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Full Version: What's Up with FanPro?
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Are you using Firefox, or Explorer?

I get that login server down error repeatedly on Firefox.

I moved over to Explorer, and it seems to work.

Course, anything that requires IE gets 5 demerits in my book.
James McMurray
yeah, the non-java side is a lie. are you at work? you might be getting blocked. my brain isn't working well enough at the moment to say how, other than that it probably involves at least one of the following: firewalls, ports, and weasels.

just double-checked, i can login okay with IE (though i had to disable two pop-up blockers to do it).
James McMurray
I'll try again tonight when I can try multiple browsers and not be at work.
I forgot to disable weasels. Silliy me.
James McMurray
I was wrong. RPoL does have chat, I've just never had a reason to use it so I never noticed it existed.
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