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Name: Vladamir Sukhodolskaia a.k.a Valery Strobokov
Archtype: Male Elven Street Samurai

Body: 4 [ +3 (Bone Lacing) ]
Agility: 6 ( 8 )
Reaction: 4 (6)
Strength: 4 (6)
Charisma: 4
Intuition: 4
Logic: 4 (6)
Willpower: 3
Edge: 3
Essence: 0.43
Initiative: 10
Passes: [Physical: 3; Virtual: 2; Astral: N/A]

Active Skills
Firearms Group R3
- [ AGL ] Pistols
- [ AGL ] Automatics
- [ AGL ] Longarms
Athletics Group R3
- [ STR ] Climbing
- [ AGL ] Gymnastics
- [ STR ] Running
- [ STR ] Swimming
BioTech Group R3
- [ LOG ] Cybertechnology
- [ LOG ] First Aid
- [ LOG ] Medicine
Stealth Group R3
- [ AGL ] Infiltration
- [ AGL ] Palming
- [ INT ] Disguise
- [ INT ] Shadowing
Influence Group R1
- [ CHR ] Etiquette
- [ CHR ] Leadership
- [ CHR ] Negotiation
- [ CHR ] Con
Pilot Ground R1

Knowledge Skills
N : Russian [Language]
5 : English [Language]
3 : French [Language]
2 : Weapon Identification
{12pts unknown}
2 : Smuggler Tactics
1 : Seattle Area Knowledge
1 : Seattle Gangs
1 : Seattle Shadowrunner Hangouts
1 : Seattle Shadowrunners

Cyberware 4.95
[ 2.70 ] R2 Wired Reflexes: +2 REA, +2 IP
[ 0.90 ] R2 Dermal Plating: +2/+2 armor
[ 1.35 ] Titanium Bone Lacing: +1/+1 Armor, +3 Body Resistance, physical melee damage

Bioware 1.24/2 = 0.62
[ 0.20 ] Gills: Above lungs, cannot drown [ Aug. 65]
[ 0.40 ] R2 Cerebral Booster: +2 LOG
[ 0.32 ] R2 Muscle Toner, alpha: +2 AGL
[ 0.32 ] R2 Muscle Augmentation, alpha: +2 STR

Bio-compatibility (Cyberware): 10% reduction in essence

Stump [R2; L2] Pawn shop owner
Doc Phin [R2; L2] Street Doc

Armor Jacket [8/6] Fire Res R3, Insulation R2, Thermal Dampening R3
Dermal Plating [ +2/+2 ]
Ceramic Bone Lacing [ +0/+2 ]
- at Lucky Pawn: Armor Vest [6/4] with Knight Errant markings
- at Lucky Pawn: Combat helmet [+2/+2] with Knight Errant markings

Ares Predator IV [ Dmg: 5P; AP: -1; Range: 5/20/40/60; Smartgun ] - 1 magazine REG [15/15]
Ares Predator IV [ Dmg: 5P; AP: -1; Range: 5/20/40/60; Smartgun ] - 2 magazines REG [15, 15/15]
Ingram Smartgun X [Dmg: 5P; AP: 0; Range: ; BF/FA; GV2, Folding Stock, Sound Suppressor, Smartgun] - 2 Magazines GEL (DV+2S;AP+2) [32,32/32]
Ares Alpha [ Dmg: 6P; AP: -1; SA/BF/FA; RC: 2; Smartgun, Under Barrel Grenade Launcher]
- 3 Magazines: REG[42 32/42], APDS(AP: -4) [42], Stick-N-Shock(DMG: Base - 2S(e); AP: -1/2I) [42]
- Bandolier: 6 AA Neuro-Stun Grenades, 6 4 AA Fragmentation Grenades
1x Hand-held Neuro-Stun grenade.
- at Lucky Pawn: Colt M-23 [ ] - 2x clips of GEL [40,40/40], 2x clips of REG [40,40/40]

Street Clothes
Hermes Ikon Com Unit w/Novatech Navi OS [ Resp: 4; Sig: 3 2; Sys: 4; FW: 3]
-- Programs: Browse R4, Analyze R3, Encrypt R3
-- R4 Fake SIN: Valery Strobokov
-- R4 Fake License: Dragov Inc. Security
Nanopaste Trodes
R4 First aid kit
Survival kit
R6 Medkit
Transys Avalon Comlink w/Custom OS [Resp: 5; Sig: 5; Sys: 5; FW: 6]
-- Programs: Browse R5, Analyze R5, Optimized Encrypt R5, Optimized Agent R3, Blackhammer R4, Attack R4
-- R6 Fake SIN: Demetri Putin
-- R6 Fake License: Romulov Enterprises Security
-- R6 Fake License: Concealed Carry Weapons

Finances: 435 in script, 7,500 in certified cred
1600 Starting
[800] Pay Stump
[050] Dr Phin Initial
[075] Dr Phin Remainder
[040] Coffin Motel
[200] Ares Predator IV

+1 Karma [4/26/2009]
+1 CSP [4/26/2009]
+2 Karma [9/19/2010]
+4 CSP [9/19/2010]
+4 Karma [10/11/2010]
-4 Karma [10/19/2010] - Pilot Ground R1
+4 Karma [5/31/2011]
+4 CSP [5/31/2011]
+6 Karma [11/27/2011]
+6 CSP [11/27/2011]
+11 Karma [10/15/12]
+6 CSP [10/15/12]
+10 Karma [8/25/13]
+8 CSP [8/25/13]
-20 Karma [8/27/13] Strength to R4
-10 Karma [8/27/13] Influence Group R1
-8 CSP [8/27/13] 4 new knowledge skills
-2 CSP [8/27/13] Doc Phin L1->L2 (Current: Karma=5, CSP=20)


Spend Edge
Edge Reset 8/25/13

Clues and memories:
X) His SIN names him as Valery "Val" Strobokov.
X) Dr Chin's Offer of 1,000 nuyen.gif +.
X) Found on his com:
Romulov Enterprises Membership #46543834526
Locker #1347
Gold's Gym
2290 15th Ave SE, Snohomish

X) Athena found several digital keys. It is, as of yet, unknown what they will open.
X) Asks Athena to check his face against Russians.
X) Dream of right before he lost his memory.
X) Athena finds Knight Errant has a warrant out for Val.
X) Memory about Val's car.
X) Older Russian man in a bar.
X) Memory of Galina's father.
X) Athena reveals Val's real name as Vladamir Sukhodolskaia
X) Memory of Yury torturing a man.
X) Whoever set up the locker at the Gold's Gym.
X) Val is tagged with the street name The Scalpel and at dinner with Yury.
X) Memories of setting up the bug out bag.
X) Yury at the warehouse and the old man giving Val three names.
X) Detail about the fateful night and the killing of Grigory.
this is awesome RJ i like the idea if you could just send me a copy of the sheet you have for the Character i will use that insteasd of the lay out that i have. thanks for the op.
Name: Umbra
Archtype: Male Ork Physical Adept
[ Spoiler ]
cool beans i can do that.
question quickly. what equipment would he have on him. anything or just the armor jacket. also when you said adjust the amnesia cost did yo mean change total amnesia to just regular amnesia?
Regular amnesia, with one modification: You have some unknown negative qualities.
As to gear... one way to find out.
thats cool. i bought arsenal and the Runners companion along with feral cities and im going to get unwired and street and the other source books on PDF so i can make other characters to use i have already made a awesome phys adept and i think a ok mage so if you know any online games that need either or you make another game and need them let me know i would love to try to play a mage.
Objective #1: Determine Identity - Completed; 1 Karma
Progress Bonus: Evade hostiles; 1 CSP
Contact: Stump [R2; L1] Pawn shop owner
Your character sheet, as your character knows it, has been posted into the first post in this thread and will be routinely updated.
awesome finally i have a NAME yay lol, i think i am goin to like be a commrade. red army here i come lol.
Did you forget that the character sheet you sent me had Russian as the native language?
nah i didnt know if i was goin to have to learn it all over again or not lol
im on for the next hour so i can reply fairly quick to anythin right now. is it viabel that Val would speak in Russian at times without having to know, or should i let you do the russian outbursts?
The specifics of Val's amnesia do not affect his use of language. Going forward, I expect that you will define the language(s) he speaks in.
Roll visual perception and initiative.Val's wound are: 6 boxes physical, yielding a -2 penalty to all actions.
perception is INT which is 4 + perception which i dont know how many to roll for that so do i just roll 4 dice?

initiative = 13
perception without the skill so i only get my Intuition right? which is right here two hits with four dice no glitch suprise i guess i better state im observing.
Dice pool is equal to attribute + Skill +/- modifiers. If you do not have the skill, you have a -1 modifier to default. So, here is your perception test:

Perception Test: Intuition(4) + Defaulting(-1) + Wounds (-2) = dp1: [5, 3,2,6] = 1 hit

Initiative: Initiative(10) +Wound (-2) [2,5,5,1,2,2,2,2,6,3] = 2hits + 10 = 12

Wounds apply to init dice, though not to the base number. Also in the future with Invisible Castle, number of rolls =1; Dice = 4d6.hits(5) or 10d6.hits(5), etc
Init for thugs init(6): [5,1,1,2,1,4] = 1 hits; [1,2,3,6,4,5] = 2 hits = Init 6, 7
sorry about that, yeah i forgot to add those negatives into the roll. won't happen next time. as for the attack round i only put one action into the scene not knowing how many passes these guys have i didnt know if i should put all three into motion or wait.
is there a better dice roller out there that you prefer then invisible castle?
I actually prefer Invisible castle. I wrote the code that counts hits and open ended hits and submitted it to the site maintainer. Takes a little to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, it rocks.
By the way, make an unarmed attack roll for Val
Saytr unarmed subtract wounds-2 which makes it two hits
Val: Agility(cool.gif + Unarmed(0)/Defaulting(-1) + Wounds(-2) [4,6,2,5,3,4] = 2 hits

Punk #1: Block [6,4,5,4,4,6] = 3 hits

Punks Attack
#1: [4,6,2,1,3,1] = 1 hit
#2: [1,5,2,1,3,6] = 2 hits

Val now needs to defend:
vs #1: Reaction(6) + Wounds(-2); You can buy the one hit required with the remaining 4 dice.
vs #2: Reaction(6) + Wounds(-2) + Second Attack(-1); You have a dp3 to defend against 2 hits.
so this is only the first round of combat right i get another two rounds so i guess i can use a edge point if i have any and use that to defend against the two hits.

so if you could please roll it with my alloted edge if any, if not i will roll to defend.

question i get two more passes before they get to attack again correct? i mean unless they have muliple passes each round like me is that correct or am i in a spot of trouble starting the fight lol
Are you sure you want to spend edge this early? It is your right. If you do, then your dice pool is as follows:
Reaction(6) + Wounds(-2) + Second Attack(-1) + Edge(3) = dp6

If you spend edge before you roll, the 6's become open ended so you enter the following into Invisible Castle: 6d6.hitsopen(5,6)

This is the first pass of the first round. You will get two more actions before you roll for init again. You will most undoubtedly win init on these dingle-heads as well. Given their low init, you can be fairly confident that these two only get one pass per combat turn.
cooleo then i wont use the edge point i will just run with it and hope my body and jacket eat up the dmg that the dumb orc throws at me lol. no hits ouch!
[4,1,1] is worse than no hits. That is a critical glitch.

Val is hit in the face, bypassing his armor and you suffer knock down. Roll Body(4) to resist the damage. Then declare your next action (or two).
this is going to hurt =0 hits
That was zero hits AND another critical glitch..... however, lucky for you, Val doesn't need a dodge roll. He needs a gymnastics roll since the duo are out of attacks.
Agility(7) + Gymnastics(3) + Wounds(-2) = dp8. [1,3,2,1] + [3,3,5,2] = 1 hit
So once all the rolls are calculated you actually have a hit and no glitches.

Your increased reflexes don't increase your speed... However, you have Running(3) [hint: Character sheet updated]

You need to make the following roll: Strength(5) + Running(3) + Wounds(-2) = dp6

Once that is done. Roll init. You can declare running 1 pass/turn, so you could declare it on you first action as well and roll it again. wink.gif
well this is a little better but not by much lol. 2 hits

ini= 11 assuming i didnt take anymore dmg from thugs fist lol.
Oh hell... I totally fubar'ed all that.. The critical glitch was on the damage resistance....

Ok. Let me try this again.

Stun Damage from the punch: 5 boxes + second knock down. Val spends his 3'rd pass getting back to his feet. He wins init and takes off running for his 1st pass of round #2.
Character sheet significantly updated.
New skills realized. Stealth.
Enter Alex & Ghost.
Val's Current Status: 3 boxes of wound (-1dp); No stun.
don't suppose i could sleep for the few hours before the meet and heal any of that physical damage could I? maybe instead of body X2 extended test modify it for four almost five hours of forced nap time.
QUOTE (Saytr @ May 24 2009, 12:25 PM) *
don't suppose i could sleep for the few hours before the meet and heal any of that physical damage could I? maybe instead of body X2 extended test modify it for four almost five hours of forced nap time.
That represents rest and Doc Phin's healing to this point. wink.gif
Ah... Challenges. smile.gif
lol yeah i thought about it and i was like hmmm. challenges -1 on all rolls is going to be a little rough especially if i get roughed up again lol.
RJ, not sure how you wanted to handle rolls. So, I am putting the information here for now.

Trying to get some visual information about Val.
Intuition 3 + Perception 4 + Actively Looking 3 = 10
[2,2,3,5,5,5,3,3,5,4] 4 hits
FYI to all. My computer made a very odd noise last night and then I could smell electric smoke and burning dust. We'll have to see what the future for that (relatively) new PC holds.
Ok, you guys know I'm a softy. I'm adding one more player to this game and locking it out. LordArcana is joining with Hawl. He understands that he on probation (or does now); Meaning that if he or his character wigs out (or disappears) Hawl rolls a critical glitch playing with a fragmentation grenade. Of course, I wouldn't take the effort to bring him in if I didn't have a little faith he'd run long... so with that, game on!
Greetings everyone, i'm the new guy playing Hawk.

Starting nuyen Roll

I am now fully aware of the consiquences should i wigg out.

Welcome on board!


Hopefully my computer will be back up and running this afternoon. I'll post IC just in case though.
RJ you want me to make a visual perception roll for checking out the new company lol? hope your PC isn't fried Alex. good luck with repairs. LA welcome to the fight.
The graphics card was fried. The repair guy thought it was so unique that he took it in as a trade on the labor. I just payed for the new card. The computer is good as new.
I've had 2 video cards go bad in my time. first was due to case overheating because the two front fans had defective bearings, and the last one was a wicked powersurge that fried vid card, network card and 1 stick on memory. Go figure the CPU was fine though.

Glad you are back up and running.

Hey Alex, i must say i love your character concept. Really makes me wonder whats going on in your head.
QUOTE (LordArcana @ May 29 2009, 12:14 PM) *
Hey Alex, i must say i love your character concept. Really makes me wonder whats going on in your head.

Careful what you wish for ... you just might get it.

Seriously, I imagine you would find scraps for about three or four novels a screenplay in there. Maybe one day, I'll write them.

Glad to know that you enjoy the character.
@LordArcana: Charisma + Loyalty roll for Terra
@Satyr: Charisma + Loyalty roll for Stump
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