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Happy Monday all!

I will be posting tonight after dinner and the kids are down - moving you all to the meet point to hit the warehouse. So keep an eye out should go up around 9 pm. Karma count has been updated as well.
QUOTE (Fenris @ Nov 17 2012, 10:52 PM) *
SG - If it makes you feel any better, rest assured that a completely wireless negated warehouse is absolutely being utilized up to it's potential biggrin.gif

Are you guys using it in the other game?
Sorry last night got away from me with prep for Thanksgiving day (we're hosting) and ended up going to several different grocery stores late at night looking for foods for people with food allergies (MADNESS I tell you, MADNESS!). Ok post up - this is now your show so throw out actions and rolls (please include any relevant modifiers - stealth suits, adept powers, etc).

Let the fun begin!
Weapon focus is with Fat Man (assuming he is going in as part of strike team). If not, I will edit it to someone else!
Adept powers are off making him less stealthy, perceptive and fast. His first action inside the ward is to reactivate powers and weapon focus.

Making stealthy approach: Agi 5 + Stealth 3 = 8d6.hits(5)=3 - wearing chameleon suit for -4(?) to be spotted

Perception: Int 4 + Perception 3 + Enh 3 + keen ears 1 = 11d6.hits(5)=5 for both visual and audio perception

Initiative for round 1 (no adept boost): 8 + 8d6.hits(5)=1 = 9, 1 pass
QUOTE (Buddha72 @ Nov 9 2012, 06:20 PM) *
Notsoevildm Widget could by going through Aideen - just add a 10% mark up to the price and deduct accordingly.
+ 2 clips regular
+ 3 clips gel
+ 2 clips APDS
+ 2 clips EX-EX
- 2500 nuyen
Cars are going to Stealth and 'park casual'.

Drones will do the same, though, you know...flying.

Perceiving in detail before we rush the warehouse:
Intuition(3) + Perception(4) + Synch(1) + Vision Enh(3) (11d6.hits(5)=5)
5 successes for audio or visual, 3 for everything else.

Stealth (adding Edge first):
Agility(5) + Stealth(1) + Edge(4) (10d6.hitsopen(5,6)=3) (-4 dice pool on opposed roles for Chameleon)

Stealth for Rotodrone:
Pilot(6) + Covert Ops(4) (10d6.hits(5)=6) (-4 dice pool on opposed roles for Chameleon)

@Fenris: I've 10 of them on me. I can only buy 100• worth, 20 of them, in a twelve hour period and I'm going to offer 100% more so I get 4 more dice and have 24 dice to the roll. (SR4A-312)
And do you want to load the observation and any drones not immediately keeping you alive to my comlink. I can pay attention to those and watch for mundane threats from the outside and also pay attention to the group trucking around inside the building. I don't know if the sending and receiving of info and commands to drones uses up Response units, but I offer.

Budda, if allowed as Fenris suggested Q will try to, in person, acquire 20 Stealth Tags for 200•:
Negotiation: Charisma(6)+Negotiation(4)+Tailored Pheromones(3)+Kinesics(3)+Veromonasal Organ(2)+Empathy Software(2)+100% of price(4)= 24d6.hits(5)=(2)
And it looks like it was unsuccessful anyway. Best to get those out of the way before the life and death run.
Separately, do I reload Q's spells, like Physical Mask and Increased Reflexes since this is now a different day then when I loaded them for the initial meet?

Questions for the knowledgeable:
  • Does anyone want me to use Leadership over the tacnet (War-137). This means that they'd have to accept Q as a leader, which I don't see the group having come to this conclusion. I might start by giving advice or a morale boost to SG and if anyone else becomes interested I can add them to the group of people I "lead". Reminds me very much of being commander in Battefield 2.
  • How many Response units does a tacnet take up on a comlink? It seems every program takes only one.
  • Is it a waste of time to keep my Physical Mask spell up in case I need to meet anyone who might come sniffing or do KE and FB come equipped with mages as part of a standard response team? My magic is strong enough to fool people and tech, but not most groups covered by counterspell.
  • Speaking of counterspell, can Fat Man or Q lay some on their buddies or does that also ping the ward?
  • And when the loading crew gets here, is there a way for me to switch tacnets to monitor and use leadership on them?
Okay, so I've been kind of busy the last few days. I'll get a more detailed response up soon. Right now, Zero is just going to ask Fat Man for his help in summoning a fire spirit.
Also, casting:

Casting Increase Willpower at Force 4
Magic(7) + Spellcasting(4) + Power Focus(3) = 14d6 for 9 hits. Only 4 count.
Resist Drain (4/2)-2 = 1S min
Will(8) + Cha(5) + Center(1) = 14d6 for 7 hits. No drain.
Questions for the knowledgeable:
[*]Does anyone want me to use Leadership over the tacnet (War-137). This means that they'd have to accept Q as a leader, which I don't see the group having come to this conclusion. I might start by giving advice or a morale boost to SG and if anyone else becomes interested I can add them to the group of people I "lead". Reminds me very much of being commander in Battefield 2.

If you want to, go for it. At the worst someone will yell over the comms to pipe down.

[*]How many Response units does a tacnet take up on a comlink? It seems every program takes only one.

Each program takes one spot when calculating the number of active programs for Response degradation. Each device that you are connecting to for your sensor feeds will take a subscription spot.

[*]Is it a waste of time to keep my Physical Mask spell up in case I need to meet anyone who might come sniffing or do KE and FB come equipped with mages as part of a standard response team? My magic is strong enough to fool people and tech, but not most groups covered by counterspell.

All you man. It will help against the cameras if enemy hackers seize control of them from Cypher. When enemy mages show up with counterspelling, we are entering into Plan B stages...

[*]Speaking of counterspell, can Fat Man or Q lay some on their buddies or does that also ping the ward?

I don't think Spell Defense would activate the ward since it isn't an active Mana effect. Buddha?

[*]And when the loading crew gets here, is there a way for me to switch tacnets to monitor and use leadership on them?

They won't be in the TacNet unless they are running their own and give you access. That would be outside Cypher's jurisdiction.
Wards are not triggered by Spell Defense or Adept Powers (unless the power has an active astral component).
QUOTE (Buddha72 @ Nov 22 2012, 07:14 PM) *
Wards are not triggered by Spell Defense or Adept Powers (unless the power has an active astral component).
Eklipse is
a) not taking any chances and
b) cocky enough to believe he can reactivate his powers before the drek hits the fan.

Eklipse has at least half the team believing he is their leader and is unlikely to put up with some unproven, masked man taking over his team. You want to order these boys around, you are going to have to earn it. On the other hand, his leadership skills are pretty poor and mainly focused on insertion tactics, so it wouldn't be too difficult. Plus, I don't have WAR!
Cha 3 + Leadership(Tactics) 3 = 6d6.hits(5)=3 - on the other hand, he does seem to know what he is talking about.

My computer got delayed. Today, hopefully. If not I'll suck it up and post what I can from my phone.
Hope you don't have to Umaro, sorry to hear about your computer. I'm assuming you didn't buy a Mac? biggrin.gif

Copperheed - Same thing here. Fleet assumed Eklipse was leading the group, since he's a trained operative and all. I'd go along with it if Eklipse said so, but otherwise, probably not.

As for the whole 'monitoring the drones thing', it's probably something I should toss into my 'gear post' at the beginning of the thread. So, here's the breakdown:

Subscribed to commlink via Encrypted (R6): (removed from here and added in spoiler tag to gear post)

Rolls incoming as soon as I get my info back (that I just asked for) from Buddha.

Editing Account files, subscription files, AccessID's, and log files so that they can only be accessed or modified by people with Admin level access, and encrypting them using strong encryption (Interval - 1 minute). Creating a 'No Fire' file with a list of the AccessID's for the team, and ecrypting it. No drone may fire any weapon at anyone holding a device with any of these AccessID's, as determined through the TacNet. This file is only accessible by Admin level access.

Creating new account for Q on the Nexus with Security level access.
  • Security level can utilize programs loaded on the Nexus, and can perform the following commands on or through connected drones: Analyze, Issue Command, Transmit Phrase, Encrypt, Jump Into Drone/Vehicle/Device, Observe in Detail, Transfer Data, Capture Wireless Signal, Control Device, Data Search, Detect Hidden Node, Initiate Cryptanalysis, Intercept Traffic, Jam Signals, Redirect Trace, Repair Icon.
  • Security level users do not have access to previously created Encryption keys, except the keys utilized to encrypt drone subscriptions.
  • Security level users cannot access other commlinks connected to the Nexus without already having a valid account on the target commlink of at least Security level or higher, regardless of subscription status.

Rolls for Quickdraw, Blackout, and Clean Sweep -
Edit(6) + Computer(3) + PuSHeD(1) + Hot Sim(2) (12d6.hits(5)=5, 12d6.hits(5)=3, 12d6.hits(5)=6)
Happy Monday All!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving (for those of you that observe it) and got to enjoy the long weekend. I updated the karma count on the first page of the thread. I need stealth rolls from the rest of the interior crew (Zero, Fat Man, Lain, Emilio and Strangeglove). Exterior crew is Cypher and Q right? Are you all in the same car or different - just let me know and then which car you're huddling down in - thanks! If I don't have answers by tonight I am going to just decided and roll for people so we can keep the thread moving forward.
Jon's Stealth Roll:

7d6.hits(5) → [5,1,5,3,3,1,6] = (3)
Emilio's stealth:

7d6.hits(5) = 8d6.hits(5)=4

Emilio is rolling out with the Predator and the Aries Alpha.

Both currently have Gel, and he has a clip of EX and Gel for the predator, and 1xGel and 2xEX for the Alpha.

Grenade launcher has a clip of "Smoke" which is a regular smoke, thermal smoke, regular, thermal, regular, and finally a thermal smoke.

Backup clips are another "Smoke" clip, and a clip of regular grenades.

Emilio also has 4 KG of commercial explosives and two set caps.
Ok night has slipped away from me so I will be posting in the AM - had a fundraiser tonight for the kid's school (raised money but ended up eating sub standard food). See you all then - does anyone know what the plan was for Fat Man? I know UmaroVI is having computer problems right now so I am not expecting an answer from him.
@Buddha: I think he was going to try and synch up with the ward, and if that failed then wait outside. I was hoping for a charisma boost from Fat Man before summoning a fire spirit, but I can just make a roll on my own.
Okay, this time my laptop is actually fixed and I can pick it up today. Sorry about that, kept getting held up.
First, Fenris and JxJxA, what's the name of that high quality alcohol and where on earth do you get it? Invisible Castle obviously loves it and I'm not against rituals to put the Dice in a better mood.

@Fenris: Wow that's a lot to take in. I'm still brushing up all those matrix actions and one good thing about the play by post is time to look up everything. Do you have preestablished agents watching the network or do I need to check every drone and preform constant anti-hacker sweeps? And feel free to tell me if I cross the skills like rolling Edit when trying to Analyze. And to check on the things Q's security account can do:
  • I can look at the drones data, tell them to change patterns and such, dive in (hahaha) and defend or repair their software. I can't change their programs like Quick Draw.
  • I can't make or influence the encryption of the Tacnet nor change my Access level.
  • I can't go onto anyone else's commlink unless they personally let me or I'm a registered security account on that commlink (currently my own only)
And I should let you know that while I have the skill for and have purchased the Basic (as listed in SR4A) programs, I've neither skill or programs for true hacking actions.
Last question for you: are you cool with the small bit I wrote about Fleet? I can change it if you're displeased. Do you have any comment to the visual affect of the message? I'll be happy to edit it for Fleet's matrix style.

@JxJxA/Umaro: Would it be a good idea to summon one spirit to watch the astral and inform Cypher, Q and whomever else is on overwatch detail of any astral activity and another to protect said bodies from attack? Can Q Aid Another for bigger dice pool and or help soaking? And will a spirit watching for activity to report, tell of the first suspicious thing to occur and then consider its task done or will it keep reporting for multiple instances? And finally, its binding that angers spirits not summoning correct?

@Bishop: Do you have anything that monitors your vitals or do I have to pause and check your pulse every other round?

@Budda: I'll be in the car with Cypher in case he takes some system shock or damage. Does my description of getting the flood of data into something Q can understand count as a use of reality filter? Do I need to roll?
Since UmaroVI is getting his/her computer back today then I am going to wait to bump until tomorrow morning so post can get thrown up. Thanks for the patience all with the process.
I am for as many people rolling leadership as have it. SG is happy to listen to both Q and Eklipse and do whatever makes sense.
My limited personal experience with leadership in tactical combat is multiple leaders is great unless they start countermanding each other.

That being said, will someone clarify what group buffs we have running, and their effects?
• Tacnet is +2 to about everything, right?
• Leadership is +3 (from Eklipse) or +? (from Q) to...?
• Magic, either up now or going up once we're inside: Counterspelling, ...?

Cypher do you have breaking and entering gear SG can use on the run? With Breeze gone, I think I'm it for the Hardware skill, but I don't have any gear. Worst comes to worst I have a crowbar, but that's not really subtle.

Crunchies for Buddha:
Stealth roll: 12d6.hits(5)=3 Three successes plus -4 for Ruthenium.
That roll assumes a +2 from the tacnet, but I got the same three hits on a 10d6 roll too, so it hardly matters.

Perception looking for traps, ambushes, and other surprises while sneaking to the building: 17d6.hits(5)=4. Includes +2 for tacnet and +3 for actively looking.

The drug is Kamikaze. Duration: 10 x 1D6 minutes. Effect: +1 Body, +1 Agility, +2 Strength, +1 Willpower, +1 Initiative Pass, High Pain Tolerance 3

Initiative 14d6.hits(5)=7 So 21 total initiative, four passes.
Budda, can we use leadership over the tacnet as a generalized aid another? I ask because WAR pg137 doesn't say you can't and only lists a few specific tests it can aid in. I'm not looking to pressure you into anything since Q will have plenty to do checking several avenues of approach.
And do you want me to roll those perception checks now, wait, or you'll do it secretly?
And do I have to get out of the car to watch the Astral? If so, what be the penalty to a "I'm just here taking a smoke outside this nondescript ???" (Is this a van, semi, or a Royals Royce?)
Lastly, I'm covering myself and Cypher with counterspell. Can I cover the vehicle?

@Notso: I found a copy out and about. I'll post a very abbreviated version of leadership over the tacnet if you want. It is very limited and affects just the next combat turn, and all its IP I believe, or next composure test. I'm not elated with it but it gives me some thing to do with the action beyond perception checks.

@SG: Unfortunately you can't just do what makes since in a combat round since the point of it is that the leader says "go do this batshit crazy thing!" and you do it without thinking to get the bonus because you trust their words and skills.

Tacnet bonuses equal to the number of team members -2 in your area doing the same meat world physical task. Its bonus is capped by the tacnet rating. Anyone know what rating ours is? Unwired pg126 has a list of task it works on and your infiltration counts. So Eklipse, Fleet, SG, Emilio, SG, John make a +4 to that roll, if Fat Man makes it through its plus +5. When and if you all split up remember that it counts to your immediate area. Solo heroics drop one to +0. You can still split into 2 teams and get a +1 bonus.

Unfortunately Q can't cover SG with counterspell since he'll quickly break the LoS and range on it. Zero or Fat Man will take care of you though.
@copperheed: I think if you stick to offering advice and warnings, none of the team will complain too much about you usurping Eklipse's role as leader. Especially as Eklipse is likely to grandstand and get blown up early on in the mission, effectively taking himself out of action.
Copperheed no roll needed since you have legitimate access to the node - you would need to roll if you were hacking it to see which theme would be dominant. I would like to use one set of rules for now with this encounter so the rules from War until I have time to sit down and look things over - perhaps chat with some other SR GMs. I don't want to hold up this part of the run any longer than needed. You can watch the astral through the car window assuming it has not been warded or if it has you are attuned to it. As to the spell defense I would allow it to work as written for worn/attended objects (your gun, you are driving or sitting in the car) but objects that are unattended you would need to use active counter-spelling (ready the action to do so).

Strangeglove the tacnet provides +2 dice to Close Combat, Dodge, Firearms, Infiltration, Maneuvering, Perception, Shadowing and Surprise Tests.

All You will all need to declare what leader you are taking orders from and they would need to decide what they are using their rolls to do (as written out in War pg 137) which they would do by spending actions. Also as it stands now the Interior Team will have no spell defense once they enter the building and lose LOS on them from the two mages.
QUOTE (Buddha72 @ Nov 28 2012, 12:19 AM) *
All You will all need to declare what leader you are taking orders from and they would need to decide what they are using their rolls to do (as written out in War pg 137) which they would do by spending actions. Also as it stands now the Interior Team will have no spell defense once they enter the building and lose LOS on them from the two mages.
Eklipse would actually be willing to take 'advice' from Q if it makes sense to him. In terms of ordering the team around, he will typically only do so when he is not in combat himself. He will stick to basic tactics like cover that door / person, check over there, hold / advance. I will let you know if he is doing more than just running off at the mouth and actually looking to get bonus dice for his minions valued team-members.

I was assuming that one or more of the mages was coming in with us. I know Fat Man has to do some juju to get through the ward, but if he can't then plan B is to send in the weedy elf instead. Right?
My laptop is finally back!
Fat Man will cast and then later drop Increase Charisma on Zero to help him align his chi properly before communing with the spirit world. Force 7, Magic (6) + Spellcasting (6) + Power Focus (4) = 16d6, 7 hits (caps at 5 due to augmented maximum), soak drain Willpower (6) + Intuition (6) + Centering (4) = 16d6, 2 hits, good enough to soak the 1 drain.

Fat Man summons a force 6 guardian spirit right at sundown. Magic (6) + Summoning (1) + Mentor (2) + Spec (2) + Power Focus (4) = 15d6 vs. 6d6, then soaks with 16d6 as above: 5 hits to summon, 4 hits to resist, ouch. 2 hits to soak drain, Fat Man is going to have to rest off 6S. Healing is Body (11)+Willpower(6)., he'll be fine in 2 hours. I'm assuming we weren't starting that early so he'll be OK by the time the run is ready. The spirit is going on standby.

Fat Man attempts to use Masking to fool the alarm ward. He's using one dose of Psyche before the run. Intuition (7)+Magic(6)+Grade(4)+Power Focus (4) =21d6. 9 hits spending a point of edge to reroll the misses, 6 more hits

Total of 15 hits. The ward would normally with Force x 2 (30 dice), so hopefully Fat Man is in with some lucky rolling.

EDIT: The spirit would have the optional powers Skill: Heavy Weapons and Concealment
Thanks for waiting for me everyone.
WAR rules on leadership tests over the tacnet:
  • Command (Strategy specialization): You organize and direct your subordinates to gain a strategic advantage. Make a Leadership + Logic Success Test with a threshold equal to half the number of subordinates you are leading (round up). If you succeed, your subordinates get a +2 bonus to Initiative for the following Combat Turn.
  • Direct Fire (Tactics specialization): You issue tactical commands and concentrate your subordinatesí  re on a target. Choose a target and make a Leadership + Intuition Success Test with a threshold equal to half of the number of subordinates under your command (round up). If you succeed, your subordinates get a +1 dice pool bonus to attacks against that target for the remainder of this Combat Turn.
  • Inspire (Morale specialization): You motivate the troops, rousing their spirits and protecting them against fear. Make a Leadership + Charisma Success Test; the effect of success depends on whether your subordinates are NPCs or player characters. For NPCs, if you succeed, the Professional rating of your subordinates increases to 2 higher than normal until the end of the current (or next) combat. Success for player characters grants them a +2 dice pool bonus to Composure tests for the same period of time; this bonus, once granted, cannot be given to the same player character again until it is lost. Note that this application of the Leadership skill is an elaboration on the use of Leadership by lieutenant NPCs (p. 281, SR4A)
  • Rally the Troops (Gut Check specialization): You call to your troops to recover their wits and regain their composure. Make a Leadership + Charisma (2) Success Test. If you succeed, your NPC subordinates that have failed a Morale test (p. 145) may immediately make another Morale test and use the new result.  is use of Leadership can also help player characters who have failed a Composure test by allowing them to make a new Composure test; this new test does not, however, negate the effects of glitches or critical glitches on the original Composure test. This application of the Leadership skill can also be used in a teamwork test for subordinates who are resisting mental magical effects, provided the leader has spent a Complex Action doing so earlier in the Combat Turn of or immediately prior to the resistance test.

Notso: You may want to check with Budda if your leadership check can count as an Inspire check for the the B&E group. I'll have Q keep an eye out, but many of you are more experienced players at this and have access to the full tacnet sensors so feel free to show me how it's done. And you'll have both Fat Man and Zero with you in the thick of it.

Umaro: I'm glad you could make it back. Thumbs up on the clever use of spirit with modern weaponry. Sounds devastating.

To all: Does anyone have biomonitering devices for the tacnet to pick up? I'm looking at you especially SG.
Copperheed--no bio monitor etc for me, if you set up a medkit, it should keep track of my vitals for you so that you don't have to keep checking on me.

Strangeglove--yes, I have an electronics toolkit that you can use. If you need other stuff (pass keys, sequencers etc) then no joy.
I'm stuck doing the one day/one trial jury summons schtick, so I should be posting some stuff later today. Hopefully sooner, if I get called and summarily removed once the attorneys realize in voir dire that I'm one as well...
Ok here's a refresh on the map for the warehouse.

The two teenagers are in H-107. The information from the Sprite is that H-117, H-113, H-107 and H-102 are not storage units. They are areas set aside for the security staff to use with 2 people stationed there at all times and 1 member keeping on eye on the teenagers. One member floats (usually the troll or the thin man checking on the others). I am going to throw up a post right now and what I need to know is where are you exactly entering the warehouse - someone pick and away we will keep trying to go. wavey.gif

Fenris I still need to know what vehicle you are stashing Q and Cypher in.

UmaroVI looks like your post got a little off with tags.

JxJxA get your rolls up when you can and I'll just push on for now.

Inside Team (tacnet icon)
Eklipse - Close Combat/Close Ranged (A1)
Zerone - Interior Magical Support (A2)
Strangeglove - Close/Medium Ranged (A3)
Jon - Close Ranged (A4)
Emilio - Close/Medium Ranged (A5)
Fleet - I'll do interior B/E as best I can. (A6)
Fat Man - Interior Magical Support (A7)

Exterior Team
Cypher - Systems Control and Matrix Overwatch, Interior Hacking as necessary (B1)
Q - Exterior Overwatch, External Liaison (B2)

That's what seems to be going down so that's what I am going with.
Eklipse doesn't have a biomonitor, but he is feeding his senses into the tacnet via his sim module. What I see, you see.

Just checking the map again, I see that most of the areas are not actually connected to each other. Are there connecting doors that are not shown on the map or is it as shown - a bunch of separate buildings in a rough U-shape. As the kids are in 107, I vote the initial entrance be through the loading bay door into 107 on the bottom right hand corner.
Notsoevildm excellent question - I knew I was forgetting something.

All the Sprite would have told you that the inner U of storage units have all been connected through a series of doors put into the walls from H-118 to H-101.
Okay, based on that Eklipse's initial plan would be to hit 107, 113, 117 and 102 in sequence to take out the live security. Then check remaining units of outer U with spirits/drones and deal with any security as needed. Then sweep the inner U for any remaining hostiles going from 101 clockwise to 118. Assuming we still haven't screwed it up by then, call in Aideen to loot and leave.
Here's an annotated map of the warehouse showing Teens, security stations, and doors (blue): Annotated Warehouse Map

With the door additions you described, 117, 102, and 117 were still unconnected from the rest of the structure, so I took the liberty of adding three more doors.
Can we verify with the sprite that all those outer doors work, so we can go directly into e.g. 107 to pick up the kids? Also while this map appears to indicate windows, I assume the
SG will use Q as his leader.

Eklipse: 107, 102, and 117 have doors to the outside (although we haven't verified those doors work), and 113 does not have a door to the outside. 113 appears to be accessible only through 114. So 107 will have to be followed up with 102 or 113, unless we want to travel through the interior and risk running into drones.

Since we're hitting the teens' room first, I want to verify Fleet has a car ready to pick them up asap?

IC actions: (Invisible Castle is down, so manual rolls.)
Visual perception looking for looking for traps and sensors in the alcove: 14D = 5 successes.
Listen check at the door: 12D = 3 successes.
Standing next to the door, Strangeglove does the SWAT thing where he presses himself against the wall to be safe from bullets and explosions coming through the door.
Quick last point before bed. If there are internal doors linking up all the rooms, then it might be better to go in through 102 and clockwise around. It leaves the kids under guard longer, but means there should be no-one coming up on the team from behind like there was last time we did this!

113 doesn't seem to be accessible from anywhere although I am tired so might have missed it. I assumed that the thing on the left was a truck bay door or similar.
Yeah, I couldn't tell if there were loading bay doors or windows, either of which woulds simplify access to 113 significantly.
I'm inclined to hit 107 to pick up the kids first, (a) so regardless of what happens with security the big money is in the bag, and (b) because I just described it IC.
H-113 has loading bay doors on the left side as you all were thinking.

Strangeglove thanks for modifying the map I appreciate it. The windows do exist but they are blacked out from the exterior. You can verify with the Sprite through Cypher since he is the only in communication with it at present but you have a link to him so ask away. Will post your results but need some clarification - which door are you listening at?
I'm listening at the door between room 107 and the outside.

Look, a Tacnet!
Fixed the tags.

Fat Man is taking a few actions once he's in the corner: recall his spirit from standby (simple), request a service ("help us with this raid") (simple), and cast Increase Willpower on himself at force 3 through a sustaining focus [he had to turn that one off to Mask]. That will take 2 IPs, so less than 1 turn, I'm assuming he can do this while SG is listening, but if something does happen he is doing things in that order and also moving with everyone.

The spirit materializes (complex), activates Counterspelling on everyone (Free), activates Concealment on itself, Fat Man, Zero, Fleet, Strangeglove, and Jon (it can only cover 6 people, so Eklipse and Emilio are getting left out; Simple), picks up the HMG (simple), and activates Guard on Fat Man, Zero, Fleet, Strangeglove, Eklipse, and itself. (same thing with only 6 people, so Jon and Emilio get left out; Complex), . That's 3 IPs, and it can't start until Fat Man recalls it, so it will be 2 combat turns. It will move with everyone while doing this, though.

(I'm basing who got covered by spirit powers on leaving Concealment off the people who are already good at stealth, erring towards covering people Fat Man wasn't sure about, then guarding the magicians [because we're both bad enough at some things to risk glitches], Fleet since he's doing the interior B&E, and Strangeglove and Eklipse since they seem to be going first. Concealment is -6 to any Perception rolls to notice the covered people, Guard is immunity to glitches and protection from environmental hazards in a vague sort of way. is the roll for the spell and drain (5 hits, capped at 3, and 4 hits which is enough since it's only 1S), dice pools are Magic(6)+Spellcasting(6)+Focus(4) and Intuition(6)+Willpower(3)+Centering(4).

Computer 5 + Analyze 6 + Encephalon 2 + PuSHED 1 + Hot Sim 2
16d6.hits(5)=5, 16d6.hits(5)=2
Number of active users
Connections to other nodes
Active programs

Active programs
Firewall rating

Okay, I'm back but now Invisible Castle is down... I'll try checking back again in a bit. I was planning on summoning a Force 7 Fire Spirit and then make the stealth roll, was there anything else that you needed me to roll?
@SG - Alright, I think it's been mentioned, but Fleet has some minor electronics skill and a toolkit, so I think I'm on 2nd string doorcracking duty, assuming the Sprite can't open something. After me comes Emilio and his plastique biggrin.gif

@Buddha - Since we're not specifically worried about magical threats, Cypher and Q are in one of the CC-style Shin-Hyungs.

@copperheed - It's 50 year old single malt whiskey, you can tell when I run out, usually as the dice pools get larger. Just wait till I try a vehicle roll!

You're correct about levels of access. It's pretty obvious that Fleet was trying to strike a balance between letting you be useful, and not trusting you smile.gif Totally fine with the flavor text, to be clear. The impression I got was that you were overwriting it with your own reality filter, which is fine. If not, the Nexus setup is a desert, but that's not a big deal smile.gif Most of that desert borders the ocean somewhere.

As a note to Q on the programs, any of the programs loaded on the Nexus in the list in my gear post ('Commlink Spam') are available to be used at his level of access, so please avail yourself of the higher rating programs.

A note to those in the car - all vehicle windows are automatically tinted, so you can't be seen from the outside. The car's pretty transient, so I don't know if it provides any kind of an obstacle in the astral at all. BishopMcQ can correct me, but I think it's basically see through, since it's not a permanent structure.

@BishopMcQ - 9 Active Users, Connected to 19 other nodes (all my drones and vehicles that aren't connected directly to my commlink, all team members using the TacNet), Active Programs are in my Gear Post under 'Commlink Spam'.

@SG - I'll sweep them up in the Drone Carrier-style Shin-Hyung, and probably spirit them away. The drones are loaded with HVAR's, so pretty sure they're safe, and the armor is concealed, so hopefully it will be a little less obvious.
I believe that the windows would act as Astral shadows applying a -1 to -4 penalty to Perception from the Astral. (SM p 114)

Fenris-- Thanks, was mostly checking to see if a hacker was logged in since the node would have more users than expected.
When I wrote my flavor text on dealing with the incoming data it was to mirror my confusion at the big block of actions Fenris presented me with. The giant tree, Anzen, is a major feature of Q's commlink.
My idea was that Q was modifying the data coming into his own commlink and not the actual setting of the node. I didn't even know we had a team node. Or is it Fleet commlink? There's a reason I didn't do hacker the first time out, as intriguing as it seemed. Anyway, I wasn't trying to change anyone's presets, so please explain if I can or can't . Q's experience with hackers and mages is that they're quirky individuals who don't like others, especially the uninitiated, poking around in their stuff and he'd take as little alteration as needed. If I can only see the drone data in "the node" than I'll edit post.

Umaro: Is the spirit stronger than you in counterspell? I really need to get more summoning and learn to use it. For instance, I could have called a spirit to watch the astral outside the ward for oddities and enemies, correct?

Fenris: I presume the drones have some sort of alert that tells me if they found anything suspicious and I don't need to check them individually. Is their data and threat analysis built into the tacnet?

Budda: the actions I'd like to take:
1st IP - Hooking up a Medkit-R6 to Cypher. Complex action, no roll, correct?
2nd IP - Check tacnet watching drone data and our buddies inside. Is this 1-2 simples or 1 complex? Split action or no because its all on the tacnet?
3rd IP - Scan astral. Simple action to change lens. Simple action look around for suspisous activity. What is the penalty to look through the car windows or even the car itself? On the next IP of the next round I'll switch my vision back.
- And if being in the Astral between rounds means that I'll be looking at the astral for 4th IP of the combat turn, I'd like to do that as my 2nd IP.
- When I do the astral recon I can see Cypher's aura and observe if he's damaged correct? The Medkit should tell me, but I'm a fan of redundancy.
- Or if it's easier, should I just take a -2 distraction penalty to all this perceiving and not worry about the precise order of events?
I'll post rolls up tomorrow between 7&9am.
Copperheed: No, but CS is teamworkable. And yes, that's a good plan.
Okay, it's back up now:

Summoning a Force 7 Fire Spirit:
Magic(7) + Conjuring(3) + Mentor(2) + Power Focus(3) = 15d6 for 3 hits. Crap, I'll spend a point of edge to reroll misses for 6 more hits. Nine hits total.
Spirit's Opposed Roll: Force(7) = 7d6 for 2 hits and a glitch. 7 services total.
Resist Drain of 2x(2) = 4S
Will(8) + Cha(10) + Cent(1) = 19d6 for 7 hits. No drain.
Optional Powers: Guard, Noxious Breath

Stealth roll: Defaulting
Agi(3) - Def(1) = 2d6 for 0 hits. *throws towel over head* I'M INVISIBLE.

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