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as far as i understood heavy or medium machine guns could be build as miniguns . . and heavy machineguns can also take the HV upgrade if i am not mistaken . . so why would one not be able to combine those two?

as for the man portable miniguns:

[ Spoiler ]
Daier Mune
SMGs and ARs can be HV. Lt, Md, and Hv machine guns can be miniguns. neither can be both. i would assume they're two very different feed mechanisms.
QUOTE (Daier Mune @ Feb 16 2008, 12:59 PM) *
Raven, i salute you, sir. congradulations on breaking the game.

most people fail to realize that the challenges in shadowrun are not combat oriented. so making an uber combat monster is not breaking the game. whenever he fires everyone is going to hear it. most of the time its going to be stun damage and he can just lay down a hail of fire for his buddies. (suppressive fire from two weapons)
Raven Bloodeyes
Bows deeply..... nah, there's a lot that ain't broken, a manabolt to the eye will take her down right quick!!!

I didn't see any rules on how to convert the bigguns to miniguns though, just a mention in the minigun box that you could?? Did I miss it? Anybody got a reference?
Arsenal Page 152 has this to say:
High Velocity (Full Auto-Capable Weapons Only): This
turns the firearm into a high velocity weapon (see High-Velocity
Weapons, p. 26).

and i'd say a gatling/minigun is full-auto only or am i reading this wrong? O.o
But no, i can't seem to find any rules as to make your own minigun from an L/M/HMG . .
QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Feb 16 2008, 05:13 PM) *
something i'd been meaning to ask . . could one shoot one wide burst to make dodging harder for target and then shoot one narrow to get more damage while the target still has a low dodge pool?

No, any such penalty is only for one attack. Only the "defended before" modifier carries over.
ah,okay, i was wondering if that one had been overlooked because nobody thought that this would happen too often *g*
It will not happen to often, except in the case of spirits. Those get pretty impressive dodge pools.

And the build is hardly broken - if your GM accepts a char with a DP for firearms that "survives" splitting, he/she should be prepared for serious fights anyway. Not acceptable for most campaigns, sure. I like the option of developing this trick over time. While the mage and adept initiate, and the hacker starts becoming a normal samurai, the real samurai can still be the firebase of the team.
Raven Bloodeyes
So, I went for it and statted out a character I actually won't mind playing from CharGen...his background and flaws would make it quite.... interesting.... he still has nice split dice pools though and some fun guns and all:


He was the child of a few Israeli soldiers, who were actually covert ops agents, but they both died in the line of duty. Due to the training he gave them and his enlistment in the army, he soon unknowingly followed in their footsteps. They outfitted him with some cyberware to help get the job done, and he has relied on the accompanying skillwires ever since.
Now an ex-covert Ops Agent for Israel, he was disavowed in his last failure and his identity lost in the Crash 2.0.
He got severely burned from explosions in the firefight that fateful night, especially to his arms as he shielded his face. He was left for dead and failed his mission. He lost his arms to the resulting bout with gangrene and infections. He swears a long-deceased fellow agent, named Spyder came and saved him that night and still has his back on runs to this day.
After recovering, he became a freelancer security operative and part-time shadowrunner, and saved up enough money to get his 'ware put in and his equipment. He always felt a little behind the curve though, and sought what he could to get an edge, finding himself freqeuntly using Cram to get a rush and feel up to the task at hand.

Metatype: Elf (30 BP)
Attributes (210 BP)
Bod: 3 Str: 2 Agi: 4(11)* Rea: 4(6)
Log: 3 Int: 4 Cha: 4 Wil: 2
Edge: 3 Ess: 1
Natural Low Light Vision--lost to cyber eyes
*-with arms (due to cyberarms)

Qualities (0 BP)
Aptitude (Automatics) (10 BP)
Ambidextrous (5 BP)
Genetic Heritage: Genetic Optimization (Agi) (10 BP), 0.2 Ess as bioware
Martial Art: Krav Maga (2) (10 BP)
--Take Aim is a free action
--reduce "attacker in melee combat" modifier by 1
Delusion (-10 BP): Imaginary friend: Spyder [...always has his back, so he takes risks, or thinks Spyder will do something for him...]
Phobia (Moderate, Fires) (-10 BP)
Addiction (Moderate, Cram) (-10 BP)
Weak Immune System (-5 BP) [from all the 'ware]

Total 'Ware: -5 Ess; 182,850Y

Cyberware (-4.7 Ess subtotal)
2 Cyberarms (Synthetic, full arms): 2 Ess, 77,500 Y total
--customized to Agi: 8, Str: 6, Bod: 3
--Gyromounts and Agility Mod (3) [up to Agi: 11]
Cybereyes (Rating 3): 0.4 Ess, 9350Y
--Flare comp, Low-light, smartlink, protective covers, vision mag., vision enhancement (3)
Ultrasound Sensor: 0.3 Ess, 6000Y
Move-by-Wire (Rating 1): 2 Ess, 50000Y

Bioware (-0.6 Ess subtotal)
Reflex Recorder (Automatics): 0.1 Ess, 10000Y
Synthacardium (Rating 3): 0.3 Ess, 30000Y

Skills (134 BP):
Automatics (SMGs): 7(+2) [+1 from Reflex Recorder]
Dodge (Ranged): 4(+2) [+1 from Move-by-Wire]
Stealth Group: 3
Intimidation: 3
Perception: 4 [+3 from cybereyes for visual]
Computers: 2
Athletics: 2 [+3 from Synthacardium]

Knowledge Skills: (21 free ranks)
English: N
Hebrew (Modern): 3
Arabic: 3
Firearm Design: 3
Corporate Security Procedures: 3
Military Tactics: 3
Mercenary Hang-outs: 2
Cram Dealers: 2
Old Flat Screen Movies: 2

Contacts (16 BP):
Conneley: Street Doc Loy: 4 Conn: 2
Fargo: Fixer Loy: 2 Conn: 3
Bruno: Gunsmith Loy: 2 Conn: 3

Gear (total 50 BP including ware, leaves 67,150 Y after 'ware): [67150Y spent to a T]
Custom Guns (from Bruno, named by Two-guns himself):
---See: this thread:
--2 x Ludicrous Speed, 5900Y total [no recoil {if his gyromunt and Str are included}, high velocity SMGs]
--8 clips of Tracers for L.S., 3600Y
--1 x Romulan Warbird, 4000Y [very quiet, high velocity SMG]
--3 Clips of EX/EX for Warbird, 1200Y
--1 x The Stuff, 4470Y [briefcase SMG in custom case for concealability in business situations]
--3 clips of subsonic rounds for The Stuff, 360Y
--1 x Binky, 8010Y [highly concealable machine pistol he brings everywhere]
--3 clips of Hi-C for Binky, 1800Y
Form Fitting Body Armor (Half-Body Suit) 4/1 900Y
Synergist Business Line (Long Coat) 4/2 1300Y
Cram (4 doses) 40Y

All identities: 10620 Y
Fake SIN (4, "Micheal Darling")
--Fake License (4, Cyberware)
--Fake License (4, Firearms {similar, legal kinds})
--Fake License (4, Carry and Conceal)
Fake SIN (3, "Zachariah Kirk")
--Fake License (3, Cyberware)
--Fake License (3, Firearms {similar, legal kinds})
--Fake License (3, Carry and Conceal)
Fake SIN (2, "Daniel Soon")
--Fake License (2, Cyberware)
--Fake License (2, Firearms {similar, legal kinds})
--Fake License (2, Carry and Conceal)

1 Month Low Lifestyle 2000Y

Main Commlink:
Sony Emperor (customized): total: 8300Y
4700 Resp5, Sig3
Firewall 5, 2500Y
System 3, 600Y
w/ Subvocal Mic (50Y), Trodes (50Y), Microtransceiver (5) (1000Y), Skinlink (50Y)

Disposable Commlinks
2 x Sony Emperors w/ Renraku Ichi 2/2/2/3sig 1300Y ea (2600 Y total)

Skillsofts: [@ Rating 2 --> 6000Y ea]
Etiquette 2
Demolitions 2

"You have to dress for success, my friend"
About Binky: "Kids don't go anywhere without theirs...I don't go anywhere without mine."
"Do you hear that? That, there, are they coming for us?!"
"Spyder, will take the left flank, I'll take the right. That leaves you guys the center. No problems, right?"
"No flamethrowers! No fireballs! No frickin' fire elementals! Nada, zilch, zero, you copy!"
"Now for the fun part" <click, click>
"Gimme that NOW! Or I shoot you A LOT!, I don't care that it's bad for me, just gimme it!"

--4 long bursts per IP with 3 IPs (if hopped up on Cram)
--pools with Ludicrous Speeds: 13/12, 13/12 [+1/+1 at short range due to Taking Aim]
--no range mods due to Take Aim as a free action + vision mod
--remember Ultrasound sensors...
--Someone in melee range, take a one-handed full burst at 'em, before going back to two hands
--Silenced Warbird with one hand if more discretion is needed OR even "The Stuff" briefcase gun [pool w/ it: 23]
--With concealed holsters built into the Long coat, weapons therein get -4 Concealability, here's where "Binky" comes in
--trodes under his formal hat, combined with skinlink and smartlink to talk to weapons mentally and all...
--dodge pool: 13 for ranged attacks... (has option of Gymnastic Dodge, but it isn't as good...yet...]
FYI it has been mentioned in Augmentation but "some" SURGE Changeling's in the India subcontinent, have more than two arms with hands.

Issue is the major Corps would not be trying to kill a 4+ armed gunslinger,,,they would "prefer" to capture you, perform, exhaustive and painful examinations to attempt to figure out the neural structure so they can use it for cyberlimbs etc.

Such a character would be more popular/sought after than a bus load of hookers at a Shriner's Convention.

Otherwise nice build.

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