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So, Swing's correct. You were arguing against gay bashing. Except you weren't. You were pissing all over anyone who dares take offense at someone using gay as a derogatory on the internet. Of course, I'm too stupid to understand what your post was about, but hey, keep dancing.
The Grifter
Ah, the wise one has opened his mouth again. All hail!

Anyway, I'm done arguing with your stupid ass, and I apologize to everyone that what could have been a cool thread has degenerated into this nonsense, which I helped contribute to. But I wasn't alone.

Again, apologies, carry on everyone.
I think all of you using the word "bashing" in a negative light are defaming most of my name and I'll ask you to stop or I'll have my lawyer send you a ceace and decist. wink.gif biggrin.gif

I think everyone needs to just take a deep breath, and get back to posting something constructive (like bashing that queer-ass SR4) !!
Shanshu Freeman
The comedy is present in this thread.
The Grifter
Oh yeah. Our wacky hijinks never end.
Swing Kid

See here:
Imagine this with an in-deck fan instead of the leaf blower, add two giant fins at the edges for turning and maintaining direction, and some gyros for maintaining course.
The ramifications on stunts performed with a hoverboard would also be pretty interesting. Consider, for example, that if the gyros were (momentarily) disabled, one could simply turn around without changing direction. This would allow for: A. 360 degree spins without leaving the ground, B. easy firing at anything behind you, and C. Stopping or changing direction by re-activating the gyros when you reach your preferred direction. Moreover, the low friction would allow for VERY high speeds; wind resistance would be the only thing keeping you from accellerating indefinitely, perhaps improving the movement rate multiplier to somewhere between 7 and 9. Although recoil would, initially, appear to be a major problem, the gyros I specified earlier would make recoil pretty much equivalent to that of firing while running on solid ground.
The tech for all this is pretty feasible, too. Carbon honeycomb mesh, high-discharge lithium-ion-polymer batteries, and high-torque outrunner brushless motors are easily obtained in today's market. (Of course, battery life would need to increase tenfold for a hoverboard to be usable for more than twenty minutes on a charge). Although miniature, low-power gyroscopes do not yet exist, they are quite clearly obtainable in the SR universe; what do you think drives such gadgetry as the gyro-mount?
Swing Kid
Now we are talking
The Grifter
All this talk of fans and motors makes me think of the skateboards the Ninja Turtles had.
As long as we're on the topic of "cool stuff you can do with a hoverboard", let's list a few more maneuvers:
1. In the middle of a high-speed chase, it's possible for one to grab on to the edge of a passing automobile and be pulled along by it, or use a lasso or grappling device to grab on. This would make for interesting high-speed chases, as the PC would be able to move from car to car and hijack opponents, or simply attach what I've nicknamed a "sticky bomb": A large offensive grenade or satchel charge covered with a large number of neodiyum-iron-boron (rare-earth) magnets.
2. You can do the same thing as above..but with boats. Hovercrafts and other SEVs can easily travel over water or swampy territory with no movement penalties. This makes boarding enemy ships much easier; attach a line, and simply reel yourself in.
3. REALLY fast PCs. A physad with a quickness of 9 would be moving at over 250 kph., according to my estimates. Although one would likely incur massive handling penalties for moving this fast, a hoverboard with powerful enough gyros could maintain a straight enough course for a substantial period of time. And you can't rule out the possiblity of shamans, either; a force 8 spirit acting on the forementioned PC would skyrocket him or her to over Mach 2!
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