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Hey all.

I’m here to offer some more free Shadowrun art. I’ve done this in the past and I think it was a good experience for all involved.

Little different this time around.

I have set a goal of 36 baseball card sized portrait images. I’m keeping it strictly Shadowrun this time. Single character images.

They will be listed at double size (5 x 7) and in card form (2.5 x 3.5). Full color, shaded images. At the end I would like to make them into printable sheets, and offer them up as a free resource for NPC images etc. I need to find someone awesome to host them though smile.gif You will be credited as the player of the character on the card.

Here is a rough example:

Full size:

Card :

So if this interests you, throw your hat in the ring. I’m going to limit this run to 36 though, so first come, and first serve.

Links to old art threads:

Thanks guys!

Card List:

1. Squiddy Attack- Runt
Full image:
2. Neurosis- space holder
3. Lurkerouthere- Lifeseeker
4. Cube-Tom
5. Jen- Lively
6.Raven the Trickster- James the "Tank" Abrahams
7. Mayhem_2006- unamed
8. Tymeaus- Ananasi
9. Suog-Pyro
10. Doc Byte- Wulf
11. KCKitsune- Michael "ironhands" Ravenwood
12. MArdraz- D-cap
13. PittsburgRPGA- Silky
14. Fyndhal- Rose
15. Merlin- Rikki
16. Sparrowhawk- Musashi
17. The "King of Comments" Canray- Nas
18. Pbangarth- proffesor
19. Miri- RC
20. Makki- Bollywood
21. Crazy Ivan
22. Hunterherne- Tom
23. Nightlife
24. Bombastic- Honey
25. Explosive Donut- Mr. Black
26. GamerGurl23- nightmother
27. SqtBarnesKY- Big Whiskey
28. Vestan- Oni
29. El Fenrir- Heirophant
30. Mardrax- Shinji
Squiddy Attack
-grabs her description from the abandoned Kenshi thread.-

The Runt is relatively simple.

A human girl of about nineteen, though visually, her age is a little hard to tell -- she looks somewhere in the area of 16-20; poor health and a bad view of her face make it a bit harder to guess. She's not actually short, at five-six, but is almost always hunched over or curled up a little. She's also extremely skinny, being emaciated and undernourished on top of naturally thin-framed. She's quite an Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette (TVTropes ahoy), pasty white with a curtain of very long, straight black hair that usually covers part of her face. It's about waist-length, hasn't been cut in years.

She has a small, thin mouth and fairly large eyes, very very dark brown, with obvious dark bags (she has extremely poor sleep habits). The Runt is kind of the poster child for Too Much Caffeine and, while not really hyperactive, is usually twitching. Long-fingered, spidery hands.

She has no -obvious- ware, though (aside from skillwires and various headware) her eyes are cyber and there's a datajack about where her neck meets her skull behind her left ear. She dresses unobtrusively; ratty jeans and an off-white T-shirt advertising Miracle Shooter.

(She's a hacker, if you hadn't guessed. nyahnyah.gif Crazy smart and slightly mischievous, also.)
(RESERVED) if that's okay with you. This post to contain a character description later.
I'll toss out my missions character

Lifeseeker is a white/anglo ork originally hailing from the Tir just outside Portland. He has no obvious ware and usually dresses in a battered Docwagon jacket and a set of coveralls. He often has a full on duffel bag medkit with him as he likes to have it near to hand often sacrificing subtlety and convenience in favor of being able to respond properly in a crisis. His hair is close cropped hinting at a military background. Having a black belt in Judo and an active interest in the outdoors Lifeseeker cuts an imposing figure. Though a friendly enough sort his wild appearance can be somewhat off-putting or scary to most. (Charisma 2)

One fact that Lifeseeker conceals from most of the public at large is he is a technomancer and has incorporated those abilities in with the rest of his talents as a martial artist and driver as well as summoning his sprite allies to help against his enemies. Putting AR glyphs/windows/sprites around him would be cool especially one of a sprite in kimono/ronin garb who often serves as Lifeseeker's yojimbo in the matrix as well as the waiting hammer for people that he pulls into full VR with his resonance trodes ability. Likewise putting some AR glyphs or the like around his hands or fists would be a cool way to represent that ability visually.

Character Quote: "Like it or not I've spent so much of my life saving lives I'm not about to take them casually nor let other do so in cold blood. The flip side to that is there are some people I'm more then happy to keep from afflicting the world further."
Well, since The Runt got FURST POAST, I might as well post her surrogate sibling, and pony.

Tom is a TroLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOllish Mage of the Cinematic Tradition. Which is to say, instead of summoning elemental spirits, he summons characters from his favorite movies, He's 19 years old, but looks a bit older due to difference in relative lifespans, and is of mixed Hispanic-Caucasian decent. He's got messy black hair (always worn under a wide brimmed hat), and ram like horns. He's got a backpack big enough to hold a small human, and he always wears a movie T-Shirt under a brown leather armored TRENCHCOAT*. (Sukie Redflower, Star Wars, etc.) He's got AR enabled Glasses (For Cinema on the Go!), and despite all of this is the sane one of the team and often has to play straight man for the rest of the team.
*Runt Edit.
Squiddy Attack
(Friend of mine, Jen, who is waiting to be approved, really really wants to get in on this. I don't know if I'm allowed to reserve a spot for her, but if I can, here.)
...Runt, why did you add "Trolololo" to my description?
Squiddy Attack
Amusing, Cube. biggrin.gif

But, let's clog the thread no further.
Raven the Trickster
Also snagged from Kenshi's abandoned thread.

QUOTE (Raven the Trickster @ Jul 9 2011, 03:46 PM) *
James 'Tank' Abrams

James "Tank" Abrams comes by his name honestly. Tall even for a troll and bulked with muscle he is a very heavy combatant. He is also at home in a large number of different combat settings; from lightly armed bodyguard jobs to full military firewatch grade shootouts. He knows all about using the right tools for the job, and for him those tools are the guns and armor of his trade. Tank wears different gear depending on what job he's currently doing, but his typical day to day gear consits of a t-shirt and jeans laced with kevlar and an armored jacket. When not on the job he can often be found on the road enjoying his Harley Davidson Scorpion chopper bike. James' skin is the chocolate brown of his heritage and he keeps his head shaved bald under his bone white s-curved horns. On his cybered right shoulder he has an etched "tatoo" of a troll driving an ancient M1A2 Abrams main battle tank under the words that are his motto: "One Troll Army".

- James horns are very similar to the ones of the troll on the cover of the SR4A corebook, starting just above his eyebrows and ridged.

- James also deserted from a corporate firewatch security team mid op, so he managed to get away with heavy Milspec assault armor (repainted solid black) and a Ruhrmetall SF20 HMG with full gyro harness, so if you wanted to draw him in that it would be fun too. In that getup he also has a Onotori XFactor III gecko gripped to his right hip, an ArmTech MGL-6 on gecko gripped to his right hip, and a combat axe gecko gripped to his back over his left shoulder.

- If you go with the more standard gear for colours he usually wears either a white or wine red armored t-shirt under a black, leather look armor jacket, black jeans and heavy stomping hiking/combat boots, either riding his bike or holding either the XFactor III or a ruger super warhawk.

- His right arm if visible is fully cybered in a dark 'gunmetal' chrome with his tattoo etching on the shoulder marked in black.

- As mentioned in the description he is absolutely huge and ripped with muscle (BOD 9, STR 9 and Muscle Augmentation 2), but he still manages to be agile (AGI 5 and Muscle Toner 2). (This is an 1125 Karma build for a really high powered mini campaign).

- James also holds down semi-legitimate jobs as a freelance bodyguard and weapons trainer, so while he is badass, he can't look too wild and crazy.

A young (late teen, early twenties at most) but outwardly confident elven woman with shoulder length black hair tied back in a pony-tail. She is quite short, but has the slim, shapely figure of an olympic level gymnast and moves like a dancer. She's pretty, maybe slightly more so than the human average but that is to be expected given the slender features and high cheekbones common to the elven metatype. The effect is slightly spoiled by the non-stop gum chewing.

She is clad in tight black jeans and a beaten-up black leather motorcycle jacket, which (looking at the pattern of wear on its shoulders, knees and cuffs) is probably older than she is. It's slightly too big for her and cut for a man, not a woman. It's unzipped at the front, and beneath it she is wearing a tight black tee.

A belt is loosely hung, gunslinger-style, around her waist but it contains no holster, only an assortment of pouches. She also carries a black canvas haversack slung over her shoulder.

The very observant might notice her body armour peeking out around the neckline of her tee and at her mid-riff where the tee-shirt doesn't quite reach the top of her jeans. The extremely observant might notice the large knife-sheath that's strapped to her back but concealed under the leather jacket.

Tymeaus Jalynsfein
Lets see what I can do here...

Character Name: Ananasi

What is your characters physical size?
As a human I was of average size, fairly well built, and good looking, if I do say so myself. My transformation changed all that. When I am upright, I can attain a height of almost six feet. When I am traveling on all 8 limbs, I reach a height of about three feet, though I could extend that a bit if I chose to do so. When among humanity, I travel in a bipedal orientation; however, when actually performing missions, I tend to assume a more comfortable travel mode, utilizing all of my appendages to obtain a better platform of stability.

What is the color of the characters Hair, eyes, and skin?
Well… how to go about this? My skin, such as it is, is polished ebony, and is capable of shifting to obtain a concealing effect. It has armoring qualities, and is a bit rigid to the touch. I have no real hair, and well, my eyes are a uniform black – all 8 of them.

What is the character's general appearance (i.e., How does he dress, etc.)?
What more need to be said? I am, for all intents and purposes, a Male, humanoid spider. I have six functional arms and a pair of legs. I can use all of them for locomotion in the traditional method of that particular arachnid. My facial features are distinguished by my obvious eye cluster (again, like a spider). I also have functional extendable fangs with poison sacs. Hell, I even have the traditional spinneret’s, located somewhere about mid back. Yeah, I can’t get much more spider than that can I? When among humanity, I dress in a long, deep, concealing cloak, with a deep hood, to conceal my features from those around me. I generally wear no other clothing.

*Crosses Fingers*

Thanks for the Attention Squinky...
I'll toss my wife's character into the ring because she deserves such a treat much more than I do. (She also strikes me as more fun to draw.)


Background: It isn't easy for an Orc to get into a good college studying bio-sciences and chemistry, and if serving time in the military afterwards is the price, then sometimes you have to pay that price. But there's a difference between serving your country and taking orders from a sick animal who needed putting down.

So now she has a degree and military experience, all of which lies on a piece of paper that says "Wanted".

Now sporting meter long fiber optic hair, pyro is hiding in plain sight, a world away from the person she used to be. She's an on-skates ref with the local roller derby team (anyone with that much cyber is banned from play, but not from reffing) and her contacts are girls on that team whose "jobs" come in handy from time to time.

Orc, female, early 20's, that combination of cocky, sexy, and occasionally bruised that you'll find on so many derby girls. (Somewhere between an orc Rosie the Riveter and a Varga orc), meter Long fiber optic hair, a bio-luminescent tattoo (see below), only semi-visible cyberware would be a shock hand.
For clothing, should provide better inspiration than I can actually describe.
Weaponry tends to be an Ingram Smartgun-X and a Predator-4, but she's equally comfortable with C-4 and a detonator.
With or without a pair of quad skates (4x4, NOT inline) hanging over her shoulder, either way would work.
Tattoo: Skull with a hair bow. For an example, look at <- Their logo has a skull with hair bow on the helmet. (Note: The Omaha Rollergirls is the team my wife (IRL) refs for.)

Edit: Since you're putting "Player's Name" on the card, and since she's not a member of this forum, could we just go for "Player: Mandy" on the card?
Doc Byte
Well, as I play only one character, I'll toss him in the ring. Just giver me some time for translating the description and editing him into this post. smile.gif


Wulf aka (Canis) Lupus in Europe aka Corvus Corax in the Matrix

Race: Homo Sapiens Sapiens / north european human male
Born: 2042
High: 1,85 meters

Physique: Wulf's quite slender but with defined muscles due to his bioware and training; he has a bit more than shoulder-length saltwater bleached blond hair tied together in a ponytail and a three-day beard of the same colour; his cyber-eyes are completely jet-black. His skin tends to see a lot of sun.

Clothes: Dark green Urban Explorer Jumpsuit, black tactical vest, black Stetson cowboy hat

Background: Wulf's a norse mage who barely stopped his path down the way of the burnout. He's crammed full of cyber- and bioware ranging from alpha to beta and even delta grade and some genware. But he's a level 3 initiate as well. (Essence 2, Magic 5) His parents where working for SK and moved from Hamburg to Seattle when he was five. Upon his awakening he ran away from the corp-life, first joining a motorbike gang, later becoming a shadowrunner. He's been running the shadows for more than 10 years (represented by 480 hardly earned Karmapoints) and only recently moved to New Monaco where he started a semi-legal life as a maritime treasure hunter while doing occasional runs if they fit his profile. He has profound knowledge of european history, literature and mythology as well as of awakened flora and fauna.

Noticeable ware: Black cybereyes
Semi-noticeable ware: A datajack in the neck, single orichalcum-layerd cyberspur right, light cybergun left

Signature gun: (Modded) Ingram Smartgun X

Magical Tradition: Norse
Mentor Spirit: Odin (Wise Warrior)

Notation: Wulf's not aware that he's a latent (Sea) Drake.
Squinky, thank you for offering this. Also please check your PMs. I sent you a message

Here's what I would like done for Michael "Ironhands" Ravenwood my changeling combat medic mage.

He's small [5'6 150 lbs (body 3, str 2)], thin human, with fox ears and a fox tail [SURGE traits], 2 cyberhands (dull gray coloring), and a cyber lower right leg. His hair is black, and his fox ears and tail are gray. He wears a Ares Aces High (the WW2 version) jacket and full form-fitting body armor. His eyes are cyber (right now he has them violet with a slit iris). His personal weapons are a MGL-6 with external smartlink and an ares viper slivergun.
Squinky? You be the awesome wink.gif

Assumed character name:
Nathan "D-Cap" Ir'Eladri

Face, disguise and stealth specialist. Halfway decent in combat.

Physical description:
Nathan is a caucasian man in his mid 20s. He's a dryad, who SURGEd in his early puberty. His build is fairly frail at first sight, his movements lithe, with the unearthly grace his metavariant is known for. Both of his legs are cybered from just above the knee down. They're heavy-duty chrome, originally owned by a street sam, have their attributes maxed out, and are armoured to boot. A picture of a strip of road, flames coming off of the surface, is wrapped around the shin of one, with a big red X painted across it.

His hair is kept fairly short, to hide it changing colour with the swings of his mood under some kind of headwear. Usually this is an old school LA-Dodgers baseball cap, worn backwards. The protective cover of the single cybereye on his forehead showing nothing but chrome in the opening above its strap. He looks out at the world from underneath the rim through a pair of natural eyes, through bright blue contacts and a pair of glasses, either fairly austere and businesslike, or red and sporty. Two earrings usually adorn his right ear: a crucifix and a recycling sign. He will always be wearing a rosary around his neck, along with a respirator, in similar style as the glasses.

For clothes, he can generally be seen walking around in a complete Vashon Synergist suit, often wearing the accompanying longcoat to protect himself against the harsh Dutch weather. When appearing in official gang functions though, he will replace the business suit with regular jeans, cut at the knees, a black tshirt, and a leather biker jacket, adorned with a handful of patches.
"Freak Revolution" is spelled out across the collar, and on the back, a highly stylised Horizon Revolution bike underneath it. A roman numeral I is stitched onto both shoulders,. A picture of a headless horseman sits on one half of the chest, a green fist, clutching a bike wheel adorns the other half, "Charlois, ZZ" underneath it in a gothic font. An eight of spades is stitched onto one pocket, burning on the top corner.

He will usually be carrying a Defiance Shocker in a shoulder holster underneath a jacket, and a shock glove on his left hand.

Nathan and his twin sister were born in a hospital in LA, Japanese Imperial State in the late '40s, from a highly succesful simsense actor, and an escort girl. Both were born dryads. When this was discovered, they were immediately implanted with a Tailored Pheromone system, and an Enhanced Pheromone Receptor. They were raised very secluded, never seeing much more than the inside of a mansion, his twin sister, his nannies, a handful of private teachers, and some security personel. His mother was moved to an arcology in the CAS right after his birth, his father lived with his wife, and only ever came by to see how the children were progressing. They were put through all kinds of artistic schooling, rigorously trained in drama, dance, theater, music, and plain emoting, they were taught all the tools and tricks of the trade to make them the perfect little child prodigies.
Until puberty hit, Haley's comet passed, and Nathan started to act strange, a strange growth appearing on his forehead that slowly shaped into an eye, and his hair shifting from the perfect blonde it usually was in summer, to all colours of the rainbow when he didn't get his way. Disgusted with the aberration, his father sent Nathan away to live with his mother, with a trust fund to his (newly changed) name, an arrangement to work for a newly formed Horizon subsidiary in a few years, and a contract stating he could never again contact his father or lose the fund.

His mother raised him like a southern mother should, but he could never quite feel at home within the confines of another prison, with someone he'd never really known. He enrolled into a Horizon-funded college program, that moved him to one of Charisma Associates' new operations in London for an internship. He worked here for a very short time, before meeting a guest professor from the United Netherlands, who noticed his awakened nature and told him of it. He asked for a transfer across the North Sea, to complete the internship in Europoort, meanwhile studying higher economics at the sprawl's largest university, while the professor helped him discover his awakened side. Crash 2.0 happened november that same year, locking him not only out of campus, but out of life. All records of his existence had vanished from the system when it went back up.

He wandered the streets for a while, banished from the high rises and high lives he was used to. An ork picked him up from the streets at some point, taking cover from the rain under a ruined bus stop booth, and offered him a soykaf. After some talking, Nathan grew sympathetic to the man's story, as he described orcs having always suffered the derision he had himself suffered the past four years. The orc recruited him into his gang, where Nathan quickly proved valuable, reorganising the gang bit by bit through his knowledge of company operation and economics. He had refound contact with the professor then, and a friend from CA set up a small project to help the gang get some more basic ammenities. The professor turned out to be part of a christian theurgical community, which Nathan joined as well.
It wasn't long before his talents allowed him to convince his gang and their direct neighbours to work together, after both took heavy losses in a gang war. Trying to unite the newly formed gang under an actual goal beyond survival, they took up the ideal of providing a place to live for all those shunned and outcast by 'society at large', and Freak Revolution was born. The gang has been on the rise since then, through heavy clashes with neighbouring gangs, but always coming out on top up to now.
They've inhabited a mall since then, setting up a social housing program for anyone who would want to live under their protection, and under direct and indirect sponsoring from the friend in CA have grown quite a community here. It wasn't without losses though. The ork has died from a gunshout wound to the head, and Nathan himself lost both his lower legs when a car pinned him into a wall.

That same battle dropped one of the toughest members of their opponents though, and his prized cyberlegs took some retrofitting, but now make Nathan's kicks notorious. It's even rumoured his gang name isn't because of his cap, but because he once kicked a man on a bike so hard his head came clean off. Believe what you will though. He's bound to call it exaggeration himself.
Yes in my rush to get my stuff in i didn't take the time to thank you for doing this and apologize if my character is kind of boring compared to most.
This sounds like a lot of fun. And I don't nearly use all of the space I have available for, so I'm certain that I can figure out how to put an art gallery off of the main page (assuming no one else offers).

Thank you for offering to put art to our characters. Here is my submission.

"Silky" female Russian Orc Bodyguard/Joygirl/Pleasure Seeking Hedonist/Face

Natasha "Silky" Suveytski was a young exotic dancer in the Russian Federation when a Vladimir Tokarov, a Vory lieutenant, caught her act. He brought her into the Vory to be trained as one of his joygirl/bodyguards. “Silky” was all too happy to sign up. Her job was to appear as a “joygirl” while actually being a bodyguard. She also “entertained” members of the Vory (and other organizations) when they had an extended stay with Vladimir.

Russian Federation Intelligence flagged her a “probable” prostitute working for the Vory. While never convicted of anything more than simple assault, this did “flag” her SIN as criminal. Silky stopped an assassination attempt by one of Vladimir’s rivals (earning his friendship), and therefore has in fact killed before. Her assault conviction in Russia stemmed from an incident in a Vory owned nightclub when an off duty cop tried to force himself on her and she broke his nose and three ribs. The courts declared she went beyond defending herself in breaking his ribs. The cop would later disappear, but someone else in the Vory organization actually did that. She received 3 months in jail and two years community service.

The Vory taught Natasha firearms, brawling, security, and “social weapon” skills, while putting in additional bioware and cyberware to enhance those skills (Silky Skin, Sensitive Skin, and Tailored Pheremones for example). She very much enjoys using her sexuality as a weapon. This has lead to her keeping her native Russian accent (as many American men find it sensuous) as well as developing a very slinky way of walking and composing herself. She has developed a minor addiction to the combat drug, cram, which she uses occasionally to give her a rush.

Eventually, Vladimir was promoted and sent to Seattle to help expand the Vory presence there. Silky was sent with him as reward for her loyal service, where she took to the Seattle nightlife in her off hours. She attended classes at Seattle Community College earning an associates degree in Security, while learning English and Japanese to further her role as “hostess & bodyguard” under her assumed name, Natasha Kerensky. She also discovered her allergy to wool when an admirer gave her a real wool sweater with the school’s mascot on it.

She also tends to wear very fashionable clothes, and is actively prowling for a sugar-daddy to feed her desire for Evo's latest. She is equally at home in business attire, B&E gear, baseball jerseys, and low cut slinky black cocktail dresses, but of course prefers the lowest cut shortest skirt slinkiest little black dress she can find.

And yes, all the Battletech players will groan at that last paragraph, but I don't care, because it very much amused me when I was making this character. nyahnyah.gif
And for the record, Silky is the only female rpg character I've had that's been a "pleasuring seeking hedonist". so, again, nyahnyah.gif The group needed a face/secondary street sam, and I didn't feel like making an elf. She was grand fun to play.


Eric Kiefer
Pittsburgh, PA

:edit: Added in a paragraph that didn't cut n paste correctly the first time.
Very cool, Squinky! My choice would be "Rose" from a, sadly, nearly defunct SR game. She has been one of my all time favorite characters, however.

Rose (SURGE'd Elf with Neoteny)
Rose is small -- around 145cm and less than 45 kilos. She has brownish red hair, in a tousled style. She Blue eyes, sharply pointed ears and an impish grin. She's wearing tight, black leather motorcycle pants, an open green leather jacket over a loose white t-shirt. She has a fanny pack and several buttons pinned on the jacket. She looks like she's around 11 or 12 years old. She's carrying a black motorcycle helmet.

If you like, you could also include her 'pet' Blackberry cat and/or her Dwarf-sized Harley Scorpion...but those may be above and beyond what you had in mind.

Rose is your traditional cat burglar. She is incredibly stealthy, and extremely skilled at lock picking -- mechanical, electronic, you name it. She's excitable, friendly and prone to making up new nicknames for people on the fly.
Riki dwarven technomancer mechanician/technician

She is like 24 Years old and has red/orange 30-40 cm long dreadlocks hold back by modified welding goggles. After an accident one of her lower arms got replaced by a modular Cyberarm. Her eyes are green and she is quite good looking.
Compared to other dwarfs she is kind of thin-framed. Most time she wears modified tanker boots (Gripfeet), an overall or cargoshorts and an tanktop or armorvest.
Musashi - Elven Sam / wetwork specialist

His skin and hair are nearly ghostly white, with his hair a long stretch of luxurious locks. His armor appears like a double-button wool coat, Mortimer's of London style, full floor length. It should fit snug against his frame to the waist while loose at the legs. His weapon of choice is the AK-98, and he keeps a katana on his back in the event of close combat. He'll also have a gas mask on his collar in case of airborne toxins.

For his pose I am thinking body leaning forward springing into a full sprint. Rifle and head raised and level with a target in his sights. Hair and coattails billowing behind from the speed of motion. Perspective should be waist-level, from about 45° to his right. And if you think you can, have his torso/shoulders torqued slightly to the left, as if he's just turning a corner. Ultimately I want to capture a dynamic pose that shows alacrity and motion.

For details, feel free to be creative if you want to toss in little fiddly bits on the belt or coat, or if you sketch in AR displays and such. Hope that's not too exact. Please feel free to take some creative liberties as you desire.

Edit- also, would it be too much to ask for both the b/w sketch and the colored version? There's something elegant in the simplicity of a sketched character study.
Lively is an elvish man of about 30, extremely thin, though not *quite* to the point of being skeletal -- anymore.

He's tall, with golden blond hair in very even dreadlocks that reach past his shoulders, but are usually back tied in a ponytail-bundle. It makes his pointy ears more visible; his left ear (the viewer's right) has several piercings, distributed evenly from the lobe to the tip, with small brass-colored studs of various shapes in them.

A recovering BTL addict, Lively is a bit of a luddite, and wears round, gold-rimmed glasses that, along with the subvocalizer, are his only remaining connections to the computerized world. If they weren't necessary for running, he wouldn't have those either.

He has green eyes, thinnish lips, a very angular face, and nearly always, a vaguely fretful expression on his face-the inevitable product of thinking too much.

Very deliberately he has eschewed all trappings of the corporation he once lived for, and instead, wears a long, slightly shabby black vest and coat in the military style of the Revolutionary War, complete with brass buttons. ( is the approximate style, though I think his likely is capable of closing in the front.)

Like many BTL addicts, Lively has suffered extensive nerve damage and lost most of his senses of touch, taste and smell. As such he only wears his black gloves when he's on an actual run--everything feels like he's touching it through gloves already.

(Also! Thank you for doing this, and I'm so glad to finally be able to post!)
One of the few times I'm not living on the Forums... frown.gif

Nas. You already know what he looks like. Hopefully in slightly better shape than the last time you drew him. biggrin.gif
Okay folks, I've skimmed them and made up a list, I'll post it to the bottom of the original post.

We are at about 18 now, halfway.

Jen, I'm thinking your the same Jenn from Squiddy's post?

Thanks all! I will try my best to make this awesome!
I'd like to throw in Professor, currently playing in the Post or Die thread.

His description is HERE, in the Background spoiler under Character description. He's been around in a number of forms in Missions and other games for years, and is in many ways (not the dwarf meta-nature, though) a projection of me into the SR universe.

The fedora is important. It is a Force 4 Power Focus inherited from his great-grandfather Jones, also an archaeologist.

Thanks for the offer, Squinky. You add a very tangible and beloved dimension to our play.
In the immortal words of the equally immortal Mel Brooks: "It's great to be the king!" nyahnyah.gif
And here is my request, if you please.

RC is a young human woman who stands about five foot eight a slender build with slightly tanned Caucasian skin tone. Her bright green eyes stand out under her long straight brown hair that is usually worn in a high ponytail. A light dusting of freckles adorns her nose and upper cheeks giving her a playful impish look when she smiles.

Typically she can be found wearing an old Urban Jumpsuit that is festooned with pockets filled to the brim with miscellaneous small parts from drones off all makes and sizes. A Novatech Airwave commlink adorns her left arm and trodes run up her neck to her temples, but because she is a Technomancer those are mostly there for show. Tiny datachips are affixed to her earlobes with skinlinks to provide both decoration and memory storage since she can’t save data to her Living Persona. Hung at her hip is a typical Ares Predator 4 heavy pistol and a pair of goggles double as a hair band when she isn’t actively using them.

Where ever RC is you can be sure that her faithful Cyberspace Designs Dragonfly mini drone isn’t too far away. With improved sensors, chameleon skin and sticky landing feet she uses it to keep an extra eye on things, oftentimes she has a Machine Sprite doing the driving because she doesn’t entirely trust programs written by others.

(for a backdrop her leaning against a GMC Bulldog Van with a Small Drone Launcher bay would be excellent, perhaps with her Dragonfly perched atop it.. yes.. I know Dragonfly drone's are actually quite small but meah.. its art.. make it a little bigger so it can be seen? She is a Dronomancer btw if that makes any artistic difference..)

Thank you!
Oops, did I forget to include her name?

Cherry Colah.

She was found as an amnesiac, ended up in the care of an ex runner called Carver - sort of like the Chevette/Skinner relationship from Virtual Light. he gave her the name, and refuses to explain why he thinks its funny.

She doesn't know it, but she is an escaped clone.
Nartaki Technomancer, Dronomancer

His skin is black/golden his overall appearance averagely fit at most. Black, extremely short hair. He's usually wearing a straw hat and a Hawaiian shirt with two extra holes under the sleeves.
He sits on a big pink cushion in a crossed-leg tailor seat position, while controlling a drone on the first, hacking a wifi signal on the second and watching a bollywood trid on the third AR monitor. All possible due to his Multiprocessing power.
The drone is an old CAS Wandjina with a Vindicator in one slot.

I only pointed out the striking and important features, especially the three AR screens. Everything else is free to choose for the artist.
Have fun!
Crazy Ivan
The Latino Elven gunslinger known as Romeo is a wandering gun for hire. Very capable and dangerous to contend with in a gunfight. Known for the bevy of guns that he frequently carries on his person, the ever present six guns (and sometimes monofilament sword). Traditionally dressed in the western duster with matching hat letting his long black hair down, his twin Predators, twin Cavalier Deputy's, and his hidden light pistols inside his sleeves.
"Tom", an anglo human adept known for two things, beating people with a wooden staff (weapon focus), and finding people bigger and scarier then he is. mid 20's, during his teen years, his parents taught him some rather harsh lessons in the Manitou wilderness, and got him mauled by a bear. His constant reminder of what failure can mean, he chooses to not repair the twisted features of his right face, and mangled, barely usable ear.

Some time later, he got into an altercation with a toxic spirit, resulting in his fellow runner running him down on a bike. Twice. This resulted in the near decimation of his nose, and although it still functions, makes him reasonably identifiable, even when wearing a mask.
I am the same Jen from Squiddy's post! And I'm super excited. I'm such a nerd, I know.

But it might be interesting to see the luddite pacifist boy with all the teched-out folks sporting superweapons. He uses his so seldom I didn't even include it in the post.
I'd like to reserve a spot as well.
QUOTE (Squiddy Attack @ Jul 29 2011, 01:23 AM) *
-grabs her description from the abandoned Kenshi thread.-

Okay, here is my take of your hacker Runt. I struggled with this, and I truley hope you enjoy my interpretation.
Thanks for letting me do her up!
Full image:
Squiddy Attack
QUOTE (Squinky @ Jul 29 2011, 08:36 PM) *
Okay, here is my take of your hacker Runt. I struggled with this, and I truley hope you enjoy my interpretation.
Thanks for letting me do her up!
Full image:

Woah... very nice. biggrin.gif

Slightly different than my mental images, but, seriously, this is awesome. Thank you. <3

I find the fingernails especially interesting because she's supposed to have the sort of hair an onryo does (a kind of Japanese ghost), and the fingernails, despite my never really thinking much about hers, also remind me of onryo. Very interesting.
Very nice! Really looking forward to your take on Lifeseeker now, hopefully I can turn it into a tablestand for Gencon.
Bombastic 451

Vampire Rigger Adept

Honey is a true free-spirit, and a natural gear-head. Growing up in her father's mechanic's shop, honey developed a deep love for all things mechanical, and became a bit of a tomboy. She holds a "Day Job" as a mechanic, but it's when the sun goes down that Honey really "shines". The one thing she loves more than machines is having a good time. From dusk till down, it's a nonstop party. She knows all the hottest spots in town, and can sniff out a rave from a hundred meters away. She is very friendly and fun loving, but this hides her more predatory nature. She is, after all, a vampire. If you mistake her sweetness for weakness, she might just steal your heart, your blood and your soul. She is always good to her friends, and she is someone to trust. Just don't piss her off.

Honey is tall and dark skinned girl, with a well toned body. She appears to be in her early 20s, but is much older. She has short blond hair, and bright grass green eyes. Her favorite colours are orange, gold, brown and black, and these are the colours that she uses with everything, including her wardrobe or her vehicle's paint job. When not in her orange overalls (for work) she will dress as slutty as she can get away with.
Explosive Donut!
Race: Elf
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 195 pounds
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gold

A somewhat skinny, yet wiry man, with his hair buzzed almost completely off, only a slight stubble remaining. Completely devoid of facial hair. His eyes are slightly wide set, and about average sized. His mouth is somewhat thin lipped, and usually curved in a cocky grin. His eyes are normal looking except for their color, which is gold, indicating cybernetics. His ears are a bit small for an elf, though still longer than the average humans. He has an average sized jaw and chin, and cheekbones that are slightly high set. His fingers are longish. He is usually dressed in a loose black tanktop, and loose fitting black jeans with a red eastern dragon emblazoned on the right leg. He has on heavy boots, and a tactical belt that he always carries his submachine gun in. He has a simple steel necklace on. He is also almost never seen without a bottle of booze in his hand when not on a job.
*Blinks* Did Squinky just get cloned?


Oh, someone using the same avatar. My bad.
If there's still an opening, I would like to throw in my character from our home game, Night Mother.

Night Mother is an Oni woman that while of short height, only 5' 2", is well built. While strong compared to most humans, she is weak compared to most Orks of any variation. Her skin is a magnificent blue, perfect and unblemished. Her eyes are a deep green, one small hint of the Irish on her mother's side, and her face is soft and round framed by thick, curly black hair that she normally keeps in a braid. Night Mother, as a Dark Goddess Wiccan, has taken a keen liking of the steam punk line of armored clothing, preferring a vest/knickers combo with knee high boots, as well as some very steam punk goggles (which have her smartlink and imagelink). Her favored weapons, besides a nice Firewater spell, are two Guardian pistols. She also has a pair of swords, simple in appearance, that she always keeps with her, generally strapped to her back.
Explosive Donut!
QUOTE (CanRay @ Jul 30 2011, 02:38 AM) *
*Blinks* Did Squinky just get cloned?


Oh, someone using the same avatar. My bad.

Oh har. nyahnyah.gif
Squiddy Attack
QUOTE (Explosive Donut! @ Jul 30 2011, 04:08 PM) *
Oh har. nyahnyah.gif

If you included the soup can like I asked, they'd have no trouble telling you two apart. ;P

Big Whiskey, A big ole' Texan. A former CAS Ranger and current bounty/big game hunter.

James Buchannon is a human, standing 6',3'' weighing in at 220 lbs. built like a linebacker. Big Whisky shaves his head and keeps it bald, but has a mustache and goatee. He has striking blue eyes. Born in 2045 in to a Corp family in Dallas, he joined the CAS Army after graduating high school. He fought Sedition Forces in the attempted Coup of '64 and helped keep Winternight forces from detonating a Nuclear weapon inside the Dallas/Ft. Worth megaplex.
After being discharged from the Army in 2071 he moved to NYC and started working the Shadows. After 6 months of running the NYC shadows Big Whiskey became a Corporate Hero after he helped save the MDC building in Mannhatten. The streets and shadows of NYC being a lot more unfriendly after that Big Whiskey along with his new wife moved to Seattle.
After cashing in a favor from NYC James set himself up as a Bounty Hunter in Seattle and opened the Big Ole' Texan Outfitters store in Tacoma. He currently helps his wife Crazy Horse Eddie work in getting the Ork Underground recognized as the newest district in Seattle. Big Whiskey has run many missions for the O.R.C
Big Whisky is very fond of Ares products and has lots of shares in the MegaCorp. His favorite weapon is the Ares Vigorous Assault Rifle, which he uses to hunt with and take down the Big Game. James favorite sidearmes are his twin custom made Rugar Super Warhawks, he affectionatly calls his nail drivers. He is usually seen wearing his custom Ghost Gator skinned armored jacket and black Stetson. For added protection he wears a set of FFBA under is clothing.
During his hitch with the CAS Military James had several Bioware enhancements added to his body, making him a better soldier. The Military was careful not to enhance to much as they didn't want to interfere with his Magical abilities. With a good balance of magic and meat, Big Whiskey is a formitable Runner. During his time in NYC he was able to save up and purchase a weapon focus. James carries his Bowie Knife on his combat harness on his right shoulder, within easy reach. Having used a knife since he was a small child and receiving further training in the Ranger Battalions, Big Whiskey is a master with a blade.
In high school James played Football and was on the Wrestling team, lettering in both sports. When he joined the Army he found he had a high apptitude for Boxing and eventually became post champion at Ft. Hood and the entire 1st Cavalry.

It's actually a picture I drew up for missions. The Avatar that is. Its of one of my favorite characters, Sid, the elven street samurai.

Can I ask for a second card?

Sid, the Elven Street Samurai. I'm sure you'll find the information on him somewhere, Squinky!
Less talking more drawing. smile.gif I'm intrigued to see what you do.

Actually I've just got SR on the brain tonight, I'm supposed to be working more productive things but it's my last working night before the shadowrun palooza at Gencon. A lot of GMing, but hopefully some time to play.
I see what you did there Canray smile.gif I might just do it.

Lurker, I saw your post and whipped up a sketch to appease you for the night smile.gif

Still needs inked and colored. I got caught up today with a birthday for my youngest, it just burned up the whole day. I'm gonna hope to get it done tomorrow nightish. But now I sleep.

In all seriousness thank you, I understand completely and appreciate the kind of time this project must take, my excitement just gets the better of me.

QUOTE (Squinky @ Jul 31 2011, 01:19 AM) *
I see what you did there Canray smile.gif I might just do it.

Hey I was redirected here to see if I could get a drawing of my Shadowrun character.

"Oni is a 5'9 skinny elf that has short dark red hair and green eyes. As a Mage and a Shadowrunner he tends to wear a traditional Oni style mask to hide his face. He will usually be found in comfrtable clothes or bike leathers when he is out on a job. Usually can be found with a pistol on his person, somewhere hidden usually. No other distinct markings or other things mark him. Keep a low profile and blast them in the face if they question you."

Thanks in advance if your able to fit me in.

Okay, here we go Lurker:


Thanks for letting me do him up smile.gif
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