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Full Version: ShadowRun FASA Archive giveaway Saturday!
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I posted this on the IRC channel, I thought I'd share it here.


If you or anybody you know is in the Chicago area tomorrow morning, it is the last chance to get FASA SR , ST, ED development archives by the box from me for free.

I have only given away about 15 boxes of materials so far out of about 235 (boxes contain notes for ALL FASA products, not just SR)

Editorial copies, hand notes, mock ups, manuscripts, game concept submissions, playtest notes...everything but the original art.

Only caveats: You must take the materials by the box (document boxes), and I must inspect and clear the materials within the box to ensure no financial or legal documents are enclosed.

Again, its all FREE, you just have to come get it at 1100 W Cermak at or around 10AM CST. (Contact me via email to get my cell phone to finalize logistics as I am driving in from Michigan)

I have been keeping this stuff from being trashed for over a year now, and it's time to do something with it. I want to see it in the hands of fans, not at a recycler.

If I dont give this stuff away, or make other arrangements, it will be destroyed within 30 days.
Demonseed Elite
Wow, it'd be great if this stuff could be collected and anything revelant compiled online.

Unfortunately, I'm nowhere near Chicago.
M***er F***er! I hope one of our leading experts get's their hands on the SR and ED stuff. I had a thread asking the question if any of this stuff existed. Damn. Wish I could get there. Any idea how much it would cost to ship this stuff?

*curses and swears about living halfway across the *#&%@ globe*
Hey AH, how much would it cost me to buy you a last-minute plane ticket there?

This seems rather fishy to me. Who is PropWash?
Ancient History
SOunds real weird to me. If I /did/ live anywhere nearby, I'd go just to check it out (thanks for the vote of confidence Kagetenshi, but you'd be better served to spend the same on SR books you don't have.)
If no one takes you up on this, and i hope that you post about it either way, I'd be willing to pay for shipping of it to me.
Not to worry, all. At last check, I've organized a sqaud of four gamers from my old Chicago group with a pair of cars to rescue as much SR and ED material as possible. Shiny things will be kept by the rescuers themselves, but interesting/useful/exciting docos will be distributed/posted/shared.

It's good having a gaming group in every town. : -)
I should be hearing an update from them this evening regarding the spoils-- I mean, relics.
I'd be really curious to see the sheet of paper on which somebody wrote "create a med-fan game set in the past of SR" spin.gif
But, um, who is this guy that's giving this stuff away? I mean, this isn't just some random guy who wrote a lot of crap for his game or something, is it? Propwash... who are you?

Jason Farlander
He/She/It may not be able to respond, insofar as the Propwash entity seems to have driven down to Chicago from Michigan.
Maybe an Admin knows?
Mr. Man
PropWash is for real. I have to admit that I was kind of hoping nobody would respond to his post, though (since I get whatever doesn't get taken away in Chicago today). Oh well, I've still got some choice stuff:

I'm thinking about starting a site to compile inventories of what is in these boxes. I don't think much of it can be legally reproduced, but inventories should be fine. If any of RangerJoe's friends would be interested in getting involved, let me know.

Ancient History
Anyone who gets stuff related to Urban Brawl PLEASE Make Scans for me. If I lived ANYWHERE NEAR Chicago I'd go look myself. Imagine who awesome a scanned archive of this info would be?
Ooh, I like the second one.
Fresno Bob
Oh my crap....

Post pictures of all the pages in the second one!!!
Demonseed Elite
I'm thinking about starting a site to compile inventories of what is in these boxes. I don't think much of it can be legally reproduced, but inventories should be fine. If any of RangerJoe's friends would be interested in getting involved, let me know.

We should find out exactly what can be done with this stuff. If nothing else, might be possible to put together a helluva netbook project based solely off randomly discarded ideas. nyahnyah.gif

Very interesting stuff.
Herald of Verjigorm
Oh yes, at least some of us who got these products were given specific orders to mock the rest of you on dumpshock. It's also a great learning experience seeing the exact location of the Cermak blast. Even better when you get to leave with boxes of FASA manuscripts and all the "Art of Shadowrun" books you can carry (those were sort of forced on anyone who stopped by).

If I'd known the maquis were there, I'd have taken a bigger vehicle.
Wow. Still curious as to who he is, but that stuff is neat! Somebody give Ancient History some scans or something!

Crimsondude 2.0
Funny thing about the second image is how the first thing that came to mind was the groups who really did do via Napster what the 'squach did on the Matrix.
Thank you those of you who took the risk to come out and save some history.

Those of you who are suspicious and want to imply that I was up to no good, I'm sorry you feel that way. I in fact went out of my way to make sure that the epicenter of the SR fans were aware and had an opportunity to participate. Some benefitted greatly from it. (I hope anyway)

Due to weight limitations, I had to dump about 12 boxes of SR source materials just after leaving Cermak. I have a few other boxes now here in Kalamazoo, MI.

If nobody comes to get them, I'm sure phorce phed will take them as he did about another 15 boxes earlier in the week. I also gave him the entire paste up and stats collection (about 5,000 art pieces). If not him, I'll be recycling them as planned.

I also have a bunch of Star Trek and Earthdawn stuff available.

Thanks again for the time.
Ancient History
SOrry, Prop, but most miracles have a few skeptics! If not for the fact I'm in Florida and broke, trust me I'd be there.
Damn I wish I was near Chicago.

What is "art of shadowrun"? Anybody have scans/copies?
AH: No problem, I certainly see how it may appear, it just gets a little frustrating.

A lot of money and time went into rescuing this stuff from the landfill.

Most venues I tried to get the message out on were skeptic and in some cases downright mean.

I kept trying, and thankfully there are now some fans who came out ahead.

It's all good.
You do have to realize that it did sound very funny. Basically, I wanted to be sure this wouldn't backlash. I've done my own independent verification and it's all cool, folks. Enjoy.
Okay guys...pretty pretty please SCAN THIS STUFF and make it available for us...PLEASE!!!!

The Abstruse One
Ancient History
Frosty: Art of Shaodwrun was an over-sized book displaying some of SR's better art...which didn't sell well at all. I think there were less copies of the art books sold than ED novels.
There's still ED stuff?

*grumble grumble*

I'd die to know what was all in those boxes. Here's some more support for compiling this stuff for general consumption. If there's anything I can do to help (not that I have any real skills or anything) I'm all for it.

Fresno Bob
Damn living in California...
Damn living in another country...
damn not being able to read
I seem to recall reading that in the case of D&D much of this sort of material was lost when Gygax was canned. Bit of a shame.

It would be good if a website could be put up to archive this material before it's scattered to the 4(?) corners of the globe. Anyone know everybody who got boxes of gear? (An archive would only require copies!)

Save Shadowrun's heritage now! (and Earthdawn's too!)
I'm sorry to report that I am unable to simply 'give' the stuff away any longer, well at the moment anyway. If you can drive out to Kalamazoo, MI and pick stuff up, I'll sell you the stuff by the BOX and a pre-negociated price far below the one outlined below. First some first served though, I've been screwed around WAY too much when dealing with this stuff.

I was trying to reduce the initial load from Chicago, so anything I have at this point cost me money in storage, transport, and labor.

I am going to sell some of the development materials at what I think is a nominal and fair price. All folders are as they were in the FASA files with one exception. Any personal or financial documents will be removed just before the item is shipped. I will not scan or photograph pages as that will consume too much time.

The price will be $25 per 'project package', and I will give price breaks on multiple packages. Also, you pick the shipping method, and pay actual shipping & packaging prices.

First up for grabs will be posted at or send me an Email as this thread could quickly become a violation of the TOS.

Note: If there is anything you are specifically looking for, let me know, I'll go pull it.
Sinc you are selling the stuff can you ship it? Most of use would probably be willing to pay the shipping and handling charges.
Just to answer the question for you (being bossy and all)

The previous post DOES say that shipping is an option, and that the buyer picks the method and pays actual shipping costs.

Almost Useful.
Oh, so it does, sorrry wobble.gif
Meanwhile, on the other extreme of the continent...

*Cries uncontrollably*

Why? WHY!?

On a second, more serious thought, I completely support the idea of "Save SR's Heritage". This could be Dumpshock's Best Fan Project Ever.

Gamers of the world, unite! wink.gif
By the way: Though it could no longer be true for SR, it seems that FASA's Hecate *was* Alachia.
Crimsondude 2.0
Yes. Lou Prosperi announced that on another thread several months ago.

/smiles and nods.... hm.
Intresting. Anyone who needs or is intrested in this, let me know. I am only an hour from K-zoo. By the way Prop wash you still play at all? We game in GR-but we're always on the hunt for talent...
Nothing in the first lot really piques my interest, but I really REALLY like that you're doing this. Please keep us notified on here when you post your next lot up for sale, esp. that Dunkie's Will one if you didn't give it out already...

And I will do my best to scan and release anything I get unless where doing so would violate copyright laws, and if not I'll at least let you guys in on the juicy bits nyahnyah.gif

The Abstruse One
Still waiting on an update. Propwash-- did a couple of scuzzy UofC types make it by?
Ranger: I think your people showed up. There were 3 pairs of people who walked away with about 25-30 boxes of stuff.

Cool. Just got the email report. They say there was quite a bit of chaff, but quite a bit of quality loot as well. Expect updates soon (it's summer and Chicago students have a month before term begins to read, scan, and chortle over the finds)
Black Isis
Son....of a bitch. I wish I had been able to make it up there....not that I would have been able to fit too much in my tiny little Saturn. Still, if anyone finds anything interesting, please do share. smile.gif
This totally rules. It needs to get scanned and get online. smile.gif
So, what has anyone got so far - 'project box' wise?

Matrix, Magic,etc?
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