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Now that I'm looking at a paper copy of the character sheet, I have to say I'm dissapointed. The front side wastes space with the inane picture box, and the damage monitors are enormously inefficient. The back side has a space for every character type on the map, but not enough room for them to record any useful information. *insert more impotent grumbling*

Although one thing just occured to me, with 18 boxes on the physical damage track, someone, somewhere seems to think that people will be getting in the neighborhood of Body 20 eek.gif
nerbert they had the same problem with the SR3 character sheet, you know what you do, you take the list you make off of that sheet and make your own

i have a very nice layout that i plan to convert to SR4, but i have to play the character through to the end of SR3 to make him into one hell of a contact

I had that impression with every starting character Sheet of every previous SR Edition.
It just happens, that theses sheets need to reflect every aspect of the Game. And SR has a lot of those aspects.
I expect specialized sheets to hit the web very soon. If they don't I'll make my own.
Why under spirits (Sprites) do they have a heading for registerd or unregisterd? They also have a heading for bound and unbound so its not that.
As I said Im hard at work doing just that. IŽll be making two versions of the back side, one with more room for gear and implants and one with more room for magic. Just to be flexible I will include some room for everything on both. Im finnished with the front page already.

I made a thread for this subject.
QUOTE ("Stormdrake")
Why under spirits (Sprites) do they have a heading for registerd or unregisterd? They also have a heading for bound and unbound so its not that.

This seems to indicate that Otaku sprites and Spirits follow similar rules and have similar attributes/values.

/Edit: I meant Technomancer sprites, obviously.
SL James
Perhaps that's because at Origins Rob said that Technomancers "summon" Sprites, which would lead me to the conclusion that the rules for summoning sprites and spirits is effectively identical, and Registering is the rules equivalent of Binding a spirit.
SL James
And in that case, they should have just gone ahead and cut out the middleman and said Technomancers/Otaku are a different type of magician.
QUOTE (SL James)
And in that case, they should have just gone ahead and cut out the middleman and said Technomancers/Otaku are a different type of magician.

Except that they're apparently not. They're still "hackers," they just use the summoning rules for creating their little automated program 'sprites'. I doubt very much they have any magic rating or the SR4 equivalent thereof.
crasy theory time!

how about the technomancers use the same part of the brain as the magicans do, only that they command a computer, not astral energys?
SL James
Soon enough... Soon enough...
Hmm, since the PDF should be out by now in some places (or will be in a few hours; I'm unsure if the distribution chain for digital copies has remained unbroken and a Wednesday release is still in the cards), I'll go ahead and answer questions about that sheet so that people don't waste the few hours before they can find out for themselves bickering about it.

Qualities, as JongWK mentioned, are the old equivalent of edges and flaws (positive and negative qualities), but are more universal. They guide Awakened or Technomancer status, among other things that were mechanically seperate in creation systems used by the prior edition.

Otaku do "summon", and they do take drain (fading, though, it's called. I never liked that, I still think fading should be a term exclusively applied to permanent reductions to the Resonance attribute). They are decently mage-like, more so than I'd really have preferred. They rely upon a very Magic-like Resonance attribute (listed on the sheet) which in many fashions determines the particular abilities and the limitations therein.

Reputation/street cred... I don't recall offhand how these work. I hope they're not represented in the same fashion as their equivalents were, in the Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book, since those rules were a fun mixture of batshit loony and broken/opposite intended behavior. I'd say that the elimination of the karma pool mechanic makes it safe to judge that the aforementioned rules of madness, which were based on karma pool, will not be the basis for the SR4 incarnations (I'm gonna miss my high-karma characters getting dozens of bonus dice for intimidation tests, let me tell you. Critters with the Fear power, eat your hearts out!)

The damage monitor is understandable. Trolls and dermal plating should be taken into account. It's harder to raise Willpower, and none of the base races have modifiers that positively impact Willpower. Boosts to Body, on the other hand, are pretty common. You're just not likely to need more than 12 boxes for your Stun monitor, but a troll samurai could probably start off with 14 boxes on his Physical monitor without being too heavily min/maxed. I still don't like the idea of monitors being variable, but penalty points (every 3rd box) being static. That tough man troll is gonna be crying like a little girl before he goes down, while a pathetically low-body human will barely feel a thing even when he's knocking on death's door.

Oh, and for you alarmists suggesting there may be no damage resistance tests, or that damage may be automatically reduced or impacted in some automatic fashion by Body and Armor, just start thinking of Armor as bonus Body dice. Dermal plating, with universal damage resistance bonus dice (by actually increasing Body) in SR4, is no different than an armor vest that provides 1/1 armor. I am of the opinion that armor, in the new system, isn't as effective as it should be. Heavy combat armors are, on average, still only going to reduce three or four boxes from any given attack on their own. Bullet-proof vests aren't. Armor's functionality for converting physical to stun may help with this.

Registered/unregistered likely means the same, for sprites (which are spirits of the matrix, at least functionally, in SR4), as bound/unbound means in for spirits. Unbound spirits are the spontaneous "disappear when 12 hours passes (or the sun rises/sets)" type that were, before, the purview of the paths of shamanism and wuxing. Bound spirits obey rules more akin to hermetic-summoned elementals; i.e. materials needed, time-consuming summoning rituals, and servitude that lasts until all services are expended, regardless of how long that takes.

As far as Initiative Passes goes, you cannot normally act more than once without cyberware or some other augmentation (adept power, bioware, spell) that enhances combat speed. A character needs an edge (literally, if they've got no mojo/'ware) to get more actions, i.e. more initiative passes.

Anyhow, hope all of the aforementioned are helpful in staving off argument. My info is, of course, slightly out of date and potentially inaccurate in places. As far as the sheet itself goes, I never really used sheets, personally. I prefer fixed-width text files with extra room for scratching things out when values adjust and listing new values; I usually update the file every week or two based on the changes, and reprint it.
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