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I am a scuba junkie. I dive at every available opportunity. As a matter of fact the single biggest conflict with our ShadowRunning is my diving.

That aside... I would gladly pay a heck of a lot more for a scuba tank if it could fill itself - No compressor needed. The compressor is built into the valve. Obviously this wouldn't work for anything but air... i.e. no nitrox, no trimix, no pure oxygen for decompression.

As the gear descriptions are pretty minimalistic in some cases, and the state of the art in many things, is quite a bit beyond 2004, it may not be unreasonable to belive a 2063 scuba tank can fill itself without an external compressor.

Taking this one step further, to make an exotic diving gas - nitrox, trimix, O2, etc. One would only have to connect the tanks valve to the cylinder holding the gas. There could be a nice friendly user interface allowing you to select a breathing mixture and a prompt to let you know when to change source cylinders.

Granted nuyen.gif 3000 would be a bit much. In today dollars, that would buy a whole compressor, a few cascade bottles, and a couple of tanks to dive with.

Just thought I would post an alternative notion...

Herald of Verjigorm
Cost for a SCUBA tank: 3000
Cost for a friendly mage to quicken a force 1 oxygenate spell to you: ~5250
Cybergill: 12500 and .75 essense

SCUBA is still the cheapest and the most limited of the three.
QUOTE (Necro Tech)
Someone in my group was looking into buying scuba gear for his character until he saw the cost of the tank. 3000 nuyen.gif ? I did some reasearch and the rest of the prices look good but tanks go from like $159-450$ for a steel tank with accessories. Aluminum ones are cheaper. What gives?

Rent it....but buy some insurance...

Naaa...Forget the insurance, Shadowrunners would take the tanks back anyway!
QUOTE (OurTeam)
Snow Fox, I'll second the motion that you talk about securities, regs, and inflation. You can be a master poster, the equivalent of Raygun and Ancient History. You can have your own web site for Shadowrun economics.

I tried to run a Shadowrun adventure (home made) once where the characters had to pose as brokers in a brokerage firm for a week. I handed out a 1-page description to the players of puts, calls, long, short, margin, margin call, dividends, indexes, mutual funds, index funds, etc. The run failed miserably, because of the way I did it. One of the players said "I had to work harder on this run than I do for school."

Ouch, gusty but needlessly painful to the runners. I changed company's recently and I had to take 4 weeks to learn the new products and systems, That's with my experience and licences. It would have been better for them to have one person/contact well trained in this to cover the technical stuff while the rest talk in broad terms, mutual funds work best for this, since you can paddle more BS than get hung up in the details.

If people want I can start a thread on this rather than hijack this thread further.
If there was a multiplayer mode for Capitalism (the old computer game), I'd challenge you to a game. smile.gif

I have no reason to discuss finance / economics / markets on these boards. Nice to hear from a trained person, though. See you around.
QUOTE (Kagetenshi)
If there was a multiplayer mode for Capitalism (the old computer game), I'd challenge you to a game. smile.gif


Sorry, I play ith other people's money. Actually i'm told I'm very good explaining stuff to people who don't have a clue. Go figure.
It is said that new Brokers generally lose their clients a million dollars before they get the hang of it. I have obviously found several new Brokers since I first invested in 1978.
You've lost several million dollars?

Austere Emancipator
Who hasn't?
Necro Tech
Wow, when I started this thread I was thinking "typo", not flame war. Actually now i'm thinking vast conspiricy. Great Dragon ATGM missile? 1000 nuyen.gif Scuba tank? 3000 nuyen.gif What's under the ocean they don't want us to see? Things that make you go HMMMM.
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