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Doc Chase
The gland is...Eh. It's good to have if you're beat to crap, there's one nasty left and you know that someone will be on hand to pour you into a wheelbarrow and get out of there.
QUOTE (Cyberjocky @ Jul 28 2010, 03:47 PM) *
I'm not sure about the nano when I read in the book that one needed my character to foucs without distractions and other only worked if I wasnt doing anything stressful.... I think the GM may claim breaking and entering is stressful.

If you're character makes a living doing B&E jobs, then it shouldn't be (overly) stressful. If it is called into question, do a composure test to see if you can remain calm enough to get the benefit of the nanites.
Okay that's the same situation I was wanting it for "the only if I had more dice to roll situations."
Dakka Dakka
QUOTE (Cyberjocky @ Jul 28 2010, 10:13 PM) *
May put my last point into Edge
Only Physical and Mental Attributes are capped at 200 BP. Special Attributes (MAG, RES, EDG) aren't.

QUOTE (Cyberjocky @ Jul 28 2010, 10:13 PM) *
- Bone Density Augmentation (Rating 4) +4 Body 80,000 -1.2 essence Basic Bioware
BDA does not increase BOD. It only increases BOD for damage resistance tests, meaning it is subject to the maximum augmented attribute cap but only applies to damage resistance. It does not give more damge boxes or help resist toxins or let you recover quicker from injuries.

QUOTE (Cyberjocky @ Jul 28 2010, 10:13 PM) *
Is this solid enough stat wise?
I'd increase BOD and DEX, and use all of the allowed 200 BP, After CharGen Attributes are too expensive. What do you need CHA 5 for? In your first post you list no skills linked to CHA that you want to have.
Yes the character has changed from the first post as a response to post hence the Cha now is 5.

The Bone Density I didn't notice that but it doesnt change why I took it I will just need to clarify it isn't a bonus to the stat so much as it is a bonus to the main reason I took it and that is for DMG resistance.

And Awesome I can pump up edge with what ever is left.
Saint Sithney
QUOTE (Cyberjocky @ Jul 28 2010, 01:30 PM) *
Okay that's the same situation I was wanting it for "the only if I had more dice to roll situations."

Well, if you look at the list of skills Neural Amplifier Nanites help with, there are not too many in the combat arena.

You've got Intuition:

Disguise <- need dice here since it's countered by Perception which has lots of cheap bonuses
Interests Knowledge
Perception <- pretty key
Shadowing <- also need dice here since it's countered by Perception
Street Knowledge

and Logic:

Academic Knowledge
Aeronautics Mechanic
Automotive Mechanic
Data Search <- Everybody loves [blank]
Demolitions -> Disarming a ticking bomb, no. Calculating placement to maximize damage, sure, why not?
Electronic Warfare
First Aid <- Everybody loves [blank]
Industrial Mechanic
Hacking -> Makes basic stuff like probing and cakewalks easier, but won't help you when you're hacking on the fly or messing with the serious stuff.
Hardware <- essential for B&E
Nautical Mechanic
Professional Knowledge

So, it's a lot of help for a truely reasonable pricetag. You don't need this for start-up, but it's some choice gear to pick up along the way.
Dakka Dakka
I still wonder why CHA above 1-3 is needed.
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