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Full Version: Wow, I just realized that you can't make an M15
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QUOTE (Arethusa)
M14 seems more likely, as everything you said, with M14 swapped in for M15, is true. The M14 was used in the early days of Vietnam by the marines, and it was eventually replaced by the M16 and eventually the M16A1. Lots of marines used the M14 and then the M16 (incidentally, most tend to swear by the M14). Also, I'm not sure you can really tell the difference between an M15 and an M16 from looking at some shots of soldiers.

I can see that happening in SR. The guys using M14 were using the Rifle skill and had to default to Assault Rifle when the M16 got to them.
Stop! Everything you say makes my brain hurt!
heh, it's true. the M14 would be a sport rifle, in SR terms; the M16 would be an AR. no wonder those poor marines had such problems!
QUOTE (Kanada Ten)
QUOTE still remains a superfluous system that adds little to nothing and creates, minor to potentially major problems.

Only if you roll all ones.

You are expected to have a botch in every 1679616 firing actions if you assume that everyone has Skill 4 and always uses full combat pool. Considering that in many cases combat pool expenditure will be rather lower, and that with just Skill 4 and no combat pool we're talking one botch in every 1296 firing actions, it is a damn good idea to make sure they fail as pleasantly as possible.

Crusher Bob
I don't think and M15s were actually issued, anything that looks like an M14 with a bipod, pistol grip, and foregrip is almost certainly an M14A1. picture

It's also possible that you'll see a few M14 (modified) that don't have the pistol grip and the foregrip, but instead just have the bipod and heavier barrel.

Since the Marines were the first ones to be issued the M16 rifle, they had the most problems with it. (See stories of Marines duct taping the M16 cleaning rod under the M16 to be used to 'ram out' jammed shell casings, and other M16 stupidity). If the choice was between the 1903 Springfield and the M16, the Marines would have chosen the Springfield.
QUOTE (Crusher Bob)
If the choice was between the 1903 Springfield and the M16, the Marines would have chosen the Springfield.

Ironically, many of them did just that when they were issued the new M1 Garands during WW2.
Crusher Bob
Yes, the Springfield is a fine gun for it's time. More to the point, the Springfield (which was at least 2 generations behind in rifle technology (Sprinffield -> M1 -> M14 -> M16) is preferable to the M16. Sure a lot of the problems with the M16 were 'fixed' by the time it became general issue, but the Marines had to put up with them during the fixing phase...
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