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Full Version: What AAA's are going red?
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Actually he was qouting the info that MCT gave the UCAS. So we know it was a lie anyway. as MCT refugee pointed out.
Oh that's right, I remember that quote. That was the taxable revenue they reported. Yeah. Hehe. Bad megacorp =)
Want to see something funny? Try to estimate GNPs based on SoNA and SoE's Facts-at-a-Glance...
Cynic project
Going into the Red is not saying that they will go under. I mean look at US, we have a few trilllion dollar debt,and good old W' is making sure it just gets on getting bigger...

But really Renraku Americas will not have enough money to pay it's bill to the UCAS.

NovaTech from it's start was on the verge of being taken apart by the other AAA's..Save maybe Wuxing and Cross, both of whom are still small men on the totem. Nova is smaller than some AA's,most notiable ZIC. ZIC is from what I gather the most cut throat corp in the world.

SK, is still the king of the hill, but it is now in a place where it is not the biggest boy all over the world. SO in other worlds there are large part of the world where SK is loosing ground,and wile it is speard out it seems to be happening world wide. Save CAS,I think.

Cross start off in the AAA ring fighting another AAA who is intreched and firmly in bed with one the most power nations in the world. Yes Cross is backed by it's own puppet state, to be honest it has about as many people as Detroit does. The purging of it's cutting edge assets seems to be a kick in the gut to me.
I would have probably said Yakashima was the nastiest corp about- double A takeover king, and hostile takeovers and asset stripping aren't activities that usually bring out the good side in people. smile.gif
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