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Swing Kid
Most of the Teams that I have worked with over the years have had their favorite watering holes. This made me curious. Where do the Runners of Dumpshock hang? Any favorite places? Does your team have a standard club or streetcorner that they always meet up at? Don't worry, I won't sell this information...honest.
Underworld 93, baby.
Representing Dante's Inferno! Big ups to my G's on level SEVEN! What what!
The Alabaster Maiden.....

OR - We also tend to use a few homegrown bars and pubs we've added to the game over the years.
Dunkin' Donuts wink.gif
At least in the game I'm running right now. The advantage to this is that there's always one nearby, even if you travel to a different city.

Otherwise, the standard meeting place has always been Club Penumbra (showing my SR1 roots, I guess).
The Grifter
Dante's Inferno here too. Either that or any random hole in the wall dive bar.
Cactus Jack's, in Renton, just offa Shattuck Ave.

U-93's great for shows, but too loud for meets.

Late night planning sessions: Denny's

For a quick bite: Drive Through Sushi
Stuffer Shacks and Dante's Inferno! Occasionally Ninja Burger!!!

Out teems don’t often get together outside of work. And when they did we had a couple of players that meant you often were not welcome again. (I believe I have mentioned twitch on these boards)

We may have done some things together other than run if I want the only remaing member from the arcology run, the other survivor left Seattle right after, (a real shame, a good rigger is hard to find) the reason was the player had other commitments.

Underground 93 (was that the name of the orc underground club) was popular for a while because we kept getting meets there, the party elf was not happy because she got picked on by the troll doorman.

We used a lot of homemade places, and still do. Of course places like Dante's Inferno are used, but we like our real life places like Denny's, Dunkin Donuts, Wawa...any runs that end up in Helsinki, there is Hesburger, the Corner Bar, Nosturi...Oslo has Elm Street, we like real life places sometimes that we are familiar with. in Philly they always end up at diners.

Then there are the made up places like in London, Countess Bathori's Castle of Pain, a 6 level gothic metal nightclub that has two levels below ground, the bottom one is where the VIP members of the nightclub can meet and discuss things. Each level features a different kind of music(top floor: gothic metal, 3rd floor: jukebox, 2nd floor: DJ that plays a varied kind of metal, 1st floor: Industrial metal, Basement 1: Black metal and a scary place to visit, B2 is pretty much anything the VIPs wanna listen to. Bars on every level. Security and everything was even figured out for this place.

Penumbra was the place to hang out at one time but later on there have been mostly places I thought up, most notably a high-class night-club styled bar called O'Miller's but it was a bit much for the troll ex-ganger so they moved to a coffee place favored by students near Seattle University but I can't remember the name right now. It's been a while since we played.
we always hung out at the flying swan, a bar owned by one of the char's brothers. later we opened our own bar (after we got incorporated) i think it was called the pink penguin, or the dancing pig, or some other such noncence. it was in tacoma, and was neutral terriory for the local gangs so runners that were on the run or not liked to show up, nothing says welcome like a turret mounted vindicator! I think we even put up a job board.....
I tend to make up my own places for the 'Runners to hang out (Since I'm GM). I don't force them, but this isn't a normal Shadowrunning operation either. The characters all work for an organization (Similar in concept to, but entirely different from, Assets Inc.) and they almost always hang out at that organization's headquarters in Bellvue. Other places include the R'Lyeh, which is a crazy 3-floor nightclub, a penthouse apartment that a Dragon they were hanging out with bought, and a Delta-clinic they gained access to (though that's out of the picture now and for the forseeable future). I've mentioned some of the canon places in passing, but we've never really gone there. Back in my old group we tended to just hang at each other's places (the mage had a warehouse in the barrens stuffed with an electronics and vehicle shop (or were they facilities?) and more ammo and explosives than we could use in a year, and then later he got himself a yacht for pirate-fighting reasons).
I don't know about my team but I like to hange at Fenris Nacht. If my team came there they'd probably be eaten though.
Couple of home-made gigs spring right to mind. Biohazard, a trendy middle/upper class Bellevue nightspot (with plenty of background noise, friendly/flirty bartenders, and steep drink prices)... and The Hollow Point, a seedy "just barely not considered Barrens" Redmond watering hole, where the only reason to go there is to be away from the Biohazard-style trendy hotspot crowd (and hang out with other "I like cheap beer" violent types).
Mc Q's! Bah dat dat dat dah, I'm loathing it! cool.gif
Burger King - the last on in exizstance in the Redmond Barrens. Dunno what the burgers were made of though.

Underworld 93 and Matchsticks.

Sooner or later, all of my players end up at the Murdered Mime. To date, it has been destroyed three times by various runner groups in various game realities. I just don't understand why they alway send up torching the place....

I'm looking to send my players to the Silver Fool in Bellvue (old Seattle Sourcebook) in the coming days. I just dig its name.
I always liked to use Matchsticks. There's something about the back room of a Jazz club.
Crimson Jack
I usually dictate where the group will be hanging out by where the Johnson wants to meet the team. That said, I try to hit most of the hot spots in New Seattle and include a few new ones that no one knows about. On a rare occasion, the players will dictate where they want to go. Normally, I'm writing the locale.
Various teams various places. Most of them made up. Very few runner groups I've played in had char's that hung out together, mostly we had certain places we mould meet at.
Little Colonel's (GM's joke, the result of a merger of Little Ceasars and KFC)
The IHOW (International House of Waffles)
A certain Stuffer Shack that happened to be conveniently located central to everyone's residences.
The Skeleton (the only canon club we ever used for meets)

But man that IHOW made so much money off of us (especially our favorite waitress).
Our main group is usually found at a Yakuza-heavy club with a name nobody can ever remember (usually referred to as "Wherever" or "that Japanese place"), but one of our older players (as in time spent playing, not age) who GMs on occasion has this thing for Starbucks...
Let's not forget the Grizzly Grunion, best bar in the Redmond Z Zone. They have the best Burn in all of Seattle.
QUOTE (Smiley)
Let's not forget the Grizzly Grunion, best bar in the Redmond Z Zone. They have the best Burn in all of Seattle.

Isn't that like saying, "the best inoperable brain damage in all Seattle"?

Men-At-Arms, located at the Barrens, Seattle. you are only allowed to enter when carrying at least a smg.

Such and such place at such and such time ...

If anyone who wasn't a runner figured out where and when that was the underworld would have hell to pay.

If we give things a little more thought we tend to pick the Rubber Suit or some invented locale (the ones that get torched or shot up).
The Question
The Jackals Lantern...
The Grifter
later he got himself a yacht for pirate-fighting reasons)

What better reason for a yacht?
I always liked the Rubber Suit. It had cool flavor.
My group used to meet at a place we made up called Uncle Benny's Steakhouse. Imagine Uncle Benny from Lethal Weapon 4. Now change him from Chinese to Japanese, and make him a fixer associated with the Yakuza. He ran the place and served as our primary fixer. The restaurant served both great Japanese food as well as good traditional steaks. We'd go there for food as often as we would for business.
The team in my current campaign has been doing their meets at the Waffle Bunker in Touristville. They're about as small time as it gets.
Basil's Faulty Bar was a favourite in a past game. "Oh don't mind him, he's from Tenochtitlan." wink.gif
I'm trying to move my players to a bar called "The End," which is short for "The End of Civilization." A bar made for runners run by a former runner. The place is equipped with small rooms that the patrons can rent for meetings that include white noise generators, bug scanners, signal jammers, limited access matrix hookups, and soundproofing. It includes a capable wait staff, magical as well as cybered bouncers, a variety of musical acts depending on the night you attend, a wall of remembrance dedicated to fallen or lost runners, a part-time street doc in the back, and some stiff prices to offset the various perks used to settle runner paranoia. The only problem for the players is that they're not well known enough yet to get in, but they're working on it.

But for right now it seems that they're mostly meeting at a place that was an off the cuff creation from one of the players, called "Paco's Tacos and Oil Change".
We are geeting draged to a place called the Den. It is a bar frequented the the larger metahuman types. Someone said something about poetry. We are truly scared.
The Grifter
Paco's Tacos and Oil Change

I love that. Mind if I steal it?
I tend to do my runs from varying canon places (Fenris Nacht and Dante's Inferno), but am seriously contemplating creating the Mended Drum in Redmond....home of Barbarian Heros and magickal users alike and host to the band "Soul Musik."
Swing Kid
A good place to meet adepts is at Ninja Burger.
QUOTE (Swing Kid)
A good place to meet adepts is at Ninja Burger.

LOL! Now I am so tempted to use that if I ever get a game started.
QUOTE (Snoof)
QUOTE (Smiley)
Let's not forget the Grizzly Grunion, best bar in the Redmond Z Zone. They have the best Burn in all of Seattle.

Isn't that like saying, "the best inoperable brain damage in all Seattle"?


Sure, the place is a bit rough, but with the kind of clientele the Grunion attracts, there's no safer place.
Swing Kid
QUOTE (Catsnightmare)
QUOTE (Swing Kid @ Apr 18 2005, 07:08 PM)
A good place to meet adepts is at Ninja Burger.

LOL! Now I am so tempted to use that if I ever get a game started.
Hopefully not with a Frisbee.
For meeting Mr. Johnson it is typically wherever he says unless we have reason to suspect an ambush.

For planning we primarily meet at homebrewed establishments which consist of little more than a moderately humorous name attached to a descriptor running from really seedy to not especially seedy. Tipsy McStaggers (ripped off from The Simpson's) is one that we were frequenting until a couple of people in the group acquired the enmity of a certain german great dragon. Now it is typically One-Armed Kate's or at a safehouse someplace.

for us the faves are,



And a random stuffer shack if we are short on time. biggrin.gif

Hell we got a meet in the needle that was class! cool.gif

torz x
Digital Heroin
My re-occuring club of choice is Alien Games... and anyone who can name where I scammed the name/concept from gets a cookie...
Is it from Butt ugly Martians episode 23 by any chance?

torz x rotate.gif
QUOTE (The Grifter)
Paco's Tacos and Oil Change

I love that. Mind if I steal it?

Not at all. It's not even mine, like I said, a player created it in game, so feel free, I'm sure he won't mind.
Home grown for the most part with the occasional appearance put in at one of the canon locations - Matchsticks, Sybrespace, The Skeleton.

Of the home growns the three that get used the most often are as follows

The Iron Maiden - A definite dive of a place, it's an old warehouse in the Redmond Barrens in the Bargain Basement area that's been converted - sort of - by it's owner, a massive female troll who used to be a bodyguard before she retired from the game - her nickname and the name of the bar are one and the same - she's packing every piece of damage absorbing cyber and bio she could squeeze in.
The bar consists of trestle tables covered with drop cloths which are tied together with rope, the stools have been set into the concrete floor with six inch bolts to prevent them being used as missiles - the juke box in the corner is a battered monstrosity from sometime back in the 20's. The bouncer is a massively overweight troll by the name of Tank who doesn't bother to hit people who start trouble - he just runs into them and crushes them under the who knows how many extra hundreds of pounds his sumo like build packs. Noisy at the best of times, cacophonous at others it nevertheless proves remarkably popular - the illegal fights out the back and the betting on them draws a regular crowd.

The Pit - A small bar in the Purity region of Redmond, it's owned by Fingers O'Rourke, a 20 something ork who made his pile as a street sam in the 40's. These days he's a fixer who's specialty is in finding the right person for the right job - though he also has extensive connections with the smugglers of the Cascade Orks and is no mean hand at aquiring just what you were after - for a price.
The bar itself is a shotgun arrangement - bar on the right, booths lining the wall to the left and not that much space between the two. The beer isn't the greatest, the vermin is ample and the walls are stained yellow from who knows how many decades of cigarette smoke. Fingers has a small office behind the bar - and several basement rooms for temporary rent as well as (to the players anyway) an unknown number of other rooms containing who knows what down there to boot.
Security is light - because if you fuck with Fingers or the Pit, if he don't get to you the troll with the Enfield AS7 50 round drum mag and all the bells and whistles and the insanely fast elf with the twin Supermach 100's he has for bodyguards will.

Greasy Bens - A diner run by a dwarf, Ben Davies - who in spite of the name of the diner actually has something of an obsession with clean and neat. The only eatery the local Health Inspectors never bother with, simply because after 30 years, they know if any place is up to spec, it's Greasy Bens. Located on the border of the Kingsgate area where it edges into bellevue it's popular with the blue collar set and open from 5am to 9pm, 7 days a week.
The menu's uninspired but the portions are generous - he does an all you can eat for 20 nuyen on his scrambled, soysausage, soybacon and unlimited coffee - even for trolls - provided the troll brings a non-troll friend. The decor is plain black and white macroplast and plastics.
Ben himself doesn't say much but he sees a lot - if you're a regular he'll take the time to get to know you and if he likes you (not something that happens often - cute ork girls with blonde hair seem to be the ones that get his affection mostly but he has all sorts of people for friends) he'll drop all sorts of tidbits of information on you in return for a tip or a trade - for a lot of money he might even store stuff for you in his coldroom - but you better be a really good friend of his.

Well I ran with one group that met at Doc Hack' Country Club. A misnomer if one ever existed. A fairly decent Restuarant/Bar/StripClub/Amusement Park run by one Doc Hack. Doc is a college educated Ork with three PhD's from University of Seattle as well as his MD from the same. Prices were reasonable, the girls/men were clean, and Jack (troll shadow mechanic) kept the go carts idling at about warp three. Little did the group know that all the joygirls and joyboys were wired with sim recorders for Doc's other business, BTL porn. Two of the runners actually had a secret fan club of women who slotted the BTL's that featured performances by them. I miss that bar. Hell I miss running Doc Hack.
A couple of names from recent runs:

In Seattle: The Chop Shop.
You DONT want to pass out drunk here unless you´ve brought a couple of friends to watch your back.

In Chicago: Two Pots of Piss.
What can I say, they make thieir own beer in the cellar. Beer is a nuYen a tankard. The good stuff (lousy bourbon) is 50 nuYen a bottle. You can get anything you long as its homebrewn beer or bad bourbon.

Edit: And in the corner you can see Lola the Hooker (and something more) and Joel "Guns R Us" (with his 9 legions of lice). Parked out back is Joels bucket of rust with his local stock of arms etc. BTW dont think of lifting stuff from his Van. That´d be..unfortunate.
Im also guilty of using 'Syzlak's Tavern' as a dive. biggrin.gif It's owner is a rather surly old man...

I like the Doc Hack's idea as well, hehehe...that's clever.
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