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TheOneRonin, X-Kalibur, hit me up with PMs if you wish to continue discussing gun law, since we're off topic. nyahnyah.gif

QUOTE (Falconer @ Aug 6 2013, 11:10 AM) *
No Toturi. It should not.

The comma is only used in lists of more than 2 grammatically. A & B. A, B, C. & D.

The wording is ambiguous. The removable adjective can be read to apply to either the first item or the first and second item grammatically. It most likely only applies to the stock. There is no reason to remove the laser sight (it doesn't take up an accessory slot, it's presence wouldn't make the gun noticably larger and harder to conceal... and simply turn it off and it doesn't do anything or interfere with something like a smartgun).

It has been a long time since I was in grammar school, so I will defer to you.

Since the wording is ambigious, then I would feel that it is equally possible for either reading of that sentence.
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