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I just thought I let you people know:
Do a search:

The discussion pretty much tells it all.
Swing Kid
FYI - I have been trying to get this set up for a week or so. I already had Neverwinter Nights, but when I installed it it required the Expansion, Shadows of Undrentide. So, I picked up the expansion off of Ebay, and yesterday I got it in. Anyway, when I installed it, it now tells me that I need the Hordes of the Underdark expansion. So, I am now awaiting that Expansion.

Point - Just wanted to help anyone who wants to play the mod from having to find out one step at a time that the expansions are needed. If you can get the NW set that has all three, then it will save you alot of headaches.

BTW - The link on this thread to the SRN profile was a great link. I can't wait to get my HotU upgrade. This looks like it is going to rock. Damn, why won't Microsoft get off their asses and make a all-out SR VGame???????
Note that the module doesn't necessarily need SoU and HotU to run, depending on what resources are used. It's just that when the Toolset saves, it "flags" a module as requiring the expansions if they are installed on your computer. These flags can be removed, allowing a module that says that it requires SoU and HotU resources to play to be opened in a NWN-only toolset or client, with varying results depending on what game resources are used (i.e. if the mod uses the Underdark tileset, then you absolutely need HotU).
Swing Kid
OK, I'll bite.

I don't have HotU just yet, but everything is installed and ready. Without the expansion, how do I play it?

This is Lilac Soul's info changer, which manipulates the "expansion required" flags for both modules and ERF files.
Wow. I haven't played NWN in over a year, but I'll try this out. Is it any good?
Wounded Ronin
Hey, you know what would be fun? A shadowrun mod for Max Payne 1. It would be all about the atmosphere...
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