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If the thing worked maybe. Most of the things I've read about it have been nearly all critical citing rising costs and it still not being anywhere near to working. :/
IF the Stryker worked as designed, it would be cool. The goal of the design was a closely-related family of vehicles deployable in combat ready form from a C-130. The fire support version doesn't even fit in a C-130, and the others do but are too heavy to deploy unless you remove armor panels, crew, and some other fundamentals. When they get there, they're not ready to deploy which really defeats the purpose.

Only four of the eight wheels are run-flat / auto-inflating, which hampers the design. It's painfully slow off-road. The armament is extremely light, and can't be reloaded from within the vehicle. Something like 90% of soldiers can't operate in a Stryker because the ergonomics are so screwed up that only little dudes can fit inside. The wheel wells are vulnerable to light machine gun fire, and the whole vehicle is vulnerable to RPGs without extra ceramic plating which adds so much weight that the vehicle is hampered even more off-road and can't be airlifted. The armament of the fire-support model is extremely screwed up, the chassis can't handle the recoil. Etc. Etc. Etc. The profile is much higher than the vehicle it's replacing and yet there's less usable interior space. I can't remember everything I read about it, but this ought to be a start as to why I don't like it. smile.gif

The electronics system is actually quite cool, but could be retrofitted into most vehicles.

The original design and idea was great, but the implementation leaves a lot to be desired.
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