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How could I? wink.gif

But I didn't think of the possibility that it turned into a topic that's so interesting. Stupid me.
You missed the best chucks of a Frank Trollman Physics arguement. try and keep this back on track is there also a possible ED connection comming back. ED dragon Charcoalgrin lost some people it was fond of in an astral pocket. Could that astral pocket open up again and deliver those lost to the 6th world because of mars being the closest it can be to earth?

Or are the remains of those lost on Mars?

Comments or other speculation?
How many Great Dragons have been statted out, anyway? I know that several *regular* ones have, but of the Greats, is Rhonabwy the only one? There's, I *think* 35 mentioned in all, (But for some reason I want to say that they used to say that there could only be twelve ... odd... my memory's confused I guess) but I think that Rhon and I think *maybe* Masaru are it. If unstatted, Masaru, I'd wager, is the baseline Great Dragon template stuck onto his type, since he's the newest and rawest Great.

Rhon, tho, let's see. Converting to 4th ed, he'd have a Magic rating of 16 or 17, which would imply 6-ish levels of Initiation., with as many as 12 if he only upped his Magic on half of those. I'd split it, call him a Intiate Grade 9, and would feel pretty safe about it.
If there mentioned in Dot6W as a great then there is no arguement I think only 12 were mentioned as greats and the rest were just singing back up.
QUOTE (ChicagosFinest)
ED dragon Charcoalgrin lost some people it was fond of in an astral pocket.

Charcoalgrin is looking for this astral pocket, actually. In one of those pockets Parlainth tried to survive the Scourge (that didn't work out well), while some magicians of the city travelled into astral space during the Scourge - and were never seen again.
So the dragon is searching for these wizards, 'cause she hopes to find her lover in of the pockets. But afaik she doesn't hold anyone in any pocket.
So the question is. Is Charcoalgin in SR and if so is she still looking for it?
Grinder, you need to go back a page or two where we do confirm that any post about dragons does eventually digress to a chat about IE's.

I think Rhonabwy is the only one that was ever actually statted. Check out Prime Runners. Cool book
QUOTE (fistandantilus3.0 @ Nov 8 2006, 01:40 PM)
I think Rhonabwy is the only one that was ever actually statted.

Well, there was that pathetic attempt at statting Dunkenstein way back in Dragon Magazine's evil past ... eek.gif

Wasn't there also a minor Great in Paradise Lost? Naheka?
no, that was Ryumyo's vassal, who had horrible stats. naheka
Yeah, I know the stats were shit, but for some reason I recall it being said that vassal or not, Naheka was a (young/new/insignificant/stupid) Great Dragon.
Nope, although he was from the last age , when he followed Mujaji. I think he had like 400 years to go. he died when we played it. Bad rolls, and a helicopter with rockets.
QUOTE (fistandantilus3.0)
he died when we played it.

I think he died when everybody played it. biggrin.gif
At least if they went of the bokoed stats. i acutally started a whole thread to improve his stats when I first got the run. Luckily (for me) someone else in our group ran it. Sadly, my little dwarf decker didn't do jack, except get some drones scrapped.
QUOTE (ChicagosFinest)
So the question is. Is Charcoalgin in SR and if so is she still looking for it?

Depends on what happened to Parlainth after the 4th world ended.
Maybe that is why teleportation spells never work is that they blocked them in the past. They all ended up on Mars with no air!
Naheka lives in an awkward place:
  • Too big to be inconvenienced by standard anti-personnel weaponry.
  • Too small to survive a serious attack with anti-vehicular weaponry.
  • Too stupid to know Physical spells.

It's not a good combination. There's really nothing you can do to seriously fight Neheka that wouldn't leave him as a red stain across the volcano. He can't beat a missile target lock and he can't survive a missile hit. Basically he's just waiting for the modern world to start playing for keeps and then he's dead.

But no, he wasn't a great feathered serpent, he was a regular feathered serpent. Although frankly, I suspect that a lot of Great Dragons would go down the same way if they ever left themselves in a position where the modern world put on an angry face.

IEs are pretty much in the same boat, except that since they look just like normal people, they can usually avoid their enemies resorting to anti-vehicular attacks long enough to run the fuck away.

Well... Me being a space time geek.

A. who wrote the story line and are they still a freelancer for FanPro.

B. Would you think a magical space time pocket would hold people there pretty safely regardless of if magic waxed and waned? It was ment to protect aginst the scourge so I'm guessing it was a time warp that held time still while they waited to see who won the battle. (very Terminator like).

Which story line, Parlainth/Charcoalgrin? Because that wasn't fanpro, that was Fasa, since picked up by LivingRoom Games (2nd ed) and Reb Brick Games (ED classic).
Correct, even though RedBrick doesn't plan to further the metaplot in the near future. They're concentrating on updating and collection the old sourcebooks and to release some new metaplot-light adventures (like the Sahrds series or Ardaynyans Revenge).

I recommened everyone who's playing or GM Earthdawn to pick the Players and Gamemaster Compendium, both books are beautiful work and very very good.
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