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Wednesday 12 June 2075 2256 Stuffer Shack Seattle

Sandy looks over at Cynthia and gives her a crooked smile. "Don't forget that I am the silly girl that lost her lunch back at the tea house. Not sure if my stomach has recovered enough, but I am very hungry. Let's get something to eat."

As she parks the van, you find that Sherlock has indeed been busy. >>Well, my dear. You dodged a sticky wicket this time. It seems that your Pavel chap was in direct conversation with some people that want very badly to get their hands on you. It seems that he was being instructed to secure you while they sent some people to pick you up. My deduction is that he was in contact with your mercenary blokes almost from the moment your new chum identified herself. It might be nothing, but are you sure that she can be trusted? The address you sent me on was a wild goose chase. The location is some matrix cafe. The signal is still there, by the way. Now for the bad news............I have not been able to get much information about the Yakuza boys you are interested in. Still looking, though.<<

As you walk towards the 'Shack entrance, Sandy tells you that the drone feed from the vicinity of the mercenary house shoes that two cars have left the garage there. "Do I have the drone continue to watch the house or follow these cars? Oh, and I sent a drone into the 'Shack and there are several people in there, but I do not see any obvious Czech mercenaries with guns waiting for us. I am sending you a feed from the drone, since I am not sure who we are meeting? In any case, we will need to get some clothes before we attract too much attention."

The new feed shows several groups of people gathered about the tables inside. You do not see Tanya, so she must not have arrived yet or is in the bathroom. No one seems particularly jumpy, although a man and woman at one table seems to be closely watching another table where two women and a man are talking.

So now that we've come to an agreement, what is your interest in Grainger?
[Cynthia Rawson - 22:58, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #613

Cynthia snorts "Pretty much anyone would have that kind of reactions, don't belittle yourself..." Distractedly, looking at Sherlock's results (to whom she says {Given that those guys almost killed her, if I couldn't trust her before, pretty sure I can now.}), she then adds aloud "Follow the cars for now, less risks to be spotted, and even if we are, it won't be too bad. I think I see the one we're meeting, and we'll take care of that yeah." She groans "With my bedroom trashed, I have to buy everything back anyway..."

~~~~~~ Inside ~~~~~~

Just before 2300, two girls of around seventeen enter the Stuffer Shack. One of them is a brunette whose long wavy hair are loose on her shoulders. She stands at approximately 1m70, and doesn't appear particularly muscular, fat nor thin. More "just right". Her white top, with a huge crane pattern doesn't cover her shoulder and stops midriff. She has black pants with a black skirt on top, and two belts to hold all of that. At her feet, she has black boots with five centimetres heels, and black mittens on her hands.

The other girl has bright red hair. It's difficult to judge their length since she has them roughly tied, but they would probably reach her shoulders. The most noticeable feature are her eyes, of a stunning and very luminous blue colour. She seems roughly the same size as her companion, but she seems more lithe and athletic than anything else. Her clothes are much more simple: a dark blue jacket, a t-shirt (of the Eight Immortals music group) a jean and sport shoes.

It's probably a good thing that it's already late in the evening and that the sun has set, for they would otherwise get a lot of attention. Not especially thanks to their appearances even if they're pretty enough. The brunette could certainly be described as cute - a term she'd probably resent if what she's wearing is any indication - and the redhead might be pretty if she at least tried to take care of herself. No, what probably draws the most attention though is the state they're in.

One of the sides of the brunette's top is darkened, and the skirt just below has a slightly different colour than the rest, and all that is very probably caused by blood, the not too old kind. The skin is perfectly smooth where there should have been a wound to cause all this, so it's probably not hers. The clothes fit too well however to be anything else than hers. But it's nothing compared to the ginger. She has a few scraps on her cheeks and forehead (nothing important, and it barely drew blood), she seems to have taken a plaster shower, even if she dusted most of it out of her hair. Her hands aren't really clean, and a closer inspection reveals that they were probably covered in blood not too long ago. And judging from the pattern on her forehead, she forgot about it when she wiped something there. That same closer inspection allows to see that her jacket is decently reinforced, but intact.

All in all, the two girls give the impression to have seen action pretty recently. And blood was spilled, even if it's not clear whose blood it was... The redhead's appearance is a lot less neat than the brunette's, but the later's clothes are the ones with blood on them.

Cynthia approaches the table like she knows exactly where she's going, but doesn't seem to really see it, nor the people around it. She's slightly frowning, as if she were absorbed by something elsewhere. As such, it's difficult to determine if she doesn't care about her appearance, if she doesn't know or if she just forgot, but the result is the same: she advances to the table without any hesitation. The brunette, Sandy, however seems to be more concerned by all this...

When they're close, Cynthia stops, and her eyes clear. She looks at Tanya, then at Monique, and finally at Spokane, with a frown. She looks back at Tanya but quickly shrugs, apparently not that disturbed by the change of appearance. She was obviously not expecting anyone else however, but seems to recognise Monique. Under the scrutiny of the three at the table she seems uncomfortable for the first time "Hmm... Am I interrupting something? Should I come later?" She glances at Sandy for a second, then adds "We have to eat anyway, so it's no big deal..."

~~~~~~ OOC ~~~~~~

Memory (Identify Monique): 15d6t5 5, I saw her on multiple photos of Tanya back on Sunday
Matrix Perception (+2 TM): 15d6t5 4 to identify Tanya's telltales, should be enough since I'm already pretty sure it's her (Monique + the meeting plan) and I already know what to look for.

Jesus ladies. Rough day? Says the guy at the table. He is wearing a Steson, cowboy boots and a duster, underneath you can see obvious armor. His face is animated but he is hard to read due to the silver orbs where his eyes would normally be. He's not ugly exactly but his appearance is rough and messy. His hair, what you can see of it under the hat is unruly as is the dark stubble on his face.

One of these is the extra person you mentioned? He says looking to "Tanya". Once affirmed he introduces himself. Folks call me Spokane. You two want to get cleaned up?

Dog you got any spells that might clean these two up?
[Cynthia Rawson - 22:58, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #614

"What?" surprised, Cynthia turns to Sandy, eyebrows raised. For the first time, she seems to really see Sandy's state. "Oh..." she looks at herself then and her eyes glaze over for a moment while she checks the drone's feed. "Ooooh..." For a couple of seconds, she tries to nervously wipe her hands on her jean, then her forehead without much success.

She takes a deep breath, calming down a bit and lowering her hands. Looking at Sandy, she says "That's what you were saying. Sorry I was...a bit...distracted...and probably trying to...not think...about that..." She glances at Spokane then back at Sandy with a crooked smile "We really do need to get cleaned up eh..." she sniffs, then shrugs "They have many things in a 'Shack but not showers though... I'll order some clothes for us with a quick delivery and when we're done here, we can go take a shower at a nearby motel, that alright? What's you sizes?"

Already doing what she's talking about even before Sandy answers (and not really realizing that her question might be a bit personal in front of perfect strangers....), Cynthia quickly tries to find a complete change of clothes for Sandy and herself to be delivered as soon as possible to the 'Shack. She tries to respect Sandy's tastes, but for now mainly cares about a quick delivery more than taste.

After a couple of seconds, still working on her search, she seems to hesitate then shrugs with a sigh "I'm Cynthia." Everyone knows her with that name now, so it's too late to change. She has a new one though for the Matrix, to go with her Persona, something she'll be careful to use from now on there. "And this is Sandy."

~~~~~~ OOC ~~~~~~

Matrix Search: 15d6t5 6 to find and order said clothes with a quick delivery service. Cynthia just wants clean clothes, nothing fancy since she's perfectly fine with jean, t-shirt etc. but she tries to get Sandy stuff reasonably like what she wears.
Wednesday 12 June 2075 2304 Stuffer Shack Seattle

Tanya nods. "There seems to be extra people all over the place tonight. Spokane, why don't you go ask your friends if they are interested in my offer and bring them over if they are. There is plenty of room at the booth here for a chat and we will all explain what we are doing. Cynthia, are either of you injured or need any help?"
[Cynthia Rawson - 23:04, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #615

Cynthia frowns at the 'explain' word, not liking the sound of that. Well... Unless she doesn't have to explain anything and can just listen on others explaining stuff of course. But... Yeah. She shakes her head "No, we're good." lower, for herself (and maybe Sandy), she adds "Now, anyway." She doesn't sit down right now though "While he goes to explain we'll get food. Didn't eat yet with...erm...all of that..."

Spokane motions his friends over and does the introductions. These are my friends. This nice lady would like us to help investigate a nearby warehouse. I told her that we would take the job even though we are busy. I think we can squeeze it in, don't you?
[Cynthia Rawson - 23:04, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #616

After two or three minutes, the two girls come back. Cynthia's hands seem a lot cleaner, she removed the blood smudge on her forehead and tightened her ponytail too. She's still far from appearing neat since she didn't do much about her clothes state, but at least she doesn't draw too much attention to herself anymore, despite the scraps here and there.

On their trays, there is enough food to last for a couple of meals, as they probably were a bit heavy handed on their selection. Cynthia seems to hesitate for a moment, appearing a bit uncomfortable to see so many people a the table. Not wary of anyone in particular, but simply of sitting with so many strangers. With a frown, she sits down at the edge of the booth and starts to eat. With the speed she eats, it's obvious she's really hungry. Maybe she didn't see that large after all when she filled her tray... Sandy is more slow to eat, looking at hers doubtfully.

Once the worst of her hunger has been taken care of, Cynthia glances at Sandy then at Tanya and probably thinking about what was said earlier, says "I probably should learn a bit about CPR and stuff like that though, there are worse skills to have and when you need's now, not later..."

As an afterthought, she sends to Sherlock {Don't worry too much about the Yakuza, I probably didn't give you enough juice for that. We'll take care of that tomorrow if you don't think you can do much on that front. Thanks anyway.}
Wednesday 12 June 2075 2307 Stuffer Shack Seattle

Tanya looks around and nods her head. "Grainger Manufacturing's warehouse is the target tonight. The company makes conduit of all sizes. Most of it is the sort that builders use to run electrical wiring through walls, but some of the conduit is bloody large and people can walk upright through it. The reason I am interested in them is that they are involved in the Goldstein Building project. I am rather convinced that there is a lot going on at the construction site and that Graniger is involved. The job for tonight is to look inside the warehouse and see if there is any evidence linking them to anything odd about the building."

"To start with, I would like to discuss what we can do. I will start off by saying I am quite good at getting us into places and can provide the means to get anyone inside that needs to get inside. Monique is going in to help with the look around."

Tanya looks at the rest of you and Sandy looks at Cynthia before speaking up. "I have some good drones and can help with surveillance."

The girl with Spokane smiles at that and says, "Hey, me, too. We should compare notes."

The two women smile at each other and the ice seems to be broken.
[Cynthia Rawson - 23:07, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #617

As Tanya makes her speech, Cynthia continues to eat, approving wholeheartedly that she didn't say much. But... given how she looks, it's probably not her first rodeo... She glances lazily at Steve when she says she's also a rigger, but doesn't comment. Instead, she seems to hesitate for a bit then shrugs "Matrix." she eats her fruit then, or her looks-like-a-fruit-but-is-not-a-fruit-and-doesn't-even-taste-like-a-fruit anyway, which draws a grimace, but doesn't bother saying more on that subject. Instead, she asks Sandy "I didn't think about it before, but do you have what you need to reload your drones?"
[ Spoiler ]

I'm just dumb muscle. I'm fairly stealthy though and Dog is our magical support. What type of insertion are we looking at? I'm assuming covert, or do you have legit means to get us inside?
[Cynthia Rawson - 23:07, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #618

Cynthia frowns when Dog is introduced as a Mage. She didn't exactly have a good experience as far as Magic is concerned in the last few days... She doesn't leave him out of her sight. Not out of fear but simply cautious, like one would keep a wild animal in view to be able to react in time.

[ Spoiler ]

So you're a hacker then? If you want i can show you a few things about first aid. I'm actually pretty interested in matrix stuff myself. Maybe we can trade notes, Spokane says to Cynthia. All the time he is chatting he is also reviewing the feeds from the drones, watching for guard changes and anything significant.

[ Spoiler ]
[Cynthia Rawson - 23:07, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #619

Cynthia snorts and answers perfectly seriously - and still keeping Dog in her sight - "I rather prefer being called a Matrix Physiotherapist myself, since I massage the Matrix until it does what I want and all that. It has a nice ring to it, certainly better than hacker. Only bad guys are hackers after all, don't you think? And I only do perfectly legal stuff of course."

Despite the apparent seriousness, it's pretty obvious she doesn't believe a single word of what she's saying. Its almost like she were speaking for the record... After a second, in a more normal tone, she adds "I'd be a pretty terrible teacher though, I wouldn't know where to start. There are a lot of resources you can find easily though, it's quite enough for a start." While this may not be false, the main reason of her refusal is that she's a Technomancer. There's no way she'd be able to teach anything without it becoming obvious. And that is a big no-no.
Wednesday 12 June 2075 2310 Stuffer Shack Seattle

Steve and Sandy seem a bit detached and huddle together, whispering low so as not to interfere with others trying to talk. Tanya and Monique sit and watch the others get to know each other. Laughing Dog leans in to Cynthia as she finishes. "You seem a bit..............concerned about me. Have we met before?"
~~~~ edit fail ~~~~
[Cynthia Rawson - 23:10, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #620

Cynthia shakes her head "No.". When the man leans in her direction, she very obviously refuses to be intimidated and move. Instead, she looks ready to punch him in the nose if he gets too close. After a second, she adds "But the first Mage I met tried to use mind magic on me. Today, among other unpleasantness, I've been kidnapped," she glances at Sandy with an amused smirk "twice. I avoided a terminal case of lead indigestion headed my way by a few meters. The three-rifle-clips-worth-of-bullets kind, it didn't improve my bedroom's style, that's for sure. And I've seen six grown men eaten alive by what I can only suspect to be spirits. Men who tried to kill me, directly or indirectly, but still."

She shrugs "So you can say I'm a bit on edge, and if you start to use Magic on me I want to see it come." she shrugs. She doesn't know what she would do, but at least if she sees him use Magic, she'll get a chance to react. After a second, she frowns, wondering why she shared that. It's nothing important but still. Maybe she's still more stressed than she thought and needed to blow off some steam. "Plus, you might be next on the menu if you do, and I already had enough blood on me for today. Or this year.". And if that can make him think twice before he tries to cast a spell her way, it's all for the best.

Then she seems distracted for a second. >>Barbara [Nimue]: Hey Barbara. You alive? I need to talk to your hosts, someone with executive power, could you make that happen right about now? I happen to know that a group of those mercenaries is on the move, and whatever their plan is, I'd like to ruin it.<<
Wednesday 12 June 2075 2311 Stuffer Shack Seattle

Laughing Dog looks a bit surprised. "It does seem that you have had some kind of day. I will assure you that I will warn you of any magic I use on you. It is likely to be the sort of magic that protects or heals you, though, so I hope that you would not object too much. But I am interested in these spirits you say have eaten people. Can you describe them or is that too uncomfortable?"

>>Nimue [Vlad]: Is Vlad here. My woman says that you have information on mercenaries. Is time for sharing?<<
[Cynthia Rawson - 23:11, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #621

Cynthia nods. She seems a bit uncomfortable when she says "Don't wait for my go ahead for heals and protection... That'd be a lame way to die..." she snorts, almost amused. She thinks about what to say next and shakes her head "I could, but I'm pretty sure I know who's responsible. So for now..." she shrugs, appearing more distracted than before.

>>Vlad [Nimue]: Three conditions:
1) you share with me every bit of information you obtain from their stuff. Or from prisoners if you get some. Uncensored, unedited.
2) you make damn sure no one can learn you had outside help finding them. If possible, make it look like you were expecting someone else, got lucky or whatever.
3) if you learn where they're holed up, you don't move in on their place right away, there's much at stake.

If you agree, I'll lead you to them. There are two cars, I estimate between eight and twelve men. If you tell me what you're bringing, I'll make sure you'll meet them somewhere no one will disturb you for a while. Send me a map with blocks you really do not want to go in for that. I suppose you don't want to fight on the triads' turf or stuff like that. I'm not exactly around and busy anyway, so you're likely to need your own Matrix support. You prefer an ambush or a moving skirmish?

I realize you probably don't enjoy the last condition. But understand that I already know where they are, or am pretty sure of it anyway. I'm taking a big enough risk as it is by sharing what I know with you, a risk I'm willing to take only because I don't want to see them kill more than they already have.<<
Wednesday 12 June 2075 2315 Stuffer Shack Seattle

Laughing Dog smiles and settles back in his seat. "Thank you."

Even as you wait for Vlad's response, your feed of the movement of the vehicles lets you know that they seem to be headed out in the direction of the Goldstein Building construction site, not back into the city. It might be almost impossible for Vlad to get anyone in position to intercept them. He would have to leave very soon and break lots of speed limits to get in front of the cars before they disappear into the security zone surrounding the site.
[Cynthia Rawson - 23:15, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #622

Cynthia seems visibly displeased by this piece of news. >>Vlad [Nimue]: Good news is that I'm pretty sure I know where they're going, and they probably won't kill anyone there. Bad news is that it makes things pretty hard to get them, but...there might be a VIP in one of the cars. You won't have time to make it though. Unless...<< Cynthia slips into VR, just making sure beforehand that she won't crash in her tray. She did once, and it had hurt quite a bit after... She may slip under the table or lean against someone else for all she cares though.

She has an idea, but it may be difficult to stage, and she'll need all the speed she can get. There are groups protesting against the Goldstein Building and she needs to slow the cars. Maybe she can do something with the former to achieve the later. She changes her Persona's icon, for a random one. You never know. She already did some research in the afternoon about the activist groups against the GB. She's not sure she'll be able too but maybe...

First she quickly writes an official looking file from the Governor's office that seems to go in the direction of some of the worst fears of those groups, something that would incite them to protest right now, and to block the road leading to the building. Maybe a link with the Renraku Archology, a fake purchase of biological testing gear, to be installed in the night. She makes sure however that the document doesn't even hint at anything already on site. She certainly doesn't want the protesters to try to get in the grounds, since it could end badly.

She then posts that document on the site she chose with appropriate circumstances (something like "I was looking in such and such places, and look what I found!"), and "leaks" the link on some of the social media sites preferred by the groups she wants to involve, with something saying "Just found about that. Shouldn't we do something? Like right now, before they receive those things?" For the next minute, she watches what happens, ready to post more if it doesn't catch. If it does however, she makes sure to remove the original message, both on social media and the original site (since the document will have hopefully been spread on the other sites by then). While she waits, now that she has a bit more time, she sends >>Sandy [Cynthia]: In the bag I took from my car when we got the van, there's a small bottle with pills in it, can you go grab one and bring it to me please?<<

Even if it does, it leaves two open questions: 1) will the groups mobilise quickly enough? 2) will the mercenaries make the right choice (as far as she's concerned anyway) to wait for the protest to disperse (which shouldn't take too long given the powerful people who can't really afford that bit of bad publicity, this last bit increasing the odds that nothing violent is likely to happen. Hopefully anyway...)?
But the answers to those are out of her hands. For now, she can only monitor the situation...

~~~~~~ OOC ~~~~~~

Matrix Search (+2 VR): 17d6t5 4 to find the required elements. An official purchase order from the Governor's office published at some point will do.
Hack on the fly (+2VR): 19d6t5 6, to hack the activist group
Edit File; Economics: 15d6t5 3 7d6t5 3, to give the fake file a veneer of verisimilitude. Good thing I don't need much to edit this file... The economics parts of it are more on point that I expected though, which is cool!
Area Knowledge: Seattle (Seattle Matrix): 12d6t5 3 to choose the best vectors of transmission
Steve let's see what we can find out about this Goldstein building.

What kind of shenanigans is the Goldstein building involved in? Any idea on the specifics? Give us an idea of what you are looking for.

OOC: matrix search assist for Steve: 6d6t5 2
Wednesday 12 June 2075 2316 Stuffer Shack Seattle

>>Nimue [Vlad]: I am gathering men. Can leave soon. Where go?<<

>>Spokane [Steve]: On it, let me see what I can find out. Just remember that I am not a matrix specialist.<<

Sandy leans over and supports Cynthia when she slips in to VR and Tanya begins to speak. "The Goldstein Building is supposed to be the crown jewel in the Governor's plan to revitalize the city. The claim is that they have no intention of repeating the mistakes of the Arcology and that this will provide a needed boost to the sprawl's growth. Cynthia has discovered that something odd is going on in the construction. The current stage is still a huge hole in the ground, but what is there does not match the design that has been made public. Beyond that, several of the companies wholly or partially controlled by Sampson Industries seem to have locked up the various part of building this thing and I have some very grave suspicions that Sampson Industries is heavily involved in something very wrong involving a company called Liston Pharmaceuticals. So far, this insertion tonight is simply to gain some information. When we are done here, I am more than willing to show everything I have."

Cynthia, you are able to insert your fake file and the links to it as planned, stirring up a hornets nest of activity. A expected, the word spreads like wildfire across social media and there is a protest storm. The word is spread for people to gather at the construction site. Whether or not it will be in time is a question.

Sandy goes to get the pill from Cynthia's bag as requested and returns to the table.
[Cynthia Rawson - 23:16, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #623

>>Vlad [Nimue]: They're headed to the Goldstein Building. Looks like they might not be able to make it all the way though. Which is a good thing since you wouldn't make it in time otherwise. I'll tell you more when I find a place where you can deal with them. They'll probably be moving, so I'm thinking you should take stuff to ram them. A powerful jammer too, if what I hope for happens.<<

When Sandy comes back with her pill, Cynthia exits VR. She doesn't seem particularly concerned or stressed as she pops the pill in her mouth and gulps it with a small grimace (but she takes care to regularly check for Marks...). She smiles to Sandy "Thanks." Seeing that for now she mainly has to monitor the situation, Cynthia sits correctly, so that she won't fall when she goes back into VR. She's keeping an eye on the situation in front of the GB, but especially at the drone's feed. She needs to be ready for when they react to what is happening.

She takes another precaution: in case the mercenaries turn back, the Vory need to be in position to intercept. She sends a route to Vlad >>Vlad [Nimue]: I sent you a route. You don't need to follow it exactly, but try not to deviate too far from it.<< of course, if the mercenaries make the choice to force the passage, there's no way Vlad will reach them in time. But first, it's already more or less the case, second, the last thing the mercenaries probably want is to draw attention to the link between the GB and themselves. So while it's not a perfectly safe bet, it's actually a lot safer than it would appear at first glance.

She blinks then, and looks at the others "Hum, sorry. Just setting a few things up." She still seems a bit distracted though, trying to find what she could do to make sure the protesters gather fast enough to prevent the mercenaries from reaching the site quickly enough. Since they seem to be running off-the-grid when moving, they shouldn't get news of what is happening until it's too late if the protestors gather fast enough, but... Unless she can use the hackers already on site. Somehow...

Maybe... Cynthia frowns, barely listening to the conversation going on around her. With a smile, Cynthia prepares an AR package replacing what vehicles can display: the new AR projection would be propaganda messages against the GB. Now, she only has to send that to the hackers on site, asking them to hack some of the nearby vehicles to block the road and display the message until helps arrive, for the cause. After that, she goes away, changes her icon to another random one.

~~~~~~ OOC ~~~~~~

The pill is Psyche, takes effect in 10 minutes (so 23:26).
Software (Creating propaganda AR): 13d6t5 5
Matrix Perception (-5 Noise): 10d6t5 5, to spot the hackers on site. I suppose I'm between 10 and 100km, hence the -5 for noise. And Cynthia still has a random icon.
Oh and unless Sandy is pretty good at hiding that, she probably has some reaction when the Goldstein Building is mentioned, after all, that's how Cynthia and her met earlier smile.gif
Wednesday 12 June 2075 2318 Stuffer Shack Seattle

Two minutes of your ten go by as you make your preparations and send out your messages. You get a return note from Vlad that he is just now leaving his neighborhood and is following your route, but is well behind the cars with the mercenaries.


You are not sure what Sandy's reaction was as you were in VR at the time.
[Cynthia Rawson - 23:18, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #624

With nothing else to do but to wait - and hope - Cynthia focuses back on the discussion going on around her.

It feels weird though, being able to do so much, to put so many things in motion at a moment's notice. Weird, and a bit frightening. If she can do that, what can others do? Sure, she didn't Emerge yesterday, but still... It's only been, what? Three days? Four days, since she has started using her gifts extensively, for a single specific goal? What can those who have been doing that for years now can do? And that's just for Technomancers like her. What about deckers with decades of experience?

Sure, at some point, her manipulation will be identified as an hoax. By most everyone anyway, there are always people ready to believe anything. But this is only something she made in less than a minute. And if she, alone, can do this... Probably better not think about what the governments and MegaCorps can do. Or more probably...are doing right now. It would be tempting to fall into the "everything is a conspiracy" mentality. For the most part, the MegaCorp fight against each others, which means that on most of the stuff one is trying, the others will try to counter. But that leaves stuff where all of them agree.

Of course, there are people who expose the lies for what they are. Underground groups on the Matrix, some good enough - or connected enough - to ignore the ire of the MegaCorps. But what sort of life do they have? Are they ever at peace, or always "fighting The Man"? Must be exciting, but also depressing, to be the only one (or one of the few at least) who sees things as they are, and not as you're supposed to. But once you've seen the other side, can you come back from it and ignore it?

In a pause of the conversation, Cynthia focuses back on Tanya "By the way, when are we going?"

~~~~~~ OOC ~~~~~~

Yup, it was for Spokane that I said that, not for Cynthia.

@Steve: I know babe that's why I'm helping. We will just see what we can find.
Wednesday 12 June 2075 2320 Stuffer Shack Seattle

@Cynthia Your drone feed shows the two cares getting closer to the site then stopping. Then turning about and going off in a different direction, perhaps towards Touristville.

>>Spokane [Steve]: Hey, lots of public stuff on the building. Most of it just as the other woman says. But right now there seems to be some sort of major protest going on over at the actual construction site. People are flowing in from all over the city. It is small so far, maybe a hundred or so, according to the newsies, but more are arriving.<<

Steve looks around and says, "Hey, I have been following the news feeds and there seems to be some sort of protest brewing over at the Goldstein Building construction site. Not sure what the reason is, but it seems that something must have riled the protesters up a bit."

>>Spokane [Steve]: Hey, more breaking news. It looks like several of the guys guarding the interior of the warehouse are piling into a van and seem to be leaving. Do you think it is time we leveled with these people and tell them we were working this angle already?<<
[Cynthia Rawson - 23:20, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #625

Cynthia grins suddenly, eyes sparkling. She doesn't quite dances on the table, but something definitely has her pleased >>Vlad [Nimue]: Alright, they are no longer headed to the GB but to Touristville I think now. I'm adjusting the route. Note that I'm not a driver, if you know quicker/better roads, by all means, use them.<< and let's hope they won't be going to little Japan. That would make things...difficult. Though she could learn a bit more that way too. Would be best if they were intercepted on the way way of course, but...

When Steve - what kinda name is that for a woman? - mentions the protest, Cynthia cocks an eyebrow, but doesn't seem either surprised, concerned or particularly interested "Oh? I don't really follow the news, sorry."

Of course, while that statement is true, despite the fact that she didn't react when Steve mentioned her bit of news (or maybe because of it...), it seems curious for Cynthia to not really care... Or to have that distracted grin since before Steve mentioned the protest.

Speaking of protest, she'll prepare a fake video (taken from a trid or something like that) of a truck with biomedical crates being stopped and the crates destroyed. The video must be of poor quality to allow the officials to point out that it's fake and the protesters to say that it's because the officials tried to delete it but we're ultimately unsuccessful. That way, the protesters will feel vindicated and increase the scrutiny on the GB, and no matter what the officials say, they'll believe what they're inclined to do in the first place. Form ow, she plans to release the video in an hour or two. Though perhaps she needs to prepare a small message to let the protesters know, a message she can release at any point to appease things. Something mentioning the truck being stopped and the goal being achieved, yeah protesters!

More scrutiny could make things a bit harder for her, she knows that. But another goal of the protest was to make things harder in the long run for the opposition: with more scrutiny, they'll have to move slower or risk drawing too much attention to themselves. Tanya said one of the problems she faced was that the baddies were always a step in front... Maybe that way they'll get a bit of time to act without Samspon & Co being able to. And since right now they're not ready to directly move in on the GB, it should be all good. In a couple of days the interest will have faded (except for the more hardcore, but it doesn't really matter), probably with the weekend, especially if the weather is nice. Such a timetable would be perfect for Cynthia.

~~~~~~ OOC ~~~~~~

Area Knowledge: Seattle: 10d6t5 2 for the best route.

Composure: 10d6t5 5
And I won't even bother with a con test, you can assume she botched it, hence the "it's obvious I know more about that than I said". But at least, she didn't blush at the mention of the protests, that would have been worse (in her book anyway).

Matrix Search; Edit file: 15d6t5 5 13d6t5 3 to find the required material for the video and edit it a bit to make it it impossible to really know where it comes from (otherwise even the dumbest protester will think there's something fishy...).
Not satisfied, Cynthia tries again (so looses a die): Edit file (try again): 12d6t5 2
And it's even worse. Again? Edit file (try again): 11d6t5 4

It'll be enough, especially considering that Cynthia wants the video to appear like it has been tampered with. She just doesn't want anyone to know where it comes from, and that it could be some street somewhere in Seattle.
@Steve: Let's keep our cards close to the vest I don't trust these folks. It's too convenient that they want us to help them investigate the warehouse we were just going to check out. If it's a coincidence we have a payday but this might be a trap. Keep a drone on the van that's leaving. I want to know where they are going.

The boss Lady said 200 hours but my schedule is free. I can go any time. I've already got surveillance up there.
[Cynthia Rawson - 23:20, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #626

Cynthia nods distractedly "Oh, alright." After a couple of seconds, she frowns "What!? Two? Why do you want to wait that long? Can't we go sooner? I have a lot of stuff early in the morning, and of course I had a...long day...shall we say?"
Wednesday 12 June 2075 2320 Stuffer Shack Seattle

Tanya nods. "We can go earlier, but I what time were you thinking of? In my experience, two AM is about when most security guards are at their worst, but I suppose we could do it at one instead."

Steve looks over at Spokane then back to Tanya, nodding support for the timing before huddling back with Sandy to talk about drones. Al least the two of them appear to be bonding. Monique leans forward and speaks in her French accent. "So we are shifting the time on the building to 0100, oui?"
[Cynthia Rawson - 23:20, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #627

Cynthia groans "What am I supposed to do in the meantime?" She shakes her head and sighs "I guess I'll find something..." she glances at Sandy but doesn't seem to mind nor care. Instead, she keeps an eye on the situation near the GB, the mercenaries and Vlad. As long as this is not taken care of, she won't have much else to do. After that... Maybe she'll just take a nap to wait...
Grab some winks if you want. We can wake you up when it's time.
[Cynthia Rawson - 23:20, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #628

Cynthia grumbles "I might. If I finish what I'm doing soon." and at that, she returns to her monitoring of the situation, both regarding the protest as well as for the mercenaries, making sure she doesn't miss anything important that is happening...or that she could do. At some point, she turns to Tanya "By the way, were you able to sweep things under the proverbial rug at my place, or should I plan to spend an hour or two at a KE station tomorrow?"

~~~~~~ OOC ~~~~~~

From what I remember, the Industrial District is on the coast, south of Downtown, Touristville is on the east, south of the barrens, but where is located the GB? Where is Vlad situated?
I don't need exact locations, I'm just trying to determine if it'll be easy to catch up to them before they reach their new destination or not.
Wednesday 12 June 2075 2340 Stuffer Shack Seattle

@Cynthia Within twenty minutes, the protest seems to be picking up steam, although there are a few disturbing posts on social media questioning the authenticity of the original posts. So far, those seem to be in the minority, but it is probably wise to have removed the original post and scrubbed the site. More and more people are coming online to castigate the Governor and his cronies for once again leading Seattle into the sort of mess the first failed arcology had been. People are talking about meeting near the site and seeing if they can challenge the guards to gain access. Some cooler heads warn that these guards seem to be of the more unreasonable sort and remind others to use caution. The two cars of mercenaries have made good progress but Vlad's men seem to have just managed to crawl out from the Redmond Barrens and will probably not get to the cars before they get to Touristville, if that is where they are headed.

@Spokane Steve feeds you data that the car with the guards appears to be headed towards the Touristville area
[Cynthia Rawson - 23:40, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #629

Cytnhia groans, mumbling something about the fragging barrens and their roads. Even if she could, again, disrupt the path of the mercenaries, she wouldn't, not twice. Even the dumbest of them would realise that something is going on.

Noticing that Tanya didn't answer, Cynthia shrugs. It probably doesn't matter. Though... Yeah, she'll take the time to check the official communications regarding any event or KE investigation near her house and the teahouse. Since she's already doing this kind of research, Cynthia also checks for reports of activity that could be linked to the mercenaries: maybe they're interested in stuff she doesn't know anything about, stuff she should know.

At least it'll be more useful than numbly watch two cars moving in the streets of Seattle and hope the Russian get their act together and manage to catch up to them. If it can help, she regularly updates the map she shares with Vlad to reflect the progress of the mercenaries, with a timer estimating the time the mercenaries will reach their destination (for now, she assumes it's around Little Japan) and another one with an estimation of the time the Russian will get there.

~~~~~~ OOC ~~~~~~

With the Psyche now active, Cynhtia has +1 Logic & Intuition. It means her Data Processing and Sleaze scores are now both at 7 (and Cynhtia is a bit harder to spot in the matrix as a consequence).

Matrix Search: 14d6t5 7, just at the limit.
Spokane scratches at his stubble apparently lost in thought. He checks the feed to count the number of people in the van and considers taking a quick break to go intercept these men. Touristville would be an excellent place to grab some more goons and we could interrogate them about the warehouse.

What kind of firepower can you folks bring to the table? Got any force multipliers you can add if we need to grab some folks?
[Cynthia Rawson - 23:40, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #630

Cytnhia frowns "What do you mean grab some folks?" She looks at Tanya, eyebrow raised "Weren't we here to sneak into the warehouse to allow me to make friends with their Host or did I miss something?"

She said investigate the warehouse. Maybe your part is just part of the plan. We've done an interior sweep the only thing odd is an internal building with extra security. I imagine that's where the interesting stuff is going to be.
[Cynthia Rawson - 23:40, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #631

"Maybe, but that's what I asked her to help me with. Which is why we're here to begin with." Cynthia shrugs "I don't care how we're calling this, or if you do more than that inside. But either way, it doesn't explain this grab some folks thing."
Wednesday 12 June 2075 2342 Stuffer Shack Seattle

Tanya looks up from her food. "Yes, what is this about grabbing some folks? What folks are you talking about? My thought is to just go into the building and give Cynthia a better chance at getting into their host to see what sort of shenanigans they are up to. But to answer your question directly, none that I am aware of, other than the drones sandy has stuffed away in her rented van. And by the way, I will see what I can do about getting something you can modify if you think you will want to work with me again. Talk to me when we are done here.

@Spokane You think that perhaps eight men got into the van, not counting the driver and anyone who might have already been in the vehicle before it picked up the men from inside the central security area.

>>Nimue [Vlad]: Not sure I can catch them before they get to Touristville, but we are headed that way. Keep the information coming and we will see what we can do.<<

Tanya looks back at Cynthia, "Your house is clean and someone is doing a quick patch job. The KE are far more interested in the bodies of the couple that lived in the house across the street from you that the mercenaries used. Apparently the fraggers took their time with the woman before killing her."

Spokane holds his hands up and leans back like he's fending off an attack with a goofy grin on his face, he likes to think it's charming, and says, Woah there. She's the one paying if she says you are calling the shots then you call the shots.

Well shit. I thought we might have an opportunity, eight goons from that building inside just piled into a van and took off. I thought maybe we could take them on but but if it's just a few extra drones I doubt we could take them all without one getting away to warn the rest.
[Cynthia Rawson - 23:42, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #632

>>Vlad [Nimue]: I'll do that. But if they go to Little Japan, I doubt you'll want to raise hell there, no?<<

Cynthia grimaces then sighs "Yeah, I'll bet... I'll take care to move out soon I think..."

For a moment, she seems about to retort a bit angrily to Spokane, but just shrugs in the end. What does it matter if he believes she's just hired help, knowing nothing more than what she's told? Still... "I don't exactly call the shots. But don't assume that since I'm just a seventeen years old girl I don't know frag."

She snorts, then continues without pause "As for your dudes, the less inside, the better for us. So unless they're going to the nearest 'Shack, they'll be out of our hair, which is kind of a good thing. Plus, unless you want to bomb their van, they'd be able to warn someone anyway. Unless you jam them I suppose." she glances at Sandy then, with a grin "As for the drones... Well... There are drones and drones... Some make very nice holes." She grimaces "Unless you stand a meter away from the targeted area, it looks a lot less nice that way... And of course, it's even worse if you're in said targeted area..."
Wednesday 12 June 2075 2343 Stuffer Shack Seattle

Sandy looks over at Spokane and nods. "I think she is referring to my Bumblebee. She was a bit close to the firing line the last time I used it."

Steve looks surprised. "A fragging bumblebee? That's a lot of firepower."

Tanya looks around. "Yes, that is a lot of firepower and we are going to try to not need to use it." She turns to Spokane. "And what do you know of the men in the warehouse? And what building inside? Perhaps you have something to tell us?"
[Cynthia Rawson - 23:43, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #633

Cynthia nods in confirmation "Yeah." After a pause, she adds "Given the alternative though, I wouldn't change anything. Except...Well...You know..." she looks at Tanya to conclude "But I'm all for avoiding combat. Even if I should probably try to get learn a bit more than I know given who's hunting me..."

She grimaces some more, then turns to Spokane to listen to his explanation.

You won't hear that crap from me, Cynthia. I grew up on a ranch you're grown at 14 out there, hell I only got 7 years on ya.

Spokane looks at Tanya quizzically. I'm not sure what you mean? Like I said we have drones on site. We completed an interior sweep and the only thing that looks odd in there is the building inside. Steve you want to show her the one we have watching the building?
[Cynthia Rawson - 23:43, Wednesday June 12th, 2075 - Stuffer Shack, Industrial District, Seattle] #634

Cynthia humpfs a bit, but seems to accept Spokane's explanation.

Looking at Tanya, she shrugs "I checked to see if I could connect on something from the outside, but I didn't try anything else since I didn't want to raise any alarm. Or get caught which... Well, you may have never known what happened... Anyway, I don't know what's inside. Or who, as the case may be. In addition to the mysterious guys anyway."
Someone's hunting you? Is this someone we should be aware of for the job?
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