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Full Version: Bone Lacing
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QUOTE (Diesel)
Perhaps it was a stepfather deal? Don't call on people with that stuff, its just not nice.

Well, it was a confusing turn of phrase... and please don't use f*ck, it's not nice either.
my take is that bone laceing contain a form of nanite hive whos only tasks is to rebuild the lace if the bone is damaged in some way. same can be said about dermal armor and dermal sheath to or you have to stop by a doc to have it replaced every time you get shot and the armor didnt work...

and as for what gets coverd? most likley most of the larger bones, like arm and leg bones, ribs and skull. maybe the small bones in the hands. what is the chance of a small bone being hit to any effect if there is a larger chance that a large bone gets it?
QUOTE (Fortune)
Because it isn't his dad, maybe? It could possibly be his mother's husband, a person she married after she and his dad were no longer together. He might not like the term 'step-dad'. smile.gif

Bingo. smile.gif
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