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I'd have a surge character waiting to be forced into a card if there are any left but I fear I'm too late, huh?
QUOTE (Faranji @ Aug 21 2011, 09:21 PM) *
I'd have a surge character waiting to be forced into a card if there are any left but I fear I'm too late, huh?

No sir. Squinky is looking for 36, and has 30 taken now. That makes 6 to go!
Oh uhm.. well.. Yes. Thanks! spin.gif

Ok here's "The Surgeon": Male of Atzlan origin, 32, more or less human. What defines him most since 2064 is being affected by Surge III which obviously changed his entire appearance (and life). As for the useful mutations: He grew an additional pair of arms, Setae and a very prominent nose.
The negative half of the mutations is (with exception of the arms :O) more present: His skin turned so fair that it didn't stop with albinism, in fact he is actually fluorescenting in the dark. Then he lost his entire hair and instead grew something comparable to limp and relatively thin purplishblue octupus tentacles from his head.
Being condemned to life as a freak, he decided to top it off with one blue and one yellow cyber eye.

He will in daylight cover up entirely to avoid the devastating effect UV light can have on him, at night times he will depending on the situation, most likely be covered up too to avoid drawing too much attention for glowing in the dark.

Running he will wear a SWAT armor suit (including helmet to avoid the gloom) with Atzlan paramedic emblems, chemically sealed. Which is important for his style of fighting: The Surgeon focusses on using different self produced and "invented" chemicals and toxins and hurling them around in slingshot, injection arrows and daggers and grenades. Most of the time he will use a collapsible bow.
While his upper pair of arms will usally handle the bow, the lower set of arms will supply with more ammunition, fuel the injection arrows with the appropriate toxin, shoot simoultaneously with his slingshot filled with contact chemicals in bursting gel rounds or just stay out of the way.
He will always have a backpack with him in which he carries the different chemicals he might or might not need during the course of the run.

If the situation requires or allows he will of course not cover up. Nobody likes running around with a helmet all day long so as soon as he can he will take it off.
Armor and backpack have been modified and extended to work with his second set of arms.

If not running he will do what he can do best: Surgery. He owns a small shop in the cellar of his house in which he does minor implantation and trauma surgery and cuts open and sews together Runners who've gone one step too far.
Here's one for a NPC/protagonist:

Angeli Donovan: (nee: Angel) is a simsense star for Thundehstone Pictures. A vaguely Hispanic looking elf, she was scouted by Thunderstone and thrown into a small budget Hollywood idea of shadowrun movie called "Suzie Shadows" that inexplicably made it big. She's filmed one sequel already (Suzie Shadows:Dangerous Curves) and is in the process of filming a third movie, tentatively entitled "Miami Meltdown",

She currently dresses "down" in her character, of course, glamorized up. Tufts off jet black hair over her ears, shoulder length hair, "leathers" designed to show her off more then provide protection, tight (but not too revealing) gear underneath. Her most potent factor are her sharp kelly green eyes.

She has not been on an actual run, but has worked with a few retired shadowrunners, on projecting the right attitude as well as how a shadowrunner SHOULD react in situations (when moving into a new room during a run, cover your teammate and immediately move to provide your teammates a clear field of fire should it become necessary, for example)

A rather sharp cookie, she's realized that there is a clause in her contract that would allow her to either renegotiate her contract or even leave Thunderstone and sign on elsewhere. The problem is, she only has a limited amount of time to exercise that clause, and her employers are doing their best to make sure they keep their little pet nuyen factory under their control.

To gain what she deserves, the Hollywood Shadowrunner is going to need to be her own Johnson.. (and as needed, actually become a Runner herself).....

If there's still space, I'll toss in my request

Name: Cherry
Gender: Female
Metatype: Elf
Age: 27
Hair: Red
Eyes (I don't know if this matters, but better more than less I guess): brown

A military girl, Cherry's apt to be wearing shapeless fatigues (probably olive green, use this as an example if you want, stripped of all insignia and with a neon green beret). Her hair is roughly shoulder length an is inevitably in a pony tail. She has two datajacks, one at each temple, and is quite pretty, though she won't be wearing any make-up. She's probably got a pair of military goggles dangling around her neck or pushed up onto her forehead, and a rifle (Ares Alpha if you want a specific one) slung over her back.

Her skin is very, very pale, with a scattering of freckles. She's tall and thin, as elves usually are.

Though most of her important gear is implanted into her skull, she might have a jammer or a couple drones with her at any time.

She probably has a sly half-smile on her face.

If you do end up doing this one, thanks!
Thanks for keeping track for me mardrax! I haven't had the motivation to update the list yet.

I grabbed some images to draw while I was away from the computer on my camping trip and so my order is a little off. Some images were passed up on the trip due to lack of reference that I normally have access to. But I will get to them I promise smile.gif

Here is Fyndhal's Rose:

Merlin's Rikki:
Whoo hoo! Thanks a ton, Squinky! She came out great.
Mile High Dwarf
I'm basically new to this forum even though I lurk all the time. If you're not full up I'd love a card done of my hacker, Belle. She's on my DeviantArt, and we've messaged back and forth a little smile.gif

My backlog of requested art is slightly full (though not as full as yours, I'd imagine), but if you'd like something done in return, I would be more than happy to do an art trade.
Thanks Squinky,
the image looks really good. Great work.
Near as I can tell, Squinky, after Mardrax's Shinji at # 30, you have the following requests:

31: Xahn Borealis -- ??
32. Bytesize -- Bytesize
33. Blackb1rd -- Roy
34. The Dragon Girl -- Byte
35. Faranji (second request?) -- The Surgeon
36. Sir Fozzie -- Angel
37. Minchandre -- Cherry
38. Mile High Dwarf -- Belle
QUOTE (pbangarth @ Sep 8 2011, 02:52 PM) *
35. Faranji (second request?) -- The Surgeon

First and Last.
Seriously Mike
Too bad my Adept looks pretty boring. Otherwise I'd put a request up as well. But hell, I can draw myself, so it's not a problem really.
QUOTE (Faranji @ Sep 9 2011, 01:26 AM) *
First and Last.

Got it. Sorry.
Bombastic 451
Any word on what Squinky been up to lately? Is he still going to finish the cards?
Nope and nope. We're not paying for them, so they're as he can do them...

Might have to see about poking him later, though...
I'd like to snag a spot for my favorite Technomancer, Tech_Rat[still want my user name changed to reflect this. nyahnyah.gif]

Tech_Rat is a male human Technomancer, comparatively young compared to most runners, he is about 20 years old[depends on the particular game, and where I want that type of story to stick in his history nyahnyah.gif].
5'6", Dark skin[Middle-Eastern descent], and slim. He has jaw length straight black hair. Mostly found at clubs, he wears a white lined coat[slight armor, and to hide his small stash of drugs{Longhaul and Psych}] on top of white Tripp NYC style pants. He drives a bold red sports car[think generic street racer wannabe].
Kyoto Kid
...ooooh, saw these on DA. would love to see new takes on...

Dr Markova.
Aanndd bump.

Just cause I hope this is still being worked on. smile.gif
This deserves another bump.

Let's see some more work by Squinky...

Or others!
QUOTE (Bastard @ May 18 2015, 04:16 AM) *
This deserves another bump.

Yeah ... this.
Hey, Bastard. Let's lobby for a team image for our Behind the Crown PCs!
Guys, the man hasn't posted on these forums in a decade. I think we can safely call it at this point.
QUOTE (Bastard @ May 18 2015, 05:16 AM) *
This deserves another bump.

Let's see some more work by Squinky...

Or others!

QUOTE (Shev @ Apr 20 2022, 12:33 AM) *
Guys, the man hasn't posted on these forums in a decade. I think we can safely call it at this point.

There are at least two others who posted here who indicated they can draw. If they see interest, they might show interest.

And a team of runners can plan here and execute on DA. If an artist there charges for their work, discussion here might raise interest enough for one or more of us to raise some cash.

And maybe some of us just like to talk and dream.
QUOTE (pbangarth @ Apr 19 2022, 07:35 PM) *
Hey, Bastard. Let's lobby for a team image for our Behind the Crown PCs!

Only if it includes AcidFace Dieselmouth.
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