellites for other corporations.
    • Maintains spy satellites for the CAS, Israel, and the UK.
    • Refueling station for GEO-Moon-LaGrange travel.

    Hazard Pay, p. 139
  • Loss of satellite networks during Crash 2.0 hurt company but station barely damaged.
  • Company near bankrupt and can't compete with SOC-backed corps.

LaGrange Points (L1 - L4)

L1: Proteus
-- Treffpunkt Raumhafen
The trollface of Shadowrun space canon.
(Spelled Treffpunk Raumhalfen in Hazard Pay)

(Wastelands, p. 81) [2062]
  • Operational March (c. 16th), 2062 (also see Shockwaves, p. 3)
  • Primary Proteus station.
  • Somehow no one noticed them building the station (huh?)
  • Leases space to AG Chemie Europa, Transys Neuronet, and ECC Eurotronics.
  • "scary experiments ... regarding manipulation of living human being" (huh?) (Shockwaves, p. 12)
  • Researching artificial gravity (Shockwaves, p. 17).

Hazard Pay (p. 139)
  • Built under cover of a Proteus program to grow underwater cacti (p. 139). (!)
  • Possibly collaboration with S-K at station.

L2: NeoNET
-- Darkside Junction
(Wastelands, pp. 81) [2062]
  • Began and stopped construction in 2055. Restarted in early 2062. Contradicted by Hazard Pay.
  • Half the station completed and operational.
  • Hub for Novatech lunar operations (mining surveys).
  • Base for planned automated mining and refining facility on the moon for space construction raw materials.

Hazard Pay (p. 139)
  • Fully completed sometime in 2062 or 2064.
  • Supports Olymia lunar colony.
  • Constantly on Luna's dark side.
  • New observation module installed 2074 for monitoring competitor facilities.

L3: Monsters
-- Nerva
(Wastelands, pp. 82) [2062]
  • Everyone on station died during the Crash.
  • Lifeless husk.
  • Possible home of genetic monstrosities (huh?)
  • Timeline:
  • 2029: (February cool.gif Crash Virus disables station.

Hazard Pay (p. 120, 139)
  • Built by Harris-3M.
  • Fully operational by 2019.
  • NeoNET probe survey in 2072 reported station was in good condition.
  • NeoNET recovery effort planned for 2077.
  • Independent spacers creating fallback site in case of Echo Station problems.

L4: Ares
-- Daedalus
(Wastelands, pp. 82) [2062]
  • Ares' primary space research facility.
  • Larger than several hundred-thousand ton supercarriers combined (!)
  • Staging point for Artemis lunar arcology and Helios station in solar orbit.
  • Magical research, space weapon developments, genetics, genemodded microgravity-adapted metahumans.
  • Personally visited by Damien Knight on a regular basis.

(Corporate Guide, p. 49) [2072]
  • Home of Arthur Vogel after failed assassination attempt (orchestrated by Knight?) in 2071 (p. 49, 54)
  • -- Appointed Executive Director of AresSpace.
  • -- Half of his body replaced. (p. 54)

(Hazard Pay, p. 140) [2074]
  • Described as ”several stations linked together to form one massive structure.”
  • Research projects transferred to Helios.
  • Houses a SRS substation.

L5: Independents
-- Angel Station ("Junkyard")
  • Formerly Harris-3M microtronics and material engineering station.
  • Lot of coalesced junk in the area.
  • Novatech (now NeoNET) and Yamatetsu (now Evo) want to build a station there.
  • Scavengers pick over the site.
  • Timeline:
  • 2029: (February cool.gif Crash Virus disables station.

Hazard Pay (p. 120, 140)
  • Fully constructed by 2019.
  • ”Gravimetric forces in the area cause most junk in orbit around Earth to collect around the station.” ORLY?
  • Novatech abandons claim on site in 2063. Yamatesu finds site already stripped.
  • After Crash 2.0, Evo (Yamatesu) begins refitting Daedalus and Roskosmos begin recycling junk at new factory.

The Moon
-- First lunar settlement by Saeder-Krupp at end of the 2050s. Hazard Pay establishes that the Saeder-Krupp claim is 2050 at Fernselt Station. Some books have Ares as first in 2055.
-- Second settlement by Ares in 2055.
-- Third settlement begun by Novatech (two-thirds complete by 2062, Wastelands, p. 82)

-- Artemis Lunar Arcology
Spelled Archology in Hazard Pay.
(Wastelands, pp. 82-83) [2062]
  • Located near Apollo 11 landing site.
  • Houses 150 personnel.
  • Various research projects from medicine to geology.
  • Minor mining operations. Conducting more surveys.
  • Ghost sightings on the moon's surface.
  • Researching casting spells between the Earth and Moon using optical telescopes for line of sight.

Hazard Pay, pp. 140-141[2074]
  • Partially shutdown in 2072 for renovations.
  • Completion scheduled for 2075.
  • 50 mining personnel + 50 refit personnel at station.

-- Fernselt Lunar Station
(Wastelands, pp. 83-84) [2062]
  • Operated by subsidiary Lunar Mining Corp.
  • Located in vicinity of moon's polar ice caps.
  • Mines calcium and titanium ores (traces of iron, quartz and certain rare elements).
  • Hub of mining operations. Drone convoy trains shuttle ore around.
  • One mobile base not a mining station, up to shenanigans.
  • Base houses archaeologists.
  • Telesma extraction (moon rocks for alchemy - ritual significance)

Hazard Pay, p. 141 [2074]
  • Established in 2050. First long-term presence on Luna.
  • At northern pole.
  • Sends out several drone convoys a day to retrieve ore .
  • Shadowtalk says they found something valuable (super space ore plothread).

-- Olympia Lunar Base
(Wastelands, p. 84) [2062]
  • Construction began in 2061. 2/3 complete by late 2062. Expect full completion by 2064.
  • Skeleton crew.

Hazard Pay, p. 141 [2074]
  • Crash 2.0 kept it from going online in 2064.
  • Sabotage and problems plague it.
  • Skeleton crew still, merc group sent to watch for sabotage.

-- NASA Project Cydonia in 2011 (8 astronauts to Mars, 3 survived and never reached the target) (Wastelands, p. 84).
-- Yamatetsu announced manned mission to reach Mars by mid-2063 (Wastelands, p. 84).
-- Proteus plans to establish a Mars station between 2072-2075 (Shockwaves, p. 14).
-- Evo and Proteus start project to green Mars (no details) (Augmentation, p. 59).

Shadows of Asia [2064]
  • Yamatetsu lands first manned mission on Mars (p. 14) in September 2063 (p. 139).
  • Vessel named Tereshkova.
  • Mission based out of Svonodniy space center (NW of Vladivostok).
  • Shadowtalk has the vessel disappearing for six days when it entered the lunar orbital zone (c. 0.1M km from the moon) but crew denies losing contact. Probably a dropped/forgotten plot thread.

-- Charon Space Station
(Corporate Guide, p. 58) [2072]
  • Upgraded for expanded microgravity research. (p. 58)

(Hazard Pay, p. 141)
  • Launched 2069.
  • Completed 2072. (Sort of contradicts itself here, assume author meant operational.)
  • Located in a Lagrange point around Deimos.
  • Six prefabricated modules. Immediately contradicted to say it was constructed with experimental nanotechnology.
  • Crew of 4.
  • Not actually complete. Will be a small Apollo station with six sets of arms (3 at each end of central column).
  • Estimated complete c. 2084.

-- Gagarin Mars Colony
(Corporate Guide, p. 84) [2072]
  • Located at eastern end of Valles Marineris.
  • Most of base is underground. May hide military assets.
  • c. 60 personnel.
  • Water sourced from underground reservoir.
  • Three fusion reactors.
  • Hydroponics and equivalent to c. 15 hectacres (37 acres!) of crops.
  • Supplied by 18 drones in low-energy orbits between LEO and Mars orbit (2 can carry passengers).
  • Supply launches from LEO station and Svobodny cosmodrome.
  • -- Shadowtalk says data drones used that explode if tampered with.
  • Has some form of manasphere that it uses for research. (Disputed in shadowtalk as far-fetched.)
  • Mars Research Program developing hypersynthesis solar-collection systems and amplifier fabrics (what?!) (Corporate Guide, p. 89)
  • Planned expansion to increase population to 250.
  • Possible armed satellites in orbit and missile silos on-site (Almanac, p. 125).

Hazard Pay, pp. 142-143 [2074]
– Contact lost with the base mid-2074.
  • Yamatesu had plans for Mars mission as early as 2063.
  • Roskosmos cosmonauts land on Mars in 2065. First metahumans on surface. Entire group eventually killed. (This appears to contradict Shadows of Asia in almost every respect)
  • Automated construction drones begin work at site identified by manned mission.
  • 2068: New group of cosmonauts arrive and Gagarin base operational.
  • Six above ground buildings and large underground complex.
  • Still three fusion reactors.
  • Mining equipment being routed to the base before it went dark.

-- Probes
(Corporate Guide, p. 160) [2072]
  • Launched unmanned probe to Mars or its moons to grow an arcology with nanites. Probably a dropped/forgotten plot thread.

Deep Space
Target: Wastelands, p. 84 [2062]
-- Various unmanned space probes to Pluto, Mercury, and the Oort Cloud.
-- Ares planned to send manned mission to Europa in 2064.
-- Saeder-Krupp planned on sending mining survey to the asteroid belt.

Emergence, p. 119 [2070]
-- AI named Rigel hijacks the Sternensammler unmanned asteroid retriever and puts it on a course to Alpha Centauri. Probably a dropped/forgotten plot thread.

Hazard Pay, p. 140 [2074]
-- Crash 2.0 canned most of these projects.
-- Ares Europa mission now a probe mission.

-- Helios
(Wastelands, p. 84) [2062]
  • Sits at solar LaGrange point.
  • Long-range observation of solar system.
  • Staging point for deep space operations.
  • Super security on supply runs from Daedalus.

(Corporate Guide, p. 58) [2072]
  • Rumored to be an experimental lab for xenogenetic research for the military division. (p. 58)

(Hazard Pay, pp. 141-142) [2074]
  • Solar Lagrange point exact opposite of Earth.
  • Finished refurbishment in 2071. New scanning and optical observation arrays and dedicated probe launching section.
  • Mass increased 20% and crew increased.
  • Construction slip added.
  • All high-security space research being transferred by mid-2075.

-- Comm Satellites
(Corporate Guide, p. 84) [2072]
  • Mars-Earth comm relay at Sun-Mars L5 (and probably L4).
Demonseed Elite
Not sure if it's important or not, but there are a few references to Daedalus station on page 111 of Street Magic.
THat was one impressive posting o.o
Yeah, fairly encyclopedic.
Ok. Where can I find this "Shockwave" book that is referenced? I've never heard of it.
German release, _awesome_ campaign book, supposed to play shortly before the system shutdown.

Also: This is a lot to read. Thanks for making the effort, Tzeentch
Fanpro published a summary of the German Shockwellen campaign in English (and French, since Skarn Ka spoke both) as a free PDF, under the title Shockwaves. Though a lot of people ignore its existence, it's legally part of the canon.
Hey Tzee, great timeline!

Just wanted to point out though that in your general timeline (the first one) you note that Crash 2.0 was 2062, not 2064.
Patrick Goodman
QUOTE (Nath @ Jul 14 2012, 03:02 PM) *
Fanpro published a summary of the German Shockwellen campaign in English (and French, since Skarn Ka spoke both) as a free PDF, under the title Shockwaves. Though a lot of people ignore its existence, it's legally part of the canon.

I had largely forgotten of its existence since it didn't have a lot of impact on what I do. James had pointed it out to me, I'd downloaded it...and then never really done much with it. Thanks for the reminder.
-- Oops fixed the date! I think there is a (now contradicted) space reference in Shadows of Asia that was noted in the main Hazard Pay release thread regarding the Evo Mars mission (in that timeline not all of the cosmonauts died it appears). The later SOTA books may also have something. Some other references have been brought up before (see V1 thread) and a few were not included because they were too trivial or just repeated old info.

-- At some point I'll rewrite this a bit so that it flows better (working on a netbook doesn't make that easy). I'll also work on updating my canon compilations for Tir Tairngire and Hawai'i. I would do one for Salish-Shidhe but no plotlines have gone anywhere in that place since I wrote them up for SONA.

Kingdom of Hawai'i Compilation:
Tir Tairngire Compilation:
The references you miss on Yamatetsu mission to Mars are in State of the Art: 2064, page 161, and Shadows of Asia, page 139.
I can't remember where the reference comes from, but there was a manned mission to Mars sometime before the US became the UCAS and it returned in Year of the Comet. I want to say that Ancient mentioned it at some point.

Also, thank you for the other timelines. I can see if I an give your space timeline a once over and throw it all together if you wanted smile.gif
Ahh! Thank you! Handy research all in one area, and a reminder that I need to make an adjustment in a PDF I'm working on.

QUOTE (Tzeentch @ Jul 14 2012, 04:44 AM) *
-- NASA Project Cydonia in 2011 (8 astronauts to Mars, 3 survived and never reached the target) (Wastelands, p. 84).
-- Yamatetsu announced manned mission to reach Mars by mid-2063 (Wastelands, p. 84)
-- Proteus plans to establish a Mars station between 2072-2075 (Shockwaves, p. 14).

- A lot of information on the first secret Mars landing is in Missions
- Official first Mars landing by Evo is described in SOA
- The BBB describes Evo as the first corp with holdings on another planet. Augmentation also has a short bit of shadowtalk about Evo greening Mars.
- Himmelsschmiede, no l at the end wink.gif
Another quick question Tzee, having read your Tir post - you were a writer for SoNA?
Thanks for the references guys, looks like Missions is my next go-to. I suspect the Mars stuff basically got retconned though, from what you've said so far.

I wrote the Tir Tairngire and Salish-Shidhe chapters of SONA. I wrote the arctic section of Wastelands
Ultra Violet

What's up with Rigel or the Sternensammler unmanned asteroid retriever heads toward distant Alpha Centauri?
(see Rigel Group, Emergence p. 119)
Some updates and editing. Page references for anything missing are appreciated (I don't have Missions I'm afraid).
After all this time, a list was pointed out to me by Wak. This will help on Holostreets.

Good to see your work holds Matt.
What a fantastic resource! That's being printed to PDF right now!
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