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Full Version: Racial Cost at Creation
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QUOTE (Kagetenshi)
Someone give Polaris a call, he could provide his insight.


Gah, my private shame... I was pretty much agreeing with those who said that Elf costs were A-OK because of how they comapred to humans (just as good in all areas, and better in some) by my last post, but giving that Polaris bloke a playground like that...
While I agree with Doc Funk's costs for the bonuses and flaws on principle, I remembered that there was a flaw called Inform and that got me thinking. While each attribute penalty should cost 2BPs, the reduction for the attribute maximums should not cost 2 per point, given that Infirm deals a -1 to all physical Attributes per point. So the negatives should cost less, given the precedent set by the Infirm Flaw.

So it would seem that Trolls and Orks are severely undercosted.
Ol' Scratch
Infirm only modifies your Attribute Maximums (which rarely come up if they're over your Racial Modified Limits). It's not until it's reduced below your Racial Modified Limit that it affects your RML, and even then it's not really affecting your RML so much as just setting your overall maximum potential.

Exceptional Attribute affects both your Racial Modified Limits *and* your Attribute Maximums at the same time, with the former being more important than the latter..
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