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Full Version: Ways to see an invisible opponent
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I thought they deleted this sentance... But I agreee with you, in that I prefere spells who describe how it works and stick to it.
(But in this case, improved invisibility would be a manipulation spell, and manipulation is good enough...)
QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Jan 26 2012, 04:58 PM) *
And don't forget:
If invisibility makes infra dead(warmth) go around you, you start to freeze.

WRONG. That would only stop you from feeling the heat from a radiant source such as the sun. Ambient air transfers heat not through radiant flux, but collisional transfer; no electromagnetic waves are involved, just air bumping into you.
QUOTE (Glyph @ Jan 25 2012, 10:44 PM) *
The invisibility spell specifically states that the subject's aura is still visible to astral perception.

The big problem with improved invisibility actually bending light waves is that if it does that, then it makes no sense whatsoever as a resisted spell. They should go back to "creates actual sensory input" from SR3, which was difficult to grasp for some people, but made improved invisibility's affects plausible (namely, that some people will see you, and some people won't). Either that, or they should make it a manipulation spell that works similarly to a ruthenium sneak suit.

Yeah that's where my brain was going I think. Improved Invisibility appears to be a maniplulation spell rather than an illusion spell. And the creates actual sensory input sounds better to me then bending light.

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