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Eyeless Blond
QUOTE (Kakkaraun @ Apr 29 2004, 06:54 PM)
Ah.  So adept powers can alter the effects of gravity, they can make a punch do Deadly damage, they can make you move super-fast, they can let you adhere to walls, and they can /nullify/ sound...but they can't create it.

Sure you can do all of that. Just don't call it Improved Sense! nyahnyah.gif

(Edit): and don't think you can do it (create and receive/interpret ultrasound) for only .25 PPs.

Okay, it's mislabeled. That NEVER happens with SR rules!
Eyeless Blond
(Edit: removed for excess irony.)
Eyeless Blond
If anything is mislabeled, it's ultrasound vision. Ultrasound vision is an active sensory device, which is very much different from a normal sense. Senses are:

1. Any of the faculties by which stimuli from outside or inside the body are received and felt, as the faculties of hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste, and equilibrium.
2. A perception or feeling produced by a stimulus; sensation: a sense of fatigue and hunger.

Senses are things that receive stimuli (and possibly analyze it.) Ultrasound "vision" does this, but it also does more: it actually creates stimuli (ultasound waves) *and* receives/interprets them. This is something that the *sense* of ultrasound hearing cannot, by itself, do. I see no problem with "Ultrasound Emission" as a seperate adept Power, with its own .25 PP cost, that could indeed produce ultrasound waves (and provide the equivalent of Ultrasound Vision when coupled with the ultrasound hearing Improved Sense). Creating sound waves is in no way a sense, just as Killing Hands or Distance Strike is in no way a sense.
It's not a sense the same way what most people refer to as a "koala bear" isn't actually a bear. Catch my drift?
Yeah, I can see paying .5 pp for ultrasound as an adept power.
Number 6
Going, er, all the way back to page 2...heres the powers I picked for my Samurai:

Increased Reflexes II
Improved Quickness II
Improved Edged Weapons II
Fluid Movement II
Quick Draw

Fluid movement is in the Handybook, negates points of movement modifiers. With a Dikoted katanna and arrows, I think he makes a decent combat/stealth guy. I'd appreciate any comments though.

IIRC there's an Ultrasound goggles you can buy?

This is only the second page nyahnyah.gif

1 of my players just sribbled up this elf boxer adept, unarmed 6 and str 6 and attrib boost str 6

Ofcourse he has willpower 6 to help with drain (6S), but he insist he has access to a spell pool as an awakened being.....that irks me lots and im probably gonna disallow it, since it would mean he has 5 dice spell to add for duration and then when the boost drops he has the same 5 spell pool dice to help with drain. Very unfair compared to spellcasting spellpool

Any thoughts?
Eyeless Blond
Is he a spellcaster? No? Then he has no spell pool.

Even if you do allow spell pool access to adepts, he still can't use it for the Magic test for duration, as you're not making a magical skill test, nor a Drain test there.
He gets a spell pool... but there's nothing he can do with it. It's just for spellcasting, spell drain resistance, dispelling, and spell defense... all abilities he has no access to.

On further review, only magicians get spell pool. He's an adept, not a magician.
Thanks, kinda my thoughts too.

Thanks for the fast reply smile.gif

Sweet forum!! biggrin.gif
Adepts can use centering to reduce Drain from abilities such as Attribute Boost, but that's something only available to initiates.
Number 6
QUOTE (Kagetenshi)
This is only the second page nyahnyah.gif


Maybe I was too liberal when I said i'd appreciate "any comments". Let me refine; i'd appreciate any comments pertaining to the original post on my PhyAd, and his powers in particular. wink.gif
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