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Check in when you get here, once all four of you are registered, and have your sheets posted here, I will repost the morning after post and we can get started.
I am here and ready to go onward.
[ Spoiler ]
Kelly here and ready to "play" Clem.

Feel free to give me feedback about how to play Clem better after we get started.

I'll post character stats here this weekend once I've finished reading Clem's story.

A big welcome to Kelly.
Welcome aboard Kelly. Not sure how much Crossbow has filled you in on, so here's a quick rundown.

Heaven's Devils
Clementine Mitsui played by Hydroraven justkelly - Bio-modded Street Sam, tactical expert, former Yakuza
Patrick "Bullet Storm" O'Connor played by Necrogigas - Reaction Adept, Dodge tank, Barren rat
Sammy "Starlet" Delavine played by farothel - Mage, former actress, social butterfly
Sam Torley played by Thvor - Charisma Adept, Face, social chameleon
Yelena "Snow" Talinovsky played by Mercy - Medic, Hacker, Vory escort

A few bullet points to get started as Clem
She's extremely taciturn and straight to the point.
She and O'Connor have something of an antagonistic relationship. Professionalism and etiquette are extremely important to her, while he's an uncouth Barren rat.
There's also friction at times between Clem and Snow. Snow is Vory, Clem's former Yak. Clem also has very little understanding of the Matrix and doesn't have a great grasp on what Snow can and can't do digitally.
She gets along fine with Starlet and Torley, respecting that her magic and his charm are probably the greatest assets to the team.
Name (real): Maria De la Vega
Name (fake SIN1, r4): Rachel O'Toole, UCAS citizen
Name (fake SIN2, r3): Samantha Delavine, Horizon citizen
Name (fake SIN3, r6): Jennifer Trelaney, Horizon citizen
Alias: Sammy
Race: Orc
Sex: Female
Nationality: PCC
middle, 5500¥/month (due to roommate) (4 months bought, 1 month passed)
Location: Everett, Seattle

She rents a 120 square metre, 3-bedroom top floor apartment in an old building on 172nd street SW, not far from the junction with 36th avenue W in Everett. It was not in the best of neighbourhoods, but due to the proximity of the Alderwood mall (only 10 minutes on foot) there was some security, as KE patrolled the area around the mall to some extent. She has also spent a bit more on good locks and a decent firewall for the home node. Inside it was cozy with cheap but good furniture and some good AR paint. She had magic for things like hairdressing and general body care, so she didn't need to pay for that, which helped a lot. Her brother has the second bedroom while she has put her magical lodge in the third bedroom.

Karma received: 17
Karma remaining: 3
money: 33100


Bod 4
Agi 4
Rea 4
Str 4
Cha 4
Int 3
Log 4
Wil 4

Edge 2
Magic 5
Essence 6
Initiative 6

Positive Qualities
-mage (15)
-national fame (10)

Negative Qualities
-dependent (medium) (-10)
-Asthma (-15)
-SINner (Standard) (-5)
-Reduced Hearing (-5)

Active Skills

assensing 3
etiquette (media +2) 1 (3)
blades (swords +2) 2 (4)
con (acting +2) 2 (4)
pistols 1
perception 2
disguise (cosmetic +2) 1 (3)
banishing 3
summoning 3
spellcraft (illusion +2) 6 (8 )
Counterspelling 1

Knowledge Skills ( [Logic + Intuition] x 3 free points)

Magic Trids 2
Magic Theory 2
Celebrity Gossip 3
gambling card games 2
Horizon media 2
gambling card games 2
wines 2
acting 2
Seattle high society 1

Language Skills

English N
Spanish 3
Or’zet 2


Stunbolt (F/2)-1
fireball (F/2)+5
Heal DmgDV-2
Increase Reflexes (F/2)+2
Improved Invisibility (F/2)+1
Stealth (F/2)+1
Trid Phantasm (F/2)+3
Physical Mask (F/2)+1
Makeover (F/2)

initiation: 1 (centering)
(group, oath)

Hermes Ikon: signal 3 response 4
Novatech Navi: system 4 firewall 6
Programs: analyse 6 (ergonomic, optimization 2), browse 4, edit 4, encrypt 4, purge 4, scan 4

Sony Emperor: signal 3 response 2
Iris Orbsystem 3 firewall 5
Programs: analyse 4 (ergonomic, optimization 2), browse 2, edit 2, encrypt 2, purge 2, scan 2

Gear (109290¥)
armored vest 600¥
Form-fitting half-body suit (nonconductivity 3, fire resistant 3) 1800¥
Zoé executive suit ensemble (long jacket) 1950¥
Zoé moonsilver evening gown + scarf + handbag 8500¥
docwagon basic 5000¥
survival knife 50¥
defiance EX shocker 150¥
Ares predator IV (personalised grip, gecko grip) 550¥
Katana (personalised grip, gecko grip) 1200¥
pistol ammo (90 rounds regular, 30 rounds stick-n-shock) 420¥
taser darts (20 rounds regular) 100¥
spare clips (5 pistol) 25¥
commlink accessories: AR gloves, nanopaste trodes (3), satlink, subvocal microphone, sim module 1200¥
Earbuds r3 (audio enhancement 2, select sound filter 1) 430¥
Goggles r5 (image link, flare compensation, smartlink, vision magnification, vision enhancement 2) 1125¥
tool kit (disguise) 500¥white noise generator r4 200¥
fake SIN rating 4 + 3x fake licence rating 4 5200¥
fake SIN rating 3 + 3x fake licence rating 3 3900¥
fake SIN rating 6 + 3x fake licence rating 6 7800¥
magical lodge materials r6 3000¥
respirator rating 6 600¥
survival kit 100¥
medkit rating 6 + supplies (2) 700¥
flashlight 25¥
sustaining foci (illusion r3, health r2) 50000¥
asthma medication (2 months) 600¥
mage sight goggles + 3m cable 2180¥
Shiawase Kanmushi microdrone (Vision Enhancement r3) 1650¥


James Dermott (Talistmonger) 4/3
Melissa Firebird (trid mage) 3/4
Jenny Starflinger (ex-agent) 5/3

James Dermott: A 45-year old talismonger living near Lake Serene in Everett, he is a friend of Sammy's old teacher back in LA. He has a small shop and while he makes some things himself, he buys quite a lot from corporations. He knows a lot about magic in all of its forms and he also knows quite a lot of people in the magical scene of Everett and beyond (like in some corporations and academia) and occasionally he gets mages in contact with fixers.

Melissa Firebird: A 21 year old human female, she's currently at UCLA (currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Magic), while working as a mage off screen in the week-ends and holidays. Her father is VP in a movie studio (a subsidiary of Horizon). She and Sammy were good friends during high school in LA and they still keep regular contact. She knows a lot about the trid and glitterati scene and has contact with trid crews and some of the stars (and of course daddy the VP).

Jenny Starflinger: 45 year old human female, she was Sammy's agent back in LA. She is well known in LA and works with quite a number of trid stars. She knows just about anybody who is someone in the trid bizz in LA and beyond, as well as a number of senior executives from Horizon. Has good Pito rating. She still tries to get her to come back to the trid from time to time.

Physical Description:
A good looking woman, she normally has long hair done up in current fashions. On runs normally in a simple pony tail. On runs, she often wears loose fitting clothes, a hat, goggles and a respirator to hide herself (together with a spell and some mundane disguise equipment).
Hair colour: brown
Eye colour: brown
Length: 1m69
Weight: 80 kg
Age: 22

Maria was born in East Los Angeles, as daughter of two poor factory workers. While it wasn't El Fierno and they managed to get by, live in East LA was far removed from the glamour and glitter of Hollywood. Live started to get interesting when she was 13. She was on the bus when she witnessed a stabbing incident. As there were PCC cops close by, the attacker ran away quickly, but not after stabbing his victim in the chest. She had just had some CPR classes at school, she went over the see if she could help. As she tried to stop the blood coming out of the man's chest, suddenly the wound closed.

It didn't take long for the arriving medics to figure out what had happened and when they had calmed the young girl down, the police brought her home. Her parents were worried at first when they saw her arriving with the police, but they were quickly reassured. As mages were something every company needed, they quickly saw that this would be the way for their daughter out of the slums. As it was determined after testing that she followed a hermetic tradition, so she was put in a special program at school.

She didn't find a corporate job, but she did find something else, and that was the trid industry. When she was 15, Melissa Firebird, a mage friend of hers from school brought her in contact with her father who worked for a subsidiary of horizon. At first she only worked there during breaks and week-ends and off-screen, mostly turning people invisible and also healing stunt people when something went wrong. It was a life she really liked and when she was 16, she got her first chance. A mage had fallen ill and they quickly needed a double. As she had about the same physical built, she was asked to stand in. She did so, although under a fake name and this was the start of a career that would last for 5 years. She liked acting and at the end of the year she even got a small role in one of the episodes of Neill the Orc Barbarian.

When in 2069 the earthquakes shook LA, she was out of town to film on location in the PCC. It was a trying time as they couldn't go back and they didn't know anything about family left in LA. When they finally were allowed to go back, it took Maria quite some time to find out what had become of her family. Of the seven people (herself included) only two others survived, one brother and one sister. She took them with her and tried to get more acting jobs to make ends meet.

In 2070 she got pneumonia from shooting the movie Crash 2.0, ACHE (luckily for her shooting had just finished). While she recovered, her bronchia have gotten some damage, resulting in periodic asthma attacks. She keeps it under control with medication and with wearing a respirator, but it still made it difficult at times, especially when filming in desert regions or places with high pollution.

She became known for researching quite a lot for the movies she acted in, even going so far as to learn to fight with a sword and things like that. While she still liked to do some work off-screen, she got her chance in a big production when she was 19. It was a classic fantasy movie with magic and swordfights and even a dragon, and she managed to do very well. She was even nominated for an Oscar for best actress and even though she didn't win, it was an amazing time for her as Horizon CEO Gary Cline made an appearance at the ceremony.

The next movie she was going to star in was set in Alaska. While they didn't go there, they did go to the Saskatoon in the Algonkian-Manitou council. While filming she stood too close to an explosion and she had to go to hospital as she couldn't hear anything and she had vertigo. There they did tests and found she had a punctured eardrum and some inner ear damage as well. The eardrum closed up, but she had a permanent reduction of her hearing. While she could get cyber ears to solve the issue, she decided not to as it would interfere with her magic.

A second blow came a couple of weeks later when she got the news that her sister had gone missing. She went back to LA to search but she couldn't find her. She was about to give up when she heard from James Dermott, a Seattleite talismonger and friend of her old magic teacher, that her sister had been spotted in Seattle. Immediately she moved there, but by the time she arrived she had been found dead. She decided not to go back to LA and stay in Seattle to think things over, having her brother come over as well and subscribing him in a local school. She lived on the money she had for now, but after a while she had to search for work again. James brought her in contact with a Fixer, told her couple of things she would need and so started her career in the shadows.

2068 Zombies of the deep - Nathalia (action/horror)
2068 Neil the Orc barbarian - Viera Santos (action, episode 10, season 17)
2069 Up the well - Sandra Turner (action/SF)
2069 Awaking - Laura Jasqui (action/comedy)
2069 Kung fu mage - Lisa Galletly (action)
2070 Crash 2.0, ACHE - captain Sylvia D'Angelo (action/reality)
2070 Crash 2.0, ACHE - captain Sylvia D'Angelo (trid game, voice)
2070 Karl combatmage - Sue White (episode 6+7, season 14) (action)
2071 Sadness, cubed - Laila (episode 2+3, season 3) (Dark comedy) (attitute p65)
2071 Dragons in the mist, Sevelda (action/fantasy) (Oscar nomination best actress)
2071 Dragons in the mist, Sevelda (trid game, voice)
plus some Horizon (and Horizon subsidiary) commercials

Marcus De la Vega: 14 year old Ork male. He was at school when the earthquakes of 2069 hit LA and managed to get onto the roof of the school together with 20 others. They were rescued after two days by PCC helicopters, but in that time only half of them were still alive. Although he thought himself hard (and he was to survive in the neighbourhood they grew up in), he was still traumatised by these events. When three weeks later he was finally re-united with his sisters Maria and Debby, he was tired from lack of sleep due to nightmares. Maria managed to get him some counselling that did help him of most of his fears.

In 2071 his sister Debby went missing when he was back at school (and a better school than before, thanks to Maria's sponsoring). Maria was up North, but as soon as she heard, she came back to start a search. When Maria relocated to Seattle, Marcus had to go with her (she was his guardian as she was the only family he had left). He didn't really like it, as he was used to sunny LA and Seattle was cold and rainy. Also his new school, which Maria insisted he went to (she had managed to get a partial scholarship). He didn't understand why they couldn't stay in LA, but his sister didn't want any of it. He did make a couple of new friends. So while he wants to go back to LA, he still feels gratitude towards his big sister, who has taken him in and provided for him. She's also the only family he still has left and family counts for a lot.

He tries his best at school, although he does struggle with some courses due to missed time during the earthquakes. For the rest he is just as rebellious as any teenager.
Street Name: Sam Torley
Real Name: Paul Freeman
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Nationality: UCAS

While very engaging in direct communication, Paul is nonetheless extremely average, and his exact appearance easily forgotten. Nothing about him stands out--unless he's talking to you.

Lifestyle: High - Three Months Paid
Karma: 18 (2 remaining)
Nuyen: 50,323 ¥

Street Cred: 2
Notoriety: 1
Public Awareness: 1

Physical Description
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Light Brown
Weight: 165 lbs
Height: 5’ 10”

BOD: 3
AGI: 3 (5)
REA: 2
STR: 2
CHA: 6
INT: 5
LOG: 2
WIL: 2

EDG: 4 (3)
MAG: 5
ESS: 6
INIT: 7 (1 pass)

Positive Qualities
Astral Chameleon

Negative Qualities
Combat Paralysis
Gremlins (Rating 2)
Poor Self Control (Thrill Seeker)

Active Skills
Clubs (Staves +2): 2
Con (Fast Talk +2): 4
Disguise: 3
Dodge: 4
Etiquette: 4
Infiltration: 3
Intimidation: 1
Leadership: 4
Negotiation: 4
Palming: 3
Perception (Visual +2): 5
Pilot Ground Craft: 1
Pistols: 1
Shadowing: 3
Unarmed Combat: 1

Knowledge Skills
Alcohol: 2
Art: 2
Bars and Clubs: 4
Gangs: 3
Mafia: 2
Politics: 3
Yakuza: 1

Language Skills
English: N
German: 2
Japanese: 1
Russian: 1
Spanish: 2
Sperethiel: 3
Yoruba: 1

Adept Powers (6 Power Points / 0 Remaining)
Commanding Voice
Improved Ability (Non-Combat) (Leadership) Rating: 2
Improved Ability (Non-Combat) (Negotiation) Rating: 2
Improved Physical Attribute (AGI) Rating: 2
Kinesics Rating: 3
Voice Control


Walking Stick
- Personalized Grip
Pool: 8 (10) DV: 3P AP: - RC: 0

Fichetti Tiffani Self-Defender
- Spare Clips x3
Ammo: Regular Ammo x46
Pool: 6 DV: 4P AP: - RC: 0

Remington Roomsweeper
- Spare Clips x3
Ammo: Regular Slug Ammo x57
Ammo: Regular Shot Ammo x50
Pool: 6 DV: 5P AP: -1 RC: 0

Armor Vest
Form-Fitting Half-Body Suit
Mortimer of London: Berwick Dinner Jacket (Ensemble)
Vashon Island: Synergist Short Jacket (Ensemble)
2x Security Outfits

Identification and Licenses
Fake SIN (Derrick Walker) R6
Fake License (Remington Roomsweeper) R6
Fake License (Fichetti Tiffani Self-Defender) R6

Fake SIN (Samuel Torley (UCAS)) R4
Fake License (Remington Roomsweeper) R4
Fake License (Fichetti Tiffani Self-Defender) R4

Fake SIN (Abraham Waterman) R2

Novatech Airware (3, 3, 2, 3)
- Mangadyne Deva
- Suite: Basic User [Analyze 2, Browse 2, Command 1, Edit 2]
- Subvocal Microphone

Contact Lenses Rating 1
- Thermographic
Earbuds Rating 1
- Audio Enhancement Rating 3

Ford Spiral 115Ti (Low-Cost Sports Car)
- Amenities, High
- Vehicle Sensor

DocWagon Contract: Basic
Scent-masking Cigarette x5

Josef Huxley: C4/L3
Sam's closest thing to an actual friend, Josef "Jo" Huxley is a well-connected socialite. Since his wealth is inherited, Jo doesn't have a day job; he tends to rest during the day so he can spend the evenings and nights partying. If someone has a lot of money, power, or both, chances are pretty good that Josef knows them.

Lt. Paul Harris: C4/L2
Lt. Harris has had a fairly lengthy career in law enforcement, most recently with Knight Errant. He's a solid cop who does his job well, though he lives more comfortably than his KE income would suggest possible--if the price is right and the risk of being caught minimal, he's not opposed to selling information. He taught Sam some basic self defense after chatting over martinis at a party.

Two-Fingers: C3/L1
Two-Fingers, as he's known on the streets, is a former Yakuza who managed to get out mostly intact (other than those seven fingers and one thumb, he's fine). Sam doesn't know his real name, just that he has a knack for getting pretty much anything you ask for--drugs, weapons, information, you name it.

Sarah Barefoot: C2/L2
Sarah Barefoot is an Amerind shaman that Sam met during a Run. She's fairly young and attractive, and the two of them have remained in touch. Although Sam has taken her to dinner once or twice, neither is actually interested in dating the other.

Domingo Cortez: C3/L2
Domingo "Dom" Cortez is a decendent of a Mexican drug runner who got fed up with his job and just kept heading north. Dom runs a slightly upscale club, the Cabana, in downtown. For the most part, his business is legitimate, though there are some "extra services" available (drugs, prostitutes, and making introductions, primarily) for those who know to ask for them. Dom also keeps his ears open.

Dr. Marcia Halfmoon: C1/L2
Doctor Halfmoon is an Amerind who runs a street clinic a few blocks away from downtown. She has a soft spot for orphans, and believes Sam to be one since he doesn't like to talk about his family.

Lyra: C1/L1
A fellow kinesic and member of the Club.

It's amazing how easy life can be when everyone wants to help you out. Because of his innate charisma and his adept powers, almost everyone he meets ends up agreeing with Paul and doing what he asks them to. Paul's parents doted on him, perhaps a bit more than is typical in a loving family; certainly, he tended to get whatever he asked for, even though the family's finances couldn't keep up with his requests. Eventually, Paul decided that his parents simply didn't make enough, and that he could get what he needed directly; he moved out and never looked back. Relying on the kindness of strangers worked surprisingly well, and Paul became adept at moving in and out of social circles. Naturally, this constant generosity became somewhat boring, so Paul decided to start Running to bring some excitement into his life.

Sam recently joined the Club, a secretive magic group, after being convinced that he has some magical abilities. His trainer there is a young lady named Lyra, who is also a kinesic.
All right, with everyone here I can ask for a quick decision, I have the next post saved in the thread, I can simply expand it to account for what I know happened with the lost posts, or we can simply play it again from there.

Kelly, you first task will be to copy what you need from the other forum, I don't know if you can simply edit into your first post, but I would prefer that option if it is available. Also, if you can either PM me your off-forum email, or simply drop me a line to mine it would be good to have in case of emergency,

The rest of you also need to get your sheets posted so we can start.

I will also invite anyone who wants to to friend me on the Facebook or the Twitter @crossbowrc
I am working on getting my sheet up.
I say we restart from when we start the final leg to the pirate cove and play it again.
For me anything is fine, as long as we start again. I still have my rolls, so I can put my spirits back again, no problem.

As to copying from the other forum, it seems that the BB code on this forum doesn't support tables like the other one did. Really annoying to transfer if you used tables quite a lot like me.
QUOTE (farothel @ Jul 26 2017, 02:27 PM) *
For me anything is fine, as long as we start again. I still have my rolls, so I can put my spirits back again, no problem.

As to copying from the other forum, it seems that the BB code on this forum doesn't support tables like the other one did. Really annoying to transfer if you used tables quite a lot like me.

Bugger, yeah I can see that being a problem, okay, I won't hold up starting for the characters to get posted then.

Assuming none of the others are violently opposed to the restart, I will go ahead and post just what I have and let you play it out.

Let's go ahead and assume I will want an IC post in response to the first one before I move further and I will try and do something about the sheets.

Special note to Kelly, I hope you have gotten caught up on things, but if you need a quick briefing, let me know.
I'm behind, and I apologize. Using my phone is unreasonable, and I've been off computer due to family obligations.

Working on getting character stats up to date and reading story as I go too.

I'll post something in IC soonest, though likely tomorrow.
Waiting for a Clemson post from Kelly, but I will try to post something by morning regardless
Can I retroactively say that O'Connor was a huge dick to these kids and didn't allow them to bath in that creek, so they're still caked in their leader's blood?
QUOTE (Necrogigas @ Aug 3 2017, 08:55 AM) *
Can I retroactively say that O'Connor was a huge dick to these kids and didn't allow them to bath in that creek, so they're still caked in their leader's blood?

You can, but do remember that Sammy has a spell that can remove stuff like that and probably doesn't feel the same way as O'Connor does. And she will point out that prisoners who are treated (reasonably) well are prisoners less likely to do stupid things like sabotaging their only vehicle.
That spell is probably the only reason she's still squeaky clean and daisy fresh. smile.gif
I think a team of shadowrunners can handle a pair of kids.
O'Connor would insist on it, saying that it would help send a message.
There is no way Jane would let that fly. We can assume that it was discussed, and O'Conner was overruled.
Question, is medical technology good enough in SR that the complete skin graft that O'Connor got looks good as new, or does he look gnarly as all hell?
just a note: I'll be visiting Versailles palace tomorrow and Sunday, so I won't be posting.
I'll be travelling on vacation from the 14th through the 20th, so if I post it'll be via phone, no books. But Sam's just playing bored guard right now, so I don't think my silence will slow the game down...
QUOTE (Thvor @ Aug 11 2017, 01:42 PM) *
I'll be travelling on vacation from the 14th through the 20th, so if I post it'll be via phone, no books. But Sam's just playing bored guard right now, so I don't think my silence will slow the game down...

...and I'm back. Doesn't seem like I missed anything. Who are we waiting on?
Crossbow, maybe?
I would think as well, as I did the last reply (just looking around as I have no speaking parts here at this moment).
Crossbow is the one we're waiting on.
Sorry folks, it has been a rough couple of weeks here.

I am going to reach out to the other person who answered my player call, he wasn't interested in being a permanent addition, but was willing to run Clem for the time being.
I replied to Crossbows' PM, but then I realized I can also speak up here.

I have no problem filling in. All I am looking for is the previous thread that the game is continuing from so I can read up on the characters style.

For the record, Crossbow isn't quite correct: I knew I wasn't fully prepared to be a permanent addition, and tried to make it clear that another could be a better choice. To paraphrase from Starship Troopers "I'll take the job. Until I'm dead, or you find someone better."

I'll start rough drafting a post to be tweaked once I get my reading assignment.
No longer needed,
No longer needed,
From IC Post #22

Composure Roll: 5d6t5: 1
QUOTE (Titan @ Aug 23 2017, 08:04 AM) *
If any are familiar with Legend of the Five Rings (1st Ed.) RPG, I'm going to start of playing her kind of like a Scorpion Samurai - it is my default for a Japanese themed character. I'll adapt that as I read more.

I know about L5R 3rd and 4th edition (playing a 4th edition tabletop campaign as we speak) and I see her in the way she behaved more like a Mantis (Tsuruchi family, or Wasp clan for you). But that is of course my opinion and also I'm not really a big fan of Scorpions.

Welcome onboard in any case.
Thank you farothel.

QUOTE (farothel @ Aug 23 2017, 10:03 AM) *
But that is of course my opinion and also I'm not really a big fan of Scorpions.

Heh. Fair enough. I'll not sidetrack this thread with further banter about L5R Clans that have no bearing on Clems' personality.

I posted that before I finished reading DUSK. After reading that, I am well aware that Scorpion is not appropriate. That whole business about taking care of team business in front of the employer by cracking down on taking care of team business in front of the employer was way too unsubtle to be Scorpion. It was almost Crab like it its' lack of subtlety. So I am now leaning on a blending of the two, which would put it right about Mantis / Wasp (good call).
The only thing I know about L5R is the Lion Clan was really good on the CCG. As far as Clem goes, she is more lonely, professional, ronin than arrogant samurai. Remember also she is an ork from an oriental culture, very much overachiever with poor selfesteem.

Thanks for stepping up regardless Titan, and feel free to make her your own.
It isn't important. I was just using the stereotype Clan personalities as a shorthand.

QUOTE (Crossbow @ Aug 23 2017, 07:58 PM) *
Thanks for stepping up regardless Titan, and feel free to make her your own.

Thanks for that. I appreciate it. However, I do have to try and keep her as similar as I can - otherwise you would have had an open call for a replacement character, rather than have an existing one go bi-polar all of a sudden. wink.gif

EDITed to add: I'm still trying to reverse engineer Clem. Your advances may have been organic, and great for Role Play, but they suck hot hoop for trying to track everything down. wink.gif

I am looking at 6 Build Points unspent for Clem at CharGen... So let me see if I got things right:

- Her High Pain Tolerance is Rating 1?
- Her Perceptive is +1 Bonus (not the +2 version)?

Also, the money is all over the place... The lil' OCD in me wants to track down every penny... But I might have to just forgo that and call it Lifestyle Costs. nyahnyah.gif (Although, I think Clem was shortchanging the bank, so the errors were in the characters favor...)
Wow. I am all caught up with DUSK and DAWN, and not even half way through the original New Beginnings, and I totally get why justkelly ghosted.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not condoning the act, nor excusing it. But I am saying be prepared to write me out of this game.

I'm not bailing. I'll stick it out to a good split point. If you find someone else to take over Clem, I will do everything in my power to make the transition as seamless as possible.

But I have no interest in continuing with the current roster of characters. Not even as a different character.
@Titan What are your concerns with the roster of characters? I am sure that constructive criticism would be welcomed. By me, at any rate, so please feel free to dump on Snow as a character as it may help me improve her. You may PM me if you like.
QUOTE (Mercy @ Aug 25 2017, 12:45 AM) *
@Titan What are your concerns with the roster of characters?

My concerns are there are two characters out of the current roster of five whose personalities cause all fun to be drained from the game when dealing with. One of those is Clementine.

Part of it might be that I am reading everything in condensed time, and had I read it in bits and pieces as it came out in real time it might not hit me so hard. (I doubt this, but it is possible.) I may also be less than typical in that I play games for enjoyment / fun. If I am not having fun, I have zero incentive to continue.

As long as there is one of the two characters, or anyone just like them, in the game I will find it a chore to play.
Well, I normally won't continue a post until I get an idea if the GM is on board with it.

Crossbow was on earlier, and didn't leave me any hints - that may very well be a hint in itself - so I'll post here what I have in mind and if Crossbow doesn't object by the next posting I will press on.

- Find a place to park the truck. It should be as out of the way as possible, preferably with areal cover. I doubt it will blend in perfectly, but I want it to draw as little attention as it can.

- Try to arrange for it to be fueled up. I expect to fail at this, because the only languages available to Clem are Japanese, and English.

- Try to borrow or otherwise appropriate a cart or wheelbarrow - something to load all our gear and bags onto.

Then Clem will stand guard over everything to wait and hear if we are indeed traveling via boat - in which case she will send Ahmjay on his way - or if we have to drive elsewhere.
@Titan I think it is fair to assume that you are the new Clem and can play her as you want to. Maybe she has an epiphany or something out here in the jungle after doing some serious soul searching.

Also, I do hope that Snow is not the other problem. If she is, please let me know what the problem is and I will see if I can adapt.
Feel free to expand on what you are doing, that is all good.
Sammy will keep looking around for now, but she's not going to intervene in the negotiations, even if she could understand what was said.
From IC Post #33

Perception Check: 9d6t5: 2
Looking for a cart / wheelbarrow / transport drone.
I'm leaving out Vision Enhancement, because I'm not convinced it will help here.

Edge Roll: 3d6t5: 2
For luck in finding someone who speaks English or Japanese.

EDITed to add:

@Crossbow: Sorry, I forgot to let you know if you don't want / feel like stepping in, just give me the highlights of my rolls in this thread, and I'll cover the rest.
I just don't want to make any assumptions on how easy (or not) it is to find what I am looking for.
Titan: I am good with letting you continue your story. There is no fuel in the camp for the truck. But you can find a cart for most of your bags.

Ahmjay has enough fuel to retirn though, and his instructions are to leave once you have passage.

Snow: Roll negotiations
Snow is not as good as Sam at this negotiation stuff, so I hope I do OK.

Negotiation: 8d6t5 3

3 hits is not too bad...........I hope.
Pirate Negotiations check: 7d6t5 2

BTW all, I did a cleaning of my inbox, and I found a note that Hydroraven sent back in Jume letting me know that some serious Real Life stuff was taking him out of the game, so passing that along.
Sad now RL can intrude on fun.

Oooh. It looks like Snow beat the pirate.
QUOTE (Crossbow @ Sep 4 2017, 01:19 PM) *
BTW all, I did a cleaning of my inbox, and I found a note that Hydroraven sent back in Jume letting me know that some serious Real Life stuff was taking him out of the game, so passing that along.

Was it a temporary removal from the game, or permanent? Or could you not tell?

And if you have contact with Hydro again, I do not think I am speaking out of turn when I say "send our well wishes, please."
Absolutely speaking in turn, in my opinion.
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