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One hundred years into the future, Humanity discovers the secret of interstellar travel. With time and tenacity, we spread beyond the confines of the Solar System. We discover we are not alone, and that there is more to existence than what meets the eye with the mysterious advent of psionics. Thanks to these new powers, technology evolves in a way that was before never thought possible.

Alas, such success shatters when what will come to be known as The Scream devastates Human and Alien star empires alike. Those gifted with the psychic talent are stripped of their sanity. Technology that relies on psionics suddenly stops working, and the colonies that depend on it must find a new way to survive or perish.

Six hundred years later, Humanity begins to regain a few scraps of its former power. The origins of The Scream are still unknown, and there are those who fear it could happen again. Nevertheless, there are those who see this as the time to explore the stars once more.

The year is 3200. The Terra Firma and her crew are those who seek out the secrets of the stars. This is their story.

This is the OOC thread for the SWN game I am running for my tabletop friends.

Casting is OPEN.

Please feel free to drop in here for questions and whatnot.

Link to my Obsidian Portal campaign page.

Things to read in order to get in the mood: Classic sci-fi, Isaac Asimov, Kim Stanley Robinson, Richard K. Morgan, Philip K. Dick, Diane Carey (Star Trek: Best Destiny for her take on early space travel and the Fabrini)

Things to watch in order to get in the mood: Star Trek (especially TOS or TNG Roddenberry-era), Star Wars, Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, seaQuest DSV, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Blade Runner, Titan AE, Treasure Planet, Babylon 5

Things to look at in order to get in the mood: Astronomy Picture of the Day, Ralph McQuarrie art, Jesse van Djik art, Oscar Cafardo art (especially his NASA stuff)
Posting Conventions:

One of the biggest issues for me in any pbp game is legibility, and starting off with posting conventions can nip a lot of these problems in the bud. It helps me a lot if I can differentiate what the I as the reader know, and what I as the GM/NPCs know. Please stick with the following rules. I don't think that I'll need to come up with something else, but that's what "edit post" buttons are for... smile.gif

Names: Please embolden the names of people (ex: Ezri Khatar) and italicize the name of ships (ex: Terra Firma).

Dialogue: Please use the 00FFFF blue color like so:

"Well, you can just go get shrieked!"

Commlink: Please use the courier new font and FFFF00 yellow color like so.

<<Derelict vessel, this is the Republica Empyreana starship Vigilance. Please respond.>>

Internal Dialogue: Please italicize and use the DDA0DD purple color like so:

That didn't work...maybe if I try remodulating the spike drive to a different gravity phase...

Telepathy: Please italicize and use the 98FB98 green color like so:

My people have evolved beyond the need to flap our lips and bleat out words. Why waste breath when I can simply touch your mind?
Cast of Characters:
BishopMcQ--Rory (Out Indefinitely)
Fenris--Sereth Stanson
MrAres--Harken Doftrey (Out Indefinitely)
Nemo157--Iorund Värmodsun (MIA)

Supporting Cast:
--Ezri Khatar: Former scum and reformed pirate turned Re Officer, Horus Pantheon.
[ Spoiler ]

Modus Vectura:
--Terra Firma
[ Spoiler ]
Upkeep Cost:
Food and Stores: 3360 credits/4 weeks for current crew (20 per person x 6 people x 28 days)
Refueling: 400 credits (100 per spike drive rating x 2 rating x 2 for frigate; you can refuel in 4 days using fuel bunkers at a cost of 480 credits in food)
Repair: 1k credits per HP, need 2 tons of repair materials to fix 1 HP
Annual Maintenance: 125k credits (5% of the 2.5m base hull cost)
Current Cargo: 4 HP (8 tons), 92 tons free
Game Rules and House Rules:
Character Creation
[ Spoiler ]

Movement: PCs can move 30 meters per move action.

Listing Gear: Readied, stowed, and stored
[ Spoiler ]

Advanced Ship Hulls: Mark X Designs
[ Spoiler ]

Looting/Salvage: Diminishing returns
[ Spoiler ]

Psitech: TL 4 Versions
[ Spoiler ]

Translator Torc: Universal Translator
[ Spoiler ]

New Martial Art Styles:
[ Spoiler ]
Current Adventure Details

Current Sector: Sigma Tau
Current Location: Haleth Norr System

Experience: 32,080 (min XP needed for psychics and warriors to be lvl 6)
Credits: 105,000
  • Starting Amount: 45,000
  • Saving Grace Bounty (after expenses): 60,000
Char Name: Alice Conners


Stats (Bonus):
Str: 15(1) Int: 13() Dex: 16(1) Wis: 14(1) Con: 18(2) Cha: 12()

Hit Points (25), Psi Points (48(15 left after mastery)), System Strain 18(1perm), Unspent Skill Points:0

Attack Bonuses, Armor Class, and Saves:
AB: 2 AC:3 Phys:11 Ment:10 Eva:13 Tech:14 Luck:12

Skills (2pts in reserve) (Lvl):
Combat PrimWeapon(0), Combat PsiTech(1), Culture Spacer(0), Perception(0), Persuade(0) Security(1), Stealth(2), Tech/Psitech(0)
Weapons / AB / DMG / Range / Ammo:
Monoblade 1d8+1 6/9
Shock from Eelskin (Non lethal) 2d4 Range 5m
Telekenitic sling 1d8dmg (+2 to hit)

Readied (1/2 Str Score):
Lazarus Patch
Arg Web
Low Light Goggles
Universal Translator
Combat field uniform
Telekenitic Sling

Stowed (Str Score):
Vac Suit
Powercell type A 6
Lazarus patch
Survey Scanner
Grapple Launcher
Survival Kit

Cyberware (SS):
Eelskin capacitor mesh

Stored (In her room on the ship):

Cash 6860

Psionic Disciplines:
Telekinesis: Remote Manipulation (1); Telekintic Press(2); Complex Manipulation(3); Telekinetic Ram (4); Kinetic Shield(5);Telekinetic Counterstrike(6)
Teleportation: Sidestep(1); Jaunt(2); Spatial Shift(3); Greater Shift(4); Transit Jump(5); Extended Translation(6)
Mastered: Telekenisis 1-5, Teleportation 1-4

Born into one of the farther out worlds, her planet was one of the last to be reconnected after the scream. With little to add to society in terms of wealth, her planet, while technically connected, suffered stigma from being poor.
Her psionic talent started early, she was able to practice practical jokes without anyone seeing her enter or leave, or even touch her intended target. Even as remote as her world was, her psionic ability was noticed. Unfortunately it was noticed by a group of bandits who kidnapped her and forced her to help them. Eventually she started to sympathize with them. Yet before she could join them willingly they were attacked by the Government. As the ship crashed into a planet she was rescued. Though her distrust and desire to go home was obvious, her powers made the Solar alliance not want to leave her alone. In her mind trading one set of captors for another.
When they docked at a planet, she was able to escape by teleporting from one ship to another until she lost any pursuers.
Now without any particular destination in mind, she travels looking for a purpose in life, and well bounty hunting will work until a better purpose comes along. She will do anything for the crew of Tera Firma, but due to her past she distrusts authority, and outsiders until proven they can be trusted.

Alice's general order of priorities is on a station/planet are:
1. Shopping for exotic clothes, and things for the ship if necessary
2. having a few drinks, enjoying good food and listening to people tell stories
3. poke around for interesting new things to see
4. looking for things other's in her family (the crew of Terra Firma) would need/want
Name: Ravenna
Class: Psychic (Spiritualist & Healer)
Level: 6th (32,040 XP)

Stats (Bonus):
Str: 13 (0) Int: 16 (+1) Dex: 15 (+1) Wis: 18 (+2) Con: 14 (+1) Cha: 16 (+1)

Hit Points (Tot), Psi Points (Tot), System Strain (Tot), Unspent Skill Points:
HP: 22 (22) PP: 31 (49) SS: 12 (14) USP: 0

Attack Bonuses, Armor Class, and Saves:
AB:2 AC: 6 Physical: 11 Mental Effect: 10 Evasion: 13 Tech: 14 Luck: 12

Skills (Lvl):
Combat/Psitech 0
Combat/Amyugi Style 2
Computer 0
Culture/Spacer 0
Culture/Traveller 0
History 0
Perception 0
Profession/Courtesan 1
Tech/Medical 0
Tech/Psitech 0

Weapons AB DMG Range Ammo:
Unarmed Attack +6 1d6+3 NA

Argus Web
Low Light Goggles

Readied (1/2 Str Score):
Armored Undersuit (AC 7)

Stowed (Str Score):

Cyberware (SS):
Ghost Talker Transceiver (1)
Pressure Sheath (1)

Stored (Storage Location):


Psionic Disciplines: Telepathy 6 (Primary), Biopsionics 3, Precognition 2, Metapsionics 1
Known: Empathy (1), Metalinguistics (2), Mental Link (3), Memetic Probe (4), Surface Telepathy (5), Biostasis (1), Psychic Succor (2), Purge Toxin (3), Omen (1), Terminal Reflection (2) and Psychic Harmonization (1)
Mastered: Empathy, Metalinguistics, Mental Link, Biostasis, Psychic Succor, Omen, Terminal Reflection and Psychic Harmonization.

A deeply spiritual woman and born on one of the lost worlds where some training for psychics has resurfaced but wrapped in layers of mysticism and religion. She is an iihkawa or companion. Identified at an early age to possess the blessings needed for this calling she was trained to use her gifts to heal and ease the suffering of those around her. While at temple she was taught how to defend herself, social customs, and taught to observe people in detail to better assist them along their path in this life. The religion is built around the idea that the original psychics that brought about the Scream are born into each generation and these vessels carrying them must work to bring this souls redemption by using their powers to serve humanity. They are taught to seek a balance with the soul within them and reach unity with it. Not every vessel can reach that level of bonding and awareness so many are driven mad in the process. Upon completing her training and being deemed a worthy host for the soul within her, she decided to leave her homeworld and venture out amongst the stars. She believes she must bring her gifts to other worlds and begin healing the injuries out there amongst the other worlds affected by the Scream.  She travels aboard the Terra Firma, doing her work where she can and assisting the crew in exchange for board and passage to other worlds. 
The Terra Firma's specs are up. Everything is from the core book, but let me know if you want me to swap anything. I left out the armory because you are a free merchant ship, and not part of a sector defense force.

I didn't really look through the starship maintenance rules during the one-shot. The credits issue? That's solved with keeping the ship stocked and running like new.

Also, Ezri will be a lvl 4 expert NPC (she'll either stay there or 1-2 levels below the group depending on what you need). Once I know the group's skill sets, I'll pick choose her skills. smile.gif
Name: Sereth Stanson
Class: Expert
Level: 6

Stats (Bonus):
Str: 14(+1) Int: 16(+1) Dex: 18(+2) Wis: 14(+1) Con: 14(+1) Cha: 18(+2)

Hit Points (Tot), System Strain (Tot), Unspent Skill Points:
HP: 26 (26) SS: 2(14) USP: 0

Attack Bonuses, Armor Class, and Saves:
AB: 2 AC: 2 (Assault Suit) Phys: 14 Ment: 13 Eva: 10 Tech: 9 Luck: 12

Skills (Lvl):
[ Spoiler ]

Weapons / AB / DMG / Range / Ammo:
[ Spoiler ]

Gear: 900
[ Spoiler ]

[ Spoiler ]

[ Spoiler ]
Placeholder for Rory
Out of curiosity, do you want me to leave you with some free mass and power to add stuff to the Terra Firma later? Or would you be more interested in just buying points via a Mark 3 or Mark 4 upgrade?
So those sound like good questions except for the fact I haven't read one line about ships or anything about them yet - sorry. frown.gif Has anyone else does some reading and could answer for the group?
Before I read the ship stuff, how important is the ship going to be? Is it going to be there and break down as a plot device a la Firefly, or do we actually plan on having combat on board and between ships?
Unlike ships in Eclipse Phase (I'm using this as the example because it's the other sci fi system we played), ships in Stars Without Numbers ships play a big role in the adventure. This is especially true if the ship is yours. Space travel is dangerous. If you want to jump from system to system, you need to make a nav roll for your spike drive drill. If you are successful then you get there. If you aren't then there is the possibility of your ship being stranded, disabled, and in dire need of help. Combat happens. You might not plan to board other ships, but if a hostile ship gets the jump on you then their crew might board you. Also, shit happens. If you run into an "Other" style alien species, your ship's spike drive might be that species' prime rib.

The Terra Firma is a pretty solid (and expensive) ship as she is, and should be more than a match for most ships in her class. I am leaving it to you the PCs to make payroll/maintenance, buy repair materials, and supplies (see p.70). She's at 100% condition right now, but has no repair materials stocked. [Edit---The FIC is gone because I flipped the power and free mass stats]

I'm not planning on making the ship break down on you as a plot device. The maintenance rules say I should make her break down at the worst possible times, but I'll probably just roll percentiles to see if and when it happens. If you are very diligent with expensive maintenance, the possibility of breakdown will stay low.

Basically, you should read the ship rules if you want to plan ahead. Think of the ship more akin to Star Wars and the Millenium Falcon. It will work as long as you put the credits into it, and make sure it gets proper maintenance. That being said, if you jump into a system where there are space pirates, hostile aliens, odd spatial phenomena, etc., you might have a few more issues... devil.gif
Lain asked me about a template for character sheets. Here's something you can use to list your character online.


Stats (Bonus):
Str: () Int: () Dex: () Wis: () Con: () Cha: ()

Hit Points (Tot), Psi Points (Tot), System Strain (Tot), Unspent Skill Points:
HP: () PP: () SS: () USP:

Attack Bonuses, Armor Class, and Saves:
AB: AC: Phys: Ment: Eva: Tech: Luck:

Skills (Lvl):

Weapons / AB / DMG / Range / Ammo:

Readied (1/2 Str Score):
Stowed (Str Score):
Cyberware (SS):
Stored (Storage Location):

Psionic Disciplines:
Thanks for the format - was wondering the same myself.
I flubbed up on the ship (flipped the extra power and free mass), so I've got to make some changes. The Fractal Impact Charges, Class 3 Spike Drive, and Cold Sleep tubes had to go. You'll have a Class 2 drive, a Sandthrower, and a extended life support and cargo space increase.

Or something. Once I figure it out.
I also made a few adjustments to the character sheet template. I forgot to include the Tech save (good catch, Buddha!), as well as a Cyberware section.

Edit: I also have Ezri mostly built. Once I find out more about the group's skills, I'll choose her last two skills. Depending on what you want, she can be a well-rounded nav officer/guide, or she can be highly focused in one area.
Ok my character is all done and posted so I'm ready to go. smile.gif
@ Buddha: Cool. I'll take a look at it soon. Also, armor actually counts as a readied item (p.33). It's kind of funky, but that's the system. Are you wearing it, or is it stowed?

@ Lain: Cool, thanks for putting it up the character. Do you still want the mindblade? You need to have at least 2 levels in telepathy in order to use a mindblade (p.39). Otherwise, it's just an expensive cylinder. nyahnyah.gif Also, you can't wear armor with a vacc suit (p.42). Do you just want to stow it?

@ Everybody: It's probably a good idea to pick up a backpack because you'll need a place to put your stowed stuff. It's cheap, it's a readied item with 0 Encumbrance, and it's the only thing I have seen that allows you to store items.
Edited and thanks for the heads up. smile.gif
I'm actually going to withdraw from this thread for the time being. There's a bunch of stuff (home improvements, exchange students etc) that is going to be eating up my time for the next few months. I'll try and jump in around September when everything stabilizes back to normal routines.
@ Bishop: Sure, no problem. Good luck with everything, and let me know when you're ready to rejoin. smile.gif
So I'm curious if you want me to ask for a few new players to join the crew or if you want to hire someone in-game to pick up the slack (p.45)?
Also, intro IC post is up to give you a feel for the ship and the sector. I'll probably update it with more details because I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something.

It also ties up the loose ends from the in-person game. smile.gif
@ Fenris: Thanks for putting up the character. I'm still checking everything, but I noticed that you can't have Culture/Traveler at anything higher than 0. It's a special restriction on the skill (p.16).

Thanks for the note, never would have noticed that one line. Updated.

As a note, I sort of put it into my idea that the character, as a rabid adventurer type, is generally willing to manage the gear for planetside expeditions, etc. As so, if you'll check my gear list, I do have extra backpacks and other survival gear. Welcome to borrow, just put a note in your post that it's borrowed so I know where everything is.
@ Fenris: No worries. The system is simple, but has a few eccentricities. It's one of the reasons I'm writing the character notes out in the open. smile.gif
@ JxJxA: I'm inclined to go with NPC's if we need just for the's sort of an odd system, and I don't relish the idea of no face-to-face contact with someone that has even less exposure to the system than we do.

And I recognize that's only really convenient for me, since it puts a bunch more work on you wink.gif
And sorry to double post, but it just occurred to me...if we're going to live and occasionally fight on the ship, would be assume to have a set of plans of the interior...anything floating around online that is close to what you pictured in your head, JxJxA?

And since I don't know anything, what would be necessary to survive a 'corrosive and invasive' environment?
I'll look for something that fits the ship's deck layout. If I can't find it, then I'll try drawing out a basic floorplan.

As for corrosive and invasive atmospheres, feel free to check out the details on p.88-89. Basically, it combines an atmosphere that eats through your vacc suits and vehicles and cuts down your oxygen supply. Even pretech analogs are stretched to their limits when exposed to the system. You can purchase vacc suits with ablative coatings that can be replaced to stave off the corrosive parts of the atmosphere. You can also make sure to have your vacc suit flush out the toxic molecules/particles that make their way through your suits.

It won't be easy. However, that means it's less likely someone else has picked over the planet...assuming the technology survived... ork.gif

Yuuquora was courtesy of the random system generator. smile.gif
The book does pretty clearly state that it's likely to be only the most valuable of things to convince people to set up ruins there.

So, there is some difference between 'weak' and 'strong' effects in the level of corrosion in the atmosphere. As I'm completely uninterested in digging too far into the pricing minutae, could you give me a simple price for what it would cost for us to operate in the atmosphere, by hour or per day, in terms of extra oxygen or repairs, etc?

All of this is, of course, assuming that we have downtime before or after our next bounty. I'm pretty sure I don't have any enough cred to keep the ship running through it's current maintenance cycle, so after seems likely. Not a rush, to be clear.
Well, I figured you would (and should) hit the station first. There might be easier jobs that will earn you credits, ways to gain influence with other groups, or clues that will help you hunt down artifacts.

As for Yuuquora's atmosphere, I did some dice rolls to determine severity.

The invasive toxic atmosphere will reduce your oxygen stores by 60%, giving you 2 hours and 24 minutes before the toxins begin affecting you. As long as you have vacc freshers you can keep replenishing your oxygen supply. For ships, let's divide the percentile by 10 so that it will reduce your oxygen stores by 6%.

The corrosive atmosphere will render a vacc suit useless in 4 hours. Let's say you can buy a spray ablative coating that will last for the same amount of time (200 credits, 1 encumbrance, 4 applications/bottle). Sticking with degrees of 10, lets say the ship takes 1 HP of damage each 40 hours. You can apply a similar ablative coating that will last for the same amount of time (Base 100 credits*, 1 application/container, 1/2 ton of space^; *Multiply by 5 for frigates, 10 for cruisers, or 20 for capital ships; ^Multiply by 2 for frigates, 4 for cruisers, 8 for capital ships). Basically, it will cost 1k credits to apply it once, and it will take 1 ton of cargo space to store it.
Huh. Well, maybe we'll hang out on the station and aim for something a little less deadly for exploring in the downtime smile.gif
@ Fenris: It's as Boromir once said, "One does not simply walk into Mordor." You have to go on a huge, roundabout quest to get where you're going before calling in the Eagles to fly you home. nyahnyah.gif

@ Buddha: Don't forget to subtract your Dex mod from your AC. If you are wearing the underarmor, you'll be at a base of 7. With a Dex mod of +1, you'll be at AC 7 - 1 = 6. smile.gif

@ Everyone: I think we're just waiting for Mr. Ares (?) to get his laptop fixed before we're all up and running. I also noticed that no one else has taken any tech/astronautics, tech/postech skills, or combat gunnery skills. When we reach the station IC, I can have Ezri find someone or you can hunt for another tech expert to help out. It all depends on how you want to handle it. smile.gif

Oh, and go ahead and post a bio on your char page. You can spill all the beans about your characters, or you can just pm me certain tidbits you don't want the cast to know about yet... ork.gif
Thanks for the note about AC - corrected. I dumped a bunch of my starting cash into effectively her lifestyle (clothes, cosmetics, decor, etc) if that's ok?
@ Buddha: Sure, no problem on the lifestyle stuff.
Just as a heads up, I'm adding more systems to my wiki page. However, it's not done. I'm still in the process of placing them, and fleshing out La Republica background information.
At this point, I'm kind of vamping (to use the musical term) until we get Mr. Ares online. Let me know if you need any more from me. If you guys want, I can fast forward you to the station. Maybe he's sleeping off a nasty version of the Phloboxan flu or some other made up space bug. smile.gif
Hah! Going through some horrible case of the SpaceClap or something... any station during a solar storm, as they say.
So my laptop is fixed (yay!) as of a couple days ago, but I've been shock by my sudden reconnection to the full electronic world. I'll work on getting my guy switched over to forum format. All this stuff looks awesome though, totally impressed with the backdrop provided for our space tramping.
This is also my first (hopefully) continual pbp game, so I will most likely make many an error with my posting formats.
Cool, thanks for the heads up. smile.gif
Welcome to the thread!
w00t! Glad to see you made it biggrin.gif
Sorry for just putting up another scenery post. I'm trying to flesh oit the world as best I can, and I didn't have enough time yesterday to put up a substantive post. The next one will get you to Waypoint and have you meet withstation customs. There will be nominal 1-time fees for wearing armor or weapons on the station, along with a need to register the items.

I'm on my phone right now, so the earliest that will be is tomorrow.

PS-Fenris, I don't think you'll need 10 ten foot poles, but I can come up with a scenario where you will if you like.. nyahnyah.gif
So looks like my character sheet has gone the way of the DoDo bird :/
I do want to play the same character, so if its ok I will throw up this little place holder and write him back up as soon as life can get the hell out of my way and let me pay attention to my real priorities.

Name (can't remember what it actually was Doh!) Harken Doftrey
Warrior Special Forces

Skills- Will be mostly combat oriented with some rounding around the edges to show a few years of space tramping

Gear- Various big guns and Body armor of all makes and types

Quick Bio - Lt Doftrey worked as special forces on a far and distant world he refuses to name in an almost superstitious sort of way. His highly accredited career put his tight knit team and he through hell and back, often performing tasks that in a just world would have earned him a one way trip right back to the pits. Constantly focused on the immediate he failed to think about or even consider the fascist turn his government quickly took, and didn't think twice about putting down those who resisted. After completing one of many wet works jobs, his team was cornered and gunned down. Severely wounded he was captured by the insurgents. The time spent amongst them, barely alive, showed him the atrocities that were being performed, by both sides. Narrowly managing to escape after several months, he was faced with tough choice as many possibilities and paths opened before him. He chose what he still considers the cowards choice, and managed to board one of the few ships that came from off world. Ever since he has traveled space using the skills he was given by the heavy handed forces of oppression to earn his own freedom and try vainly to leave his demons behind. No longer interested with politics, creeds or ideas that lead the masses to such horribly inhuman actions, he instead works towards reforming the only thing he understood and truly belonged to before, his team. Though he still follows many military techniques and procedures himself, he expects nothing from his team members except loyalty, something he returns in abundance. While up for most any job to be found which will bring some sort of reward to his team and he, Harken always seems to take extra glee in causing mishap and unfortune to any sort of large fanatical group, while flat out refusing anything that would lead to direct harm of individuals just trying to get by.
@ MrAres-Looks good.

@ Everyone-Bumped post to the station. Time to make nice with the customs agents. Or don't. No big whoop. nyahnyah.gif
And apparently Sereth needs something lighter than an assault suit to wander around in.

@All - Would everyone mind giving a quick blurb about what you normally do while on station? Thinking it might be helpful for, "Janes always in a bar or in the middle of a fight", for instance. If I hear about a fight, I might check for Jane, otherwise IC I might not think much of it. Or, might make a particular thing more interesting for a person on the crew who isn't into that thing - for instance, "I know Jane's into big guns, I should tell him about this guy selling the rocket launcher" smile.gif

Sereth's general order of priorities is on a station/planet are:
1. Getting the ship refitted/repaired/supplied
2. Finding work
3. Info about local pre-Scream ruins, etc.
4. Local sports or physical competitions

I'll add this to the Description in my character placeholder post for easy reference.

OMG! Forgot to ask...who's the Captain?
To use terrible Star Wars analogies, this place is more Bespin than Mos Eisley. The former had its own security, and I'd guess they would do a double take if they saw random spacers strolling the halls bedecked in Stormtrooper armor. The latter encouraged self-help rather than calling on the Empire to solve differences of opinions. Plus, Waypoint mines gas from Zaxus, so maybe the analogy isn't so bad.

Those are all great ideas, Fenris, so I'll ask you all to do that. smile.gif

Anyone (except Ezri) can be the leader. I'll get an IC post up once I'm at my computer and not on my phone.
Ravenna for sure should not be the captain - too soft and would have a hard time making the tough calls.
Ha, whomever is in charge would have to not be an extreme personality, too soft, too hard etc..

Alice could do it, but she would always put the crew ahead of everything else, the team is family to her.

So could Sereth, he seems to be the more polite/social of the crew.
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