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QUOTE (Arethusa)
Xizor, SR's machine pistols, like SR's holdouts and SR's light pistols, are an idiotic joke on the unwitting and the ignorant, as are many of the canon rules, firearms related or otherwise. Anyone who says otherwise is completely wrong.

I seem to remember a quote from the SS#1 that called a machine pistol

"the quickest way to flatten lead again armor"

same for hold out and light pistols...

I mean in 206x is it me or does EVERYONE have at least some armor on, I mean even the athletic gear has 2/2

I think that was talking about the Ingram SuperMach.
Actually, I think it refers to the "Ares Crusader Machine Pistol" from Street Samurai Catalog.

I think the armor thingies have more to do with two things:

1. What shadowrunners are interested in -- "It looks good, but I just got shot...what's the armor value?"

I'm sure there are thousands of clothing lines that don't incorporate kevlar or heavy padding into the design.

2. A 2/2 rating is more an indication of how tough and tear resistant the material is rather than any serious attempt to deflect bullets.

Armor rated 2 isn't going to do much to slow down a 9M attack and really only annoys a 6L attack.

Vlad the Bad
Time for another 2. I ignored machine pistols for a long time, but most recently I've come to appreciate them, mainly because they are about the size of pistols, they can do heavy pistol damage in a burst, and if you are bursting, they are harder to dodge than your average Ares Predator(TN 5, or 6 if you've got your Black Scorpion modified to fire full auto). However, like anything in life there's a trade off, IE recoil.

Load your Black Scorpion with APDS and forget about the flattening bullets problem that has been mentioned time and again.
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