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Would it be too expensive to make the sabot self-destruct (burn away, for example) after it's been fired? If it's made of 2 pieces, it could be a chemical reaction triggered by the 2 pieces separating.

And even if it was possible, would any ammo manufacturers do it? Do they mind the discarded sabots much?
I think that it would definitely be possible to do, but I don't think any company would do it. I dont see any market in specifically untracable sabots. I would probably let a player make their own with a sufficient level of <weapon>B/R and chemistry.
I have a freind who pioneered Isotope tagging of chamicals. They can trace most chemicals back to a batch today if it is likely to be used in bombs. (he made it rich when th OK bombing happened and the Fed mandated iso-tagging of all chemicals that could reasoably be used in bomb making)

basically, a specific porportion of some set of isotopes is added to the chemical during manufacture, when the chemical is used in an explosion, they can trace the isoope porportions in the explosion back to the original chemical batch.

this can be defeated by mixing multiple batches, or by cleaing the isotopes out (harder) or by combining bulk amounts of random isotopes. but today (at least) it is a fairly accurate way of tracing component chemicals of a bomb back to factory of origin and stores tha sold it.

-Mike R.
Something I liked to do for obfuscatory firearms purposes was lift weapons from other people. If I ended up in the middle of a gang war, I could supply myself with weapons for months. Careful collection can lead to weapons with someone else's prints on them. Add in the fact that lots of those people are SINless and dead. Those same weapons were used to hold-up a corner store by a 5'4" Asian guy last month, and this month were used in the "terrorist assault" on some corp facility.

Rather than just trying to create an untraceable weapon, create weapons that link multiple crimes together, but with completely different MOs, different apparent perps, etc. Sow enough confusion, and nobody can follow all the links. When you're done with them, toss them in a dumpster, harbor, incinerator, steel factory smelters, etc. Give them to a (not-so-close) friend. Sell them to a gang you don't like. Supply yourself with weapons and hose your enemies with the Star, all at the same time.
Frag-o Delux
Silly thought I had at work today. What if you put a barrel extention on your firearm that instead of having rifling it had the catalyst stuff for the stealth grapple line, and the sabot on your APDS was made from the grappel line material. Going on the thoery that once the break down of the of the grapple line material starts it goes until no more material exists. With that my idea goes. The bullet is fired when the sabot tounches the catalyst at the tip of the barrel it starts to eat, the catalyst eats the sabot, leaving the bullet in flight, also getting rid of that pesky sabot flying out and hurtng anyone, or being left behind as evidence. The sticking point in my mind making sure the sabot burns off in a uniform fashion to avoid throwing the bullet into some wierd spin ruining accuracy. Thoughts?
Crusher Bob
Your methods of reducing evidence can't bo too exotic or they become easily identifyable themselves.
Frag-o Delux
I know but I was first thinking about the effects of the sabot hitting things after firing. My GM and I had a discussion a few months ago about what happens when the sabot is disarded. I just thought of this day.
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