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I was checking out the art attack thread and thought I would offer to do up some character sketches also. I typically do black and white inked images, and try to go for the Laubenstein(sp?) feel from the old SR sourcebooks. You can find some of my Shadowrun pictures here in the Squinky folder:

Shadowrun Art Group
Also, tons of other artists there, definately worth checking out.

Anyways, just let me know.

Also, I'd like to keep the right to use the pictures in my portfolio. If anyone doesn't want me to do that, just let me know, it just would be nice.

Characters Completed:
2006 images

ShadowDragon8685's Skate
Brohocp's Calvin
Feshy's Obese Troll
LagoMorph's Ghost
DawnShadow's Damien
ElFenrir's Stian
Solistice's Cross
Liper's Cyber guy
Abscahltan's Benito
Hyzmarca's Scout
Kyoto's Leela Sketch
Shadowrunner 13's Tenmou
Chuck Rozool's Snagglepuss
Brahm's Slim as a Sketch
Brahm's Slim inked
Weblife's Polyphemus
Nick01200's Razorblade
Kasheu's Human Adept
DawnShadow's elf woman
Nick's Unmanly Razor
TinkerGnomes Nvwati
Calvin Hobbe's Vincent
Vincent Sketch
Frackula's Gina
Leela redone
Voorhee's Aziz
ValentineW's Zip
Piecemails' Jamie Shiro
Hmhvv Hunter's Helio
Fangirl's Fangirl
Rastus'es Ex-Ganger
Goliath's Ork Ganger
Kyoto's Kyoto Kid
Strawman's Punchen Judas
Leah Arkady
Daegann's Jia
Hyzmarca's DL
Aaron's Jerk
Skate Redone
Spastic teapot's Cue-ball
Trax's Gunner and Blake
Soylent Plaid's Deadhammer
X-Kaliber's dood
Lost Demiurges Characters
Kyoto Kid's Hurricane Hanna
Wounded Ronin's Sauter
NeonWraith's Character
DawnShadow's Oni-Mage
Ronin3338's Ork
Commisioned Dwarf Guy
Commisioned Elf Guy
Commisioned Wayakambi Guy
Commisoned Elf Sammy
Commisioned Troll adept
Ophis's Verse
Daegann's Jea fixed up arm by Casting Nightmare
Hound's Senjah
ShadowDragon8685's Chopper-Rigger
The Father's Kain
Eidolon's Morgan Shanes
Knasser's Hernandez
Sandovol's Jon Calvin
T-Morton's character
Four String Samauri's Character
Sicarus's Mirko
Kyoto Kid's Violet
LoreChaser's Characters
The A-Team
LadyNero's Marta
Lady Nero's Marta Colored
Kid Kaide's Kaide

2007 images
RaventheWingedWarrior's Character
Lady Nero's Pixie
Fortune's Flintlock
Penta's Character
Penta's Character sketch
Dog's Rusty
Penta's Character Redone
JamesJ's Gungirl
Gun Girl Full body
El fenrirs Vil Sketch
El Fenrir's Vil
Emo Sammy's Character sketch
Emo Sammy's Character
Kyoto Kid's Tomoe Sketch
Tomoe Inked
Tomoe Toned
Benson Inked
Benson toned
ShadowDragon's Skate
CrossFire's Friday
PyriteFoolsgold NightEyes sketch
NightEyes inked
NightEyes fullsize
NightEye + Wolf
Markova sketch
Kyoto Kid's Markova Inked
Ratchaser Sketch
Waregears sketch
HolyChampion's Ratchaser
RaventheWingedWarrior's Winged Warrior smile.gif
Nightlife's Characters
Waregear's Jack and Gray Sketch
Waregears guys part #1
Crossfire's Tombstone sketch
Crossfire's Tombstone
Cadmus Sketch
Jame J's Trogo sketch
X-kalibur's Lucien sketch
X-Kalibur's Lucien
Cadmuses picture finished
BishopMcQ's Carter sketch
Satyr's Zion Sketch
Waregears Chrono and Silver sketch
Saytr's Zion
Carter redone sketch
Squinky's Nameless Ork Chick
Trogo the Tagger inked up
Carter, Infiltration level 3
WareGears Silver and Chrono
Squinky's Cyber-Wife
Nezumi's Drop bear Sable
KK and Skate sketch
Bibliophile's Hawk sketch
Kyoto Kids The Brat Sketch
Kyoto Kid's the Brat
Kyoto Kid sideboobery
Bibliophiles Hawk
Shadowrunner13's Inquisitor and burn
Margho's Raven sketch
ShadowDragon8685's Bubba the love Troll sketch
Bastards Phoenix sketch
Marghos' Raven
Bubba the love Troll inked
Bastards Phoenix Inked
Chase Sketch
Kyoto Kid's Violet Sketch
Kyoto Kid's Violet inked
KK and Skate topless thing NSFW
Wargears Chase finished
El ray sketch
El Ray inked
Shev inked
Hyzmarca's Free spirit
Skate and KK NSFW

2008 images
Momijizukamori's Ally Sketch
Ally inked
X-Kaliburs Cyber grapplearmer sketched
X-Kaliburs Grappler arm guy inked
Burger spirit sketch 2
Freeman Runner
Colored burger spirit
Marghos RC sketch
ElFenrir's Vassago sketch
Vassago Colored
Creeper sketch
Val Hammersmith sketch
Creeper redo sketch
Wargears Hammersmith inked
Odsh Troll sketch
Squinkys Ork Swordgirl
Odsh'es Troll colored
Creeper Colored
Larsine's Monk
Margho's RC
Crash2029's John
Tetophoid Ebungdara
Aziz Redone
Midgard Group
Cougar and Reaper
Psycho's Character inked up
Macguyver inked

Characters done by Mintcar:
Sicarius's Gregori
Pixel01's Hanabi

Shadowrun Troll sculpture
Shadowrun Dwarf samuari Sculpture
Painted Troll sculpture
Zheva, Weapon specialist scupture
Hakkin McKillinslash painted

Characters in Line:

Aarons Mission Art (OMG squink do this!)
Kyoto Kid's Leela+possible family portrait (Dec 26, pg. 22 moved by request)

Nightlife's colors

Jame J Jensen and Other character (mar 14-pg.49)
Whipstitch Cuervo (mar 18- pg.49)
Edge 2054 (mar 18-pg 49)
Larsine'es character progression

Super secret squinky project
Will you do pictures of the ones that Kenshi did?

If so, I'd like your take on Skate, my (infamous) decker who moonlights as a sammie. Asian girl, 21 years old, small chest, carrying an Ares Predator. Wears a very complicated piece of clothing known as a Widow's Dress:

The Widow's Dress is a one-piece outfit of raverware. It's a cross between a coat and a long ballroom gown, in leather. Semihigh collar, the 'shirtails' of it should be brushing along the ground, or almost to it.

Here. These screenies may help. They were taken from The Matrix Online beta-test. I'm sure if the NDA I 'signed' by pre-ordering my way into the beta test still applies. I don't give a rat's ass. smile.gif

Skate also wears a brown indiana jones fedora, but you can leave in or out the headset as you like.
High-quality shot zoomed up to Skate's face.
Good-quality shot from below. (The red eyes were me playing around with a GFX bug in the game. wink.gif )
A medium-quality shot of the widow's dress from behind. Note that the hat is SUPPOSED to be a fedora. A bug in the game was linking that special fedora's item number to the cowboy hat instead.
Another shot from behind, different perspective.
Not really related, this is Skate demonstrating that Neo may be God, but he ain't smart. You can outwit an Agent just by climbing up a pipe. smile.gif
So, it's pretty much a black longcoat with a strapped up girdle bodice?

And do you want that monocle on the drawing too?

Okay, heres my attempt:


Not the greatest pose, but I hope it gets the job done.
Hmmmmmmmmmmm... Interesting. I like the very bold white and black effect...

The predator looks awesome, too... Though somehow, you made her look like a hooker. And yes, monocle? smile.gif

Heh, it's good, though. Thanks.
I'm not the best at women I admit. Looking at it I can see some issues with her head size ( a little to big) and her breast don't quite look right, along with an issue with torso proportion I am unhappy with....But hey, what matters is you like it.

Anybody else want one done, I'm just warming up here...
I've got an NPC that might be an interesting challenge to draw.

He's a terminally obese troll, a complete shut-in -- He's large enough to require a forklift to get around within his "home" in the sewers. He is also a shaman, though I haven't picked a totem yet (something that loves excess, obviously) He's also calculating and quite callous. I picture him usually sitting attop a giant, custom-built chair that is built on top of a heavy-duty forklift pallet.

Sorry I don't have a much better description for him, I'm still working on the details. But he's sure a change from attractive female runners that make up a lot of the usual requests. wink.gif

Edit -- Oh, and I just signed up for the yahoo group. Looking through your folder, I see some great stuff! I like the style.
Hehehe... how about the Seductress totem? rotfl.gif
I'll toss out a current PC if you're willing to take a crack.


17 yr. old, male, human.
Thin, wiry frame about 5'7" with medium length brown hair. Tan skin of Cherokee and Mexican decent. Uses magic and wears casual clothing (use your discretion). He will be wearing a pistol and smoking either a cigarette or a joint.

Thanks in Advance
I had this character done by Kenshi, whose depiction I liked, but i wouldn't mind seeing your take as well. (since I couldn't draw a stick figure I like all the depictions I can get.)


Russian Vory and Wolf Shaman. Human, Medium Height and Weight (5'10 180 lbs)
short cut hair, but may be wearing a rolled up ski mask like a hat. Two Tattoos, one an Orthodox Cross on his chest, the other a Wolf's Head on his bicep, I'd love to see both Tats make the sketch but that's up to you. Would be wearing a a secure ultra-vest, cargo pants, and heavy steel toed boots. Would be wielding an Ares Predator.
Hanabi, an Ork of japanese heritage (not oni). Short, around 170 cm and medium build, for a human. Shoulder long hair, tied in a tail. 2 datajacks under each ear, being a rigger and all. No other visible cyberware
Wears a black polyester jacket with the kanjies hana (flower) and ka (fire) printed on the back and flames printed up his the sleeves. Wears a hawaiian shirt, black pressed trousers and white runners of some popular brand.
Weapons of choice - SCK model 100, SMG, in one hand, a bandoulir of paint, smoke, flash grenades in the other and his remote gear in a bag over the shoulder.

I would be honored if you gave it a short, seeing that I cant even draw stickmen right in every frame wink.gif
Okay, did my best at Calvin:

I was compelled to add a soul patch, I hope that is cool, if not I can whack it off in Photoshop....

I'm working out ideas for the Troll...Cool concepts everybody...
Very nice style you got Squinky. If you percieve that you have problems with proportions, you should know your estetic makes it part of your style. I donīt like photorealism, and not many do though they might think they do.

In the old art attack threads by Kenshi it was made clear there are a fair amount of artists in this forum. Donīt remember seing you there, so Iīd just like to say itīs nice to see another one join their (our?) ranks. smile.gif

Heck, Itīs friday night here and Iīm staying home because I have insane amounts of studying to do. This is exactly the time when my artistic ambitions flurish so that I get to not study and still feel like Iīm not wasting away my time. smile.gif Iīll have a go at the rusian shaman.
Cool, I remember seeing some of your work in the Shadowrun Art group. Thanks for helping out with the Russian too. Now to try and crank out another picture...
Hereīs my version of Greg the russian wolf shaman. A lot of rather lazy Photoshop crap added. At least its more fun than a simple line drawing. Iīm rather happy with how the actual character turned out though.

I would love to see some art for either of my two characters (two seperate games). I hope that this information is enough to go on and interest any artists.

Ghost is a short and underdeveloped dark skinned male, with shoulder length dark hair. He appears to be primarily asian and south american. He is a aspected sorcerer (primary) and electronics expert/decker (secondary). He wears an armored long coat and carries a silenced SMG, Pure DNI cyberdeck and backpack. An antenna sticks up from his backpack because of his large area jammer.

Ford is an ex-LoneStar rigger. He is an average size and build. His blond hair is always short in a buzz cut. He is a cold calculating individual, because of an extremely low essence and the installed TacComp cyberware. His pet drone is Mercury a human sized anthroform drone, like a deus skel-bot, sporting an HK-227.

Thank you very much.

That's an excellent picture of Calvin. The soulpatch works quite well. Is that a Packman™ belt buckle? I love it.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work.
Glad you like it, and yeah that is a pac-man on his buckle, heh....

Anyways, after a bit of frustration here is Feshy's Obese Troll:

Hope it turned out okay...
Damian, human male, mid to late 20s. Ugly. Somewhat scarred facially, lots of scars elsewhere. Short black hair.

About 5'10. Barrel chested, broad shoulders, massive arms. Cyberarms, matte black but otherwise visually indistinguishable from normal. Tends to wear longcoats, vests. Uses custom pistols, really really big ones.
Ya know? I like what i see. I got my guy up for drawing in the other thread too, but i like to see other people's takes as well.

Stian, human male, about 6', wiry but muscled build, pretty attractive(to the goth club chicks anyway), long, straight black hair, really pale, small black chin goatee, no mustache. 'Black Metal' look to him, sleeveless shirts, inverted cross necklace, spiked bracelets, black BDUs, tucked into black boots(tall, with buckles, and more spikes). Full sleeve of tats on right arm, half on left in varied pagan and demonic designs(but usually wears leather jacket...whichever is easier for you to do.) Physical Adept, Black Magic path.
Good work with the troll Squink. The Lauberstein influences are evident smile.gif . Iīm glad Iīm not the only one who likes him, hehe. His unique style is defining for early Shadowrun. I think even for people who didnīt like his work, he helped create a atmosphere that set Shadowrun apart from other sci-fi games.
Pixle01īs japanese ork rigger. I had this cool pose in my head and had to see how it turned out, but I didnīt have time to worry too much about detail. I had wrote even more negative things first, but now after a nights sleep I donīt feel too bad about it.

Cross: human, 6 foot, about 250 or so. Athletic and built like a brick shithouse (natural strength of 7). Born in Germany former mercenary turned runner. Was blonde with blue eyes and pale but had alot of body work done after a recent run. Now has black hair, dark eyes and dark skin with a scruffy beard for facial hair. Could easily be mistaken for a Mediterrean or possibly Arab without the large nose. Looks ALOT like this guy in the face:


Cross has totally embraced the "player" type look and usually wears an Armante suit with thermographic-enabled sunglasses. Doesn't usually carry any visible weapons but has a Salvette Guardian in a concealable shoulder holster under his jacket. The guy has nuyen and is on retainer with NovaTech.

Forgot to mention: Has plenty of cyberware including a datajack in the temple, multislot chip jacks somewhere, and dermal plating might be the only concievably visable ware off the top of my head

If this sounds interesting feel free to draw away. I've really enjoyed what I've seen so far and would be the first of our group to bring a picture of my character to the table!! I've tried searching of a picture that captures those things but have so far been stymied. spin.gif
As for Hanabi, I like his pose smile.gif Very much the way I had imaginged him. Laid back but very noticable because of his (more like lack of) fassion sense biggrin.gif

Domou Arigatou Gozaimashita, mintcar!

I trully appreciate the gesture smile.gif
De va bare deilig Pixel smile.gif Var så god.

(Letīs pretend that was proper danish, ok? wink.gif )
If you're willing to do more requests.

looking at a guy with obvious replacments for eyes, ears, and whole body (all four limbs, and torso) Major scaring in the face, think a piece of the lip gone or split open on the bottom, pearly whites behing the gums.

The limbs should look very streamlined though, but with a few wires coming from the arms, and jacks in the legs.

His hair will be in patches that have been shaven but have grown out a little.

The clothing can be anything, but it should be able to show that his limbs are obvious limb replacments. (and torso) and some obvious bulk under the torso.
Man, liper I so call dibs on that guy, I love drawing guys like that. Sorry to anybody waiting to get a pic done, I had a quick bit of drawing for something I had to get done, but now I think I'll hop on the next in line. May be a sketch though, the inking can add an hour to the process...
Here is a quckie of Lagomorph's Ghost:
I haven't been around in a day or two, so I just now got to this thread again.

Squinky, the troll looks GREAT! I especially like the chair, that was an awsome touch. I can even see switches on the chair for things he "just doesn't need to get up for"... Excellent work, thank you very much. smile.gif Sorry it took some frustrating starts, but I really think the end result is very good.
Glad you liked it, It was a fun character to draw, just frustrating because it took forever.

Edit----working on Damien
DawnShadow's Damien (Quickie):

Edit---Working on ElFenrir's Stian.


ElFenrir's Stian:

Now I go to sleep...
Good work so far man, I can't wait to see what you crank out for me.
Benito - He's my adept/lite-sam in SR4. He's a bit above six feet, with broad shoulders. He hails from Aztlan, so he's of hispanic descent. He's often dressed in a sort of Tex-Mex fashion, wearing a duster, cowboy boots, and a belt with a descent buckle on it. He usually sports a day-old stubble growth since he's too busy to be arshed with shaving all of the time. He smokes alot, and is generally good-natured. He's got a good build on him since he's technically ex-military (ex-Leopard Guard), and when it's not concealed by his coat, you can see that his right arm is a complete cybernetic replacement. His hair is shoulder-length, and usually tied back in a pony-tail.

Thanks in advance. I can't wait to see the results of this one. smile.gif
Sweeetness dude! Hehe, i can SO see that in one of the early SR books in a club picture or something. I like the addition of the bird flipping grinbig.gif thanky! The tat sleeve(i noticed the well placed crucifix) and the bracelets are hella nicely done too!
QUOTE (Squinky)
Here is a quckie of Lagomorph's Ghost:

Thats really awesome! thanks a lot!
QUOTE (Squinky)
DawnShadow's Damien (Quickie):

I like it. Lots. Thanks!
Great, I'm glad you all like 'em. I'm gonna pass on doing any up tonight, was a long day at work...

Liper, quick question though, by "Jacks in his legs" do you mean the obvious hydraulic jacks, or datajacks? Just want to be sure...
Ah, hydrolic jacks, this is based off a character that I'm making.

He was a advanced cyberlimb engineer who was extracted and got dumped by the team and went underground and then worked as a shadowrunner.

His limbs are going to be about as high tech as most come hehe since a good chunk of his body was fubar'd during the extraction some prototypes he had with him were used in his body (delta ware then, alpha ware by now, that's sota for you)

He also had magical ability awaken during the implantations so thinks it's the key to his power, he's eventually going to have his skull replaced also hehe.
Liper, I remember reading about your character concept, and I still think it rocks.

Heres Solistice's Cross:

QUOTE (Squinky)
Liper, I remember reading about your character concept, and I still think it rocks.

Heres Solistice's Cross:

Wow that is really cool. I love the set of his jaw and the bulkiness. That's very close to how I envision him. Thanks so much!!
Glad you like him Solistice. I just noticed you are from Idaho, so am I (HAve we had this talk already?) Anyways, glad I could help ya.

Here is Lipers handsome Character:

Starting Work on Benito...
I definatly like how it turned out, you have a kind of rough drawing style that is fun to look at.
Scout: Burdgeoning ten-year-old redheaded Ork in a girl scout uniform. Looks sort of like Jessie from the the Johnny Quest movies with tusks. Cute like a female Ted Bundy, no one would suspect that the odd taste in free sample cookies she hands out is actualy compound 4.
QUOTE (Liper)
I definatly like how it turned out, you have a kind of rough drawing style that is fun to look at.

Thank you. Hope I didn't over do the freaky side of the character.

Here is Abscahltan's Benito:

Running out of stuff to draw guys, heh.
Very interesting take on the character. I like it, and I thank you for drawing it for me. cool.gif
Kyoto Kid
I like the art, but I'm still waiting on Kenshi to see his interpetation of Leela. If you are willing to give it a shot go back to Art Attack 2.0 & check my posts. Keep in mind I have at least three on her (Usually have to do them at lunch during work so I have limited time).
Alright, here's an old Third Ed character of mine I wouldn't mind seeing... smile.gif

5’7”, 160 lbs, Male Asian Human, short black hair (not quite a brush cut, but pretty close), brown eyes, athletic build. Handsome features. Dresses well, in common Japanese fashions, but will adapt his dress to blend in to any setting he might be in. He almost always has his Daisho (Katana and Wakazashi) at his side or on his person. Most of Shitoki’s cybernetic modifications have been made subdermally to hide his edge, but a datajack and cybereyes (made to look like his old ones) are visible. He does have a string of Japanese kanji tattooed on his left forearm, denoting the Bushido code he has sworn to uphold, as well as his street name (in Japanese...I have the kanji, if you need it) on his left cheekbone. Tenmou had to flee Renraku and left his past with the Red Samurai behind, but he still upholds their creeds and uses the SCK Model 100 SMG he was trained with.

Looking forward to seeing the result.

This is slightly OT, but are you interested in drawing some pictures for an ED-fanzine? If yes, feel free to send me a pm or email smile.gif
My friend has an albino troll character if you're interested in doing a troll character I can post up some specifics.
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