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I'm not a huge fan of change -- when it comes to Shadowrun -- either. I do very well for myself with the current rules set, the current system, the current die mechanic. I know the primary (physical, meat-world) rules set very well. I like it quite a bit.

But that doesn't make me assume the opposite will be true of SR4. It doesn't mean I spend all day making things up about the new edition, assuming the worst, and complaining about my own assumptions. I'm not crying and whining about a slang-term change, I'm not shaking my indignant fist in the air over rules changes I haven't seen yet, I'm not personally insulting the developers because I have to buy a new book (and it's not like I wouldn't be spending the same money on whatever SR3 material would be released, instead).

Yeah, change can suck. But there's no reason to assume it's going to, and start complaining, whining, crying, and insulting almost six months before the change happens. I'm at least as tired of reading it as you dev and playtester guys.
Thanks Bull and Patrick for taking the time to explain things in words of one (metaphorical) syllable. biggrin.gif

I am one of the people who don't like the decker/hacker change. Will that stop me buying SR4? No-way! While the SR4 rules won't be perfect (what is?), if they are more playable than some of the SR3 rules, good on ya guys!

I do have three requests for the developers which I hope you will consider.

1. Please can you get Mike Jackson to do some of the artwork as I really like his work.

2. Please proof-read the books.

3. Please include an index.

I would like SR4 to be a success almost as much as you do cyber.gif

Good God this is the fifth or sixth time I've read something pretty much the same thing as what Bull said. Maybe his last post should be taken and put in a sticky thread or something.
I'd just like to remind folks that the appropriate pejorative acronym for SR4 would be SR nuyen.gif , not SR$.

That is, unless they're replacing the nuyen.....
Patrick Goodman
QUOTE (RangerJoe)
I'd just like to remind folks that the appropriate pejorative acronym for SR4 would be SR nuyen.gif , not SR$.

That is, unless they're replacing the nuyen.....

But it's much easier to type SR$....
Option-Y is a beautiful thing ... wink.gif
QUOTE (Adam)
Option-Y is a beautiful thing ... wink.gif

Yeah, but unless you hack things so that Option-S And Option-R print uppercase S and uppercase R respectively, you're still falling short of the "easier to type" mark.
<worthless comment>Wouldn't it make more sense to type $R4? You know, since the S looks like a $, and the 4 doesn't at all?</worthless comment>
Wow. You make one comment and actually try to substantiate it....

I'm not certain if it was the intention of Fanpro to come across as being tired of whining about SR4. Isn't that reading a lot into a joke on the Fanpro website? eek.gif

IMHO, it wasn't as funny as last year's but that might be because it was a particularly difficult period. But it was funny, and it did bring a few chuckles, so it was all good.



-crickets chirping-

QUOTE (RoaminNose @ Apr 3 2005, 09:11 PM)
<worthless comment>Wouldn't it make more sense to type $R4? You know, since the S looks like a $, and the 4 doesn't at all?</worthless comment>

yeah but the $ is the shift of the 4 key so it's just easier to hold down shift and type it with the standard key strokes. Honestly, when I first read it, I assumed it was a typo. I know I've typed it that way a couple of times, but I usually catch it before I post.
Actually it was a typo I didn't catch a couple of times. But there were enough comments about it that I continued doing it.

I still maintain that the system overall is not a problem And that the tech curve can be handled by source books. I really despised some of the changes from 1 to 2 to 3 that were (meta)physical to the setting.

Grounding for example. If the developers wanted that out of the game they could have written it into the setting through a source book. (Year of the comet, when there was a change to the 'manasphere' would have been a good place to do that.) But instead, it was possible one year, then not the next. Dumb. Poor Planning.

You want everything in one book? Never going to happen.

Having problems getting new Players? Spend the time and money being put into SR$ (nyahnyah.gif) into an advertising campaign. Get it out there in front of everyone. Get it into those stores that don't carry it.
people already know about it. they're just not interested in it, because of the rules.
Wounded Ronin
QUOTE (Doctor Funkenstein)
QUOTE (Kagetenshi @ Apr 1 2005, 06:09 AM)
It isn't better than last year. It isn't even funny. It seems to come more from annoyance than from humor.

I honestly don't blame them. Criticism is a good thing, but constant attacks despite reassurances and constant statements of "you haven't even seen what we've done yet" tends to provoke people.

Most of the posts I see here are really unbelievable to me to the point of literally boggling my mind.

Seriously. It also seems like the threads (well, many of them) are really really redundant.
I don´t think you need to view the april fools joke as being irritated. Come on! We´re the target of the joke, but we should be able to see that others might find some of the most outrageous suggestions that has been made here amusing. Rob is making fun of us, period.
you're so vain. i bet you think this april fool's joke is about you!

seriously, some of y'all act like this is the only board out there that discusses SR, or as if the prevailing views on this board reflect the general views of SR's fanbase at large.
*gasp* You mean there are other Shadowrun players somewhere?!
Heh. I guess I am. Because I thought I was unselfish to even include myself in that statement. I never complained myself, you know. cool.gif
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