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Full Version: What do Corps do with law breakers?
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Jason Farlander
QUOTE (Pinel)
Lone Star wouldn't think twice about driving right past (or right through) the security checkpoint of a minor, national corporation

Well...right... but not because of their relative lack of concern about the ramifications. Rather, its because minor, national corporations are not granted extraterritorial status. In fact, corporations up to and including A-rating multinationals lack extraterritorial status. Only AA and AAA-rating megas are afforded that consideration.

Note that the official description of AA megas indicates that they dont have a lot of trouble going "toe-to-toe" with the Big Ten - the only functional differences are that they lack a seat on the corporate court.

As a side note, I would be *very* afraid of a corp that managed to achieve AA status without anywhere near the level of diversification as is usually required to get that far. A corp like.... Lone Star.
Skeptical Clown
I used my example because to Renraku or Aztechnology, Lone Star IS a small fry. Lone Star is very powerful within a few places in North America (UCAS, CAS, Quebec), but is nearly nonexistent outside that arena. They most certainly ARE going to get permission to enter extraterritorial property, because not only is the other corp in their rights to imprison or shoot the Lone Star trespassers, but LS would no doubt get slapped down by the Corporate Court right quick. That's what the CC is there for; to handle inter-corporate disputes. Since LS is really just a contracting company that enforces governmental law, the CC has no interest whatsoever in deciding in LoneStar's favor if they infringe on another corp's sovereignty, because doing so is practically giving precedence for governments to take away extraterritorial powers.
So say Lone Star is in hot pursuit and the perp jumps on to corp property, what happens next? As I see it unless there is a really good reason not to, the corp would allow Lone Start on property. Why? Because it saves the corp the time and expense of having to do it themselves. Bullets cost money. Security Guards get hurt and stay in hospitals and can't work or get killed and they have to train a new one. It's just cost effective.

QUOTE (Jason Farlander)
In fact, corporations up to and including A-rating multinationals lack extraterritorial status.  Only AA and AAA-rating megas are afforded that consideration.

Quite true - the word "national" should have been "extra-territorial" instead !

My take on Lone Star (not) being automatically invited into extra-territorial sites when chasing a suspect is derived from how governments act today. IMO megacorps would treat their own ground as jealously as countries do, perhaps even more so because of limited space and the higher need for security in the 2060s. After all, LS belongs to another megacorp, which is a good reason in itself not to always let their people in. Then there's all those pesky issues of liability, lawsuits and especially precedents. Corp lawyers hate those, and CEOs listen.

Cost effectiveness is a good argument for low-threat offenders who can be nabbed by Lone Star quickly, without much penetration into the facility. Major threats would at the very least warrant a joint LS - corp action against the intruders, or maybe even corp assets alone. In either case, no corp is going to leave itself open to improvisation by not signing a fat contract with the "outside" national jurisdiction and its agencies (see mention about corp lawyers' pet peeves above). Such an agreement would detail terms of entry, compensation, lines of communication, liaison officers, classification of threats, etc.. Some of these issues are already in place between countries today (like the US and Canada, or EU members) and I see no reason why the SR universe would allow for a simpler, more open system - quite the contrary, since this is SR and the corps are all about control and profit.

Also, I wouldn't allow runners much more than a few seconds of grace if they move into another jurisdiction while being pursued. It makes sense that corp security managers have access to some sort of emergency "liaison channel" into which Lone Star can temporarily switch its tactical communications when chasing suspects near extra-territorial facilities. Provided the corp enclave isn't an open house and has limited access, the corp people could easily know in advance that runners are coming in, and supply the proverbial anvil for the Lone Star hammer.
If the runners don't move very far, you just shoot them and claim that when you hit them, they were still on your territory.

QUOTE (Kagetenshi)
If the runners don't move very far, you just shoot them and claim that when you hit them, they were still on your territory.

That's why heat-seeking ordnance was developed in the first place - the speediest extradition measure available, without any of the associated confinement costs.
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