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Full Version: Weapon Concealability
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Did I say box-cutters? There aren't many legitimate needs for a box-cutter on a plane out side of a flight attendant needing into a box. However a set of fingernail clippers actually has a use on a plane.
Whether or not it has a legitimate use should only be considered after considering whether or not it's a threat. I don't care how little use there is for it, if it's no threat there's no business banning it.

But all of this is neither here nor there unless we want to start extrapolating similar measures in 2050+.

Plains are a different issue, on plains a zero tolerance policy is necessary (if highly illogical rules at this time). Maybe even in schools (although it pains me that future generations wonít be able to bring a nob of salami for lunch).

There has however been talk of banning pocket knives for scouts. I mean come on.

Also in general public places. It is a sad day when you cant sit in a park and cut cheese and salami for crackers because your knife is over 6cm in length. Although it is not enforced most of the time unless youíre behaving suspiciously this type of picnic is illegal in Australia today (and donít say cut the cheese and salami before you go out, it goes slimy and funny if you do).

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