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This post will be updated throughout the game with links to other threads and important events. Check Post #1 in the OoC for updates of characters and home rules.

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Payment from Mr. Smith
Meet with Radek: Job offer for Denver: Part I Part II
Mr. & Mrs. Johnson's Denver Offer and Payment

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Orange - Timestamps - Time (24-Hour:Minutes:Seconds), Date (Day Month Year) - Specific Location - City, State, etc
Dark Green - (as part of Timestamps) Weather Conditions

Bold - Character Names
Italics - Thoughts
Light Blue - Radio Transmissions - "In quotes."
Yellow - Texts - Hour:Minute TEXT MESSAGE SENT/RECEIVED [SENDER>>>RECEIVER] >>> Text message.
Light Green - Email - Hour:Minute EMAIL SENT/RECEIVED [SENDER>>>RECEIVER] >>> Email message.

Bubba looks up with excitment smiles and says, "Duh... Lenny you so funny, give me dah new sampler!" Bubba moves to a table and sits, leans back in his chair, hands locked behind head, throws his feet on the table and satsifyingly gleams from ear to ear as he contemplates his menu choice.

Suddenly, Bubba sits up and grabs the table as if he just had the most amazing vision, eyes wide with excitment and shouts proudly with his new thought, "Yo Franky, you needs a sampler like dis at your donut shop, that would be somethin!" Bubba waits anxiously like a puppy begging for food for Franklin's response.
11:26:22 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - East of Mt Shasta, approximately 4,000 meter elevation
V pilots the Cessna around Mount Shasta as close as she can without going inside the restricted area, which isn't very close at all. Not wanting to draw any suspicion, she takes a long scenic route through the mountain range before gradually looping back for a long flight back to the Bay Area. Usually V finds these flights relaxing, especially ones over such beautiful landscapes as Cascade Mountains. However, this mission has her on edge and the recon mission revealed nothing the team didn't already know. The one thing that was certain is that was going to take more than the three of them.

19:40:51 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The Ugly Duckling, Concord
Bubba and Franklin Delano Donut of Frank's Donuts sit at the bar of the greasy spoon diner. Going over the menu, Bubba notices something new. It's a super sampler of just about everything on the menu called the "Just Because Your Ugly, Doesn't Mean Your Not Useful Super Meal!"

Lost in the menu, Lenny surprises Bubba, "Heya buddy! Ya just gonna drool or ya gonna orda!?"

19:41:12 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - Jeremy Black Oak's Apartment, Bay Point
Normally Knuckle Duster likes to be more constructive with his time, but tonight he's got his feet up on the coffee table, and plans on watching a couple trids he downloaded. He deserves the rest after a busy past couple months out of town. Duster just arrived back in the East Bay after a few big money runs in Seattle, so tonight's plan is to rest, relax and recuperate.

20:03:58 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez
The War Room bar sits in the loft of a storage warehouse, well hidden from unwanted attention. Without any outside advertisement, it's a difficult place to find, thus making it a great shadowrunner haven. The inside is lit by low wattage lights, consisting of accent lighting reflecting off the rusted aluminum sided walls and hanging over the main bar. This makes for a lot of shadows and dark corners, which is great for a discreet meeting for less than legal purposes.

Roaming Gnome sits on a pair of phone books at a booth waiting for the Relentless to return with the drinks. The Relentless is at the bar, picking up a round of drinks, hoping he can get a DNA sample from V's glass before the night is through. V should be arriving shortly with a report of her recon flight around Mount Shasta, but they already know they are going to need more than the three of them to tackle this run. Even if they are able to team back up with Knuckle Duster, that may not be enough muscle in case things go south.

20:07:22 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - Outside The War Room, Martinez
V pulls her Suzuki Aurora into the broken-gated parking lot near the War Room. Its cold outside, but her armor jacket takes the brunt of the weather, as she makes her way across the lot to the stair way. She is more than a little on edge, knowing that not only is getting into Hestaby's Lodge going to extremely difficult, but they only have two more days to complete it.

19:42:01 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The Ugly Duckling, Concord
Bubba looks up with excitment smiles and says, "Duh... Lenny you so funny, give me dah new sampler!" Bubba moves to a table and sits, leans back in his chair, hands locked behind head, throws his feet on the table and satsifyingly gleams from ear to ear as he contemplates his menu choice.

Suddenly, Bubba sits up and grabs the table as if he just had the most amazing vision, eyes wide with excitment and shouts proudly with his new thought, "Yo Franky, you needs a sampler like dis at your donut shop, that would be somethin!" Bubba waits anxiously like a puppy begging for food for Franklin's response.

"I do, Bubba! Ya orda it every day. Tis called de 'Bubba Special!' It used ta be da Baker's Double Dozen, basically every ting me got...

"... Chocolate bar, chocolate bar jelly-filled, chocolate bar cream-filled, maple bar, maple bar jelly filled, maple bar cream-filled, bear claw, cream filled bear claw..." Frank's eyes start to water as he methodically, and somewhat lustfully, goes down the list.
"Franky you didint happen to bring a donut wicha... did ya? Cause if not, after I slam da sampler I know were to go fo sum dessert."

Bubba continues to enjoy his meal and conversation with Franky and Lenny.
19:42:39 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The Ugly Duckling, Concord
"Common Bubba, ya knows I gotsta get to bed so I can open da shop on time. I sall ready up late as itis. You cancha wait til 5 am?"
"Ta Beds? You really needs to make you shop 24/7... think of the business you would haves Franky? I mean ya can always counts on Bubba!"

Bubba then grabs Franklin in a friendly manner and proceeds to give him a noogie.
19:44:03 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The Ugly Duckling, Concord
"Hey knock dat off, Bubba!"

Frank pulls away and warns him, half-jokingly, "If ya does dat again, ya ain't eva gonna git the free day-olds!"
"Okie Franky, please dont take me donuts away... sometimes its all the love me has..." Bubba holds back a tear...
19:44:44 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The Ugly Duckling, Concord

In an attempt to comfort, Franky puts his arm on the big troll's back and tells him, "Not ta worry dere Bubba, ya always git da day-olds... eider dat or dey go to da trash."

Bubba perks up, and yells, "bartender round of drinks for me pal Franky here and me-self." When the bottles of rum arrrive Bubba grabs one lifts it high into the air while looking at Franklin and exclaims, "to da day-olds." Bubba waits for Franklin to lift his bottle also and then chugs the rum bottle to empitness.
Jeremy pops the top on his favorite beverage in the whole world, IBC hard Root Beer. He turns on his PC, hits the 'Relentless Special' that Aeron wrote up for him for whenever he does his 'second job' work, and logs on to check his account balances. Satisfied that all is golden for the next little bit, he shuts down his second firewall and begins surfing local news, just to catch himself up on what is what, and to start working out details for any alibi he might need. As ojisan Shinjiro always said, work hard on the details, and the main business takes care of itself...well, always muttered it to himself anyways.

Then, he calls up DVCs SFSU extension page, to begin plotting his next semester. The 6-month sabatical he took was nice, but he really needs to finish up his Engineering degree. Two, maybe three semesters left to go, and he would have his degree.

After about a half-hour though, he realizes he is staring at the screen and accomplishing nothing at all. He thinks about it for a half-second, then decides he just needs to walk, to clear his head and work through all the details of his last run. He throws on his secure coat, stuffs his taser, straps on his 'hawk, and heads out. Obviously, he isn't going anywhere 'classy' tonight
20:10:36 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez
V scans the bar for her comrads. They should be here already, seeing that she is ten minutes late for the meet. After a third scan of the warehouse loft, she finally spots the micro figure of the gnome in the shadows. She lets out an audible laugh when she notices RG is sitting on a pair of phone books. First things first, V grabs a drink at the bar before heading over and sliding into the booth occupied by The Relentless and RG.

"Bout time chummer," The Relentless taps his cheap watch, to he lets V know his dissatisfaction. "Whats your excuse this time."

"Jet lag."

"You call that thing a jet!? Its closer to a paper airplane than a jet," RG points out.

Changing the subject, either to protect her Cessna or due to the importance of the job, V tells the team what they already know. "We are going to need more than the three of us."

"Yes, we know. We have been discussing that for the past fifteen minutes or so," The Relentless kindly points out. "We called Jaxx while you were at the bar."

"He said he might be able to get us a couple of razor guys," RG interjects, "and Knuckle Duster might be back in town."

"Well, we don't have much time. When are we to meet these guys?"

"I told Jaxx it was urgent, so those are the guys he thinks he can get here tonight, so I guess we continue to wait here."

20:12:12 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - Outside Jeremy Black Oak's Apartment, Bay Point
Knuckle Duster is saddling up on the large Harley Davidson when his cell goes off. He notices its Jaxx's number, which fits his plans perfectly. Nothing more relaxing than a good run.

He answers to hear Jaxx's loud and excitable voice, "Heya, Dusta!? Your old team needs some help on a run. They didn't know you were in town, so I told Relentful that I would give ya a call, chumma."

20:18:51 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The Ugly Duckling, Concord
Frank pats his stomach after a hearty meal... well snack. He lets out a loud belch that Bubba matches, followed by a good hearty laugh, emphasized by snorts.

"Hey Bubba, I think dats yer phone ringin."

Bubba answers his cell to find its the annoying Jaxx on the line. "Hey there Bubba! You up for a job? It's kinda time sensitive, so the guys wanna meet tonight. You interested, chumma!?"
"Hi jah JAXX, right nows? Is dis the big one you've been promisin me? Well, throw in a box of donuts and ill meet dem tonight... I need the details... location, address, any scoop or heads up on dah job... uh hang on a sec..."

Bubba looks around the resturaunt realizing he has not been talking soflty and noticing a lot of stares he quickly lays some cash on the table to cover Franklin's and his meal, turns to Franklin and Lenny and says, "Tis been good chummers, duty calls and I needs me sum cash to keep yous boys in business..." Bubba then pats Franklin on the back and heads out the door to his chopper while resuming his conversation with JAXX.
20:20:15 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - Outside the Ugly Duckling, Concord
"My contact told me it's ASAP. It looks to be larger than your average run. I set these...," the fixer is left hanging while Bubba pays his bill.

Once he has the giant's short attention again, Jaxx continues, "...Well, like I was saying, chumma. I set this team up with a job a couple of days ago, but after doing some recon, they think they are going to need a bit more help. I don't know the details, chumma, but they are sittin at the War Room in Martinez, right now. Ask for the Relentless' table. They will fill ya in, Bubba."
"Okie JAXX." Bubba fires up the Harley, "Ima on me ways nows and make sure Tubbs got dat box of donuts waiting for me tamarrows mornings." Bubba cruises to his new destination feeling the cool breeze and hanging his tongue out his mouth, his mind turns to the excitment of another pay check and another adventure.
20:20:39 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - Jaxx's Hideout, Unknown Location
After Bubba accepts the job, "Alright I am sending the directions to your cell... and the donuts are your business, not mine, chumma!"

Jaxx ends that call and dials Relentless' number.
Duster grimmaces quickly, then kicks up the throttle really quickly, drowning out the last few seconds of Jaxx' spiel. He keeps this up for a couple of seconds, then drops the throttle back down, and speaks up, "Well, well, if it isn't my gooooood buddy Jaxx. How is it that everytime I am wondering how I am going to pay for my Nutri-Soy Brunner for the day, let alone my rent, you are unreachable, yet as soon as my accounts get the slightest bit flushed, you have work for me?" With a very long, melodramatic sigh, Duster continues, "Alright, I'll help you out on this one, Jaxx. Again. You said it was Relentless and his crew?" As he says this, Duster cringes a little on the inside. When did I stop being part of their crew? Man, just a few years, and so much has changed. Ah well, it will be good to hook up with the old buddies.. Jaxx seems to know all his people very well, as he just sits through Duster's reminiscing. Duster pops out of it, and finishes up, "At the old hang-out, right? I think I can still find my way there. Although this is a new phone, and I am ashamed to say I don't have my old team's numbers on memory. Call them, let them know I am on my way? Thanks Jaxx, and for more than the nuyen." Knuckle-Duster kills the connection, calls up a mental map of the location, and hits the accelerator
20:12:49 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - Outside Jeremy Black Oak's Apartment, Bay Point
"They will be waitin' on ya Dusta! I am sending directions to your phone. Enjoy the work, chumma!"

20:20:55 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - Jaxx's Hideout, Unknown Location
"Heya Relentless. I gotcha two guys headin' to ya. You know Duster, then I also got a big boy for ya. A giant by the name of Bubba. I am also waitin' on a couple callbacks. I don't know if I can find you another magic user, but I left a message for Sparkles."

"Okay, thanks Jaxx." The Relentless quickly hangs up, probably setting a world record for the shortest phone call with Jaxx.

20:25:01 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - Thunderdome, Martinez
Trolling 4 Your Mother ends their set with their heaviest jam, "Fraggin' Loud!" During the short intermission before the headliner, Orcasm, takes the stage, Kliko decides it would be a good time to drain the bladder. Stepping into the latrine, the volume of the music and the bar fade out, and Kliko hears his cell beep, indicating he has a voice mail. Seeing that the message is from Jaxx, Kliko contemplates whether or not to answer. He could use the work, but he has been waiting for months to hear Orcasm. Might as well check the voice mail, just to see what's up?

"Heya Kliko!," sounds Jaxx's overzealous voice. "I got a team that has a job that they think is gonna require a bit more help. Gimme a ring if ya want to meet em, chumma."
20:26:41 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - Thunderdome, Martinez

Kliko emerges from the Dome's catacombes as the intermezzo start rolling back and forth through the Dome's superstructure. 'What else to expect other than crap coverage from the expendable cell phones he used nowadays?'. Looking for the bare minimum in signal strenght he starts making his way through the crowd, him and about every other damned punk-ass meta around. Fuck hell, he dwarfed compared to the rest of them lot.

His connectivity re-gained at about the same time Orcasm made their appearance on stage, "Jaxx, Kliko here!" as he yelled at his phone to make himself out... around him hell broke lose as the welcoming rifts and holo-rays of elemental mayhem hit the already over-excited crowd. Kliko would have to resort to texting instead...

While the mass around him started flashing their tusks and 'moving' in-line with the rhytm and beats, Kliko prepared a short text-message before slotting the phone in his datajack: "Always ready to rock chummer, looking forward to schedules and stuff"

It wasn't much, but it had to do for now as Orcasm latest hit-record whipped the already excited crowd into a primordial frenzy. Kliko would just have to check-up in a few more minutes.
20:27:15 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - Thunderdome, Martinez
A return text comes pretty quickly reading, "They are already at the War Room, not too far from your location. If youre interested, I will transfer the directions."
20:31:01 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - Thunderdome, Martinez

Kliko emerged from the pit 5 minutes later, soaked in sweat, blood trickling from his left tusk. Damned Jaxx better put in a pair of extra tickets to make this worthwhile while Kliko made his way outside. As soon as the signal strength picked up he returned the call

"Yeah, me here. Sorry about breaking the connection. There was some background noise I had to take care of first. Uhuh, I understand yeah. No, no, yes I'm interested for sure good contact/bad contact you say? Solid crew? Well toss in a pair of tickets for Orcasm's next gig and you got a deal.

Uhuh, no I will make it. ETA in.... 10.14 minutes sharp."
20:31:03 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - Thunderdome, Martinez
"Nah Klik, this crew has been workin' for me 'bout 5 or 6 years now. I set them up on a job last weekend, and it looks to be bigger than expected, chumma. They probably been scoutin' it out all week, so I got this request from them about 45 minutes ago. All I know is that they are lookin' to cut some more guys in on the deal. You'll wanna meet with the Relentless at the War Room ASAP. I will let em know you're commin'.
"Oh... and Kliko... You'll have to take up the nuyen... and the Orgasm tickets with him, chumma. Directions are on their way to your phone. Good doin' business with ya, chumma."

20:31:44 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez
The Relentless picks up his phone to hear the loud voice of the team's fixer.
"Heya, Relent!"
"Yes, Jaxx. what's up? Got us another mage?"
"Nah, but I gotcha another beefy razor guy. This guy's an ork, who may or may not have a lot of military training. If its not formal, he must of picked all these talents from a militia or somethin."
"Ok, Jaxx..."
"Yeah, like I was sayin, chumma. You may not need another mage with these two brutes I'm sendin. I hope..."
"Jaxx! What is his name!"
"Oh, yeah... sorry Relent. You know Bubba's on his way, and this one is called Kliko. They should be there shortly."
"Alright, bye..."
"Yes, Jaxx!"
"Ya do know that you're gonna have to cut me another 10% right."
"My normal fee. Radek already hit me up for the first meet, this one is on you, chumma."
"Oh?... Alright..."
"Don't worry chumma, I know you guys are good for it."
"Total right? Not each."
"Yeah, total. You never been on this side of the deal, have ya chumma? I remember one of my first..."
"Ok, ok, ok Jaxx, I have to go. I will have your money middle of next week."

The Relentless finally hangs up the phone and looks up to find the silent stares of his companions. "What?"

"I just usually hang up," RG says quietly.

"Why don't you guys take a seat else where in the bar. You know, watch my back. Oh and go let the bartender know where to send people when they come looking for the Relentless."

20:38:38 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez
Bubba walks into the warehouse loft called the War Room. Towering over the crowd, the giant admires the aphotic bar, looking for an employee, who could direct him to "Mr. the Relentless's" table. He sees a couple people behind the bar, and guesses they could be staff members.

20:40:07 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez
Knuckle Duster enters the darkened War Room. Besides the lack of light, the large crowd makes it hard to find where his team is located. Taking a loop around the bar, he finally runs into Aerun, sitting alone in a booth.
Bubba struts to the bar and points at the bartender, with a thundering voice, "Hey yous, Barkeep... I be lookin for da Relentless, where woulds I findim!"
20:40:05 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez
The bartender stumbles back, startled by the sudden appearance of a troll's giant finger in his face and the booming sound blast of his question. The half made cocktail in his hand falls to the ground, shattering behind the bar, causing an obvious safety hazard. All conversations at the bar and surrounding tables seize, as an uncomfortable silence falls upon the center of the bar. Staff and patrons alike turn and stare with wide and unblinking eyes at the giant and the staggering bartender, who has now slipped and fallen on said safety hazard. The silence turns into hysterical laughter at the expense of the embarrassed bartender sitting on his ass in a pool of long island iced tea, or something.

Coming to Bubba's aid, another bartender points him out to the booth occupied by the Relentless.
Bubba chuckles in amusement and struts, moving for no one who may be in his path, over to the booth in which he was directed. Without waiting for an invitation Bubba plops into the seat across, from whom he believes is, the Relentless.

"Names Bubba, I hears you needs me to smash somethin..." Bubba grins, amused by his own playful bantor.
20:41:17 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - Parking place in front of the War Room, Martinez
The gruffy Orc checked his hair -or rather what was left of it- in the rear mirror view before exiting the Land Rover. The cold December air washed over him in sharp contrast the sultry atmosphere from the Thunderdome just 10 minutes ago. Grabbing his synth letter jacked from the rear seat, Kliko made his way to the War Room.

20:41:30 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez
Asking the bartender for directions Kliko slips him a 10 nuyen corp note...Soykaf pls., no keep the change, that's allright. "how conspicious could you be by ordering a large soykaff in a joint like this?" he thought while making his way from the bar. The darkened lay-out of the warehouse loft wasn't much of an issue as Kliko scanned for (emergency) exits while cycling through the various visual enhancements he had done years before. Wouldn't be the first time damned exits were obstructed from the other side "better safe and sure"

20:42:03 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez
Kliko starts making his way for the booth indicated by the doorman. "Nice, another big-ass Troll, better stay on Big Boy's good side..."

"Hye there, you must be mr. R? Kliko is my name, Jaxx sent me, something about keeping your sorry asses alive and kicking right?... Well, he sent you te right person for the job, could you make some room there Big Boy?" Nodding further down the booth, "Let's discuss bizz and I mean nuyen with that" taking another sip of the Soykaff
20:42:10 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez
Kliko joins Bubba, Knuckle Duster and the Relentless in the large booth, ready to discuss business.

"Well... looks like we got the whole party. Let me give you a quick run down.

"Being a runner myself, I know the first thing you want to know is the nuyen. 60 thousand, to split at the end of the mission. We got an additional couple grand up front, which is set aside for team funds, including travel, tips, bribes and paying Jaxx. That makes it 10 grand for each team member, including myself, RG and V, who you will meet.

"The actual job seams pretty simple. It's a datasteal on an isolated system, which probably doesn't even require a decker. Should just be log in, download, log out. Of course, the big money was offered because of two complications, one of course being that the job is time sensitive. Our contact needs the data by Tuesday at 10 pm. We have already scouted the surrounding area including an aerial recon.

"The other complication, I cannot divulge until you have accepted the job. This money not only buys your 'smashing' expertise, but your silence as well."
"It be fair enoughs... lets get er done!"
Suddenly Bubba, has a realization and he stands up with a beer in hand raised high in the air and shouts proudly, "Its dah Bastard in da skies birthday todays, we should sing it to hims... happy birthday to yous... happy birthday to yous... happy birthday dah Bastard in dah skie... happy birthdays to yous!"

Bubba finishes his song, sits back down and says, "Now where was we?"
20:42:31 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez
"Well, I see Bubba is in. What about you two?"

The Relentless waits for answer from Duster and Kliko, but instead gets a not so sober musical number from the troll. Who the hell is Bastard?, he thinks to himself, not wanting to anger the big lug. It's probably his cat, he decides.
20:42:33 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez

"Up his!" as Kliko raises his Soykaf styrofoam cup in an expresion of fake enthusiasm.

Before continueing in all seriousness: "Frag that, silence is my middle name and sure, I respect you have to make expenses, but so do me and my new friend here" indicating Bubba "have to make up for ours. Let's say we first subtract job-related expenses, medical - and replacement costs, you know the drill, up-front and afterwards before dividing the remainder between the crew of that say 60 plus 20k?" As Kliko assesses the Relentless, the latter being an educated guess with regards to the up-front fee. "Only getting here cost me, say a 100 nuyen.gif in -now worthless- tickets. In the end I want to make sure we all benefit from looking after one another. My way if we blow this, it shows right on our credstick at the end"

"What ya say chummer, deal or no deal? This gig I fancy is only a short ride away, could make it before the next set come to think of it..."

20:42:46 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez
"Dear friend, I assure you that we are not cutting you out of the deal. We were offered 20 grand each, when the job was three of us, and now that we are cutting three more in on the deal...

"Well you see, we are taking quite a cut in pay. Some of that we got up front, in addition to a few grand for expenses, and you would not believe the cost of jet fuel these days. Which in turn brings us to the location being a bit more than a short ride.

"At completion of the mission, the contact will be paying us the final 45,000 nuyen.gif, which should have been 15 to the each of us, originally. Now that their are six members, you three will receive 10 each, and the rest of us will take 5 each. Unfortunately, most of our up front money was spent on rearming after our last run in with an old friend."
As Bubba listens to the negotiations, he twiddles his thumbs, rolls eyes in the air, stirs in his chair, fidgits some, taps fingers on the table, and finally blurts out... "okay alreadies, lets get er done... we gots a time line heres and we all gonna gets paid." Bubba looks at Kliko , "Replacement costs? you wont needs dat when you got Bubba here as da shield and dont worries Bubba wonts be needsin em either."

"And Mr. da relentless, I expects you being fair wichus... cause you really wouldnt wants to be unfairs." Bubba raises his eyebrows, pauses and then continues, "Nows, whatcha want me to dos?"
20:42:51 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez

Kliko nods toward the big-ass troll, "what he says. To be fair, your honesty is appreciated. I once had a fragger try and run off with some of the kit I supplied him with. In such cases reclamation is usually far more cheaper nuyen.gif- wise compared to replacing the damned stuff if you know what I mean."

"It was a veiled threat, yet one Kliko had to make. Crew appeared legit-enough but best to reach an understanding beforehand"

"Now let's get down to business, we're under time-pressure here, so what's the second issue we're dealing with here?"
20:43:20 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez
"Sounds like you are all in. So here is the bad news."

The Relentless pauses as if trying to find the right words to say. Finally he breaks his silence, "Well, the second part..."

He is interrupted by a small gnome sliding into the booth with him. "Hey, so you guys gonna take the job or what?"

"Dammit RG! I am in the middle of the negotiations!"
"Did you tell them about the time frame?"
"Yes, shut up."
RG continues her inquisition, "Did you tell them about the money?"
"Yes, shut up!" Relentless is visibly agitated, his face turning red.
"Did you tell him about the dragon?"

THUD! RG finds herself on the floor after a good shove from her teammate. Relentless looks back at a bunch of wide eyes. So much for working it in delicately, Relentless thinks to himself. He regathers himself, and then before anyone can respond to the mention of "the dragon," he tries his best at damage control.

"The location is Mount Shasta. We scouted out the area, by land and air. While the main access road is heavily guarded, the trails are rarely watched. The raw mountain side has no physical security, besides its natural terrain and wildlife. There is still the chance of astral detection, but our mage said its not very likely. She didn't see that much activity on the mountain side, besides that of normal, and meta, wildlife.

"It is about an 8-10 hour climb to the top. For most of the hike, we should be able to blend it with regular hikers and outdoors men. I would say we should camp out about an hour out of the Lodge, so we can hit early in the morning and descend in daylight. The locals say even the well maintained trails are rough in the dark, especially this time of year."

"The job is still not that difficult. The data steal should be simple. It is a closed system, and should take just a few seconds to download. However, like my professional colleague has tried to point out, the owner of this said system is a dragon. A great dragon, actually. The great dragon Hestaby. And the location is her lair at Shasta Lodge."
"Uh ohs... Bubba dont like dragons... they biggers den mes. Good tings I gots mad sneaking skills... Well I needs to get my gear readies when do we heads to da Shasta and where do we meets?"
20:43:30 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez

Kliko spills some of the Soykaf as the gnome mentions the Dragon. "I see... Guess they didn't tell you? Never, ever ever deal with a dragon?" Kliko turns to the gnome "Well, since we're now in this shit together we'll have to deal with it and show some fragging adaptability. We'll go along just fine little brother"

"Now as far as planning is concerned... 8-10 hours hike, or climb? up the mountain is fine. Though I'm not into camping outthere for the night. There's all kinds of dangerous and awakened wildlife on that mountain, so best minimize our time outthere. I don't know about you guys but at least I'm quite comfortable to make the descend at night. Getting up there as regular outdoorsmen sounds like a solid plan, though I would split the group in order to avoid suspicion.

We set up camp as any other hiker would, prep some food, get some rest and act as any responsible and nature-loving" Kliko nods in order to emphasize this point "hiker would. Then after nightfall we kit-up, do-what-we-do-best, and get the frag out of there. We could even setup some timed incendaries in order to destroy the camp and burn out any traces left."

Kliko sits back in order to assess everybody's opinion on the matter, taking one more sip from the styrofoam cup
Sitting quietly in the booth as the two new...teammates? one-time hired help?...whatever, arrive, Duster just chills, waiting to hear the spiel, and wondering where V and RG (alphabet soup, I swear) are hiding. As Bubba and Kliko make their introductions, and react to Aeron's trademark paranoia, Duster forms his first impressions. Dumb muscle, more or less. Well, maybe that isn't entirely fair, but still. We will have to see how these two work out.. Then, RG's entusiastic entrance and the bomb is dropped.

Hestaby. One of the Greats. What the frag did you agree to, Aeron? And boy are you going to need some help on this one. I wouldn't be surprised at a lot of empty seats after this job. Jaxx is going to have some explaining to do. Kusou! Mo, Jaxx wa tomo da ne. Hanashinai to ikenai, kono moto atou de. Duster's grin becomes a little fixed as he works through all the implications of this last piece of information.

With the same, slightly forced smile, Duster asks Aeron, "You're taking on the Shasta Lodge, and Hestaby, for 60 grand? You do know it is okay to say 'no' every once in a while, like when risk outweighs rewards by 100 to 1, right?" He takes a deep breath, and then continues, "That aside, what are extraction plans? I am sorry, but it sounds like the approach has been decently planned. But the hard part has always been getting out, and this one will be, or at least has the potential to be, the...diciest...exit we have ever undertaken. Remember, the Mount Shasta Lodge is an actual Lodge, as in one of the more powerful Shamanic Lodges on the West Coast, if not the continent. So, possible awakened creatures, probable Spirit attacks, and the potential for a Great Dragon physically following us." And, under his breath, yet rather bitterly, "for a measly 60k." "So, what will our exit look like?"
20:44:29 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez
"Well the plan isn't set in stone yet. We knew more runners would mean more ideas, but let me give you a quick outline of the plan we came up with. Afterward, you all can discuss your plans and we will try to agree on something," Aerun the Relentless says. His voice is smoother and he looks like a completely different person than the nervous guy talking about great dragons and bad deals just a few seconds ago.

"We had planned on heading up there tomorrow. We already have a cabin rented for the week which ends on Thursday morning, at the Cascade Cabins and Lodge in Shasta. There we have our camping and hiking gear already stashed. The cabin has two rooms, one with a king sized bed." Relentless looks at the ork, then the troll, and continues, "the
other has two twins, and the couch in the main room folds out into about a king.

"Next plan was to leave early in the morning, about 5 am. Hike up to one of the more remote campsites, get some food and rest. I believe we are going to be pretty tired at that point. A say we get some sleep, other people do it, so I think we would be that unsafe. Not only do we have a mage and an assload of guns, but I also go this," he pulls a small yellow and black book titled "Camping For Dummies" from the inside jacket pocket.

"Then, early in the morning, say 2 or 3 am, we gear up, and make the last mile or two up the mountain to the Lodge. My contact says that physical a moderate, but shouldn't be a problem for a small team. The magical security is provided by residence of the Lodge, who may or may not be trained in security.

"I can probably hack their security from outside, or pop the maglock to get us in. Then have you guys escort me and find the computer. I hack it. Download the file. Then we get out, and get out fast. Haul ass down the hill. Should be back before nightfall, and it will be a Saturday night, so you know we should be able to blend in pretty well.

"When, or if, we make it back, we contact Radek on the mat. Make the meet, make the exchange, finally relax.

I know it's not that simple, but I like to try and keep it simple."
20:49:55 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez

Kliko elates: "That's just fragging brilliant" before getting his voice down, this guy must be fragging joking me "I, mean camping for dummies?" raising an eyebrow "You do know something about camping in the mountains right?.... right?" Kliko turns to face Duster he doesn't like it at all, frag that, I don't like this at all, we'll have to deal with it, do the job and re-negotiate with the Johnson afterwards

"Ok, so let's think this one through backwards. Duster here has some solid points. Extraction? We have two things to extract and secure 1) the paydata, 2) our own sorry asses. Is there anyway to airlift us out of there? Remote but unmined air strips or access to a helicopter perhaps? Do we by any chance have a mapsoft available of the surrounding area? And do we by any chance know what the weather forecast for our window of opportunity is?

You see, If we're going to do some sneaky badass motherfraggin stuff like say, do a datasteal from a shamanic lodge in a Great Dragon's lair why do I make this sound like suicide? I preferably do it under cover of darkness. Running around geared-up in daylight is guaranteed to attract unwanted and unnecessary attention. Secondly on the subject of gear, we best leave the Panther Assault Cannon at home. There is no way we can get up that mountain unnoticed and unreported with anything bigger than a smg or shotgun... with retractable stocks that is. See, the ass-load of guns ain't gonna get us through this, solid planning and fraggin' adaptability will"

Kliko relaxes a little, this could be doable afterall "Sure we'll be fatigued somewhat by the time we get up at the camp site, but I'm confident we can make it through the night, after all Bubba here is no sissy, Duster is a professional and you? Well, yourself mr. Relentless Aerun, Relentless, whatever can always do drugs in order to keep yourselves up and running.

But first, let's start working on that mapsoft and extraction, you say you got some aerial recon material to work with? Alternatively I can prep a number of routes and trails based on an of-the-shelf mapsoft, but these tend to be outdated for such remote area's..."

Bubba bored by the never ending conversing drifted into thought about the possibility of the dragon...

I dont like things that are bigger than me and especially when my bullets are ineffective if the crap hits the fan... I wonder if we can have a safe guard to deal with the dragon. What would be good in the arsenal? Hmmm... shotguns... not so much even with slugs... maybe a grenade or two.. not gonna do it. A bazooka... too difficult to aim... something with bigger bullets? How did they kill Duk? I know a PANTHER CANNON!

Bubba suddenly blurts out, "Any of use guys own a panther cannon?"
20:55:19 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez

"The problem with Shasta is, you can't fly over it without the proper paper work, which is very high security clearance. You know those dragons like their privacy, damn hermits. Not that there is anywhere to land a plane, and a chopper, well, that's just entirely too loud, and won't really play into the stealthy nature of our plans.

"As for the weather, its going to be cold and snowy. Our aerial recon consisted of flying around the mountain, checking the weather, and getting a birds eye view of the area. We have maps and all that, and loaded RG's BattleTachs with them."
"Hmmm... couldnt wes parachute in on snow boards and skies?
21:01:05 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez

fragger, but at least the skiing is a good idea... and they have some battletac capability, hope at last

"No, I don't happen to have an assault cannon stashed away under my bed chummer, besides if we wake the dragon, we're screwed anyway." you and your bloodline all the way up for four generations and all the way down upto their descendants "We'll have to work with your mad stealth-skills instead. Making our way down skiing sounds like a plan though, it makes for far more faster progress. We better forget about extracting by air if the weather forecast is that bad. That being said, the same weather provides extra cover for our getaway, at least to me it seems the way to go"

Kliko takes a final gulp from his soykaff "I wasn't aware this crew is battletac compatible, but with the digital overlays that system provides we should be able to make good progress down the mountain, even in frag-ass weather conditions, let's get down and map our routes when we're done here Relentless.

Unless Duster here has any other insights on how to pull this one off? We can always re-negotiate with this Radek person afterwards, the 60k for running the Shasta Lodge does deem a little meager after all and we're all in this for the nuyen... right? Man's gotta make a living afterall"
21:01:06 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez

The Relentless listens in and comes to the realization that maybe faces are necessary for shadowrun teams. He did not realize his negotiations were so poor until it was said out loud by some new 'friends'.
Thinking on what has been said, Duster realizes that the one person they really need to help plan this is Vreia, and she is nowhere to be seen. So he chimes in on this fact.

"Hey, Relentless, where is V? We really need to include her in this planning session. I am somewhat savvy on the whole mage thing, but I follow a whole 'nother path, buddy. One thing I do know, however, is that no matter how 'mad' our sneaky skills are, if we don't throw some serious mojo-covering mojo...does that sound wrong to anybody else here? Anyways, that Lodge will have ways to track us through the strongest blizzard, over the deepest ocean, etc...unless V can eliminate all astral traces of us. And we need to ask her if she can do that. 'Cause if she can't, then I truly don't care how bad it drags our name through the mud, we should not do this. Our names will eventually recover, even if Jaxx blacklists us. If nothing else, I have my own contacts that can find us work to clear our reps. But nothing cleans up bones on the base of a mountain, omae-tachi. And nothing puts bones there faster than a Great One."

Jeremy shrugs, and then sighs. "Something else to think on. I did a run up there a year or so ago, nothing to directly affect Hestaby, but I did find out that in addition to the Lodge, the critters, and the eco-nuts that she can call on for help, the Highway Patrol is also very friendly with her. And as 'mad' as your driving skills are, RG, you just don't take on one of those hen-jin on the road. Not if you want to keep breathing."

He pauses, then concludes, "I know I sound very negative, and I am more than a little nervous about this, but I believe all these problems can be overcome with proper planning. And the time limit is harsh, but do-able. So, to lighten things up a little, let us put things in order, see, how, we can overcome these problems, and get us our pocket change for this datasteal."

"First, approach. The day hike sounds a little weak, yet that may work for us, as nobody would expect such an inexperienced method. And it is ALWAYS easier to gain access than to make an escape. So, unless we come up with something better, stick with that. We hike up, we enjoy a little scenery, we head to the Lodge just before daybreak"

"Next, job. Simple simple, right? Aeron takes the data, Vreia covers our a-tracks, the rest of us wipe up finger- and boot-prints. I do want to make a point here. If possible, we should treat this mission as non-lethal. If Hestaby decides that the data itself is of relatively small value, she may want to keep quiet the fact that someone managed to do a break in on her in the first place, but if we leave bodies behind, then revenge will almost force her to use her staggering resources to locate us and reciprocate. I think I will have to insist, if you wish me along, we go stunners and tasers, not Cannons and APDS. I want to live for more than a week or two after this job.

"Finally, extraction. We should break this up to immediate extraction, i.e. get off the mountain, and long-range extraction, i.e. get back here. This is the area that we need to get all our details right, because this is the truly difficult part. I really like the idea of using the terrain and conditions to help us and hinder pursuit. Skis, sleds, whatever can get us down faster. I saw something once that fascinated me. They were like short skis. Like skis-meet-rollerblades. Like something that can fit in a hiking backpack, can be strapped on quickly, and can get us down fast. I have absolutely no idea how difficult they are to use, but then, I have never been skiing either, which makes me hesitant to use that method. If we have a day or two, we might want to go to a different slope to practice, even a little bit, skiing or sledding, or whatever. If we don't show skill, we find another way down.

"As for long-range evasion, I see two possibilities. Either one, we swap cars twice, either legit, i.e. we own or borrow the cars before-hand, or two, we GTA ourselves a different ride in or out. We can also either stay together, which makes us tougher to crack but more noticable, or we split up. If we split, disguises might be in order. Actually, split up or not, disguises might be in order. And we need a place to hide Mr. Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum here when we head out, something where he can lay down out of sight."

Duster thinks quiety for a couple of seconds, and then, just when you think he has run his course, he continues, "I just had another thought. Do we, any of us, have a way into the Tir? None of us are elves, so opposition will probably be focused away from the Northern border. If we can get in legit, though, we can try to catch a flight from the Tir, or continue on to Seattle and catch a flight from there. I have no idea if this would work, so what do you guys think?"
21:04:49 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez

"Swapping cars and splitting up for long-range evasion both sound ok with me. Best to put half the team up a road trip north to Seattle and the other half back towards the Bay area, both parties carrying a copy of the paydata. No doubt Jaxx can make the necessary arrangments, right Relentless? Jacking cars doesn't really strike me as inconspicuous, so best have borrowed cars prepped up in advance. Say we switch cars half-way and again in Redding? no way I'm gonna cross the Tir-borders, there's just no way...

To be honest, I don't know frag about mojo-slinging apart from Karl Kombat Mage, but covering tracks either mojo or physical wise sounds fine by me. The snowfall should at least do the trick for the latter-part.

I'm not sure about you all, but at least this chummer here has decent... less lethal capability. We should get ourselves some of that 'bear'-mace too, just in case we intrude and disturb some of the local wildlife on our way up. Duster here is right, we don't want to attract any unwanted attention from either eco-hippies/gypsies whatever or wildlife. If any guns are fired on day one, we're effectively screwed."

Kliko bends over the table and turns his voice down...

"With that in mind, if we want to do this in a hiker-guise then we've got tomorrow afternoon in order to practice our skiing-skills. We want to getup the mountain on Saturday in the course of the day, hit the lodge either Saturday-night or Sunday at daybreak and haul our asses back in the course of next week. That being said, don't worry about the ski's Duster. It's perfectly fine to get up there with ski's so there's no need to put them out of sight."
21:05:29 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez

"We already have a van, and its clean. Fake numbers and everything. That's where some of that upfront money went to. It is parked at our cabin in Shasta, so it looks like we are out there camping, hiking and hunting still. The ID on the van is the same as the room: Chuck Finley."

As Duster gives his sermon, Bubba begins to listen then slowly fades away bored out of his mind but into thought. This Duster seems pretty wimpy, why is he even coming if he such a scared little girl? hmmm... everyone is so cautious, sure we have to deal with a dragon, but I know I can handle it. man I hope these guys hurry up I am ready to go... been ready to go! Sheesh, get in get out, dont be seen, its as simple as that...

Bubba finally blurts out... "times a wastin lets gos alreadies!" Bubba looks at Duster ...Ands quit beings a foo foo boy!" Bubba then stands up moves to the end of the table, looks at the Relentless and says, "wheres and whens do we meet tomorrows, Ill be theres?"
21:06:01 Thursday, December 01, 2061 - The War Room, Martinez

"Uhh... slow down turbo," Relentless says cautiously to Bubba. "I think we should have a sure plan before we embark on this mission. I think that's why went and hired some more guys."
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