QUOTE (Brahm @ Mar 8 2006, 12:55 AM)
I'm sure I don't think it works as you no doubt have decided it works. I am sure you have contrived several ways for it to be useless.

That's is the strange part. I don't see it as useless at all, even without your bizzare idea about an astral barrier as a device and pushing past it as using or operating the barrier.

I put a disclaimer on that specific use as pushing the limits when I proposed it. However, I'll propose an analogy.

Imagine the Star Trek away team finds an artifact in an ancient temple That turns out to be dual natured. When they try to leave, a force field (astral barrier/ward) blocks them. They whip out their tricorder (Analyze Device Spell) and see how they can align <insert technobabble here> to get the artifact through the barrier without the barrier self-destructing the temple if destroyed.