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Full Version: Hate of gunbunnies?
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*repeatedly inflicts injury upon Rattler for the indescribably stupid yet horribly inevitable pun*
Now, here is a picture of a gunbunny... << exasperated look sleepy.gif >> No, no, Leona, I said gun bunny! << sigh >> Sorry about that, folks.
Or, the inevitable otaku/gunbunny combo.
Yeah yeah, we can all do this. wink.gif
...... I despise you all *shudder*....gun bunnies...gunbunnies everywhere!!!!!.....easter is gonna be a beyatch
rotfl.gif @ Moirdryd...
QUOTE (Centurion @ Jan 5 2004, 08:37 AM)
Or, the inevitable otaku/gunbunny combo.

How dare you!!!

That's a character from Ichigeki Sacchuu!! HoiHoi-San - one of MediaWorks many successful titles.

She's far superior to any Gunbunny... smile.gif
Ah, anime taking over this thread too.
How long till this forum will be renamed "Anime and sometimes Shadowrun forum"
Not a bad thing though.

Oh, that was rhetorical question.
The reason there is so much hate out there for the gunbunny is not so much that the character is munched-out, min/maxed, or even unbalanced in the use of firearms. But everybody remembers the time that the GM needed the group to think/talk something through but the gunbunny got it into his/her wascally wittle 'ead that s/he could expedite the situation with a well placed/quickdrawn shot... Usually to the detriment of all and the following explanation. "Awww, that idea worked in Speed..."
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